Tempurpedic Complaints

There is a lot of information available about Tempurpedic products, and many Tempurpedic complaints from unsatisfied customers.
I took to the time to research online reviews for Tempurpedic mattress complaints to find out what the biggest issues were and how the company dealt with those issues.
I reviewed Tempurpedic mattress problems listed on sites like Amazon, the Better Business Bureau, blogs and even Tempurpedic’s site. I have compiled the research below for anyone looking to purchase a Tempurpedic product.
Tempurpedic Complaints
One of the most common Tempurpedic mattress complaints is that the price of the mattress is much too high. Obviously, people know the price before they buy, but it seems some customers feel there is not enough value in the product to justify the expense.
This is a subjective complaint and there are hundreds of other reviews where people indicate value and price match. This one comes down to your personal opinion about how much comfort is worth.
Additional common Tempurpedic mattress complaints I saw were that the memory foam surface smelled funny and caused an increase in allergies. Most new mattresses do have a smell that comes from manufacturing and storage. This should reduce through use and airing.
As I am not a physician, I do not know what in memory foam would cause an allergic reaction. If you are prone to allergies, you may want to try a Tempurpedic pillow before shelling out for a mattress.
Problems with the pillow would only cost you a bit over $100 instead of thousands.
Tempurpedic Bed Problems and Returns
Tempurpedic mattress problems that came up in some reviews dealt with the company’s 90-day trial and return policy. Customers were either unhappy with or did not understand the return policy for mattresses. Tempurpedic offers a 90-day trial for its product, but it is not free.
You purchase the mattress, and then you have 90 days to decide if you like it. Customers who are not satisfied with the product can return it, but they must pay the initial shipping cost.
On a product this size, that can run up to $500, so some people are notably upset if the mattress does not work out.
Tempurpedic Complaints: Pillows
One of the specialty items sold by the company is a line of pillows to match their mattresses. The pillows are made from the same memory foam that each mattress set is made from and are supposed to offer additional head and neck support.
While most of the pillow reviews reported extreme comfort, reduced pain and sound sleep, some people were not happy with the product.
In addition to allergy complaints similar to those found with the mattresses, some people also felt the pillows were too bulky.
Since the pillows seem to have been designed with side sleeping in mind, those who sleep primarily on their back can have trouble with the bulk of the pillow.
Tempurpedic Sheet Set Complaints
Reported Tempurpedic bed problems also included an occasional comment about how standard sheets did not fit properly on the beds.
As with pillow-top mattresses, custom sheets are required to provide a crisp fit. Luckily, Tempurpedic offers its own line of custom sized sheets. Every review I read of the sheets stated they fit wonderfully on the bed.
Every review also stated the pillowcases were too small. Specifically, reviews stated that the pillowcases did not even fit the Tempurpedic standard sized pillows.
If you purchase one of these sheet sets, be aware that you will probably need to purchase separate covers for your pillows.
Motorized Bed Complaints
Tempurpedic complaints about the motorized, adjustable bed were most often about the remote controls. Information gathered from reviews about the remotes indicates that they are not made with the same care the bed itself is.
Some people report the buttons break on the remotes after several months of use. If you purchase an adjustable bed, make sure to baby the remote.
Other Tempurpedic bed problems associated with the remote controls include that remotes for each side of the bed are not marked and the remotes are not attached, so are easy to lose.
These issues are easily remedied with a marker or label and some self-adhesive Velcro tabs.
Better Business Bureau Statistics
According to the BBB, there were 101 Tempurpedic complaints reported over the past three years. Complaint areas included advertising, billing, delivery, warranty and issues with the actual product.
The majority of the complaints were due to product issues. The BBB reports that 84 of the complaints were resolved by Tempurpedic to the customer’s satisfaction.
In all other instances, the Better Business Bureau reports Tempurpedic made a good faith effort to resolve the issue, but the customer could not be satisfied. It appears that, regardless of Tempurpedic complaints, the company at least does not ignore issues.
Should You Purchase a Tempurpedic Product?
All this talk of Tempurpedic mattress complaints and issues with other products may leave you wondering if the products are worth the expense.
While there are people who were not satisfied with their purchase, there are many others who love their beds, mattresses, pillows, sheets and mattress toppers.
As with anything else, there is something to be said for personal preference. If you are worried about some of the information in negative Tempurpedic reviews, you can take advantage of local stores and check the products out yourself.
Obviously, you cannot sleep on the mattress in the store, but here are a few things you can decide –
Is the mattress comfortable?Is the Tempurpedic pillow too big, too small or just plain hard?Do you like the feel of the sheets?Will you be able to use the adjustable bed with ease?Does the mattress or foam smell funny to you?Can you lay comfortably on the mattress with your partner?If you can answer some of these questions by browsing in a store or reviewing detailed product information Tempurpedic sends upon request, you can reduce the risk you will have a negative experience.
After all, many of these questions make up the substance of most of the Tempurpedic complaints.