Smart Air Beds Queen Raised Pillowtop Air Bed with Remote Control

Using a raised air mattress is the greatest method to spending your camping adventure. This kind of mattress works for those who are having difficulty moving away from the ground when they get up. They are available in various sorts, sizes and styles.
If you should be about to buy quality mattress, you should check through various manufacturers, suppliers and brands. Some of the best brands to consider include Wenzel, AeroBed, Coleman and Intex or Smart Air Beds Queen Raised Pillowtop Air Bed with Remote Control
Smart Air Beds Queen Raised Pillowtop Air Bed with Remote Control is amongst the most favored raised airbed options. It may fit deep pocket sheets conveniently. It comes with a soft suede top to make certain a great night’s sleep. It also posseses an exclusive PVC formula that keeps it 15% mire puncture resistant as compared to other popular mattress brands. It measures 78 inches by 60 inches by 17 inches. It also features double lock valves for easy inflation and deflation modes.
Intex Raised Downy (Queen) with Integrated Electric Pump is still another raised air mattress to consider. It showcases a type of dual chamber construction as well as a waterproof flocked top. It features indented sides so that fitted sheets can fit securely and snugly. Its dual chamber is for extra support and firmness. Its size is 60 inches by 80 inches by 22 inches. The package comes with a 120V electric pump and a duffel bag for easy storing of the raised airbed and also to store your Intex.
Simmons Beautyrest Comfort Express Pillowtop Mattress is also anyone to adore. It stands 16 inches tall and it comes with a one touch adjusted comfort patented valve. It also comes with a plush pillowtop surface along with stable sleeping surface to offer firm support along with comfort. Its raised edges provide exemplary stability. The package also comes with a hands-free electric express pump for quick and easy deflation along with inflation of the mattress; and a nylon carry bag for safe transportation and storage. It measures 75 inches by 39 inches by 16 inches.
Lets talk about Smart Air Beds Queen Raised Pillowtop Air Bed with Remote Control:
The easy Riser® Queen Size 25″ raised air mattress with remote control is much like having a supplementary bedroom in a bag! The newest design pillowtop sleeping surface provides extra support with the soft pillowtop surface you’ve arrived at expect from Easy Riser®. It is the perfect sleeping solution whether you’re expecting guests or someone let’s you know they require accommodations 5 minutes before arriving.
The handy remote control allows you to inflate the bed and adjust the firmness by adding or releasing just a little air with the simple touch of a button. This bed will be a sleeping pleasure for all you guests, kids, family and friends. It is the easy and quick answer for sleep-overs, surprise house guests, college dorms, vacation cottages, and road trips. The newly improved Easy Riser®-brand portable air bed is indeed comfortable it is like you might be sleeping on a cloud of air! Rest easy knowing that Easy Riser® has 25 years of experience manufacturing comfortable, top quality, reliable beds.
The powerful government-patented, 120V UL-approved AC pump installed within the bed is quiet, convenient and safe. Inflates within 2 minutes. It’s so simple, just press the handy remote control inflate button. The flocked cushiony pillowtop with a soft velour sleep surface is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and creates comfortable sleeping year in and year out!
All you need is mounted on the bed! You might never be looking for missing parts as the motor, handy remote control and deflation cover are all attached. Uses standard sized sheets (not included). The bed stores in the convenient, over sized, storage bag (included) therefore the next occasion you’ll need the bed it’s right there, prepared to use!.
Make use of the remote air controller to select the firmness you prefer, either adding or deflating the bed to the exact firmness desired. It’s manufactured from heavy-gauge PVC with electronically welded seams for lasting quality. Open the quick-release valve to deflate the bed very quickly! Simply roll it up, fold in the sides, and store compactly in the included matching duffel bag for portability and easy storage.
This bed uses standard sheets. Pillows and sheets aren’t included

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Smart Air Beds Queen Raised Pillowtop Air Bed with Remote Control
120V UL-approved AC pump that is hidden in the bed for quietness, convenience and safety.Inflates in mere 90 seconds.This high-rise pillowtop air bed combines the best-selling top features of an elevated air bed with a soft pillowtop for a great night’s sleep!Flocked pillowtop with a soft velour sleep surface.Sleep surface is 25 inches off the ground in order to avoid drafts and colder air. And yes it is so convenient to slide on / off the bed, without bending. Older family who’ve trouble bending, just love this easy in and out of bed feature.Over 100 orthopedically-designed comfort coils give a great nights sleep.Chamber construction makes this Easy Riser® the most sturdy and durable airbeds ever, without sagging, shifting or shaking once you lie in it.The patented motor with hand-held Air Controller lets you perfectly adjust the firmness of the bed, both harder and softer, while you are lying in the bed.This bed uses standard full-sized sheets (Pillows and sheets are not included)Includes lightweight duffle bag for easy storage.The large “quick-release” valve deflates the bed in under a minute! Supports around 650 lbs.