Dick story; the “Trainspotting” team of director Danny Boyle, producer Andrew Macdonald and writer John Hodge, would contribute sci-fi comedy “Bizarre Love Triangle” (Miramax had distributed “Trainspotting” stateside and turned it into a counterculture hit); and Guillermo del Toro, the Mexican filmmaker who had recently turned in the micro-budget art-house hit “Cronos,” was tapped for “Mimic,” a tale of evolutionary insects in New York.Except it didn’t work out that way.The executives tapped two of the projects for expansion into feature length films. To del Toro’s thinking, making the movie a giant cockroach movie would condemn it to B-movie obscurity, something that they could never wriggle out from under. Nearly everything he was attempting with the movie — from his abundant use of religious iconography to casting choice (he wanted Andre Braugher for the Josh Brolin role, but the studio was uncomfortable with an interracial couple, forget the fact that the character was gay for at least a draft) — was nitpicked, watered-down or flat-out rejected. While Sayles’ involvement wasn’t highly publicized, he did have a history of working on these types of movies, so it’s not exactly shocking to hear he was a part of the project.More shockingly (and something that most people might not be aware of) is that Steven Soderbergh (above), then working on the “Nightwatch” remake for Miramax, turned in his own draft of the screenplay. It’s just that Soderbergh’s “truly deranged” vision didn’t align with what del Toro was trying to do. At some point, very late in the game, even his designs for the new cockroach-like bugs were disassembled, with the studio feeling they were too insect-y. Meanwhile, Boyle’s contribution would only have a single public screening in all the years since its inception. “Mimic,” at least, has reached its final evolutionary stage. Del Toro talked about this joke during the commentary track, saying, “It can finally be revealed why that image is there.”After the movie opened in 1997 and was a disappointment both critically and commercially, it looked like that was the end of it. Still, one flourish from that script did wind up in the final movie: the scene early on with the priest getting pulled through a small opening was all Soderbergh’s.That isn’t the only famous collaborator who is buried somewhere beneath the towering pile of bug bodies on “Mimic;” none other than Robert Rodriguez (a favorite of the Weinsteins) was hired to direct one of the film’s additional photography units. Del Toro talks about this version of the movie on the commentary track, saying that he loved it and called Soderbergh to tell him how brilliant the dialogue was. Gary Fleder, who had made “Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead,” would direct “Imposter,” based on an appropriately loopy Philip K. The pace is more luxurious and the chunky exposition taken away (for the most part).Del Toro seems happier with this version of the movie and relieved that he can finally share the experience of making the movie, fully aware of how it shaped him as a filmmaker. He and Matthew Robbins’ original screenplay had the bugs being beetles that nested in Central Park. This beefed up the exposition and robbed the film of key visual motifs that del Toro had labored on. Finally, in 2009, the filmmaker said that he had begun work on an expanded, director’s cut version of the film, which would be released whenever he finished it. Apparently the studio wanted more of an explanation for the bugs, while Sayles and del Toro wanted something ethereal and mysterious. They were carriers of a disease and needed to be controlled. In 2011, that version was finally released along with the warts-and-all commentary track heavily referenced here.This new version of “Mimic” runs a whopping six minutes longer, with most of the additional photography units’ contributions removed. There were several additional units on the crew and — of that footage — del Toro liked Rodriguez’s the best. The filmmaker lost this argument and, as he says in the commentary track, was “condemned to doing the best giant cockroach movie ever made.” A modest goal but one he handily achieved.Although Robbins and del Toro received final screenplay credit, a number of writers came and went on the project and a number of ideas were proposed by the filmmaker only to be rejected. “Mimic” turned into an obscure midnight movie; the home video releases were badly formatted and transferred (the poor treatment of the movie continued even after its theatrical life). Still, while he deems the film itself “imperfect,” del Toro has stated on numerous occasions that the experience of making “Mimic” was one of the most important of his entire life.Del Toro clashed with studio brass almost from the beginning. (Forget the original climax, which included, and this is 100% true, an insect orgy.) Even though they had been working on the designs for almost two years, del Toro relented.As the film neared completion, the final edit was taken away from del Toro, and all of the shoe leathery additional material shot by the second unit was inserted into the movie. In this new version, a lot of what are now, in hindsight, obvious studio contributions (jump scares, fake-outs, etc.) have been removed. He was able to sneak in a sly reference to his experience on the movie when, during the film’s opening credits, his name appears next to the image of a butterfly being pinned to a board. It’s been widely reported that John Sayles, a legendary figure of the American independent movie scene who also has a history writing above-average creature features (“Piranha,” “Alligator”), penned a draft of the screenplay (one that del Toro will tell you was his favorite version) but little of that version made it into the final movie. “Imposter” would be padded to a feature length runtime, while del Toro’s buggy “Mimic” project would ultimately go through a number of changes before arriving in theaters in a compromised version that neither the filmmaker or the studio were happy with.The story of how “Mimic” wound up the way it did is a fascinating one; it highlights the disadvantages a foreign filmmaker is presented with when attempting their first English-language feature and reinforces the countless stories from that period about the endless meddling of the Weinsteins — especially when it came to final cut. Posted August 21, 2017 by Drew TaylorIn the mid-1990’s, Bob and Harvey Weinstein hit upon the idea to create a new science fiction anthology.HBO’s “Tales from the Crypt” had made the concept cool again, and what they had in mind was take top young filmmakers familiar with the Miramax/Dimension brand and have them each direct a 30-minute segment. Still, he credits that experience with being the reason why he has no second (or third) units on his films, even the big ones like “Pacific Rim.” Good or bad, it’s all him.But these kind of luxuries weren’t afforded him back then. They demanded the antennae be removed and asked if they could appear scarier and more alien. An executive producer suggested that the bugs be cockroaches, since the story took place in New York.

The actress, sporting her character’s signature red locks, smiles in the foreground while Duchovny stands behind her, eyebrows raised.Well it’s about time! Is Scully smirking because she knows Mulder is about to say something crazy about aliens? @davidduchovny#TheXFilespic.twitter.com/1014GTPdSP
— Gillian Anderson (@GillianA) August 21, 2017Is Mulder about to scold Scully about her lack of faith in the supernatural? The majority of the new installments will also shed the show’s infamously murky mythology, with more standalone episodes expected than in seasons past.We can’t wait to see Duchovny and Anderson’s sizzling chemistry light up our screens again soon. Posted August 21, 2017 by Katie RobertsThe latest season of Fox’s “X-Files” revival series has finally started production, and stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are once again reprising their roles as FBI agents Mulder and Scully. The pair, reunited on set at last, couldn’t help snapping a selfie to celebrate.The photo comes courtesy of Anderson, who shared the shot on her Twitter page. Season 11 of “The X-Files” is set to debut on Fox sometime in 2018.[via: Gillian Anderson/Twitter] We can only imagine.Something we know for sure, though, is that the new season of “The X-Files” will feature more female voices than ever previously represented on the series, with two women writers and two women directors hired to work on the upcoming 10-episode season.

Even with this new, political bent, these credits make it clear that “AHS” is still the same scare-mongering show it’s always been.”American Horror Story: Cult” debuts on FX on September 5.[via: American Horror Story/Twitter] And fans can see both of them — albeit in plastic Halloween mask form — in the “Cult” credits, leering creepily into the camera.Watch it begin. pic.twitter.com/7X3Cy9W7DV
— AmericanHorrorStory (@AHSFX) August 21, 2017But those two divisive figures aren’t the only political people who make an appearance: a bust of George Washington is also featured prominently, and toward the end of the clip, the shadow of someone in a top hat — perhaps Abraham Lincoln? Posted August 21, 2017 by Katie RobertsThe opening credit sequence for the seventh installment of “American Horror Story” has been released ahead of the show’s debut next month, and in true “AHS” form, they’re cryptic and creepy in equal measure. And this time, they also feature some pretty recognizable cameos.As promised, “AHS: Cult” will center around the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. — can also be seen. Witness the opening credits for #AHSCult. And, naturally, there’s plenty of gore, too, with blood and creepy bugs galore also taking up a large chunk of the proceedings.

Posted August 21, 2017 by Gina CarboneSo far, the only leaked episodes of “Game of Thrones” Season 7 have come from HBO partners themselves. So a threat to leak Episode 6 isn’t exactly scary to anyone. But Episode 7… And even if hackers do spoil what happens in the finale … Someone on the inside already did that months ago when they leaked a full-season breakdown on Reddit. HBO’s own allies have been leading the leak game all year, at least when it comes to “Game of Thrones” Season 7 content, which is all that most fans care about anyway.The highly anticipated “Game of Thrones” Season 7 finale airs Sunday, Aug. If they had it to leak, they probably would’ve done it by now, since HBO doesn’t seem interested in playing the hackers’ “game” and giving them (anymore) money.Even if the Season 7 finale somehow finds its way onto the web — from hackers or, more likely considering the recent pattern, an HBO contractor — it shouldn’t affect the ratings in a negative way. Like us on Facebook. well, guess what? that’s the season finale. The hackers claimed to “have access to many HBO Platforms already” and posted on several HBO Giphy accounts, writing things like “HB-OLD is Dying….” before the pages were deleted.But it’s this threat, emailed from the group to Mashable, that’s getting the most attention:”Be ready for GOT S& E6 &E7 as soon as possible.””As soon as possible” may mean they don’t have it yet and may never have it, they just want to hold the threat over HBO’s head.The email was sent before Episode 6 aired on August 20, but Episode 6 was already leaked by HBO Europe accounts several days before that anyway. Yet.HBO’s hackers recently emailed Mashable with details on their latest exploits, vowing to leak the Season 7 finale, Episode 7, “as soon as possible.”According to Mashable, the data dump the hackers — “Mr. Hackers have shared other data, and pieces of GoT scripts, but never full episodes. on HBO.Want more stuff like this? 27 at 9 p.m. Smith group” — shared with them included login credentials for every HBO social media account.

Posted August 21, 2017 by Gina CarboneThere are only seven episodes left to “Game of Thrones.” Period. We’re anticipating and dreading the end in equal measure.Episode 7 is going to be a record 80 minutes long, and Entertainment Weekly reported that there won’t be a major battle scene, with “Beyond the Wall” giving us our last big battle of the season.It’s exciting to hear that the finale “plot points” may top everything we just saw in Episode 6, with Season 8 topping everything in this high-impact season. 27, following Episode 6, which was directed by the great Alan Taylor.Taylor talked to Deadline about his penultimate episode, “Beyond the Wall,” and what’s ahead in the Episode 7 finale, as well as the six episodes of Season 8, which will start filming in October.Alan Taylor: “Part of my episode was doing the job of braiding stories together that’ve been separate for a long time, braiding characters that’ve been separate for a long time, and that will only continue into Season 8. Official photos usually come out Wednesday afternoon, but you can watch the preview now.Want more stuff like this? The final episode of Season 7 airs next Sunday, Aug. Now everything’s converging, and that’s going to get only more so in Season 8 when really, all the storylines come together.”Deadline asked what he would say is coming in next week’s Season 7 finale and how that continues into Season 8.Taylor: “What I enjoyed when I read all the scripts for this season and when I started to see what my fellow directors were doing, was that there was a thrill in realizing that this ball, this machine is revving up bigger and rolling faster and with more inevitability. I think people will be really surprised, but also fulfilled by where it goes. If you’ve come this far, you’re probably anxious to see how it all turns out. It’s going to keep building the way it’s been building, and I hope people stick around for it.”Who’s not going to stick around for it?! It’s still not clear when Season 8 will air, but hopefully it stays on track for a 2018 premiere.The Season 7 finale, title as yet unknown, airs Sunday, Aug. So, from my episode to the finale next week, the plot points of my episode are topped by the plot points in the episode coming, and Season 8 progresses in the same way.”Deadline asked if that means the showrunners are “going out with a very big bang or fireball.”Taylor: “Well, the storylines are interweaving more tightly. The plot points are going to continue to sort of be like gut punches, and each of these characters that’ve been so fully fleshed out and so well-rounded are going to be moving towards their resolution, is what I’d say. Like us on Facebook. 27 at 9 p.m. on HBO. But it also has just as many surprises, and that just continues to happen.

Reviews Still Matter, but… But it’s not enough to have a bunch of A-list names on the poster.”Hitman” drew most of its strength from the mismatched-buddy interplay between Reynolds and Jackson, both of whom have reputations among audiences for their wisecracking, R-rated senses of humor. But Lionsgate spent $30 million marketing “Hitman,” while Soderbergh penny-pinched with just a $20 million spend on “Logan,” a marketing budget limited by what he was able to drum up in non-theatrical pre-sales. The “Hitman” audience was just 49 percent white, 21 percent Hispanic, and 16 percent African-American.5. Meanwhile, “Logan” asked viewers to believe that Tatum, Driver, and Riley Keough were siblings. The whole summer is down about 12 percent from the same time last summer, and this weekend’s total sales of about $95.2 million marked the lowest grossing weekend of 2017 so far.With numbers like that — and with a release schedule for the rest of August that looks like nothing special — “Hitman” could remain on top through Labor Day. 2. Star Power (and Chemistry) MattersBoth “Hitman”and “Logan” have impressive casts. He financed “Logan” through foreign pre-sales, and he hired independent distributor Bleecker Street on an unusual commission basis (rather than a static percentage of the receipts, Bleecker Street got a flat fee up front of less than $1 million, and it will get paid a percentage of both theatrical and home video receipts only if “Logan” meets certain box office benchmarks — which it’s not likely to do). Late August is typically a dead zone at the multiplex, more so this summer than ever. You Have to Spend Money to Make MoneyBoth “Hitman” and “Logan” cost about $29 million each to produce. “Hitman” features Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Nick Fury himself, Samuel L. The CinemaScore curve is steep, so the B+ that “Hitman” earned means decent word-of-mouth, while the B that “Logan” earned indicates far less audience enthusiasm.7. But audiences disagreed with the critics, judging by the movies’ CinemaScore grades. That’s at the low end of expectations, which were modest to begin with. 4. Even so, it’s curious that “Logan Lucky” wasn’t considered a stronger rival to “Hitman.” Both feature all-star casts, both walk the line between action and satire, but “Logan” also had a name director (Oscar-winner Steven Soderbergh) and excellent reviews (93 percent “Fresh” at Rotten Tomatoes).Why, then, did “Hitman” outperform expectations and earn a decisive box office win? Since both films were targeting older viewers, the ones who still read reviews, that disparity should have worked in “Logan”‘s favor. It’s trailer advertising, which Soderbergh approved without testing it with a focus group, apparently didn’t make the movie’s genre and tonal mix as clear as “Hitman”‘s advertising did.6. Getting Sports Fans at the Box Office”Hitman” leveraged its macho camaraderie by screening early for some other key influencers: pro and college athletes, including members of the Denver Broncos, the Chicago Bears, the Cleveland Browns, the Los Angeles Rams, the Miami Heat, and the UCLA Bruins, as well as individual sports stars such as Ray Allen, Anthony Davis, and Clay Matthews.”Logan” is set in part at a NASCAR track and features several real-life NASCAR drivers playing themselves. “Hitman,” however, made a point of targeting African-American and Hispanic audiences, and they attended in numbers greater than their proportion among the populace at large. He also oversaw all the marketing, which turned out to be unwise, because…3. Here are seven reasons:1. And why didn’t “Logan” pose any real threat? Timing Is KeyWith two action comedies targeting the same older demographic, it makes sense that one would suffer, and that the one with the bigger marketing budget and the bigger release pattern (3,377 screens for “Hitman” to 3,031 for “Logan”) would win out.What’s more, “Hitman” took advantage of an especially uncompetitive season at the box office. As the movie’s release date approached, online chatter indicated confusion as to whether the movie was primarily an action film or a comedy. Also, both films were targeting the same adult audience — and they flocked to the seemingly more appealing two-hander combo of Jackson and Reynolds than the entertaining mismatch of “Logan Lucky’s” ensemble. This time, however, he also took on the distribution and marketing of the film — something he’d tried once before, with mixed results.Back in 2006, Soderbergh’s film “Bubble” was an experiment not just in storytelling but in its release pattern; it was the first serious attempt to release a movie in theaters and via video-on-demand on the same day. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t enough to generate awareness in the marketplace.He might have been able to do so had he started earlier (three weeks before the film’s release, he’d spent just 15 percent of his marketing budget, compared to the standard 40 percent at that time in the release cycle) or landed the film a spot in a spring festival. Jackson, along with Salma Hayek. Even Auteurs Like Soderbergh Have LimitsSoderbergh has many strengths as a filmmaker; indeed, he often writes his own screenplays, serves as his own cinematographer, and edits his own films. That’s better than the recent openings of such anticipated action movies as “The Dark Tower” ($19.2 million) and “Atomic Blonde” ($18.3 million).Meanwhile, the heist comedy “Logan Lucky” premiered in third place with just an estimated $8.1 million. Aside from an attempt at a viral video featuring Tatum attending a race, however, there was little visible effort to market the movie specifically to NASCAR fans.For what it’s worth, the strategy did yield an audience that was 70 percent white. Not that that diverse combination couldn’t work, but it’s not obvious, while the Reynolds-Jackson partnership makes instant sense to viewers watching the movie’s trailer. Posted August 21, 2017 by Gary SusmanWhy did everyone think this weekend’s box office race was going to be close?Most pundits expected it to be neck-and-neck, with last week’s champ, horror prequel “Annabelle: Creation,” and new action-comedy entry “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” both expected to finish around $15 million. The “Logan” ensemble includes Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, and Daniel Craig. He also held off on really pushing the film until the week before release, to target audiences. Tatum’s total following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is about 43 million, more than the followings of Reynolds, Jackson, and Hayek combined.But the message put forth has to be clear, and according to social media monitoring firm RelishMix, “Logan”‘s was not. After its hefty $35.0 million debut last week, “Annabelle” was supposed to have a slight edge over “Hitman,” even with a projected 55 percent drop from its premiere weekend business.Instead, however, “Hitman” surprised with a big win, debuting with an estimated $21.6 million. Soderbergh took advantage of this by advertising in NASCAR country (the Midwest and the South) while largely avoiding major cities in the rest of the U.S. Here’s another case where, despite Hollywood’s whining about how low Rotten Tomatoes scores are depressing audience turnout, the opposite proved to be true.”Hitman” earned just a 38 percent “Rotten” at RT, while “Logan” earned a 93. Social Media Can’t Always Turn Movies into HitsSocial media has proved increasingly essential for creating buzz among potential audiences, which is another reason why star power matters. “Bubble” flopped (it was too weird to be an effective test case), but same-day theatrical-and-VOD release is now not only standard for independent films but essential, since the theatrical market for indie features has all but dried up.For “Logan,” Soderbergh tried something different.

Brienne won’t even be around to help in the Season 7 finale, since she’s the one going to White Walker Jam Fest at the Dragonpit in Sansa’s stead.The fan reaction started strong, with everyone loving the unexpected Tormund/Hound bromance, but then things went downhill until it was just a frozen flood of tears:It’s episodes like this that I wish I wasn’t part of the population that’s into GoT so I’m not so emotionally devastated #gameofthronespic.twitter.com/y71gQlH5O6
— Belle Garcia (@adorabelle24) August 21, 2017I. Viserion 😭#GameOfThronespic.twitter.com/f0pvZBgJXo
— Rodrigo G.G. #GameOfThronespic.twitter.com/cVxfbPPpk1
— Khal Draghoe (@brownandbella) August 21, 2017The fact that baelish is alive and a DRAGON is DEAD #GameofThronespic.twitter.com/2n66KNpWig
— Natalie C (@nataliec176) August 21, 2017Benjen Stark is literally the most useful character in #GameOfThrones history. We will miss you Viserion. He could’ve fit on that horse like jack could’ve fit on that headboard. Pelissier (@Is_Pelissier) August 21, 2017Viserion being killed with the titanic music in the background πŸ’”πŸ˜­ #GameofThronespic.twitter.com/baIf7bhgsB
— GoT Things (@GoTthings_) August 21, 2017Want more stuff like this? #GameOfThronespic.twitter.com/Ls63CYmUIw
— Night’s King (@WightsKing) August 21, 2017Viserion bb, we still love you no matter which side you are in. Like us on Facebook. GoT fans always dominate Twitter on Sunday nights, and despite Episode 6 being leaked in advance, the episode got a stronger reaction than ever, with viewers struggling to keep up with all of the events — including three deaths:Thoros of MyrBenjen “Coldhands” StarkViserionJon Snow didn’t even have time for a proper reunion with the uncle he’d spent forever searching for. #GameOfThrones#ThronesYall
— JuanMa Rodriguez (@Juanmasaurus56) August 21, 2017#GameOfThrones#ThronesYall
Benjen saved Bran, & now he gave up his life to save Jon?! RIP Thoros of Myr. I’m pissed #GameOfThronespic.twitter.com/hqrpgxr2XP
— Diego Snow (@Polipolar_) August 21, 2017Me pretending not to be devastated by the death of a CGI fictional creature so my family doesn’t have me committed. #GameofThrones
— ADAM SILVERA🌈 (@AdamSilvera) August 21, 2017VISERION DESERVED BETTER. (@rodGG13) August 21, 2017How I felt when Viserion fell… #GameOfThones#thronesyall#titanicpic.twitter.com/VlpWXRcFwF
— Nia (@nia_sosa) August 21, 2017Even after what i saw i still dont think that Uncle Benjen is dead
evrytime I think he is dead
he shows up aftr10 eps#GameOfThrones#GoTS7
— Freaky ~ DRaval (@_DRaval) August 21, 2017Drogon wailing for Viserion and Rhaegal trying to catch him got me more emotional than any Stark reunion. AM. #GameOfThronespic.twitter.com/E2cZiMJzmU
— Alex (@Childish_Noir) August 21, 2017UNCLE BENJEN WHY….I’M MAD EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW B #GameOfThronespic.twitter.com/mxH1aIZTXv
— New Life (@LordBalvin) August 21, 2017Damn. (@borsellino_a) August 21, 2017I was there when u were born, got locked up & gave ur life for the cause. 😒 #GameOfThronespic.twitter.com/KmAHRCflNr
— Alessandro B. He died a real one. pic.twitter.com/QOjtPxzliG
— Lissete Lanuza Sáenz (@lizziethat) August 21, 2017When the dragon sank into the water 😭😭😭 #GameofThronespic.twitter.com/bCxNnkPuVA
— Sierra (@RoseSie_) August 21, 2017I can’t believe this show brought Benjen back for three second just to do him like that #GameofThrones
— Nerd Girl Says (@Rachael_Conrad) August 21, 2017When Jon finally found Uncle Benjen which is what he has been trying to do since Season 1 episode 1… Benjen Stark is the real MVP of the Stark family, yo. There’s only one more episode left for at least another year, and fans aren’t emotionally ready for the end. #GameOfThrones
— Brooke Hoppy (@bahoppy_02) August 21, 2017Same situation with Uncle Benjin. U will be missed
RIP Viserion 6/19/2011 – 8/20/2017#GameOfThronespic.twitter.com/vvrlsYbFie
— Christopher Toro (@gojeroh) August 21, 2017Shoutouts to Uncle Benjin. You still our little bb. #gameofthronespic.twitter.com/qpyHMGavm4
— Grace (@gracek1420) August 21, 2017Me during the episode, 30 minutes after the episode, tomorrow, next week, next year, all of eternity #GameofThronespic.twitter.com/2jMyEGGaQz
— Gamiel Hall II (@GamewHall) August 21, 2017My heart is Broken πŸ’”#GameOfThronespic.twitter.com/llxa7rptls
— Daenerys Targaryen (@Queen_Daenerys_) August 21, 2017May his soul rest in peace. Sniff.”Beyond the Wall” was the penultimate episode of the year. #gameofthrones
— Ron Francisco (@ohhieverybody) August 21, 2017I’m DEVASTATED 😭😭 #GameOfThronespic.twitter.com/NLX8R4VIaX
— MotherOfDragons (@xoxsteph) August 21, 2017Finally get to see all the dragons fighting together and this is the result.. You lived your life like a candle in the wind… He was named after her abusive brother, was locked up for years & died in his first battle 😭😭😭 #GameOfThronespic.twitter.com/kvlbm7bNQu
— Arre (@arrestormborn) August 21, 2017How is it when a person dies, I’m bummed but a Dragon dies and I AM DEVASTATED/DEAD/HEART BROKEN?!!! a DRAGON????? Looked at the sun for too long. @GameOfThrones#GoT#GoTS7#GameOfThronespic.twitter.com/RJz7IQQibO
— Lea (@CrayCrayRules) August 21, 2017Evwrybody crying for Vyserion and I’m here grieving for Benjen #gameofthronespic.twitter.com/ztOH19PLBb
— Adri Vargas (@Adri_1106) August 21, 2017Viserion. Benjen returned just long enough to sacrifice his semi-alive self to help Jon.Viserion was the big blow, though, and not just for the Mother of Dragons. Benjen’s horse could have carried two to three people. Of all the deaths… Sniff. only to watch him die#GameofThronespic.twitter.com/xy0rSIInCA
— ThronesYall (@ThronesYall) August 21, 2017I’m going to feel this for a week. #GameOfThrones#ThronesYallpic.twitter.com/SdcLVbaIJ5
— HANYU, Yuzuru β›ΈπŸŠ (@nipponcitrus) August 21, 2017Uncle Benjen and Jon had time and could have fit on that horse. #GameOfThronespic.twitter.com/WaT9TVGUi8
— Olivia Zhou (@oliviaozz) August 21, 2017Uncle BenJen not getting on that horse is the new Jack not getting on the door with Rose. DEVASTATED. #gameofthronespic.twitter.com/HBQ59PMVJt
— Iris (@Memyself_iris) August 21, 2017You know what? Every time he shows up he saves someone. They weren’t ready for the one before the end, either. Fans were also heartbroken by the death of one of Daenerys Targaryen’s children, with the Night King adding insult to injury by reviving Viserion as one of his own — yep, a White Walker dragon.And that’s not even mentioning Littlefinger successfully pushing Sansa and Arya apart to the point where death threats are now on the table. It’s Titanic all over again! pic.twitter.com/eqQIXrPumD
— Marie I. Posted August 21, 2017 by Gina Carbone*Spoilers ahead from “Game of Thrones” Season 7, Episode 6.*It’s fitting that a solar eclipse followed last night’s “Game of Thrones,” since fans were left feeling dark, cold, and ready to blow off work.GoT Twitter used a lot of “Titanic” memes to vent (especially about there being room for both Jon Snow and Uncle Benjen on that horse), with someone even setting Viserion’s death scene to the Celine Dion power ballad:This scene with titanic music is just to much #GameOfThronespic.twitter.com/XWLumCRUDy
— Robb Stark (@KingRobbStarkk) August 21, 2017Sniff. Must’ve.

I’d be doing the project an injustice to take this. And it was, since the producers really wanted to cast Ty Burrell, but the ABC Powers That Be were initially hesitant, probably hoping for a bigger name like LeBlanc. Meanwhile, the final season of LeBlanc’s Showtime comedy “Episodes” just premiered on August 20.Want more stuff like this? Posted August 21, 2017 by Gina Carbone”Friends” alum Matt LeBlanc could’ve gone from “How you doin’?” to “Why The Face?” Instead, he turned down the role of “cool dad” Phil Dunphy in “Modern Family” — and from here it definitely seems like the right call.LeBlanc just revealed to USA Today that he was offered the lead in ABC’s hit comedy in 2009, during a break in his career after the flop of the “Friends” spinoff “Joey”:”I remember reading it thinking, this is a really good script, (but) I’m not the guy for this. Now it’s hard to imagine anyone by Ty Burrell in that role, for which he’s won two Emmys (so far). Plus, I’m having too much fun laying on the couch.”According to the USA Today article, LeBlanc not only thought the role of Phil was a bad fit for him, he figured it was written with someone else in mind. I know what I can do, I know what I can’t do. Like us on Facebook. “Modern Family” will launch its ninth season on September 27.

And through it all, the eerily calm center of the storm is Williams’s peerless performance.Part of what makes the performance so successful is how genuinely unlike anything else it is, even from his other, darker roles. The humanism that made Williams’s best work so identifiable — so wonderfully, remarkably relatable — still shines through here. Anytime you think that the façade of the character could melt away, and the happy, smiling face of Williams would be revealed underneath, it doesn’t.Part of this comes from Romanek’s direction, which is absolutely stunning. He was boundless, exuberant. This character is lonely, broken, and unsettled, and the storytelling never becomes too crazy or hectic. But here he gives over to the character, a repressed and deeply troubled man who can watch a hilarious episode of “The Simpsons” and not even crack a smile. And, while he would always flirt with darkness, in the early 2000s he would fully give into these urges, starring in a string of movies whose bleakness was almost overwhelming (“Death to Smoochy,” “Insomnia,” “The Night Listener”). Williams keeps it together, which makes it all the more disturbing. The most profound performance of this period for Williams was “One Hour Photo,” which turns 15 today.”One Hour Photo” was written and directed by Mark Romanek, who claimed it as his feature debut after directing the disappointing drama “Static” back in 1986, before he rose to prominence as a music video auteur behind such unforgettable clips as Nine Inch Nails’s “The Perfect Drug,” Fiona Apple’s “Criminal,” and Michael Jackson’s “Scream.” It’s the story of a quickie photo clerk (played by Williams) who slowly becomes obsessed with a picture-perfect family whose photos he develops. This is another opportunity for things to go broad. It’s rare to see filmmaking so perfectly in sync with the character, and Romanek does a beautiful job of not only putting you in Williams’s world but to put you in such proximity that you, if not to sympathize with him, at least understand why he does the things that he does. This is a Williams who is willing to transform himself, both physically and emotionally for the role. (These frames emulate not only the shape of the photos he processes but also the boxy frame of the movie’s taller aspect ratio.) It takes true fearlessness for an actor to toss away all of the hallmarks that made them a star in the first place, but Williams does it in a way that feels effortless, easy.This is a fully restrained performance. It isn’t a performer going through the motions or making an arch attempt at a devious character, it’s a true actor inhabiting a role like few ever have.Later on, of course, we would learn that Williams tapped into his own darkness, simmering underneath. It is just like Williams’s character: desperately trying to keep things in control. His hair is closely cropped and dyed a severe blonde, almost red, like a raggedy doll who has been left in the sun too long — and his face is framed by large, squared-off glasses. He’d do the occasional broad studio comedy, like “RV,” but just as quickly rush into something like “The Final Cut,” a dystopian sci-fi thriller so unpleasant it was barely released in America.And while some of these performances felt more like a deliberate attempt to upend his cheery public image, there were some that really felt like an artist transcending the role they were prescribed. In the final act, when he becomes truly unmoored, the filmmaking becomes looser, more frantic.What makes the performance so indelible is how Williams lets the humanity through. There were stories that people told about tapings of “Mork and Mindy” that would last for hours because Williams, so full of restless energy and creative gusto (and, if we’re speaking truthfully, some synthetic additives), would just riff and riff and riff. Maybe that’s what makes a performance like his in “One Hour Photo” so powerful; it’s an actor revealing more of himself than he was ever comfortable doing in his more commercial fare. He affixes the camera to Williams and only makes small movements; a snap zoom there, a pan there. (Clearly, this was the last timeframe that a movie like this could have been possible before making it something of a period piece, as the proliferation of digital cameras was just around the corner.) What starts off as an unnerving drama quickly becomes a nightmarish thriller. In one of the more chilling moments in the film, Williams walks around the house of the family he has been stalking; he uses their toilet, tries on their clothes. One of his most celebrated early roles was in “Good Morning Vietnam,” a performance that was as dramatic as it was comedic. But it doesn’t. It certainly gives “One Hour Photo” a more haunting dimension, and a more powerful one, too.Even 15 years later, it still feels like it’s developing. It must have taken everything for Williams not to start leaping around, doing goofy voices, turning the whole thing into a bit. He was already pushing at the boundaries, squirming inside Hollywood’s notions of who he was as a performer and a man. He might be draped in drab, colorless clothing and only willing to exert emotion in tight, controlled bursts (at least until the end), but you can feel what the character is going through. Eventually, the sequence is revealed to be a dream sequence, a flight of fancy on Williams’s part as he drives by the family’s house. But in “One Hour Photo” he’s tightly controlled, not robotic exactly but restrained.Even in some of his more serious work, it felt like Williams was mugging in tiny, imperceptible ways. Posted August 21, 2017 by Drew TaylorRobin Williams was never comfortable just being the comic relief.

The film crew snickered when Swayze said, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” No one expected that to become the movie’s most iconic line.12. When the film turned 25, we learned plenty about its untold history. After rehearsing the number, she was told there might not be time to shoot it. The movie’s $5 million budget was so meager, Bergstein said in 2006, that one day on the set, she had to help feed the crew. Bergstein had been a dance instructor herself. “They wanted to do a song from ‘South Pacific,’ and they couldn’t get the rights to it.” Brucker tells Moviefone. At the end of the day, however, “I got one set-up. “There I was, feeding the extras peanut butter and crackers because we couldn’t afford catering. Still, there are some “Dirty” secrets left to tell.1. The soundtrack came from Bergstein’s own collection of vintage 45s. Not until the song was reused in the stage musical did Brucker succeed in her legal battle to earn royalties from “Hula Hana.” Which, she says, provide her to this day with “a steady income.”10. 2 on the box office chart. The remake of “Dirty Dancing” that came to TV in May was not the first television adaptation of the story. Years after he played Dr. Long forgotten is the 1988 CBS series, which starred Patrick Cassidy (Shaun’s brother) as Johnny and future “Office” regular Melora Hardin as Baby. Both ended up being worth so much that he called it the best deal he ever negotiated.6. The number stayed, but it took 20 years for Brucker to get songwriting credit for it. It lasted 11 episodes. Jane Brucker, who played Baby’s sister Lisa, composed her hilariously awful talent show song (Hawaiian misfire “Hula Hana”) herself, and she did it on the spot. Houseman, Jerry Orbach recalled that the producers were unwilling to meet his asking price, so he agreed to a reduced salary in return for percentages of the movie’s profits and its music sales. She replied that she didn’t remember because “I was always looking at boys.”2. The long-gestating stage musical version, which Bergstein mounted in Australia and on London’s West End a decade ago, finally reached America as a touring production in 2014. Filming the rehearsal montage where Johnny runs his hand down Baby’s arm, Grey couldn’t stop laughing, which irritated Swayze. It never made it to Broadway, but it’s about to start its fourth year on the regional circuit.11. I had two takes to get it right.” An accomplished jazz singer, Brucker had to sing off-key on purpose. (It kept losing to “Stakeout.”) Yet 30 years after the Jennifer Grey-Patrick Swayze romance’s release (on August 21, 1987), “Dirty Dancing” seems more popular than ever.Long after the movie became a worldwide smash and sold tens of millions of copies of two soundtrack albums, there’s still the current touring stage show and this past spring’s TV remake. “I was a teenage mambo queen,” she said in 2015, “which was our alternate title if we lost ‘Dirty Dancing.'” Apparently, there was some concern that potential moviegoers would see that title and expect the film to be porn.3. One exception: “She’s Like the Wind.” Sung by Swayze, it sounded to most moviegoers like a new tune, but the ballad was actually composed for his pre-fame film “Grandview U.S.A.” in 1984 and never used.5. Posted August 21, 2017 by Gary SusmanHard to believe, but “Dirty Dancing” never reached higher than No. When scouting locations in Virginia, she was asked if they resembled the mountain resorts of her youth. “They said, ‘You have to write something or we have to cut it.’ [Choreographer] Kenny Ortega helped me make it Hawaiian.”9. Producer/screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein may have based much of “Dirty Dancing” on her own teenage vacations at resorts in New York’s Catskill mountains, but it’s not clear how accurate her memory of those days was. She used the old singles as temporary tracks while the dancers were learning their steps, and the filmmakers just decided to keep them and license the rights. Personality clashes between Swayze and Grey, which dated back to their failure to get along while making 1984’s “Red Dawn,” continued on the “Dirty Dancing” set. Wise move.4. They were supposed to be playing the scene for serious drama, but eventually, the filmmakers gave up and kept the muffed takes, resulting in one of the movie’s most beloved sequences.8. I’d wade through them and get up on a chair and tell them: ‘You are the heart and soul of this movie.’ And then I’d lock them in, in case they ran away.”7.

on HBO.Want more stuff like this? And it looks like things have not warmed for Sansa Stark up at Winterfell. Watch the Season 7 finale promo:The previous six seasons all had 10 episodes, but the showrunners have a vision for what they want to do, and that vision only included seven episodes for Season 7, and just six for Season 8. And it is here.”We also revisit Grey Worm, who has been stuck at Casterly Rock all season. Like us on Facebook. It’s an 80-minute episode, and it reportedly won’t include another major battle, but it will include the aftermath of the emotional Episode 6, “Beyond the Wall.”In the finale promo, we see Team Dany connect with Team Cersei for a meeting on the White Walker threat.Jon Snow: “There is only one war that matters. Posted August 20, 2017 by Gina CarboneSomehow, we’ve already reached the final episode of “Game of Thrones” Season 7.The Season 7 finale, Episode 7, airs Sunday, August 27 on HBO. That final season will reportedly start filming in October 2017 and air in either 2018 or (let’s hope it doesn’t come to this) 2019.GoT stars Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister), Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister), Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Aidan Gillen (Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish), Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Diana Rigg (Lady Olenna Tyrell), Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy), John Bradley (Samwell Tarly), Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth), Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth), Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei), Jerome Flynn (Bronn), Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont), Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark), Conleth Hill (Varys), Kristofer Hivju (Tormund Giantsbane), Hannah Murray (Gilly), Carice van Houten (Melisandre), Indira Varma (Ellaria Sand), Pilou Asbaek (Euron Greyjoy), Rory McCann (Sandor “The Hound” Clegane), and Richard Dormer (Beric Dondarrion).To see highlight clips and “Inside the Episode” videos, head to the show’s YouTube account.The GoT Season 7 finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m.

He also continued to make racist and misogynistic jokes into his ’90s, and didn’t hesitate to share his right-wing political views.He appeared in a few later films such as Martin Scorsese’s “The King of Comedy” — pictured above with the film’s director — but Lewis was largely offscreen from the late ’60s on. He was more active with his annual Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy telethon, for which he raised more than $2.45 billion before being relieved of his role as leader of the telethon in 2011.As late as 2016, he continued to perform in Las Vegas, where he first did his comedy routine in 1949. Posted August 20, 2017 by ReutersLOS ANGELES, August 20 (Variety.com) – Jerry Lewis, the brash slapstick comic who teamed with Dean Martin in the 1950s and later starred in “The Nutty Professor” and “The Bellboy” before launching the Muscular Dystrophy telethon, has died in Las Vegas. and his agent confirmed the news.Over the past 10 years of his life, the cranky icon’s reputation soured as he was forced to apologize for making a gay slur on camera during the 2007 telethon. He was 91.The Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist John Katsilometes reported that he died at his home at 9:15 a.m.

Posted August 20, 2017 by ReutersBy Seth KelleyLOS ANGELES, June 18 (Variety.com) – Without a superhero movie or new studio sequel in play, this weekend provided an opening for two smaller films to shine. The story — penned by Rebecca Blunt, who likely doesn’t exist — centers on a trio of siblings played by Channing Tatum, Riley Keough, and Adam Driver, who attempt to pull off a massive robbery. And “Dunkirk” will land in fourth behind “Logan Lucky” with an estimated $6.7 million. Despite a strong fall season, the year overall is now pacing 5% behind 2016. But as the weekend draws to a close, one is beaming brighter than the other.That title goes to Lionsgate’s R-rated action comedy “Hitman’s Bodyguard,” which is firing off to $21.6 million during its opening weekend at 3,377 locations. But the roles are reversed when it comes to audience reception — “Hitman’s Bodyguard” has a B+ CinemaScore as opposed to “Logan Lucky’s” B.In the end, “Logan Lucky” will end up in third for the weekend behind the second weekend of “Annabelle: Creation.” The latest in the “Conjuring” universe from Warner Bros. Jackson as a notorious hitman, and Salma Hayek as hit equally threatening wife, and Ryan Reynolds as a bodyguard. “It has a clear runway in the weeks ahead, and we expect it to play well right into September.”Meanwhile, “Logan Lucky” — a critical darling from Steven Soderbergh and Bleecker Street — is sputtering. A major acquisition at Sundance, “Patti Cake$” is struggling to find an audience with $66,000 from 14 locations.And the summer of hell continues: This season’s box office overall has slipped to 13.3% behind last year at this point, according to data from ComScore. The final tally was fueled by an aggressive marketing push, and a trio of stars at the center — Samuel L. That’s a solid opening, especially during a painful summer for the movie business and sleepy month of August. The film was partially funded through foreign pre-sales and partnering with Amazon for streaming rights. is targeting $15.5 million this weekend from 3,542 locations. The same studio has more cause to celebrate as “Wonder Woman” crosses $800 million worldwide.”Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature” rounds out the top five this weekend with $5.1 million.Outside of the wide releases, TWC continues its gradual rollout for Taylor Sheridan’s “Wind River.” This weekend it looks to gross $3 million from 694 locations, raising its total cume past $4.1 million. It’s set at the Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR race.Of the two, “Logan Lucky” fared better with critics, earning a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, as opposed to “Hitman’s Bodyguard,” which has a 39%. The film comes courtesy of director Patrick Hughes (“The Expendables 3″) and writer Tom O’Connor.”‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ is generating great word of mouth among moviegoers,” said Lionsgate’s distribution president David Spitz. The heist comedy, which relied on an unconventional production and marketing strategy, looks to make $8 million this weekend from 3,031 theaters.

They are, for all intents and purposes, bonded the way a mother and daughter would be. We’ll tell the story of how they came together in Season 5, and how they’ve been surviving as the only two people on the planet.””The 100 Writers Room” tweeted out the casting news, which was first shared in an interview Flanery had with TV Series Hub:Hey Twitter,
Meet Madi! What role will you play and what should we expect from your character? … Clarke has become somewhat of a mother figure for Madi , so I think that means Madi will also be a badass πŸ˜‰Can you tease some spoilers for the fans for next season? Posted August 18, 2017 by Gina Carbone”The 100″ Season 5 is adding a new face in an existing role.”Shadowhunters” star Lola Flanery is joining The CW series as the new Madi, aka Clarke’s (Eliza Taylor) “daughter,” who debuted in the Season 4 finale, as played by Imogen Tear. She’s been with her for five years. β€οΈπŸ’«πŸ’₯😘 Thanks @The100writers πŸ€—πŸ™ŒπŸ½ https://t.co/7kuW45AzPt
— Lola Flanery (@LolaFlanery) August 17, 2017Here’s the “100” part of her Q&A:The 100, have you watched it all? After I found out I got the part I had a full binge session. (@LolaFlanery)https://t.co/IMBpAhbsWv
— The 100 Writers Room (@The100writers) August 17, 2017If they wrote it it must be true !! Like us on Facebook. I’ll be playing Madi , she and Clarke seem to be the last people on earth after Priamfaya. I have watched The 100, all of it in fact. The role will be a big deal in Season 5, with Madi and Clarke’s story getting big play.Here’s what executive producer Jason Rothenberg told TVLine:”This relationship is hugely important for Clarke. So Clarke loves her, and her decision-making process has changed, just as it does for anyone who has a child. No !!We’ll meet this new young Nightblood in “The 100” Season 5 premiere, which will air in 2018 on The CW.Want more stuff like this?

27.An unspoiled fan asked Entertainment Weekly for scoop on what’s ahead in the penultimate and finale episodes, and here’s the response:Do you know anything about the final two episodes of Game of Thrones this season? 20 at 9 p.m. The Season 7 finale airs Sunday, Aug. Posted August 18, 2017 by Gina Carbone”Game of Thrones” Season 7, Episode 7 will be a record 80 minutes long, but there won’t be time for another epic battle.Season 7 already offered an embarrassment of riches in “The Spoils of War” Loot Train Attack, not to mention the White Walker adventures “Beyond the Wall” in Episode 6.Episode 6 airs this Sunday, Aug. Also, Ayra and Sansa’s tension goes to a new level.Since this is a seven-episode season, Episode 6 is basically the Episode 9 of a normal season. That’s when we got “Baelor,” “Blackwater,” and “Battle of the Bastards,” just to name three landmark penultimate episodes. Then we’ll be left hanging until Season 8, the final season, reportedly starts filming in October for a premiere date either in 2018 (please) or 2019 (noooo).The Episode 6 title was only revealed a couple of days ago with the first batch of photos. which means it’ll leak any day now, even if HBO doesn’t officially release any details until a few days before the August 27 finale.”Beyond the Wall” airs Sunday, Aug. We’re expecting “Beyond the Wall” to join those ranks, although we’re keeping ourselves unsullied, as it were, until we get to watch with the rest of the class Sunday night.But this mini finale spoiler suggests Episode 7 will concern itself with other things, covering the fallout of what happened in “Beyond the Wall,” and possibly visiting Cersei Lannister to convince her to send help to fight the White Walkers. 27 at 9 p.m. 20 (and earlier for those who watched HBO’s accidental leak), with Episode 7 being the final episode of the season (already!) airing the next Sunday, Aug. on HBO.Want more stuff like this? And Episode 9 was always the one to watch. — Baez
I hear we get the last major battle scene of the season this Sunday, with Jon Snow’s north of the wall adventure, which you have to figure not everyone will survive. (The second batch, including 20 more, just came out.) So we’re expecting the Episode 7 finale to stay as secretive as possible … Like us on Facebook.

Posted August 18, 2017 by Gina CarboneThe side-eye is real in the new (not leaked, for a change) photos from “Game of Thrones” Season 7, Episode 6, “Beyond the Wall.”Episode 6 — the penultimate episode of this much-too-short season — is going to be a record 71 minutes, so why shouldn’t it have a massive number of teaser photos? although “great” may not be the word to describe the creepy loaded look Littlefinger is giving Sansa in the shot above. on HBO.[Via: Watchers on the Wall]Want more stuff like this? But others are completely new — like the one with The Hound and Tormund giving each other a tense look. We also see more of Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister’s fireside chat, with Tyrion looking quite morose.Some of the pics are a bit similar (did we need three separate photos of Jorah looking into the distance?), and similar to the previously shared ones. Everyone is giving great looks in these pics … Like us on Facebook. But nothing is going to top that dual dragon photo with Dany and Tyrion.”Beyond the Wall” airs Sunday, Aug. He must feel so smug about his little plan.You can go ahead and look for yourself:Nice. 20 at 9 p.m. Several were already released a few days ago, mostly showing the “Eastwatch” Suicide Squad force north of the Wall.These 20 new photos also include some pics Beyond the Wall — still no White Walker photos — but this time we see more of the Sansa/Arya/Littlefinger drama teased with that letter in Episode 5.

Owen, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), and Riggs (Martin Henderson) were all on the way to reunite with Megan (now recast and played by Abigail Spencer) when Season 13 ended.Sarah Drew is always great about sharing on-set photos, and she also shared some new Japril pics, including two adorable family photos with baby Harriet Kepner-Avery. Maggie having feelings, Jackson having feelings — that was something that had literally never crossed Maggie’s mind. She was mentioned in the Season 13 finale when Owen’s sister Megan was discovered to have been alive all this time. In her first caption, Drew notes that this new season has a new Harriet:#familyphoto #japriet #newseasonnewharrietA post shared by Sarah Drew (@thesarahdrew) on Aug 14, 2017 at 8:49am PDTPhoto shoot with my little angel! What [we pick up] with is Maggie trying to find out if that’s true or not and beyond that, none of us knows.”McCreary sounded curious about the whole Jackson and Maggie dynamic:”Those two characters for all of the reasons that people don’t want them to be together — that’s what makes good drama. #teddyaltmanA post shared by Sarah Drew (@thesarahdrew) on Aug 17, 2017 at 11:02pm PDTWelcome home! At the time of her interview, she wasn’t sure what Season 14 would hold for that particular love triangle:”April left Maggie with a lot of questions. Teddy Altman in a guest arc in Season 14, and new photos show Raver scrubbed in with the Grey Sloan crew, including Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey), Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery), Camilla Luddington (Jo Wilson), and Sarah Drew (April Kepner):Check out some new photos with Raver, who just joined Instagram and fittingly made “Grey’s” her first pics:Instagram debut! There’s shared family. Teddy left “Grey’s” when she was fired by Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) so she could go take her dream job. How can they let Maggie come between them, instead of giving Maggie her own man? Come on, now.Speaking of the whole Maggie/Jackson/April thing, Maggie actress Kelly McCreary told TV Guide that, yes, the stars were just messing with fans when posting those Jaggie + Japril photos. “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 14 isn’t just bringing back an old friend, it’s introducing a new (super-cute) young one.It was already announced that Kim Raver would be returning as Dr. So yeah, I want to have scenes with him.””Grey’s Anatomy” Season 14 premieres Thursday, September 28 on ABC.Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook. There’s background that is worth exploring for character and story purposes. Teddy returns!A post shared by Kim Raver (@kimraver) on Aug 17, 2017 at 4:18pm PDTGrey & Altman reunited!A post shared by Kim Raver (@kimraver) on Aug 17, 2017 at 5:43pm PDTJust another Casual Surgery Thursday: Choose your weapon.A post shared by jesse Williams (@ijessewilliams) on Aug 17, 2017 at 2:31pm PDTPosting this again because @kimraver is FINALLY on Instagram!! Whether they come together in a romantic way or in a strictly platonic way, there’s a dynamic there. Snuggling with this one makes for a very happy day at the office 😍😍😍SWIPEA post shared by Sarah Drew (@thesarahdrew) on Aug 14, 2017 at 9:00am PDTSo stinkin’ cute! Posted August 18, 2017 by Gina CarboneOh, baby! If Harriet looks a little different than you remember, that’s not a coincidence. Show her some love, people!!!

Not gonna happen.”They’re acting like no “Bachelor” season has ever ended without a proposal. Eric?”Bachelor in Paradise” is now airing Mondays on ABC. Posted August 18, 2017 by Gina CarboneThe drama has already started on “The Bachelor” 2018, and the guy hasn’t even been chosen yet. — Mike Fleiss (@fleissmeister) August 17, 2017
That was followed by more smack-talk — from an anonymous “insider,” of course — to People magazine, basically emphasizing that the producers want a proposal and since Peter didn’t seem ready to play along, he was their new villain:”Peter is every Bachelor producer’s worst nightmare: the perfect guy who cannot be coerced into proposing at the end. “The Bachelor” Season 22 will be named after BiP with filming most likely to start in September for its January 2018 premiere.Want more stuff like this? If the pieces don’t seem to fit, it may not be coincidence.According to spoiler king Reality Steve, the producers did ask Peter to be the Bachelor, and he was the one to turn them down:This is what’s called “spinning the narrative” https://t.co/JRsuBTk8uc
— RealitySteve (@RealitySteve) August 17, 2017(1/2) This is what I’m hearing: They absolutely want Peter as the “Bachelor.” Hearing he told them no. Besides, Brad Womack is the only Bachelor to be The Bachelor twice, so it’s too late for the producers to worry about someone being another Brad. Even though it was his high school dream to be The Bachelor?If so, now what? Considering everything with Dean on “Bachelor in Paradise,” he seems out. The fact that no one could talk Peter into buckling under and just giving her the ring — and that he wouldn’t play along — absolutely enraged the higher-ups at the show. To fans, it was a pretty reasonable approach, and it wasn’t like he was suggesting they break up, he was suggesting they just pick each other and date in the real world for a while, then maybe get engaged.That upset Rachel, and apparently upset the producers.Here’s what Fleiss tweeted:Do we really want a Bachelor who isn’t ready to settle down with a woman he loves? And even though BiP fans are loving bartender Wells, rumor has it he’s not interested in being the Bachelor either. They want him, he said no apparently, & now they turn the narrative around
— RealitySteve (@RealitySteve) August 17, 2017
Peter turned them down? The field is dwindling, especially after “The Bachelorette” runner-up Peter Kraus is apparently out of the running.”Bachelor” producer Mike Fleiss tweeted some shade that definitely sounded like it was directed at Peter, who did not want to propose to Rachel Lindsay in the “Bachelorette” Season 13 finale, because he only wanted to propose once in his life and after two months he wasn’t ready to commit to marriage. That was the norm in early seasons, with the Bachelor often picking someone (unlike Brad), just not getting engaged. Like us on Facebook. The fans didn’t riot. Not what #thebachelor is all about… BS. Brad was already another Brad. Including Fleiss, definitely. He is totally on their s— list forever, and there is no way they will reward him with a shot at The Bachelor. Now they’re leaking stuff to People
— RealitySteve (@RealitySteve) August 17, 2017(2/2)…pretending they never wanted him in first place. And fans mostly embraced Peter and his stand against whirlwind proposals. Hmmm. No way.Even if they weren’t so mad, his unwillingness to play by the rules of the game has them afraid he’d be another Brad Womack or, worse, Juan Pablo [Galavis]. So …

“I’ll write something and do something eventually,” he said, “but I’m kind of content with doing nothing for right now.” Ansari himself received nods for his performance as well as co-writing the “Thanksgiving” episode. Posted August 18, 2017 by Kelly Woo”Master of None” isn’t quite done yet. Will we ever find out what happens next? The second season ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, with Dev (Ansari) in bed with love interest Francesca (Alessandra Mastronardi), who had seemingly abandoned her fiance to be with Dev. Do Dev and Francesca live happily ever after?”I’d rather we not end it here. Creator and star Aziz Ansari’s Netflix comedy returned for a second season in May and debuted to glowing reviews and several Emmy nominations. “I don’t know when that is, years from now or whatever.”Ansari has been taking an extended break since Season 2 debuted, and while he has ideas that “pop into my head,” he isn’t ready to continue the show for some time. I’d rather make one at some point in my life,” Ansari told the Hollywood Reporter.

I had to add some pounds of flesh, if you will. These guys are just in fear all the time, and spend so much energy trying to not show that fear.But what actually happens in your mind when you stab someone for the first time — I spoke to a guy who had done that. He’s torn between this extreme sense of loyalty to his family and to his sister, and I think it’s starting to get in the way of his judgment, to put it lightly. Doing the whole thing, learning how to be extremely violent, and that was an eye-opener. That we lock so many people up, that we put so many non-violent offenders together with very violent offenders, and that’s creating even more hardened criminals. Also, that’s what happens. That what we have to remember, and that’s what I love about “Shot Caller.” We live in a world where we like to divide up into them and us, between nations, and between the color of your skin, and between gender, and we do between people — when you’re a criminal and you’re put away in prison, then you become them, and you’re no long one of us. You have to believe that. You have to understand and believe that they would fear this guy who, when he ends his prison, is a pretty shaken up man.You’ve been playing Jaime Lannister right on the razor’s edge of good and bad. I think the biggest challenge was the psychological, trying to make the ends meet.Did putting on the physical part — the hair, the mustache, the tattoos, the muscles — get you there easier?Of course, yeah. It’s kind of when Jacob becomes Money, if you will. I think we have to understand that them, they are us, and we are also them.The key to these characters, like with Jaime Lannister, even though he does something horrific, like pushing a innocent kid out of a window, he’s still a human being, and he does it because he had some reason. Because in the end, he is terrifying. Posted August 18, 2017 by Scott HuverIf you think Jamie Lannister’s walking a tightrope between good and evil, just wait until you meet Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s new characterThe “Game of Thrones” star’s new film “Shot Caller” present an even more stark portrait of moral side-choosing. Or are you rooting for him to go full evil?I’ve never thought of him as being torn between the dark side or redemption. He’s no fan of clear-cut good guy or bad guy roles, he tells Moviefone — and that’s why he’s still not picking a side for Jamie, either.Moviefone: What a dark and disturbing world you entered into.Nicolaj Coster-Waldau: I know!In your preparation, what was eye-opening about the world that you were going to depict?There were quite a few moments of where I was like, to be honest, of disbelief. But of course my question to the director Ric Roman Waugh was was like, “How real is this? That you really had to get yourself in the right place to pull it off?One of the key moments in the journey is when he is asked to stab a guy for the first time, which is kind of a turning point in the life of Jacob. It doesn’t make sense that the wealthiest, most powerful country in the world incarcerates more people than any other country. He left. I understood the whole fear. It worked for me. Can it really be so?” Then doing the research, meeting the prisoners, going to prison, realizing that it’s very authentic. I knew I had to get to get to a certain size. Hopefully after you might think a little bit about this world. He was out, but he had gone to prison as a 20-year-old. You see these guys post-prison, they do do all that, because they put on the armor.I asked this one guy about it. I was blown away by the script by that whole world. Are you rooting for Jaime to have a redemption? We’re a gang. You have to believe that someone like The Beast or Jon Bernthal and those guys, they’re very menacing when you see them. I can’t explain it better than a basic level of the character. But to actually find out that the reality is almost worse than what I imagined was really eye-opening and shocking.Obviously, what I hope for is, first and foremost and most importantly, that people enjoy the movie, and entertain, and find it thrilling. We put on this to put fear in you.” And I said, “Well, it works.”But it also worked for the character. I think it wouldn’t have worked if we hadn’t done that. We’re gangsters. Of course. Also, I think it was crucial for the audience as well, that you can see it. I love the script. Listen, the appalling things, that’s also human. I asked the guy, “Are you all like white supremacists? What all these German Iron Cross — what’s all that?” He said, “No, we’re not. We’re wasting so many resources with our prison system. He was a non-violent offender, and he kind of went through that same thing, being dropped into the shark tank, refusing to be a victim, fighting back. I hope that he finds a path that works for him, also when it comes to his messed up relationship to his sister. You always hear about these things, that prison is tough, and criminals are made in prison. Then joined the gang to survive. Yes, you can find a few guys who understand the ideology, but most of us, we’re just gangsters. Coster-Waldau plays Jacob, an affluent stockbroker and family man responsible for a fatal drunk driving accident who in a sincere effort to make good accepts a sentencing that places him among the most hardened and deadly prison population, and his efforts to survive his incarceration lead to a startling transformation into Money, one of the prison gang’s most ruthlessly effective members.It’s a harrowing performance from one of TV’s most charismatic presences, and a role he relished for its all-too-human nuances. I kept trying to understand, first of all, I understood that he would do it because he was so afraid. It’s a fictional tale, but it’s very much based on real stories.I met a guy who had been a shot caller, who was one of the exceptions to the rule. It’s just a waste of resources and a waste of lives.Was there a particular scene or aspect of the film that took a lot of work on your part? The other guys respect him and fear him, which is important. He does appalling things, and yet he still shows enough humanity that some of us still root for him. It doesn’t make his action is horrific, but it’s a very human thing to do, unfortunately.As we see Jamie getting pulled in different directions now, are you rooting for him? I asked him about it, and he was like,”First of all, you’re more afraid than anything else.” And then, when you finally do it, he said he felt, and the blood started flowing, he said he felt like a sense of empowerment and a sense of control that he hadn’t had since he was thrown in prison.But that was a tricky moment because I had to understand it on a very … It has to be a tangible transformation. Then on top of that, of course there were the challenges of the physical aspect of getting ready to do the part was challenging, but it was also an easy thing.