— Terrell J. — Justin Jagoe (@JustinJagoe) June 15, 2017I bet when Elizabeth Banks called out Steven Spielberg (white guy), she didn’t expect to get dragged by black people on twitter. He’s not alone there, but since there are so many directors who do the same thing, and most major movie directors are male, it’s something that gets pointed out. Starr (@Russian_Starr) June 15, 2017This is how erasure happens. Like us on Facebook. Movie critic Anne Thompson made it worse by allegedly calling “The Color Purple” a flop in a now-deleted tweet. Maybe she didn’t hear the person and forgot that Spielberg directed “The Color Purple.” You could also argue that Spielberg’s 1974 film “The Sugarland Express” also had a female lead with Goldie Hawn. Gotta come correct, girl! And some folks are arguing that 2016’s “The BFG” has a lady lead in young Ruby Barnhill, opposite Mark Rylance as The Big Friendly Giant.But, yeah, out of the dozens of films he’s made, Spielberg has only once or twice had a female lead, even though he has a massive platform to tell various stories. — Evette Dionne 🤔 (@freeblackgirl) June 15, 2017Anne Thompson: The Color Purple was flop
Elizabeth Banks: Steven Spielberg never had a movie with a female lead@Oprah: pic.twitter.com/UQmqsMxOvy
— Aretha’s Wigs (@PoeticJusticeK) June 15, 2017The silver lining to Twitter being mad and/or happy about Elizabeth Banks today is it’s reminding me how wonderful THE COLOR PURPLE is. I don’t mean to call your ass out but it’s true.”Someone in the audience reportedly called out that Spielberg did actually direct and produce a feature with women as the leads — “The Color Purple” in 1985. Sorry, Steven. Tuh. Posted June 15, 2017 by Gina CarboneElizabeth Banks may have had good intentions, but her attempt to challenge Steven Spielberg just ended up backfiring, and only redirected the conversation away from her point and onto “white feminism.” At least she indirectly got people to revisit “The Color Purple,” which is now trending because she didn’t mention it.Banks is now directing films herself, as well as acting, and she just accepted an award from the group Women in Film. Want more stuff like this? It’s funny
— PrometheusRisesAgain (@prometheus50K) June 15, 2017When you see all the good people of black twitter dragging elizabeth banks for ignoring The Color Purple pic.twitter.com/o6daY3uEa3
— Taco (@tacosoda) June 15, 2017This is not the conversation Elizabeth Banks wanted people to be having, but so far she has yet to re-address or clarify her comments. Apparently Banks just moved on from there. White women don’t see themselves in a book/movie about Black women, so it’s not worth mentioning. In her address (reported via TheWrap), she talked about about the lack of female-driven stories, and the low number of women telling those stories as directors.”I went to ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Jaws’ and every movie Steven Spielberg ever made, and by the way, he’s never made a movie with a female lead. pic.twitter.com/ZDn37I150r
— Cameron Mason (@TheBlipster1138) June 15, 2017I’m reading articles on Elizabeth Banks’ Color Purple omission, but none of them are as poignant as the black women’s critiques on Twitter. Me watching Elizabeth Banks get flamed on Twitter for her misinformation on The Color Purple. Any larger discussion of having more women as high-profile directors is out the window because the discussion has turned to white feminism, thanks to Banks ignoring “The Color Purple” as if a film about black women does not count. So far, the only woman to ever win a Best Director Oscar was Kathryn Bigelow for her film “The Hurt Locker,” which had a mostly male cast and a male lead in Jeremy Renner.But forget all that. Like most people, he seems to gravitate toward things that reflect or affect him, and as a dude he seems to like to tell stories with other dudes in the lead.

To me, I understand a corporation making that decision, but really, to me, what it says is you don’t think America is smart enough to handle real dialogue and something that reflects real family conversations and something that feels honest and true and still respects the victims. It seems to do a disservice to the viewer, it does a disservice to you, it does a disservice to all of us.”He told Chelsea Handler he hoped they were having a conversation about it, as opposed to just a set decision.The episode did not air last night, but perhaps it will air later. Right now, NBC wants to pull the episode. Like us on Facebook. To just pull that is just, it’s criminal. However, after the Congressional baseball shooting, and then the shooting in San Francisco, NBC ended up pulling the episode in favor of “Lesbian Wedding.”Earlier in the day, after NBC made its decision to pull the episode, but before the show actually aired, star Jerrod Carmichael taped an appearance on “Chelsea,” to talk about the episode that would’ve followed his character surviving a mass shooting.”I thought that tonight’s episode would have an opportunity to talk about these tragedies in a meaningful way and really lend itself to conversation. The episode itself was about me, the character Jerrod, surviving a mass shooting and him coming to the realization that even though he wasn’t physically harmed he is still very much a victim.”He argued that we’re all victims after these attacks, suffering from fear, and the pain of knowing that families have lost loved ones.”And that’s what the episode is about. Unfortunately these things happen constantly, and it’s a thing that breaks all of our hearts. Posted June 15, 2017 by Gina CarboneLast night, “The Carmichael Show” Season 3 was originally scheduled to air an episode called “Shoot-Up-Able,” with the sitcom once again tackling a tough, timely subject in its own way. A lot of times when things like this happen, and someone wants to talk about it in an outlet that’s not the news, people will say ‘too soon.’ But when is it not too soon? They seem to happen every single week.The full episode of “Chelsea” airs Friday on Netflix.[via: EW]Want more stuff like this? He’s right, though, if you wait for the perfect time to address mass shootings — and consider the perfect time to be when there hasn’t been one — you’ll end up waiting forever. We handled the episode with as much love and integrity as we possibly could.

Wow! No, I never heard that — that’s a terrible theory. That’s insane! I’m fascinated. Posted June 15, 2017 by Gina CarboneWeirdly enough, one of the creators of “Friends” is not down with that series finale fan fiction revealing the whole show was a “meth-addled fantasy of a homeless Phoebe as she stared through the window of Central Perk.”That theory — that lonely Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) had to imagine her “Friends” — started making the rounds in August 2015, so it’s not exactly brand new information. The theory went viral, but Entertainment Tonight only just got comment from “Friends” co-creator Marta Kauffman at the 2017 ATX Television Festival in Austin.”That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard! Anyone who helped to create a character who sings “Smelly Cat” has no room to tell others to get a life. It’s a decent theory, if a super-depressing one. Like us on Facebook. That’s crazy, like, alt-television theory. I just think someone needs a life. Kauffman told ET she’s heard many “Friends” theories over the years, but that one was the most unsettling.Still, it adds a new layer to your “Friends” experience to re-watch each episode with that theory in mind.Want more stuff like this? Someone needs a life, that’s all I’m saying.”Hey, now.

Posted June 15, 2017 by Gina CarboneThe two people directly involved in the “Bachelor in Paradise” “misconduct” allegations have now released statements, both hoping to clear their own names.The ABC Bachelor/Bachelorette spinoff suspended production after something happened on set, and initial reports named both Corinne Olympios of “The Bachelor” and DeMario Jackson of “The Bachelorette.” Once reports started coming out that there may have been some kind of sexual misconduct — that at least one party was allegedly too drunk to consent — some sites removed Corinne’s name but kept DeMario’s name and face front-and-center of the story.Yesterday, Corinne went on the record, confirming her identity as one of the parties involved. Shortly after Corinne’s statement, DeMario and his own team of lawyers issued their own statement:”It’s unfortunate that my character and family name has been assassinated this past week with false claims and malicious allegations. (Don’t look for it this summer, the cast has gone home and now the network and producers will be busy with potential lawsuits.) Depending on the direction ahead, we may also have to question the future of “The Bachelor” and “Bachelorette,” or at least expect new practices on set to avoid a repeat of this incident. Chris Harrison warned that there’s a lot of misinformation out there, and we can’t help but hope that the truth comes out, for the well-being and futures of both Corinne and DeMario.Want more stuff like this? She also noted that she had hired lawyers. I will be taking swift and appropriate legal action until my name is cleared and, per the advice of legal counsel, will be seeking all available remedies entitled to me under the laws.”It’s unclear how much the public will learn from here, beyond the status of “Bachelor in Paradise” in future years. Like us on Facebook. Hopefully it’s not just swept under the rug, with the franchise moving forward as if nothing happened.Fans have been taking sides on social media, based on the limited, often conflicting information in source reports from set. She released a statement saying she didn’t remember much about the incident in question (which was allegedly reported by a third-party producer) but she was a “victim” seeking answers on what happened.

So what Julie Plec says carries extra weight. With the life of Hope (guest star Summer Fontana) at stake, Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) proposes a final, desperate plan – one that will force Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), Rebekah (guest star Claire Holt) and Freya (Riley Voelkel) to make the greatest sacrifice their family has ever endured. Instead, The CW is reportedly casting a new older, late teens version of Hope for Season 5.Not only that, TVLine heard from sources that there’s potential for adult Hope to get her own spinoff. Maybe Season 5 could be considered the spinoff on its own?Want more stuff like this? Posted June 15, 2017 by Gina CarboneSome big changes are reportedly ahead for “The Originals” Season 5, potentially tying into that Klaroline moment (“the beginning of another story”) from “The Vampire Diaries” series finale.According to TVLine, another time jump is coming to “The Originals” perhaps as soon as the Season 4 finale on June 23. On that note, Plec told TVLine that “the idea of [Caroline and Alaric’s] school as a safe haven for young supernatural beings certainly has a lot of relevance for Hope.” So now there’s speculation that Hope will relocate from New Orleans to TVD’s Mystic Falls by the end of “The Originals” Season 4.Here’s the CW synopsis for the June 23 season finale:”The Feast of All Sinners” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. But the show has already been renewed for a fifth season, so even if no third TVD spinoff emerges, there’s hope that this time jump still means good things for another TVD-Orginals merger. As part of that, young Hope Mikaelson is about to be not so young. Like us on Facebook. ET) THE END OF ALWAYS AND FOREVER – In an explosive season finale, the Mikaelsons find themselves out of options as they face the all-powerful and un-killable entity known as The Hollow. For what it’s worth, many fans doubt that another spinoff is coming, since “The Originals” isn’t exactly enjoying huge ratings. When TVD ended, many fans wondered if Caroline might be in a spinoff following her school with Alaric, potentially reviving the Klaus and Caroline relationship off the promise of his note to her.When “The Originals” returns for Season 5, TVD showrunner Julie Plec will be taking over from “Originals” showrunner Michael Narducci. “The Originals” is already a spinoff of “The Vampire Diaries,” but talk of another spinoff is not new.

However, the talks are in the early stages and money is one issue. Can they just do the same thing for “Last Man Standing”? Deadline said the financials of Tim Allen’s show are “challenging, as it is at the upper end for a broadcast multi-camera comedy series. There are only two original scripted series on CMT: drama ‘Nashville,’ which could potentially migrate to the Paramount Network in the future, and comedy ‘Still The King’ starring Billy Ray Cyrus.”Fox also considered saving “Last Man Standing” last month, but that ended up falling through. Deadline reported that “a deal is considered a long shot though not impossible.”The Hollywood Reporter expressed similar caution, writing, “It’s unclear if a deal will be made as insiders cautioned that a renewal at CMT may be a long shot given the price tag on the veteran series. CMT currently airs reruns of the Tim Allen show, and it does seem like a natural fit for the sitcom. At least networks are still out there trying to make this happen, since there’s a big fan base ready to follow the show wherever it goes. Posted June 15, 2017 by Gina CarboneCMT may once again swoop in to rescue a canceled ABC series. Like us on Facebook. The cast members haven’t even been approached at this point to extend their options, but those options expire in two weeks.Viacom-owned CMT picked up “Nashville” with an assist from Hulu, which shared the cost to get next-day streaming rights. First it was “Nashville,” and now it might (but it still might not) be “Last Man Standing.”According to Deadline, CMT has started a dialogue with 20th Century Fox TV, the studio behind “Last Man Standing,” about potentially ordering new original episodes, i.e. continuing the show with new seasons. And, under its recent restructuring, Viacom has been concentrating original scripted programming on its new flagship scripted brand, the Paramount Network. Also unclear is how big of a renewal the show could get as everything from a short order to multiple-season/20-episode run have been rumored.”One issue is that the writers for the show had, understandably, all gone off to pursue other jobs after the show was canceled. As of this moment, 397,750 supporters have signed the Change.org petition “Save Tim Allen’s Show ‘Last Man Standing.'”Want more stuff like this? Can CMT even afford to do it, and would the team be available to return if everything worked out?

Many authors change only their last name so they don’t have to remember what first name to use at conferences. Remember what happened to J. Second, the life of the copyright will be shorter: 95 years from the year of first publication or 120 years from its creation, instead of 70 years after your death. For example, the American Bar Association and the California State Bar would consider my book Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook a “client communication” and “advertisement.” Therefore I must disclose my real name according to ethical rules. Identity theft involves intentionally acting to impersonate someone for financial gain. If you happen to use the name of a real person, you are not committing identity theft. The simplest pen name would be a variation of your own name, such as a middle name, nickname, or initials. Licensed Professionals Using Pen Names
Using a pen name for a book containing professional information may not be permitted by the rules of your license. Don’t use a pen name to avoid a pre-existing contract. If you become very famous under your pen name, then you might have other options. Photo credit: Thomas Rousing Photography via Visual Hunt / CC BY
Today’s guest post is by attorney Helen Sedwick   (@HelenSedwick) and is adapted from her newest edition of   Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook. You may register the copyright of your work under your pseudonym, your real name, or both. You are still breaching your obligations. Even then, someone will know who is behind the corporation, and word may leak out. Try to avoid using the name of a real person. Never claim credentials you don’t have. Usually, you will not be able to hide your real name from your publisher since contracts are signed in your real name. I recommend that authors register their pseudonymous works under both their real names and pen names. Research the name. Plus, you need to keep track of which identity to use in what context. David Savage (a pen name) did that with his bio for his book How the Devil Became President. 3. This is the most expensive alternative and may require an attorney. Some authors are more discreet. Do not use the name of anyone famous. If you write a book under the pen name Taylor Swift or Derek Jeter, you may be accused of trying to pass yourself off as the celebrity. This creates a permanent record of ownership, and few readers are going to research copyright records and find out the author’s real name. If you found this post useful, I highly recommend Helen Sedwick’s   Self Publisher’s Legal Handbook. There is no way to “claim” a pen name as exclusively yours. 6. 2. The higher the level of secrecy, the more complicated the process. They try to maintain their privacy, but not to the point of lying. Once you decide on a list of possibilities, do the following. I also suggest a trademark search through the U.S. Buy available domain names. Place the pen name on your cover and your copyright notice: © 2017 [your pen name]. For a bio, they use their own life story, but told in generic terms. Don’t expect a pen name to protect you completely from defamation claims. First, it may be difficult to prove ownership of the work at a later date. Most authors choose to be open about their pen names. If you have granted a traditional publisher first-refusal rights or have signed a confidentiality agreement as part of a legal settlement or employment agreement, a pen name won’t change anything. There are downsides to registering the copyright under a pseudonym only. Claim the name. Rowling? K. Search the internet and bookselling sites. 5. She tried to keep quiet about her pen name Robert Galbraith, but it was leaked by, of all people, her lawyers. But if your writing affects the real person’s life, consider changing your pen name. Other authors put up roadblocks. Using made-up credentials, especially to market an advice book, would be a misleading business practice. Be open with your publisher. If that happens, you should engage a lawyer to help you. In this internet age, secrets are almost impossible to keep. You may go through the process of filing an FBN Statement, but that gives you the right to use that name, not the right to stop others from using the same name (unless they happen to be doing business in the same county as you). Maintaining secrecy is difficult. For example, Dean Koontz lists his various pen names on his website. Choosing a pseudonym can be as daunting as naming a character, especially since the character is you. The exception is when you form a corporation, LLC, or other entity, but even then, most publishers want to know their authors. 4. Some authors put the copyright notice in both their pen name and real name, but it is not necessary. What Not to Do

Don’t go overboard in creating a fake identity. If you use the name of registered trademarks, you risk getting a cease-and-desist letter. In some jurisdictions, you may have to add the word Books or Publications after your pen name because the local jurisdiction won’t accept a Fictitious Business Name that looks like the name of a real person. Register your copyright. Most likely, you will be found out either through legal process or technology. Secrecy and Pen Names
You should consider how secret you want to be about your true identity. Trademark Office. File a Fictitious Business Name Statement (FBN Statement) if you will be getting payments made out to your pen name. 1. Avoid any name already used by a writer, since that is likely to confuse readers. They don’t put photos on their books and blogs, do not link their websites, and limit public appearances. You will want to buy a website domain for your pen name. Use the name. They set up corporations and trusts to hold the copyrights and contracts. If I were writing a novel, I would have more freedom to use a pen name because readers are not relying on my legal credentials. At book signings, they use their pen names, but at writers’ conferences they use their real names with a reference to their pen names.

“The Nun,” a spinoff about the demonic nun in “Conjuring 2,” is set for Friday, July 13, 2018. It started with the prequel “Annabelle,” and a follow-up, “Annabelle: Creation” is opening in August. Posted June 14, 2017 by Kelly WooTurn on all the lights because there’s another “Conjuring” spinoff heading to theaters to scare us all.According to The Hollywood Reporter, New Line is developing a spinoff based on the Crooked Man, first introduced in “Conjuring 2.” The franchise stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren, who help people whose homes are being haunted by evil spirits.The tall, thin character is based on a nursery rhyme (There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile,” etc.) and was seen in “Conjuring 2” emerging from a wind-up music box.(A horror movie titled “Crooked Man” came out earlier this year but is not related to the franchise.)”The Conjuring” has been a successful horror franchise, launching several spinoffs.

Posted June 14, 2017 by Kelly WooJessica Chastain may be taking a page out of old friend and classmate Oscar Isaac’s book to play a villain in the next “X-Men” movie.The actress is reportedly in talks to join “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” as the main villain, Lilandra, the empress of an alien empire called the Shi’ar.The movie has also officially tapped Simon Kinberg, a longtime franchise writer and producer, to make his directorial debut.”X-Men: Apocalypse” stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Alexandra Shipp, Tye Sheridan, and Kodi Smit-McPhee are all reprising their roles.Sophie Turner will also return as Jean Grey, who will be the focus of the movie. In the comics, Jean’s powers are hugely amplified when she comes into contact with a cosmic energy called the Phoenix Force. It takes over her personality and turns her into the evil Dark Phoenix, a foe that the X-Men must band together to defeat.The Dark Phoenix was incorporated into “X-Men: Last Stand,” though it was a split personality that Professor Charles Xavier embedded into Jean’s subconscious.”X-Men: Dark Phoenix” is in preproduction and scheduled for release Nov. 2, 2018.

Like us on Facebook. Want more stuff like this? Owen Hunt), reviving the perpetual hope that Oh will bring Dr. She’s had other roles — recurring on “American Crime” and starring in movies like “Sideways” and the recent “Catfight” — but this is her first full-time gig since playing Cristina Yang, and this time her character has her name in the title of the show. Posted June 14, 2017 by Gina Carbone
Fun fact: Every five seconds, someone tweets “Come back to ‘Grey’s!” to “Grey’s Anatomy” alum Sandra Oh. However, other fans are just happy to see more of this amazing actress on screen:I am so EXCITED!!!! Eve is pursued by Villanelle (uncast), an elegant, talented killer who clings to the luxuries her violent job affords her.”This marks Oh’s first series regular role since leaving “Grey’s Anatomy” after 10 seasons. I am so happy for you!! It may even be too conservative a guess.Oh recently teased fans by tweeting a photo with “Grey’s” co-star Kevin McKidd (Dr. Cristina Yang back to the ABC series. https://t.co/XRZ5nVqlBw
— Sandra Oh (@IamSandraOh) June 13, 2017According to The Hollywood Reporter:”Oh will take on the title role of Eve, a bored, whip-smart, pay-grade security services operative whose desk-bound job doesn’t fulfill her fantasies of being a spy. TO SEE YOU BACK ON TV!!!!! OK, maybe that’s not a verified fact. dozens of requests for her to return to “Grey’s.” Sorry, but that’s going to be her fate forever, or at least until she agrees to come back for the series finale or some other kind of closure. So much love pic.twitter.com/A5DzaCgIHJ
— Sandra Oh (@IamSandraOh) May 4, 2017
That was posted in May, but it’s also the last thing Oh posted before announcing her new gig:
Working again! She’s her own “person” now, Mer!Fans replied to Oh’s big news with … Congrats Cc #twistedsisters@EllenPompeopic.twitter.com/YuhmadmMJi
— Ranveer Lochab (@RanveerLochab) June 13, 2017″Killing Eve” was picked up to series in November, and the eight-episode drama will premiere at some point in 2018. But before fans could get their hopes too high, Oh posted a link with news on her first post-“Grey’s” series regular role — leading the new BBC America series “Killing Eve.”Here’s her “Grey’s” reunion photo:Our usual Musso’s outing, me Kev Joan & Tony.

As fans wait for Season 7 to arrive July 16 on HBO, the YouTube channel Leon Andrew Razon Compilations posted a 20-minute video with their estimated death count from the series so far. By their count, there have been 150,966 deaths to date.Some of the deaths require massive speculation, especially for the battle scenes — like the “2000+ Stark soldiers and 1000+ Lannister soldiers” in Robb Stark’s chess move battle against Tywin Lannister. It’s hard to know definitively how many people died in each battle, so it’s possible the “true” number is a lot higher or lower.It’s still an interesting, and kind of alarming, way to recap the first six seasons before Season 7 kills off many more people and animals. They actually show the deaths chronologically, including animals like the deer and mama direwolf in Episode 1. And then these YouTubers should produce a final, updated count. Like us on Facebook. Want more stuff like this? (But please please please no more direwolves! Posted June 14, 2017 by Gina CarboneValar morghulis, y’all.It’s amazing that anyone is still alive on “Game of Thrones” to fight back the White Walkers in the final two seasons. Only two of the six pups are left, and our hearts can’t take another loss.)”Game of Thrones” Season 7 starts Sunday, July 16 on HBO, and then there’s just one more season of deaths coming in Season 8.

And then after ‘Batman & Robin,’ I was scum. If you get lucky, walk away. Ben Affleck is DC’s current Caped Crusader, and he’ll next be seen on screen this November in “Justice League.”Want more stuff like this? It was like I had murdered a baby.”VICE quoted an old interview with Chris O’Donnell (Robin) who said, “On ‘Batman Forever,’ I felt like I was making a movie. a 40 percent rating for “Batman Forever” and 33 percent audience approval. The second time, I felt like I was making a kid’s toy.” “Batman & Robin” has an 11 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with just 16 percent of viewers saying they liked that film, vs. Maybe it was some hubris on my part. So, it’s not like fans really loved Schumacher’s first Batman movie, they just didn’t hate it like they did the second.Schumacher was asked if there’s anything he ever wanted to say to fans who went into “Batman & Robin” expecting something different:”They obviously had very high expectations after ‘Batman Forever.’ But perhaps it was the more innocent world in comparison, I don’t know. So I said, let’s make it anatomical and gave photos of those Greek status and those incredible anatomical drawings you see in medical books.” Fans couldn’t get over the change, among their other issues with the movie.Batman has been big in the news the past week, from the sad news of TV Batman Adam West’s death, to Michael Keaton choking Jimmy Kimmel for liking Spider-Man more than Batman, to John Lithgow recently saying he regretted turning down a chance to play the Joker opposite Keaton in Tim Burton’s “Batman” movie, and Will Arnett’s “The LEGO Batman Movie” arriving this week on DVD. It’s going to be on my tombstone, I know it.”He explained that, by the time “Batman Forever” came around, “rubber molding had become so much more advanced. Posted June 14, 2017 by Gina CarboneIt has been 20 years since “Batman & Robin” opened, and Joel Schumacher is offering an official apology “to every fan that was disappointed because I think I owe them that.” He doesn’t really owe anyone anything — but a ticket refund might be appreciated (adjusted for inflation, of course).The director of “Batman Forever” with Val Kilmer, and then “Batman & Robin” with George Clooney, talked to VICE about why he even made a sequel — basically, his ego — and why he’ll never live down adding nipples to the batsuit.”You know, I just knew not to do a sequel. I had a batting average of 1,000, so I went from falling down a bit after ‘Lost Boys,’ to a kind of a genius with ‘The Client,’ a big blockbuster with ‘Batman Forever,’ then had great reviews with ‘A Time to Kill,’ so my batting average was good. But everybody at Warner Brothers just expected me to do one. Like us on Facebook. I never planned on being, that dreadful quote, ‘a blockbuster king’ because my other films were much smaller and had just found success with the audience and not often with the critics, which is really why we wrote them. I just know that I’ll always go down over the nipples on Batman starting with ‘Batman Forever.’ […] Such a sophisticated world we live in where two pieces of rubber the size of erasers on old pencils, those little nubs, can be an issue.

Please?Want more stuff like this? Posted June 14, 2017 by Gina CarboneWe had no idea how much we needed more “Dodgeball” in our lives until this wonderfully ridiculous reminder.Ben Stiller revived his over-the-top gym fanatic White Goodman for an Omaze charity video, with a “surprise” appearance from rival Peter LaFleur (Vince Vaughn) and his Average Joe team members, Kate (Christine Taylor) and Justin (Justin Long). Like us on Facebook. Before long, Goodman was joined by his Globo Gym team, including Me’Shell Jones (Jamal Duff) and Fran (Missi Pyle).The whole 4-minute video is fantastic, filled with little in-jokes from the 2004 movie, but the overall point is to raise money for charity, with fans given two choices — Team Globo Gym or Team Average Joe’s — for the “charity dodgeball event of a lifetime.” If you head to the Omaze site, it lists the details, including that the event benefits The Stiller Foundation, whose mission is “to support children around the world by providing educational opportunities to help them realize their full potential.”Watch the reunion video:Since they’re already suited-up, can’t we get that sequel now?

Let’s share a drink, Geraldine.”Well, fast-forward to June and the New York premiere just happened. Like us on Facebook. I saw that you were quote ‘Drunk as a skunk’ when taking that photo and I would like to see your drunk face. I want to share a drunk face with you. I want to meet you in person. Johansson agreed that the resemblance was uncanny, and posted a video at the time, inviting the woman — Geraldine, now 72 — to her own movie premiere for “Rough Night.” My Grandma Looked Like Scarlett Johansson When She Was YoungerScarlett: “Holy crap! Posted June 14, 2017 by Gina CarboneDo you remember back in April, when a photo of a woman went viral, ’cause her grandson thought she looked like Scarlett Johansson when she was younger? “Rough Night” opens wide this Friday, June 16.Want more stuff like this? True to her word, Scarlett Johansson invited Geraldine and they seemed to have a good time together. The two met for for the first time Monday, after Scarlett invited Geraldine on an all-expense paid trip. On the red carpet for the premiere, they both sported custom-made Judith Leiber Couture clutches that will soon be put up for auction, with the proceeds going to the Children’s Emergency Shelter of Fort Smith, Geraldine’s chosen charity from her home state Arkansas.

Posted June 13, 2017 by Gina CarboneDisney’s 2017 remake of “Beauty and the Beast” made more than $1.2 billion at the global box office, but money can’t save the movie from an Honest Trailer calling it “an empty spectacle” and “glorified rehash.” (However, it does star “Emma Stone’s favorite Belle,” since Emma Watson turned down “La La Land” for this movie.)The honest trailer isn’t as brutal as some can be, but it does focus on the lack of originality, and takes some shots at LeFou’s (Josh Gad) blink-and-you-miss-it “gay” moment that somehow got the film banned in several countries.They also point out a certain similarity in Emma Watson’s most famous characters:”Meet Belle, a beautiful book-lover who fall in love with an ugly dude.”They flash to a “Harry Potter” movie scene with Hermione Granger and Rupert Grint’s Ron Weasley.”So… They also point out that while Emma Watson turned down an Oscar-winning role in ‘La La Land’ for “Beauty and the Beast,” “she deserves an Oscar for not laughing every time Dan Stevens showed up in his MoCap suit.” Truth.Watch the trailer:”Beauty and the Beast” just arrived on Digital, DVD, Blu-ray, Disney Movies Anywhere, and On Demand last week.Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook. Hermione?”Burn!

Posted June 13, 2017 by Gina CarboneIris West will join Barry Allen in “Justice League” before they both head over to “The Flash.”Kiersey Clemons talked to Modeliste Magazine about the cameo she filmed for “Justice League,” marking the DCEU introduction of Iris West. Like us on Facebook. “Justice League,” directed by Zack Snyder with an assist from Joss Whedon, opens November 17.[Via: ScreenRant]Want more stuff like this? We’re kind of going to revisit the story line, set more so in the future.This November, I’m making a cameo in ‘Justice League’ as Iris West and it’s the first time that you meet her before we get to see her in ‘The Flash’ with Ezra Miller. I’m honored that JD Dillard, my Director, asked me to be the lead of his movie. I’m excited to work with him.”Clemons joined “The Flash” team back when Rick Famuyiwa was set to direct, since he and Clemons worked together on “Dope.” “The Flash” doesn’t seem to have a solid release date at this point, since they’re still trying to nail down a director. After that movie opens November 17, Clemons’s Iris will return alongside Ezra Miller’s Barry in the long-struggling “The Flash” standalone movie.Here’s what Kiersey Clemons told Modeliste about her upcoming projects, beyond “Only Living Boy in New York”:”In the Fall, I have ‘Flatliners’ coming out which is a sequel to the original that came out in the 90s. It was my first time doing something so extravagant like that. We filmed in London and that’s one of my favorite places.In a couple of weeks I go to Fiji to film a movie called ‘Sweetheart.’ It’s with Blumhouse who I’ve worked with before and obviously everyone is a fan of Blumhouse movies.

News they have been hooking up since she hosted SNL back in March. Posted June 13, 2017 by Gina CarboneScarJost is real, everyone.”Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson were spotted making out at an SNL afterparty in May, but sources told E! “They were holding hands and having drinks.”Colin Jost is a smart guy, so he’s not likely to say anything that would ruin a good thing. No way,” he joked.E!: “Anything you want to set straight?”Jost: “No, I’m good.”People also tried to get him to say something on the rumors, but he deflected by saying, “I don’t really pay attention to it, I just kinda keep doing my life as much as I can. The reporter felt compelled to ask him about the romance rumors.E!: “I just have to ask: Anything you want to set straight about your personal life?”Colin Jost [laughing]: “No, no, I’m very happy.”E!: “OK, you know there’s rumors and reports…”Jost: “What?! “They were really chill and super nice,” the spy told Page Six. It’s nice to have some time off now and just get to relax.”SNL isn’t going to return until this fall, so Jost does have some free time to relax (and go out for more drinks). Meanwhile, Johansson’s new movie “Rough Night” opens June 16.Want more stuff like this? News talked to him at the Hilarity for Charity’s Third Annual New York City Variety Show. Instead, he’s in “light-hearted deflection” mode, as evidenced when E! Like us on Facebook. And a “spy” spotted the new couple out together this past Saturday night on the Upper East Side.

Thank you SO much to 3 of the dopest most insanely talented singers ever @BoyzIIMen !!”

Boyz II Men sent their condolences to his friends and family:Today our hearts are deeply saddened to learn about the sudden death of Dr. A few moths back we brought this young man out to the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas to perform with us. Gone too young and gone too soon. A great spirit and a great voice. Dr. Brandon Rogers died over the weekend following a car accident in Maryland. At the time, Rogers wrote on Instagram:
“This past weekend has been nothing short of amazing!! It hurts to know that the world will never have a chance to witness what his impact on the world could have been as a Doctor and even on the music world. Posted June 13, 2017 by Kelly WooA promising young contestant on this season of “America’s Got Talent” tragically died before his episode even aired. Just a genuinely nice person and a really good singer! He was 29.Rogers’ episode of “AGT” was scheduled to air in July, and his family still wants that to happen, but sources told TMZ that the show hasn’t yet decided whether to air it or not.Rogers was tapped by producers to audition for the show after they saw an Instagram post of him singing a cover of the Boyz II Men song “On Bended Knee.” He was so good that the band invited him to join them on stage in Las Vegas in January. May God Bless, keep and comfort your family in this difficult time.A post shared by BoyzIIMen (@boyziimen) on Jun 11, 2017 at 2:09pm PDT He was great all 3 nights! Brandon Rogers. Sharing the stage with my idols…literally a dream come true!! Even for the little time we knew you you will be sorely missed.

“We love ‘Game of Thrones’ and we love the way Twitter is thinking about content right now, so we jumped at the chance to blow out our Thrones show into an interactive multimedia experience — something that reacts immediately to what just happened, almost like a postgame show in sports,” Simons told THR. But he continues to produce content for the network under a major deal signed in 2015. Simmons’ own HBO talk show “Any Given Wednesday” was canceled last fall. Putting the aftershow on Twitter makes sense, since “Game of Thrones” was the most discussed TV show on the social media site last year. Posted June 13, 2017 by Kelly WooThe post-“Game of Thrones” breakdown of everything that went down in Westeros is moving to its rightful home: online.Bill Simmons’ “Game of Thrones” aftershow “After the Thrones” is moving from HBO to Twitter and being renamed “Talk the Thrones,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.The Ringer writers Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan will remain as hosts of the aftershow, which will stream live on Twitter and Periscope every Sunday night. His next project for HBO is a documentary about Andre the Giant.

It was Pleasence who came up with the idea for Blofeld’s scarred face, after suggesting other deformities like a hump, a limp, and a withered hand. Aviation cinematographer John Jordan was a legendary daredevil accustomed to lashing himself to the landing strut of a helicopter to get his footage, but during the scene where two helicopters attack the autogyro, one of the chopper blades nearly severed Jordan’s foot. Nonetheless, the song became a minor hit for her in both the U.S. It cost about $1 million to construct, a figure equivalent to the entire budget of the first 007 movie, “Dr. Laden with weapons by the production team, the tiny aircraft had a hard time flying on a stable path. While scouting locations in Japan, producers Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, production designer Ken Adam, and cinematographer Freddie Young skipped their scheduled flight back to England in order to watch a ninja demonstration. “You Only Live Twice” saw something of a revival in the late 1990s. Originally, the fifth Bond film was supposed to be “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” but the scheduled summer shoot meant postponing that wintry story and filming “You Only Live Twice” first.2. Posted June 13, 2017 by Gary SusmanMaybe “memorable” isn’t the right word to describe “You Only Live Twice”; “nutty” is closer.Released 50 years ago this week, on June 13, 1967, it’s the James Bond adventure where we first see archenemy Blofeld’s horrible face, where Sean Connery’s Bond fakes his own death, where the Japanese setting means 007 tangles with ninjas and sumo wrestlers, and where the final battle takes place in the most awesome supervillain lair ever — that hollowed-out volcano.It’s a wonder that the movie came together at all, given its rebellious star, a rookie screenwriter, the production’s epic scope, and a horrific on-set accident that maimed a cameraman. Complicating the shoot further were Connery’s complaints about the gig. Here are the secrets behind “You Only Live Twice,” declassified.1. That was a huge sum at the time, but the movie returned $111 million in worldwide grosses.15. But he died a year later, in 1969, while shooting aerial combat footage for Mike Nichols’ “Catch-22.” With his prosthetic limb keeping him from getting a stable footing, he fell from a B-25 bomber 2,000 feet into the Pacific Ocean.16. It was Dana Broccoli’s idea — wife of producer Albert “Cubby” Broccoli — to have a helicopter that could pick up a car with a magnet and then drop it in the water.7.Tsai Chin, who’s probably best known for playing Auntie Lindo in 1993’s “The Joy Luck Club,” played one of the Bond girls, Hong Kong spy Ling. and the U.K.13. Czech actor Jan Werich was cast as Blofeld, but after several days of shooting, the producers didn’t find him menacing enough; indeed, they likened him to a cuddly Santa Claus. He was replaced with Donald Pleasence, who made the supervillain one of the two defining roles of his career (later, he’d play Dr. Surgeons reattached it, but after he returned to England, he thought the reattachment felt wrong, and he had the foot amputated for good.12.Nancy Sinatra landed the assignment of singing the theme song after her dad, Frank, turned it down. Team Broccoli went on to make “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” with new star George Lazenby. Sam Loomis in the “Halloween” movies). To come up with a new story, the filmmakers turned to Fleming’s pal, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” author Roald Dahl, who’d never written a produced screenplay before. Connery made good on his promise to quit the franchise after “You Only Live Twice,” though he did return to play 007 twice more over the next 16 years. The shuffled schedule meant, in turn, that most of the plot of Ian Fleming’s novel had to be tossed away, since the book centered on an embittered Bond seeking revenge on Blofeld for killing his new bride in “Secret Service.3. The flight they missed crashed shortly after takeoff and killed everyone on board.11. No,” just five years earlier.14. “You Only Live Twice” was budgeted at $6 million, though its eventual cost may have been as high as $10.3 million. The “Little Nellie” autogyro that Bond flies in the film led to another terrible accident. British spy Dikko Henderson was played by Charles Gray, who’d later play Blofeld in “Diamonds Are Forever” before finding lasting fame as the Criminologist in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”9. Robbie Williams borrowed the string arrangement for his song “Millennium,” Coldplay covered the tune in concert, and Mike Myers stole liberally from the film — Blofeld’s face, his Nehru jacket, his cat, the space scenes, the sumo wrestling, the piranha pool, the lair — for his “Austin Powers” spy spoofs. Thirty-nine years later, she was one of the poker players opposite Daniel Craig in his debut as 007, 2006’s “Casino Royale.”8. The swimming double for many of the pearl divers was Sean Connery’s wife, Diane Cilento.10. Jordan returned to shoot the film’s stunts, even removing his prosthetic foot for the bobsled scenes. Ken Adam, who’d designed the supervillain lairs for the previous Bond movies, outdid himself with the volcano. His public announcement that “You Only Live Twice” would be his last Bond adventure drew extra scrutiny to the shoot, with fans and reporters crowding the sets.5. (Originally, the filmmakers had hoped to use a Japanese castle by the sea, only to discover that no such seaside castles exist in Japan.) The volcano was a set built at England’s Pinewood Studios, measuring 120 feet high and 450 feet across, big enough for a helicopter to land inside and to accommodate the 100 stuntmen playing the ninja assault team. She was reportedly very nervous about getting it right; composer John Barry claimed it took her 25 takes to record her vocals. But he came to regret his idea, since the glue in the scar makeup irritated his eye.6. He was given six weeks to write a script and still wasn’t finished when shooting started.4. After playing 007 four times, he found the movies increasingly cartoonish, and he was worried about being typecast.