He then received a call to action from Ray Stanz himself (Aykroyd) to save Hollywood from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.There was also a video greeting from Ivan Reitman (who directed the 1984 original film) and Paul Feig (director of the 2016 remake).Sony supplied some real props (and that awesome Ghostbusters car) for the shoot. And For the Win created an awesome poster with Braeden facing down the Marshmallow Man. The movie is rared “B” for “Bustin’,” because “Bustin’ ghosts makes Braeden feel good and he’s mighty good at it.”The organization has also helped kids become Wonder Woman, “Super Juan,” the Hulk and “Elihuverine.” Find out more at their site: For the Win Project.[Via i09] Posted June 20, 2017 by Sharon KnolleThanks to Day Aykroyd and For the Win Project, an eight-year-old boy obsessed with “Ghostbusters” was able to be a Ghostbuster for the day.Braeden Rios, who suffers from the chronic respiratory disease bronchomalacia, and his family were flown from their home town in Iowa to Los Angeles for the big day. On the Sony lot, Braeden suited up in his own pint-sized Ghostbusters suit and photon pack.

Posted June 20, 2017 by Sharon KnolleBefore filming wrapped on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” Colin Trevorrow says he asked Rian Johnson to film a scene that will be used in “Star Wars: Episode IX.”
Talking to MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, Trevorrow explained that he asked Johnson to shoot “this one extra thing while you’re in this place on this day,” without elaborating on what that “extra thing” or “this place” was.Before you interpret this as Johnson taking over for Trevorrow (whom folks have been speculating might lose his “Star Wars” gig because of those terrible, terrible reviews for “The Book of Henry”), filming on “The Last Jedi” wrapped in July 2016. There’s such a genuine want to get this right from everybody, and I think that one of the misconceptions is that there’s some kind of great corporate overlord that is dictating this story to everybody… The as-yet untitled “Episode IX” is scheduled to start shooting next month, with a release date of May 24, 2019.[Via Epicstream] Trevorrow told MTV that the communication between directors is “part of the collaborative process that exists … The reality of it is that it’s a small group of people… and none of them are corporate, all of them are creatives and all of them are genuinely, very sincerely, wanting to do the work of their lives in order to realize this.”

This could potentially mean an extra scene of Carrie Fisher, who passed away in December 2016, but that’s probably wishful thinking, since Kathleen Kennedy announced that “Last Jedi” would be the the last film we’ll see Leia in.

Leah Block, who competed for Ben Higgins last year and then returned for Season 3 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” tweeted that this season of “The Bachelorette” (with the series first-ever black Bachelorette) was more like the VH1 series “Love & Hip Hop.”Bachelor Nation didn’t take kindly to that and Lindsay herself responded by asking if Block was “watching with Lee,” referring to one of her suitors, Lee Garrett, who’s tweeted far more offensive comments, including comparing the NAACP to the KKK.Block immediately deleted the tweet, then said that people had taken it “WAY out of context,” that the comment was actually her roommate’s, and that “[neither] my roommate nor I am racist.” Finally, she deleted her entire account.Of course, the screenshots of her tweet live on.Last week, Block weighed in on the “Bachelor in Paradise” scandal, in which she called the producers and the show “trashy.”[Via E!Online] Posted June 20, 2017 by Sharon KnolleAn ex-contestant from “The Bachelor” deleted her Twitter account after Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay called out her offensive tweet during last night’s episode.

Even with the smacks, though, this may be the least violent three-and-a-half-minutes of “Game of Thrones” we’ve ever seen.Watch the video below.”Game of Thrones” Season 7 is set to premiere July 16 on HBO.[h/t: Time] Posted June 19, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongThere’s one thing every “Game of Thrones” character wants but can’t necessarily pull off: survival.With that being an ongoing challenge for the fictional people of the hit HBO drama, the creative mind behind the YouTube account Sung By Movies has created a fan video showing the cast performing Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” The video takes clips from the show and compiles them to make the characters sing the 1978 hit song’s catchy lyrics.Their musical stylings don’t exactly live up to Gaynor’s, but it is entertaining to watch given how difficult surviving actually is on “Game of Thrones.” Plus, there are comical interludes in the video, including montages of characters dancing and also slapping one another around to the beat.

There have now been two failed attempts to give fans another season, with Fox previously exploring the idea, only to abandon it shortly thereafter. The problem seems to have come down to money, as earlier reports indicated it likely would. Apparently, the entire cast and crew would have had to agree to smaller paychecks with what the network was looking to spend.Sadly, the future of the show looks bleaker than ever. “Last Man Standing” die-hards should be prepared for the possibility that ABC’s decision not to renew the show back in May effectively killed it.Fans, you have our condolences.[via: Deadline] Posted June 19, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio Long”Last Man Standing” just can’t catch a break.After talk of CMT possibly saving the former ABC series offered a glimmer of hope last week, Deadline now reports that the network is no longer considering picking up the show. Talks never even got out of the preliminary stages.

Fortunately, that should make it easier to say goodbye to summer.Here’s what we have to look forward to come fall:Monday, Sept. Posted June 19, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongAutumn may seem far away, but it isn’t too early to start thinking about the TV the season has in store for us.NBC’s fall 2017-2018 premiere dates are already on the calendar, and there are so many reasons to be excited. 4: “The Blacklist” (8 p.m.)Friday, Oct. 25: “The Voice” (8 p.m.); “The Brave” (10 p.m.)Tuesday, Sept. 27: “Law & Order: SVU” (9 p.m.); “Chicago P.D.” (10 p.m.)Thursday, Sept. 26: “This Is Us” (9 p.m.); “Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders” (10 p.m.)Wednesday, Sept. 27: “Blindspot” (8 p.m.)Mark your calendar now so you don’t miss out![via: Variety] 29: “Dateline NBC” (9 p.m.)Wednesday, Oct. 28: “Superstore” (8 p.m.); “The Good Place” (8:30 p.m.); “Will & Grace” (9 p.m.); “Great News” (9:30 p.m.); “Chicago Fire” (10 p.m.)Friday, Sept. Most of the network’s premieres are packed into the last week of September, but they’ll continue all the way through October 27. The network is bringing us more of old favorites, like the the “Will & Grace” revival, back after 11 years; more recent hits, such as “This Is Us” Season 2; and the debuts of brand new series, as well.

It seems “Godzilla 2” has shed the “King of the Monsters” subtitle that Legendary announced last December.And — sigh! When these ancient super-species—thought to be mere myths—rise again, they all vie for supremacy, leaving humanity’s very existence hanging in the balance.”Godzilla 2″ is slated to open March 22, 2019. Ken Watanabe and Sally Hawkins reprise their roles from the first movie, and the cast adds “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, Bradley Whitford, Thomas Middleditch, Charles Dance, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Aisha Hinds, and Zhang Ziyi.The release also had the official synopsis:The new story follows the heroic efforts of the crypto-zoological agency Monarch as its members face off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah. Kong.”Michael Dougherty takes over directorial duties from Gareth Edwards. Posted June 19, 2017 by Kelly Woo”Godzilla 2″ is gearing up to stomp all over humankind again.The sequel to the 2014 monster movie has started filming, according to producer Legendary Pictures and studio Warner Bros. — the movie is described as the next chapter in the “cinematic MonsterVerse” that encompasses the two “Godzilla” movies, “Kong: Skull Island,” and the upcoming “Godzilla vs.

“Cars 3” returns the franchise to an American setting. Given what an afterthought the domestic market has seemed to be all year, with movies like “The Mummy” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” becoming blockbusters overseas while stumbling at home, it’s refreshing to see a weekend of movies that, if not clearly aimed at the home crowd, at least took American viewers into account. True, it’s not just girls and women who are responsible for the remarkable run so far of “Wonder Woman,” but it’s clear that the movie speaks to them in ways that few other recent films have. Despite its metric-system title, “47 Meters Down” is still about American tourists. After all, Tupac was immensely popular among listeners and movie audiences of all colors, so it shouldn’t have been a shock that his biopic would be as well.Americans. Still, reviews, word-of-mouth, and modest star power didn’t hinder “47 Meters Down.” More likely, “Rough Night”‘s biggest problem was timing; as its target audience was all buying tickets for “Wonder Woman, “47 Meters Down,” and even “Cars 3.” Yep, the usually testosterone-heavy series has a girl-power message this time, one that may have helped drive women and girls toward making up 49 percent of the movie’s audience.African-Americans. The bachelorette-night-gone-horribly-wrong comedy had a lot of other problems — neither critics nor audiences liked the premise; Johansson isn’t much of a box office draw outside her Marvel movies; and raunchy R-rated comedies haven’t done well lately. After all, the movie had a troubled production history, it had no star power, and it got slammed by both critics and Jada Pinkett Smith, who was a lifelong friend of Tupac’s. (Maybe the fourth-biggest, once final numbers come in on Monday; it’s just a hair behind the weekends marked by the debuts of “Logan” and “The LEGO Batman Movie.”) It’s weird to think of Americans as a whole being an underserved demographic, but that’s how it’s been. Which could explain why “Rough Night,” which had been widely expected to crack the top 5 and $20 million, did neither. Meanwhile, Disney should consider itself fortunate that it released the movie in mid-June; a couple weeks later, and “Cars 3” would have been run over by “Despicable Me 3.”Women. Early tracking suggested “All Eyez on Me” would earn just $15 to $22 million. But women do make up the core of the horror audience, they did help make a hit of the similar “The Shallows” last year, and they like Mandy Moore, at least when she’s starring on TV’s “This Is Us.” Scary trailers and posters helped overcome weak reviews and word-of-mouth, but the movie’s strongest selling point may have been the months-long absence from the multiplex of other horror movies with strong appeal to genre’s female fanbase.Indeed, for once, this weekend may have seen women over-served at the multiplex. As a corrective, this weekend’s films may not have been your idea of cheeseburgers and apple pie, but they were to a lot of American moviegoers who might otherwise have stayed home. The “Cars” franchise is the Pixar series that has the least to offer adults and is the most geared toward selling toys (more than $10 billion in merchandise over the past decade). “Eyez” got made despite Hollywood conventional wisdom that African-American-cast movies don’t do well abroad. So it’s no surprise that the DC heroine’s saga has held up better than most superhero movies. Neither critics nor customers thought much of the film. It’s not going to be the kind of smash that the similar “Straight Outta Compton” was two years ago, but as a smaller sleeper hit, it still seems to be surprising the experts the same way.But it’s also notable that there hasn’t been a movie this clearly targeted toward African-Americans since “Get Out” four months ago,” or “Hidden Figures” a few weeks before that. As a possible sign that the “Cars” franchise is running out of gas creatively, “Cars 3” has the lowest opening among the trilogy and, adjusted for inflation, among all Pixar movies except “The Good Dinosaur.”None of this matters to the young target audience, who gave the movie an A grade at CinemaScore. 1 with an estimated $53.5 million) and a superhero holdover continuing to rake it in (that’d be “Wonder Woman,” which earned a healthy estimated $40.7 million in its third weekend).But what you were really seeing, if you looked beyond the top two movies, was a weekend where underserved audiences finally had a reason to go to the theater. And even “Rough Night” is the sort of comedy that’s said to translate poorly to foreign audiences.No wonder this weekend’s total domestic box office was up 30 percent from last week, making this the sixth biggest weekend of the year to date. You wouldn’t think of them as an underserved demographic, but really, there’s been nothing for them all summer; even the decidedly juvenile cartoon “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie” has a PG-rated sense of humor that plays to older preteens and even adults. But “Cars 3” is G-rated, playing to an audience that was 75 percent families and 35 percent kids 12 and under.If anything, critics have grumbled that “Cars 3” may be too kid-oriented. Having lassoed nearly $275 million in 17 days, “Wonder Woman” is poised to overtake “Man of Steel” ($291 million) and possibly “Suicide Squad” ($325 million) and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” ($330 million) as the top domestic earner in the DC Extended Universe so far.Women were also the power behind the sleeper success of “47 Meters Down.” No one expected much from the sisters-vs.-sharks tale, from new independent distributor Entertainment Studios. That explains the over-performances of “All Eyez on Me,” the Tupac Shakur biopic that surprised in third place with an estimated $27.1 million, and “47 Meters Down,” a low-budget shark-attack thriller from a newbie distributor which managed to debut in fifth place with a better-than-expected estimated of $11.5 million. Nonetheless, audiences loved the movie, judging by its A- grade at CinemaScore. Posted June 19, 2017 by Gary SusmanIf you’ve been feeling ignored by Hollywood lately — if you haven’t found a movie at the theater that feels targeted toward you and your demographic — then this should have been the weekend for you.Sure, on the surface, this looked like a typical summer weekend, with one high-profile new release from one of the season’s usual heavy-hitters (in this case, Pixar, whose “Cars 3” premiered at No. And it’s also notable that, like those films, “Eyez” clearly crossed over beyond that target demographic to attract general audiences, as is apparent from the movie’s success in pre-opening sales at Fandango. It may even explain the failure of Scarlett Johansson’s all-female ensemble comedy “Rough Night,” which underwhelmed in its seventh-place debut with just an estimated $8.0 million opening.Here’s who made a rare visit to the popcorn counter this weekend, and here’s what they saw.Young children. Instead of the steep drops we usually see in comic-book films after the first weekend, “Wonder Woman” dipped just 43 percent last weekend and just 30 percent this weekend.

Posted June 19, 2017 by Kelly WooWinter isn’t the only thing coming on Season 7 of “Game of Thrones” — all-out war is here!A new promo released on HBO Spain’s Facebook page features footage from Season 7 and most of it teases a clash of the various titans: Daenerys Targaryen’s invading army, Cersei Lannister and her royal soldiers, and the Northern lords commanded by Jon Snow.Most of the footage is behind-the-scenes, showing the battles being filmed. There’s a cool shot of soldiers getting torched by fire — add in a CGI dragon and it looks like Daenerys could be deploying her babies as the ultimate weapons. There are also brief glimpses of Daenerys getting her first look at Dragonstone, a new maester character in the Citadel, Jaime riding to battle, and Brienne and Pod training with swords. “Game of Thrones” Season 7 premieres July 16 on HBO.

Go see it. Also, it’s really cool.We had to ask Fanning, Dunst, and Coppola about what went into the creation of the photo (above), and spoke to the stars about what it was like re-teaming with the acclaimed director (who just took home the Best Director award at Cannes), which you can watch below.”The Beguiled” opens in limited release this Friday before expanding everywhere next week. It was one of those perfect pop culture mash-ups that seems to only come around every so often and can only be facilitated by the rise and widespread implementation of social media. Posted June 19, 2017 by Drew TaylorBack in November of last year an amazing gift was given to the Internet: both Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning released photos on their Instagram accounts where they painstakingly recreated a moment from Beyonce’s “Sorry” music video. It’s as refreshing as a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. Since they were in period costuming, filming Sofia Coppola’s upcoming (and very brilliant) remake of Clint Eastwood’s “The Beguiled,” it added an even cooler dimension, especially given the very “Lemonade”-y themes of the film (female empowerment, revenge, etc).

Those people were shouted down, though, with fans writing variations of “this is how a husband should feel about their own wife. We should probably expect to see that T-shirt pop up again next Mother’s Day, and on individual anniversaries.FYI, here’s the story of how Gadot and Versano met, which shows he knew very early on that he’d be crazy to let her go.Want more stuff like this? And hateful. Once wives see that shirt they will expect husbands to not only give them flowers but wear that t-shirt. Pure and simple. Like us on Facebook. not getting offended with it. Wonder Woman, so other husbands or wives can show support for their Wonder-ful wife.However, because the Internet is contrary by nature, a very small percentage took issue with the shirt as “problematic” because it insults other wives. duh 💆🏻 im looking for the same shirt for my husband.”(When your husband wears it, maybe try to remove the bar code at the bottom?)All those who attacked Gal Gadot’s husband for wearing that shirt are jealous. You can see his pride all over Instagram, with photos of Gadot and their children.Late last week, he showed off his new T-shirt, putting his Wonder Woman wife above all others:#mywife #therealwonderwoman ❤️A post shared by JaronVarsano (@jaronvarsano) on Jun 15, 2017 at 11:45am PDTMost fans absolutely loved the shirt, appreciating a husband doting on his wife. Posted June 19, 2017 by Gina CarboneYaron Varsano clearly knows he’s lucky to be married to “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot. — Abygale Moon (@hootowl_moon) June 17, 2017Absolutely. The shirt is available for others, it’s not custom made for Mr. — Kytheese (@Kytheese) June 18, 2017Great marketing scheme.

Like us on Facebook. (It’s true.) Johansson said there might be room for him in “Infinity War,” so he should come down to set.Watch the whole interview:We do know Johansson will at least be spending time with these two guys in “Infinity War,” among the many, many others.”Rough Night” is now in theaters; “Infinity War” opens May 4th, 2018.[Via: Screen Rant]Want more stuff like this? Posted June 19, 2017 by Gina CarboneThe “Avengers: Infinity War” cast is so jam-packed, Scarlett Johansson said she can no longer tell the Marvel characters from the crew members.The third “Avengers” movie is still filming down in Atlanta — starring just about everyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — and Johansson (Black Widow) talked it up while promoting “Rough Night” on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”Colbert asked if there was anything Johansson could tell them about “Infinity War” without getting into trouble.Johansson: “I really can’t. Honestly.”Colbert said he might be a Marvel character, since Marvel put him in the Amazing Spider-Man years ago. All right…”Colbert: “You’re in it…”Johansson: “OK. At one point, I do think that the whole, the Infinity Wars, there are I think at one point 61 or 62 Marvel characters in it.”Colbert: “What?”Johansson: “Yeah, there’s a lot.”Colbert: “In one scene, there’s 61 or 62 Marvel characters?”Johansson: “I think in one particular scene there’s like 32 of us. There’s a lot. I can’t think of anything I can possibly say. There are so many of us, I don’t know who’s a Marvel character and who’s like a crew member. I am in it.

They saw, or sensed, Deadpool arriving and either hid or used their powers to conceal their presence. “Deadpool 2” will open in theaters June 1, 2018. You can practically hear him sighing from inside the mansion.According to ComicBook, “Deadpool 2” is now filming at Hatley Castle in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, the castle used for Charles Xavier’s mansion/school.You should check out Reynolds’s tweets after that, since he’s on another one of his rolls. They just didn’t want to deal with the Merc With a Mouth.Because he makes cracks like this one about Beast:Dropped by X-Mansion. Getting RIPPED. Ryan Reynolds shared a set photo from “Deadpool 2” — including different captions on Twitter and Instagram — with Wade Wilson showing up at the “X-Men” school and finding the place suspiciously empty.Here’s his Twitter caption: “Dropped by the X-Mansion. PRO TIP: “Leg Day” is important. On the right, you can see me doing some light flexing while being silly in my dressing room. Posted June 19, 2017 by Gina CarboneYou know this is just Deadpool being trolled, right? Soon he’ll step deep into the soul of CABLE. I have a long way to go still. Looked closely for Beast’s lawn bombs before taking well deserved nap.A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Jun 17, 2017 at 12:41pm PDTA Beast poop joke! Also, hope you didn’t miss his little jab at Josh Brolin, who’ll be playing Cable in “Deadpool 2.” You probably saw how jacked Brolin is getting for the role — and how much he loves the hashtag #ryanreynoldsismybitch — so here’s some return fire from Deadpool:Thought you might like some updated training shots from #deadpool2 Check out @joshbrolin on the left… Big f*cking surprise. No one’s home.” Please. Everyone’s home. But “Smile Day” is essential.A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Jun 5, 2017 at 3:34pm PDTClassic. Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook.

— Rachel Joy Larris (@RachelLarris) June 16, 2017Some writers seem to like playing up the “warrior princess” angle, while forgetting that Wonder Woman is supposed to be about PEACE. So he kind of got to be part of the “Wonder Woman” story after all. Turns out, Steve Trevor comes off as more of the main character, with cringe-worthy treatment for Diana Prince and the women of Themyscira.You can read whole script here, but Rave Sashayed‏ got the conversation trending on Twitter by live tweeting reactions, with more comments from other readers:reading the wh*don wonder woman script was never any fun but after seeing/crying at actual WW it becomes a viscerally insulting experience
— Rave Sashayed (@_sashayed) June 15, 2017in an alternate universe we sat thru 3 hours of Mutant Enemy Presents DC’s WONDER WOMAN: STEVE TREVOR: ORIGINS (“Very feminist! And this script is from 11 years ago. — Rachel (@remreader93) June 16, 2017This is the script Lucy Lawless said no to. — Alisha Grauso (@AlishaGrauso) June 16, 2017Truth. (@wckdstiles24) June 16, 2017Like… Then again, Whedon also faced criticism for writing/directing Black Widow’s storyline in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” which came out in 2015, so the argument on that side is that maybe he still doesn’t quite get it.Whedon took over for director Zack Snyder to finish up “Justice League,” which stars Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and opens Nov. Some fans defended Whedon, arguing that you shouldn’t judge him based on this old unmade script. — Scott Weinberg (@scottEweinberg) June 17, 2017It’s possible to both appreciate what Joss Whedon has contributed to female characters & recognize he’s part of a problematic industry now. — Will Klein (@oslowe) June 16, 2017dc better take notes from this joss whedon controversy and rethink all their life choices… This is the guy who gave us “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” among other amazing things. I’m floored
— VzA (@ValerieComplex) June 16, 2017CURSED SCRIPT pic.twitter.com/c3IGYOPXYn
— mel(anie) (@likewatercress) June 15, 2017Don’t forget how the Amazons are all praying for men so they can finally be sexually satisfied (clearly he didn’t read the 12 volumes…) pic.twitter.com/vzd2aFMSTi
— Rachel (@remreader93) June 16, 2017Clearly wlw exist only for Steve’s porn fantasies, not as an actual reality. He’s both writing and directing DC’s “Batgirl” movie, and last we heard he’s looking for someone “new” for the role.Want more stuff like this? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”) pic.twitter.com/VPLwHRuUtS
— Rave Sashayed (@_sashayed) June 15, 2017man i wanted to hilariously livetweet this script but actually now i’m like 12 pages in and just very, very sad. — Your Pal Val (@spacejaminhd) June 17, 2017 Ouch. Like us on Facebook. 17. — Rave Sashayed (@_sashayed) June 15, 2017ME [tired]: oh good, here it is pic.twitter.com/wjBA2gtgug
— Rave Sashayed (@_sashayed) June 15, 2017this fun script provides diana w/ no interiority or personhood so u learn she is Good via other ppl,like when the villain calls her a Whore
— Rave Sashayed (@_sashayed) June 15, 2017″being a whore is bad, but being a sexy inhuman cipher is very good” Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor: The Legend of Steve (2017 alt.)
— Rave Sashayed (@_sashayed) June 15, 2017ME & MY GIRLS ON OUR ALL FEMALE WARRIOR ISLAND, SPEAKING IN UNISON: “be a man” is something we say all the time, we too aspire to manhood pic.twitter.com/QXFrRm0PjJ
— Rave Sashayed (@_sashayed) June 15, 2017this script is so gut-deep bad, angry & depressing i feel like im picking on a scared nerd even tho whedon is a millionaire &i tweet in bed pic.twitter.com/56DzMAWvL4
— Rave Sashayed (@_sashayed) June 16, 2017oh GOOD i was just WONDERING if we’d ever get some JAW-DROPPING RACIST CARICATURES in this script!!!!!!!!! either cancel batgirl or hire a female director pic.twitter.com/e2SVxGEOV8
— gabi (@harleivy) June 17, 2017me reading joss whedon’s original script for wonder woman and realising he’s gonna direct batgirl pic.twitter.com/bfBaIVKwXZ
— moony (@avxnger) June 16, 2017The worst thing about this Joss Whedon WW script is knowing even if it had been used, he would still be hired after that. — Florence Persists (@GhoulishGrace) June 16, 2017Boyyyy I read that whole thing and Steve does ENTIRELY TOO MUCH TALKING MY GOD
— Clarkisha Kent (@IWriteAllDay_) June 16, 2017Reading the Joss Whedon Wonder Woman script like pic.twitter.com/qIbpxyOYeJ
— lauren. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Joss Whedon’s unproduced 2006 “Wonder Woman” script recently surfaced and went viral, and it was so surprisingly bad that many readers and now worried about what Whedon will do to DC’s “Batgirl.” We all have rough early work out there, and Whedon has probably changed a lot in the past 11 years, but after the success of the 2017 “Wonder Woman” movie written by Allan Heinberg and directed by Patty Jenkins, fans were curious about the Whedon Wonder Woman who almost was. This whole thing is such an overwhelming, nauseating mess. pic.twitter.com/3ukVk8ZVqR
— Rave Sashayed (@_sashayed) June 16, 2017
There’s a lot more on the thread, including reactions from others curious enough to read the script:
I was looking for the worst of the worst. “You never kissed a man, but you kiss good!”
“Is what I am imagining!”
“Even better”
WHAT?! Posted June 19, 2017 by Gina CarboneYikes. Thank god she dodged a bullet
— VzA (@ValerieComplex) June 16, 2017I can’t believe they’re letting him do Batgirl ughhh
— Lindsey 🐉 (@lmdragun) June 16, 2017Legitimately kind of shocked how bad this script is considering the source. — Alisha Grauso (@AlishaGrauso) June 16, 2017If the Joss Whedon Wonder Woman script reveals anything, it’s that even the most well-meaning of us have to actively work to evolve. If you’re mad at Joss Whedon for a script that didn’t get made you should also get mad at a chef for a recipe that didn’t get cooked. Ugh.

Like us on Facebook. Posted June 19, 2017 by Gina CarboneThe Bellas are back, along with some new friends, in the new “Pitch Perfect 3″ trailer tease, taking fans behind-the-scenes on a global tour.The teaser follows director Trish Sie on set, along with stars Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, Ester Dean, Chrissie Fit, Hana Mae Lee, Hailee Steinfeld, and John Michael Higgins, along with newbies Ruby Rose, Andy Allo, DJ Khaled, and John Lithgow.”Rebel and John are like peas in a pod,” Sie says, showing footage of Wilson and Lithgow clowning around on set. Rebel Wilson argues that she’s the most badass Bella, since she has to run at least 10 steps in a scene, and she has to be attacked by a dog that she’s also allergic to. But you can see some actual badass action scenes, including Anna Kendrick jumping off some kind of smoking ship in a night shoot, along with other Bellas who are now “action stars.”Watch the behind-the-scenes tease:An official trailer will show up whenever it’s ready, and there’s plenty of time, since “Pitch Perfect 3” doesn’t open until December 22.Want more stuff like this?

As far as the student who sent me the 15 generic questions, I did respond. There’s a saying, attributed to Malcolm S. The majority of queries that agents receive are from people who will never attend a conference or educate themselves on proper etiquette. They have committed one of two misdemeanors (or both). And I have a responsibility to that community—to help others and share what I have. Early in my writing and publishing career, I was invited to speak to an undergraduate class about research and interview techniques. I was immediately sorry I had let down my guard. Here, I likely diverge from Pressfield. The question stymied me—why wouldn’t someone respond to a polite request? Most authors choose specific and meaningful ways to give back to the community, and answering unsolicited emails can be a thankless, invisible, and time-sucking task. Recently, though, I did, to a brief and well-written request, and when the follow-up came, it was about 15 very generic industry questions—probably sent to half a dozen other people as well. Forbes: “You can easily   judge   the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.” Assuming for a moment this is true, then in the Internet age, how could one live up to this maxim without considerable sacrifice, given how easy it is for public figures to be exposed—and expected to respond—to the communications of the many? It states that if it takes me a few minutes to respond to a message, I will; if it really requires a business transaction (a consultation), then I will not. I was still eager to check my inbox. And I receive at least one or two requests per week from students who are researching a dissertation or class assignment. First, they have demonstrated that they have no respect for my time—and no concept of the value of what they’re asking me for. Without question, my contact page pushes against the clueless ask. What authority, status, and success I have is partly (maybe wholly) the result of those who have granted it to me. If you read the comments under Pressfield’s post, you’ll see what I mean. Because when I walk I don’t just dangle my legs in empty space. You don’t get the good parts without the more annoying. Last week, I read a post by Steven Pressfield: Clueless Asks. “What is the future of publishing?” they ask. The clueless asks never go away, but perhaps there’s a better way to handle them than to judge or dismiss them entirely. One of the student questions was, “How do you get important people to respond to an interview request?”
I failed to offer any advice beyond the obvious: Write a good request letter. So   what I’m doing at the moment is not completely described unless your being here is described also. Maybe it’s a small thing, but at least it’s acknowledgment. Airing such a complaint can be a terrible idea, as few are likely to be sympathetic (except other successful people). We and our environment, and all of us and each other are interdependent systems. It seemed the students—by the very fact of being students—had difficulty getting their requests taken seriously. Perhaps it helped this was during a different era of email, around 2000 or 2001, prior to social media, when I was still crafting emails the way I did handwritten letters—long, drawn out affairs. Pressfield defines clueless asks as requests coming from strangers who send him unsolicited work, want to schedule a “pick your brain” lunch meeting, or ask questions they could find the answers to themselves (among other things). Or, “How has the publishing industry has changed over the last 10 years?”
Often, I don’t respond. That said, anyone—including myself—who receives clueless asks already knows the most frequently asked questions. We know who we are in terms of other people. I didn’t respond to every question, and sometimes I simply linked to relevant and publicly available articles I’ve written. What was my responsibility to this person? Answering them thoughtfully was going to consume an entire afternoon. So in describing my talking at the moment I can’t describe this just as a thing in itself because I’m talking to you. How could they overcome that hurdle? I’m reminded of an Alan Watts lecture, where he says:
You can’t talk about a person walking, unless you start describing the floor. Back then, I responded to every email and request I received when working at a publishing house, as it was flattering to receive any attention at all. It reminds me of a similar phenomenon with agents who never stop admonishing: “Read the submission guidelines! There is no easy answer that I can see, but at least we can reflect on and recognize what choices we make—where we draw the line. He writes:
These are not malicious asks. … The real ask in these cases is “Can I have your reputation?” In other words, “Will you give me, for free, the single most valuable commodity you own, that you’ve worked your entire life to acquire?”
As someone on the receiving end of many clueless asks, what Pressfield says resonates with me deeply. Yet at some point (it’s irresistible), it seems every successful person (at least those who blog) eventually write a post that can be summed up as: “Please, for the love of God, be smarter about the questions or asks you’re making.”
The thing is, it’s pretty rare that one’s pleas will reach the people who need to hear it or would listen. So in order to describe what I’m doing when I’m walking I have to describe the room, I have to describe the territory. Yes, I see you. It also helps to remember what it was like when no one answered my emails (yes, I’ve made some clueless asks myself). Only submit what I actually represent!” It’s a valid admonishment, but probably 99 percent of writers who go to conferences or read publishing guidebooks know that already. Today, even before I open my email, my blood pressure spikes thinking of all the requests, problems, and complaints I’m likely to find. And that makes it straightforward to create standard responses that can be sent in less than a minute, even by an assistant, that offer next steps, resources, and information on how the asker can help themselves. His post is the sort of thing I might have written, and certainly not a week passes when I don’t privately share a clueless ask with my partner and express frustration. I’m sure he’s accepted that “clueless asks” are a feature of the successful person’s life. You exist. It seemed a good compromise. If I am a publishing expert, it’s because you say or believe I am. My reputation is not something I own; it is something that has been formed and granted over time within a community. The professor jumped in, as this was a problem that annoyed her as well. I move in relationship to a room. But Pressfield may be letting us both off the hook a little too easily. I did what I could to meet her halfway. This doesn’t answer the question, though, of what responsibility the successful might have toward others—or what is owed. This is not to say that I am doing better than Steven Pressfield, or that he is abdicating responsibility in some way. First, and most obviously, this is a complaint of the successful and privileged few. They know the pattern of request. They’re just clueless. But because it’s the thing that annoys agents day in, day out, they can’t help but admonish the people whose ear they do have. … We define each other, we’re all backs and fronts to each other. The writers who send them are nice people, motivated by good intentions. Still, for the community of people I reach, email is the tool of those of very little means, and I feel I’m doing some good through those I do answer. What I have was not created solely through my own hard work. Pressfield is the author of The War of Art, as well as the more recent Turning Pro—some of the best insights into writer psychology.

The release date aligns with what would have been Shakur’s 46th birthday.”47 Meters Down” is opening to $11.5 million from 2,270 locations. As of Sunday morning, it appears some have fared better than others.The big winner is Disney and Pixar’s “Cars 3,” which is speeding to $53.5 million from 4,256 locations, putting it in first place. The project combines the talents of director and co-writer Lucia Aniello, co-writer and actor Paul W. Benny Bloom — who has two feature films and a long list of music videos on his resume — directed the film that explores Shakur’s origins, rise, and imprisonment. and DC Comics film is seeing another extremely low drop of 32% from last weekend.Otherwise, Tupac biopic “All Eyez on Me” from Lionsgate and Summit is beating out expectations with an estimated $27.1 million from 2,471 locations. That’s a lower opening than “Cars” ($60.1 million) and “Cars 2” ($66.1 million), but still enough to win the weekend. The “Cars” films are far from Disney and Pixar’s highest earners, but “Cars 3” is another example that even a decent opening for the duo is a victory in the big picture.The movie comes from director Brian Fee, who was a storyboard artist on the first two “Cars” films, as well as “Ratatouille” and “Wall-E.” The ensemble voice cast of “Cars 3″ includes Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo, Armie Hammer, Larry the Cable Guy, Bonnie Hunt, Nathan Fillion, Kerry Washington, and Lea DeLaria.”Cars 3” bumps “Wonder Woman” out of first place, but the super hero movie continues to show strong. Mandy Moore and Claire Holt star as sisters who decide to go cage diving, and end up at risk of being attacked by sharks.Finally, “Rough Night,” a raunchy, fem-centric R-rated comedy from Sony, is on track to earn only $8.1 million from 3,162 locations. Posted June 18, 2017 by ReutersBy Seth KelleyLOS ANGELES, June 18 (Variety.com) – This weekend featured a heated race between four new films that opened in wide release. Demetrius Shipp Jr. Downs, and star Ilana Glazer — the three are frequent collaborators on Comedy Central’s “Broad City” and “Time Traveling Bong.” Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, Zoe Kravitz, and Glazer make up a rowdy girl gang who reunite for a bachelorette weekend that goes horribly wrong.”It is genuinely a funny movie that was made at the right price, and there is a place for ‘Rough Night’ as summer counter-programming in the coming weeks,” said Sony’s distribution chief Adrian Smith.”Rough Night” will land in seventh for the weekend behind its fellow newcomers, “Wonder Woman,” the second weekend of “The Mummy” ($13.9 million) and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” ($8.5 million). It’s the first major release from Entertainment Studios, which acquired the project from its original distributor, Dimension Films. plays the mythologized rapper. and $1 billion globally. The first two “Cars” movies combined have made more than $435 million in the U.S. With an estimated $40.7 million from 4,018 locations, the Warner Bros.

Maier told CBS News that 25-year-old Jacob Stockdale was found Thursday with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head; authorities also found 54-year-old Kathryn Stockdale and 21-year-old James Stockdale dead. The four brothers make up a bluesgrass band with their father.Eldest son Calvin Stockdale said (via CBS News) that James had been an aspiring entertainment businessman who was working on a business degree. Jacob is believed to have shot his mother and brother, then turned the gun on himself — but Jacob was last reported to still be alive and in “critical condition”.The “Wife Swap” episode described the Stockdales as “devoutly religious,” banning television and video games, with the parents believing it was their role to censor everything their kids watched and listened to.Husband/father Timothy Stockdale wasn’t home at the time of the shooting, and the two other sons live in a different town. Aside from being a gifted musician, James enjoyed dancing and had a innate love of people.” Calvin’s statement also said that Jacob “is still in critical condition and we are praying for his physical recovery as our family makes funeral plans and begins the healing process.”It’s unclear what the motive may have been. If Jacob recovers, authorities must hope that he can shed some light on this tragedy.[h/t: TMZ]Want more stuff like this? Posted June 16, 2017 by Gina CarboneThe Stockdales, a family of bluegrass musicians featured in a 2008 episode of “Wife Swap,” are currently caught up in a double homicide investigation.Stark County, Ohio, Sheriff George T. “James, our youngest brother, has always been a catalyst of family fun. Like us on Facebook.

But, you know, such is life. I had a lot of fun making this movie, regardless of all that. Before writing and directing Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,”James Gunn was a screenwriter who wrote the 2002 movie “Scooby-Doo.” The family film starring Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matthew Lillard, Linda Cardellini, Rowan Atkinson, and Isla Fisher ultimately ended up with a PG-rating, but Gunn confirmed that his original film was rated R.Gunn reached out on Facebook to honor the 15th anniversary of the movie, and set the record straight:”Yes, it was not exactly what we planned going out – I had written an edgier film geared toward older kids and adults, and the studio ended pushing it into an clean cut children’s film. Read his full post for more memories from making the movie, including how “bummed out” he was to read all of the “terrible” reviews.CinemaBlend posted a clip from the movie to show that plenty of cleavage did still make the cut:Want more stuff like this? Boobs = offensive. Violence = OK. Like us on Facebook. And I was also able to eat, buy a car, and a house because of it.”Gotta love MPAA priorities. And, yes, the rumors are true – the first cut was rated R by the MPAA, and the female stars’ cleavage was CGI’d away so as not to offend. Posted June 16, 2017 by Gina CarboneRuh Roh!

series to date, so let’s hope U.S. (It’s the fourth season PBS has aired from the series, so they’re calling it Season 4.)So the winner from this batch of 12 amateur bakers is already known — and apparently the person in question stirred up the fans, getting strong love/hate reactions, mostly for one (pretty superficial) reason.SPOILERS AHEAD! Want more stuff like this? (@legacymermaid) December 20, 2016This was apparently the most-watched season of the U.K. Stop reading now if you don’t want to know who won, and who came in second and third.First, here’s a promo for the new season:This is actually the final season with the OG crew of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood as judges and Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins as hosts, before Mary, Mel, and Sue leave and there’s a new group, on a new channel in the U.K. Posted June 16, 2017 by Gina Carbone”The Great British Baking Show” returns to PBS tonight (Friday, June 16) at 9 p.m. on PBS. The show is known as “The Great British Bake Off” in the United Kingdom, where this season already aired last August to October as Series/Season 7. viewers are just as engaged. yet, since we still have older seasons waiting to air on PBS.SPOILERS NOW!On to the Season 4/Series 7 winner. But don’t worry about that for the U.S. in the intro to a Q&A they did with Candice after she won:”WITH her sassy pout and mean meringue-topped creations, no other Great British Bake Off contestant divided the nation like Candice Brown.From her gingerbread biscuit pub showstopper to her array of on-trend lip shades (we particularly liked the deep plum), Candice, 32, set social media alight every week with viewers either declaring her the ‘queen of baking’ or blasting her ‘irritating smugness’ and ‘trout pout’.In fact, Candice’s personal life garnered almost as many headlines as her culinary craftsmanship, as it was revealed that her tree-surgeon boyfriend Liam Macaulay, now 31, had served 16 months in jail for dealing cannabis before they met.”Here’s part of The Sun’s Q&A with Candice:Were you surprised by the public’s love/hate reaction to you on GBBO?”A lot of people were lovely, but there were some really mean comments, too.I guess you get that in every walk of life, but I don’t have it in me to be mean.I’m not that sort of person, so I don’t understand it.I’d often think: ‘I’m just baking a cake, why are you saying these sorts of things about me?’ It was hard, but I was brought up in a pub so there was nothing I hadn’t heard before.”Also, if you type “GBBO Candice”, one of the suggestions to finish the search is “pout.” I highly recommend. You can check Twitter for the many reactions to Candice’s pouting face. “The Great British Baking Show” airs Friday nights on PBS. Some loved it and her, and others couldn’t stand it (or her).Here’s a rundown from The Sun of the U.K. Here are the final three:WINNER: Candice Brown, 31, PE teacherCO-RUNNER UP: Andrew Smyth, 25, Aerospace engineerCO-RUNNER UP: Jane Beedle, 61, Garden designerCandice reportedly got strong reactions, not for anything in particular that she did during the show, but mostly for her pout. #GBBOpic.twitter.com/4Z2Vx9qmnW
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