There’s no telling yet just how Kilgrave will make his comeback, though perhaps Tennant’s character will be part of some flashbacks, rather than actually alive again?Fans will have to wait to see. Kilgrave and “Jessica Jones” will return to Netflix sometime in 2018. Posted August 14, 2017 by Katie RobertsFans of Netflix’s Marvel series “Jessica Jones” will see a familiar big bad when the show returns for season two: David Tennant is set to reprise his role as the mind-controlling Kilgrave.Entertainment Weekly confirmed that the villain would indeed be back, though the details of his return are being kept under wraps for now. Season two is in production now.[via: Entertainment Weekly] It’s going to take some major explaining, though, since the character (SPOILER ALERT) was killed by Jessica (Krysten Ritter) in the season one finale.A little thing like death hasn’t stopped Marvel from resurrecting seemingly un-resurrectable characters before, though, with Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) from “The Avengers” — who was impaled in the 2012 flick, then later turned up in TV spinoff series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” — standing as the most famous example.

He’s probably fine — he didn’t look like he needed serious medical attention — but since he was limping, that might necessitate some slight changes to the stunt plans.The Hollywood Reporter just had a story on 50-year-old superheroes and the “new challenges” they present for fitness gurus. There’s Robert Downey Jr.
— BATMAN (@Batmancanseeyou) August 13, 2017Ouch. Tom Cruise isn’t the only superstar over 50 still out there in fighting mode. (52) as Iron Man, Vin Diesel (50), Keanu Reeves (52), and more.Recovery time is slower for someone 45 vs. 25, the story notes, but Cruise’s fitness should help him.”While muscle mass does tend to decrease with age, a condition known as sarcopenia, the rate is quite small, less than 1 percent per year,” David Kingsbury, who has trained Hugh Jackman for the past five years, told THR in their report. Like us on Facebook. However, onlookers got footage of what looks like a stunt-gone-wrong, with Cruise missing a jump landing and instead banging into a building. It doesn’t look like that was the way they planned it … Posted August 14, 2017 by Gina CarboneNo mission is really impossible for Tom Cruise, but his action star body is 55-years-old now, and maybe he should go easy on it.Cruise is currently filming “Mission: Impossible 6” in London, and — as usual — he’s doing his own stunts. “Age is often given as an excuse, but a fit 65-year-old can easily outperform a lazy 25-year-old.””Mission: Impossible 6” is scheduled to open in theaters July 27th, 2018.[h/t: TMZ]Want more stuff like this? He’s then seen limping before he returns, presumably to either ice the wound or just do it again.Watch the stunt:Tom Cruise gets injured doing a stunt for #MI6
Looks like he jumped to soon. Maybe that’s the twist here?There have been no updates at this point from Cruise or director Christopher McQuarrie, but stunt injuries can’t be new for Cruise. although it would be realistic for the story if every now and then Ethan Hunt did miss a landing.

Transparency with our employees, partners, and the creative talent that works with us has been our focus throughout this incident and will remain our focus as we move forward. So far, the network is not budging.Here’s how HBO responded to the latest leak (via Variety):”We are not in communication with the hacker and we’re not going to comment every time a new piece of information is released. It has been widely reported that there was a cyber incident at HBO. And even if fans track down leaked episodes, they’ll still want to watch the full season. The latest leak included episodes of the upcoming “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Season 9 — premiering on HBO on October 1 — as well as new episodes of “Insecure,” “Ballers,” and “The Deuce.”That follows leaks of “Game of Thrones” script intel and internal documents, plus the posting of GoT Season 7, Episode 4 in advance, although that was unrelated to the ongoing HBO hack.The hackers want money, and they’re doing this slow public drip of intel to pressure HBO to cave. Obviously, no company wants their proprietary information stolen and released on the internet. 1.Want more stuff like this? The hacker may continue to drop bits and pieces of stolen information in an attempt to generate media attention. It sucks that “Curb” got spoiled in advance, but the leak was reportedly of “several episodes,” not the full season. Posted August 14, 2017 by Gina CarboneHBO will not bend the knee to the hackers who keep leaking episodes and other sensitive information. That’s a game we’re not going to participate in. This incident has not deterred us from ensuring HBO continues to do what we do best.”The leaks certainly have not hurt “Game of Thrones,” which actually had its biggest audience ever for “The Spoils of War,” which was posted online three days in advance. It’s not like anyone is going to cancel his or her HBO subscription because they can possibly watch a low-quality episode ahead of time.”Curb” Season 9 premieres Sunday, Oct. Like us on Facebook.

Releasing International Reggae-Pop Collaboration to celebrate 50 yrs of a Rocksteady classic by ‘The Jamaicans’.‘Things you Say You Love’ was originally written, recorded & released by the festival song winning group The Jamaicans in 1967. This is not the first time that ‘Things you Say You Love’ will be reintroduced, in 2005 UB40 covered the song on their album ‘Who you Fighting For?’ which peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Reggae Album charts in 2006. Co-written by Tommy Cowan & Norris Weir, the song is touted by many as one of reggae music’s foundational tracks. It then occurred to them that over 30 years ago, their forefathers were once friends, colleagues & business partners. It is set to premiere on Youtube & Vevo this summer. In April, Naomi Cowan shared her vision to pay tribute to reggae with her upcoming single ‘Things you Say you Love’ with Donisha Prendergast, granddaughter of Bob & Rita Marley. The track released by Zojak international online this week is also featuring Mark Pelli from the pop-reggae band ‘Magic!’. They knew this was the beginning of something special. Pelli is also featured on the track vocally. With thousands of millennial Jamaicans migrating to North America & Europe for better opportunities, Naomi Cowan – a long-time holder of both a Jamaican & Canadian passport returns to the island to accomplish her dreams in music, business, creativity & nation building. Donisha Prendergast directs music video for Naomi Cowan’s single ‘Things you Say You Love’ – online release to be announcedWhen two children of reggae music sit at a coffee shop; Magic is bound to happen. Tommy Cowan, OD is well known for his work with Marley as marketing manager of Tuff Gong and tour manager for Bob’s last world tour in 1980. Naomi Cowan readies her vision #Jamaica2030

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“I want to carry on my family’s legacy, and it is not necessarily from a financial point of view. I have seen the experiences and the work my parents have done, and I believe that with excellence, more persons will notice and the brand will become more widespread,” – Naomi Cowan. In preparation for her move back to the island, Naomi caught up with former fellow Campionite Donisha who generously offered to direct her music video. The video was filmed in downtown, Toronto and edited by DSE Jamaica. Naomi & Mark give a fresh twist to this vintage rocksteady song guaranteed to win hearts. It can safely be said that perhaps Naomi can pick up where Amy Winehouse left off with her rich vocals & vintage fashion sense.Marley, Cowan collaboration rebirth in the next generation. Prendergast is currently studying film at Ryerson University (Cowan’s alma mater) while simultaneously running DSE Jamaica, a film & post production company well known for their work on Jamaican television. I thought you loved living in Foreign?’ are the questions she encounters upon every ‘buck up’ these days. SHARE / Aug 14, 2017 08:36 am

Living the Jamaican Dream, Naomi Cowan returns from Toronto, Canada to build #Jamaica2030 ‘Why on earth would you move back to Jamaica? The former Miss Teen Jamaica, TV Host, singer-songwriter & Ryerson University graduate lives her life on a simple credo “Speak. Give.”Naomi Cowan takes on her legacy in music with the support of ‘Magic!’ producer & vocalist Mark Pelli. Sing. Tommy Cowan’s youngest daughter, Naomi covered this song while living in Toronto in collaboration with Mark Pelli, vocalist, producer & guitarist from the international billboard chart topping group ‘Magic!’ (known for their top hits such as Rude & Lay you down easy (feat Sean Paul)’.

Ce’Cile gets sultry on ‘Never Been Loved’ with Max Stone

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Never Been Loved is the new single by the uniquely talented performer and songwriter Max Stone, who you might recognise as the X-Factor finalist who was determined to only perform the music he loved. He then teamed up with D Goody and Ce’Cile who added her own middle eight on “Never Been Loved”. He covered Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry  and Turn Your Lights Down Low gaining him an impressive new fanbase and recognised by The Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Mail, ITV This Morning and much more. 

SHARE / Aug 14, 2017 10:30 am

Since X-Factor, Max been perfecting his debut album, influenced by his unstoppable love of reggae music. You can check out Never Been Loved below! Ce’Cile has added her  raw Dancehall/ Reggae talent  incorporating her own melodies and style into the story.”Max’s upcoming album Keep Rising shares a powerful statement about love, war and all things in between. Ce’Cile (international reggae star who has worked with Sean Paul, Gavin Rossdale and Debbie Nova) has had multiple hits in the UK single charts. “Never Been Loved is a track about being enamoured with someone and wanting to share every side of yourself so they can know how it feels to be loved. The album is due for release later this year. You can hear for yourself that Max is an amazing talent, by checking out his Reload Sessions performance. Last year, Max was invited to Jamaica to work with Grammy Award winning reggae producer Jazzwad. Max recently performed alongside Jimmy Cliff, Ali Campbell, Ernest Ranglin, Sly and Roobie, Suggs and Dawn Penn as the only unsigned artist at “A Night of Reggae” for Save the Childen.

It’s not clear if the BBC fired that non-working worker. — Stephen Moyer (@smoyer) August 11, 2017Isn’t it hilarious babe? What’s there to look into my tits photobombed the news because someone was watching #trueblood in view of camera😜
— Anna Paquin (@AnnaPaquin) August 11, 2017.@RobertKazinsky This is amazing and making me very happy. You can now coin the phrase, “photoboobed!” 😂😂😂😂
— Amy (@MidnightMad22) August 11, 2017#photoboobed
— Anna Paquin (@AnnaPaquin) August 11, 2017Classic. SO FUNNY ON SO MANY LEVELS
— Anna Paquin (@AnnaPaquin) August 11, 2017I really wish the word accidentally was in quotation marks. — Anna Paquin (@AnnaPaquin) August 11, 2017Which scene is it?
— Anna Paquin (@AnnaPaquin) August 11, 2017I’m still laughing at this!! They have annoyingly blurred it out 😜
— Stephen Moyer (@smoyer) August 11, 2017fairy land graveyard sex with warlow… Posted August 14, 2017 by Gina Carbone”True Blood” star Anna Paquin got a good laugh — and got to coin the term “photoboobed” — after a topless scene from her HBO show accidentally photobombed a BBC News report. (Tit happens!)Someone in the BBC newsroom must’ve been on the “hardly working” side of things during the BBC News at Ten broadcast. — Robert Kazinsky (@RobertKazinsky) August 11, 2017My partner in fairy/vamp relations and uncontrollable donut addict! — Anna Paquin (@AnnaPaquin) August 11, 2017That damn @RobertKazinsky gets everywhere
— Stephen Moyer (@smoyer) August 11, 2017Thankfully it’s a shot of you and not my tombstone tied donut eating belly. You’d think so, but considering the attention the “photoboob” got, they may instead try this stunt every week.Want more stuff like this? It turned out to be a scene from “True Blood,” and Paquin recognized those boobs as her own. This is great. 😂
— #EvanRachelWould (@evanrachelwood) August 11, 2017″The BBC said it was looking into the matter, saying in a statement it was ‘establishing the facts’.”
Good morning, Britain! duh!
— Eden Singer (@edensinger) August 11, 2017″looking into the matter”? She tweeted about it, getting responses from her “True Blood” co-stars — including her husband Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton); Robert Kazinsky (Warlow), who shared the scene in question; and Evan Rachel Wood (Queen Sophie-Anne).BBC accidentally shows woman’s breasts during News at Ten via @telegraphnews MY BREASTS!! The show’s 3.8 million viewers noticed that, in the back left of the frame, you could see a woman’s bare breasts. Like us on Facebook.

Ted provides a clear, fearless space for creators at Netflix. But for future projects, at least in the next few years, Shonda is heading to Netflix.Why? Posted August 14, 2017 by Gina CarboneGrab your popcorn, ’cause this streaming war is good drama on its own. Robert Kirkman just left AMC for Amazon, and Shonda Rhimes is now exiting her contract with ABC Studios for a deal with Netflix. Like us on Facebook. 5.Want more stuff like this? The TGIT lineup is staying on ABC. The future of Shondaland at Netflix has limitless possibilities.”We’ll have to wait and see who goes where next.”Grey’s Anatomy” and “How to Get Away With Murder” both return Thursday, Sept. 28. We’re so excited to welcome her to Netflix.”Rhimes shared her own statement, referencing Sarandos:”Shondaland’s move to Netflix is the result of a shared plan Ted Sarandos and I built based on my vision for myself as a storyteller and for the evolution of my company. Her work is gripping, inventive, pulse-pounding, heart-stopping, taboo-breaking television at its best. “Scandal” starts its final season on Thursday, Oct. Rhimes will still work on those ABC shows, and also the “Grey’s Anatomy” firefighters spinoff. Yep, that’s a blow to Disney — since ABC is owned by Disney — in what you might consider return fire after Disney just announced it’s pulling its Netflix titles to start its own streaming service.All Out Streaming War is on!According to Deadline — which called the movie “one of the biggest talent gets for Netflix yet that could shake up the drama series TV landscape” — Rhimes had one more year under her four-year deal with ABC Studios but negotiated an early exit so she could go to Netflix for a richer deal of similar length.Don’t worry that this means any changes for the existing Shondaland shows, like “Grey’s Anatomy,” “How to Get Away With Murder,” and “Scandal,” which is going into its last season. He understood what I was looking for — the opportunity to build a vibrant new storytelling home for writers with the unique creative freedom and instantaneous global reach provided by Netflix’s singular sense of innovation. I’ve gotten the chance to know Shonda and she’s a true Netflixer at heart — she loves TV and films, she cares passionately about her work, and she delivers for her audience. She was reportedly getting “restless,” Deadline heard, and felt she had accomplished all she could on broadcast TV after 12 years.Ted Sarandos, Cheif Content Officer at Netflix, shared a statement on the move:”Shonda Rhimes is one of the greatest storytellers in the history of television.

Plus, the recent HBO leak may have confirmed who is playing Rhaegar Targaryen on screen, possibly in another Bran vision, and since there are only two episodes left, he’ll be coming pretty soon.”Game of Thrones” Season 7 continues with Episode 6 on Sunday, Aug. 20 at 9 p.m. Maester Aemon Targaryen had the strongest claim of all, but never wanted it. Stannis Baratheon had a better claim than the illegitimate kids, but he lost the battle. And since Lyanna died just after giving birth to the guy we know as Jon Snow, that means Jon was the legitimate son of Lyanna and Rhaegar. As that fan theory posits.Jon seems close to learning the truth that he’s a Targaryen. Rhaegar and Elia had two kids together. Jon may have the bloodline of a king, but he does he even want the job? It’s only a matter of time before someone stumbles on the full story and shares it with BOTH known Targaryens. Samwell Tarly missed it (and also the deaths of his father and brother), but a major piece of the plot was just revealed on “Game of Thrones.”At the Citadel in “Eastwatch,” Gilly read off Seven Kingdoms trivia while Sam tried to do his boring work and stewed over being blown off by the old maesters in his quest to help defeat the White Walkers.Gilly asked Sam for the definition of “annulment.” He answered that it’s when a man sets aside his lawful wife. Besides, if this is all about “breaking the wheel,” it makes more sense if he and Daenerys Targaryen team up to break down the Iron Throne and use the pieces of Valyrian steel to fight the White Walkers. Like us on Facebook. That’s brand new information!Rhaegar was married to (poor, innocent) Elia Martell. Bran Stark knows the truth, having seen his birth in a vision, and Drogon seemed to sense a fellow Targ. Gilly then reported that High Septon Maynard — who recorded everything, including his own bowel movements — “says here that he issued an annulment for Prince Rhaegar and re-married him to someone else at the same time in a secret ceremony in Dorne.”Sam cut her off right there — it’s not like he’d know that was connected to Jon Snow, or could somehow intuit its greater meaning — but fans immediately perked up their ears. Are fans just so happy for Jon to have a strong claim to the Iron Throne that they’ll blow off this plot hole?Anyway, Jon being Prince Rhaegar’s trueborn son gives Jon a stronger claim to the Iron Throne, but Robert’s Rebellion — and Cersei and Jaime’s illegitimate children on the Throne — show that claims mean nuthin’. There’s a lot of information flying around, between Bran’s visions, the intel at the Citadel, and the record-keeping at Winterfell. Posted August 14, 2017 by Gina CarboneSpoilers ahead from “Game of Thrones” Season 7, Episode 5, “Eastwatch.”It was a BIG deal. It’s a bit convenient to the plot — and super inconvenient to poor Elia Martell, who got ditched by her husband, and saw her children murdered, then was raped and murdered herself by The Mountain.#EliaDeservedBetterSeriously, though, what were the grounds for annulment? on HBO.Want more stuff like this? If that marriage was somehow annulled, and he got remarried, that “someone else” could only have been Lyanna Stark. You have to WANT the Throne and fight for it.

Posted August 14, 2017 by Gina CarboneSpoilers ahead from “Game of Thrones” Season 7, Episode 5, “Eastwatch.”It’s a trap!The Stark sibling reunions of “Game of Thrones” Season 7 have not been as warm and fuzzy as we would’ve liked, and Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish seems to have picked up on that, too. Like us on Facebook. He acted like he was doing it under orders from Sansa. She was basically forced to write the letter — by Queen Cersei (and Varys, and Littlefinger himself) in a different orchestrated scene:Here’s what the letter said (via Vanity Fair):”Robb, I write to you with a heavy heart. The Lannisters are treating me very well and provide me with every comfort. It looked treasonous. Our good king Robert is dead, killed from wounds he took in a boar hunt. If he can get Arya out of the way, all the better for his plans.The Episode 6 promo shows a tense meeting of Arya and Sansa, with Arya’s voice saying,”You’re scared, aren’t you? (It’s a ladder!)He orchestrated a little scene, appearing to secure and hide a scroll that he “confirmed” was the only copy in Winterfell. But in context, it appeared to be the same letter Sansa wrote Robb back in Season 1, in an attempt to help their father. Arya and Sansa Stark have always been very different, with their own rivalry, and things got tense in Episode 5, “Eastwatch.” Arya gave Sansa a full read, accusing her of being disloyal to King Jon Snow in his absence.So Littlefinger did what he does best — he created chaos. He conspired with Robert’s brothers against my beloved Joffrey and tried to steal his throne. ‘Memba that? Arya found the scroll and read it.Out of context, it looked bad. At the time, Robb was confused, but their mother Catelyn Stark instantly realized the letter was written in Sansa’s hand, but with Cersei’s words. I beg you: come to King’s Landing, swear fealty to King Joffrey and prevent any strife between the great houses of Lannister and Stark.”Arya was no longer in Cersei’s custody at that point, so she has no context for the letter. Littlefinger wanted Arya to find the letter to further the rift between the sisters. Father has been charged with treason. on HBO, in what’s already the penultimate episode of the season.Want more stuff like this? 20 at 9 p.m. What are you scared of?” Is she talking to Sansa or Littlefinger?We’ll find out this Sunday, Aug.

In the early 2010s, a “Monster Squad” remake was in development at Platinum Dunes, the Michael Bay production company that’s specialized in remakes of ’70s and ’80s horror classics. A little-known actor named Liam Neeson auditioned for the role of Dracula but lost it to Duncan Regehr, then best known for playing Hollywood icon Errol Flynn in the TV biopic “My Wicked, Wicked Ways.” Dekker said later that he had planned to use Neeson as Dracula’s double in one scene, but the scene was never filmed.4. Dekker said the scene didn’t work, so the future “Saved by the Bell” star’s big moment got cut.11. In 2016, however, Black said it “could be fun” to write a sequel, along the lines of Stephen King’s “It,” where the now-grown squad members have to confront evil again 30 years later. “Monster Squad” cost an estimated $12 million to make. The production hired no less than the late Stan Winston to create the look of the monsters, the monster-movie makeup legend who — at the time — just won an Oscar for “Aliens.” Winston had also just designed the title creature in “Predator,” a movie where Black had a bit part.5. In fact, he never let the kid actors see him without his monster make-up. That’d be “The Monster Squad,” released 30 years ago this week, on August 14, 1987.The movie pitted Dracula, the Mummy, the Wolfman, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon against Frankenstein’s monster and a group of brave misfit kids. And yet, you still may not know how the film came together, which current A-lister nearly got to play Dracula, or why all the monsters don’t look exactly like they did in the old Universal movies. But a low-budget kiddie horror comedy got there first, three decades ago, and did it with enough wit and charm to endear itself to a generation of fans. Ashley Bank, who played five-year-old Phoebe, joked that she never met Noonan until she was 25.7. By 2014, Platinum Dunes had declared the project dead.15. Dekker quickly nixed the budget-busting idea.10. (It’s a PG-13 movie, folks.)12. Or that the naked snapshot of Patrick’s sister Lisa (Lisa Fuller) that Rudy (Ryan Lambert) flashes at her to blackmail her isn’t actually a naked picture at all; if you freeze-frame the DVD, you’ll see that Fuller’s fully clothed. It wasn’t a box office hit, but it developed a cult following on video that considered “Monster Squad” as essential an ’80s coming-of-age adventure as “The Goonies” or “Stand By Me.” Plus, it launched the career of one of Hollywood’s most successful screenwriters, Shane Black (the “Lethal Weapon” series, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” “Iron Man 3”).If you’ve ever found yourself chuckling at the line, “Wolfman’s got nards,” you’re a member of the “Squad” squad. Also, Rudy kills two of them, but what becomes of the third? Or that her note about the Van Helsing diary refers to it as the “Van Helen diary.” Or how Scary German Guy (Leonardo Cimino) has a number tattooed on his arm, indicating that he’s a concentration camp survivor. (Insert “Black & Dekker” joke here.) They collaborated on the “Monster Squad” script while Black’s “Lethal Weapon” was in development and Dekker was preparing to direct “Night of the Creeps.”2. Also not in the film: a scene where Sean (Andre Gower) and Patrick (Robby Kiger) trade baseball cards with a schoolmate, played by Dustin “Screech” Diamond. Regehr was always in makeup around the kids — mostly. It earned back just $3.8 million in theaters.14. Posted August 14, 2017 by Gary SusmanUniversal may have stumbled this summer with Tom Cruise’s “The Mummy,” the studio’s first entry in what is to be a franchise that will unite its classic movie monsters. Read on for the secrets of “Monster Squad” — no translation by a Scary German Guy necessary.1. If you originally saw the movie in theaters or (more likely) on VHS, there’s a lot you may not have noticed. Like how Sean and Phoebe’s mom has her suitcases packed, like she’s about to leave their father. Besides, “Monster Squad” offered her a bigger role, and it was going to be a movie she was not too young to watch. No word on whether he’ll ever actually write that script, but he did reunite with Dekker to write a new “Predator” sequel, due in early 2018. Because Universal wouldn’t license its classic monster likenesses to the rival TriStar studio, Winston had to make the monsters look a little different (for instance, putting the Frankenstein monster’s electrodes on his temple instead of his neck), enough to avoid copyright infringement while still making them recognizable.6.Tom Noonan, whose career of terrifying performances includes the villains in “Manhunter” and “Last Action Hero,” applied his usual Method intensity to the role of Frankenstein’s monster. Dekker’s explanation: Don’t think about it too much, it’s just a movie.13. “I never regretted it at all,” she said of her decision.9. When the cameras rolled, Bank saw Regehr wearing red contacts and fangs for the first time and let out a shriek of real terror.8. In one shot, their reflections are visible in a mirror. For the scene where Dracula lifts Phoebe, Dekker told Bank she would have to scream, and that she’d know the right moment. Shane Black and director Fred Dekker were film school classmates at UCLA. Bank could have been in a landmark hit film that year, as she was up for the part of the daughter in “Fatal Attraction.” But that would have meant shooting in New York, instead of at home in Los Angeles. When their film was greenlit, Dekker gave it a small shout-out in “Creeps,” in a shot where graffiti on a bathroom wall reads, “Go Monster Squad!”3. There are a couple of goofs involving the trio of vampire brides. Black’s initial opening scene would have been a prologue where Van Helsing (Jack Gwillim) strafes Dracula’s castle with a zeppelin armed with machine guns, facing off against 40 vampire brides on horseback.

Give the problem to someone else and ask them to find a solution. I haven’t worked on a single novel that has not brought me to a point of doubting either the ideas or my ability to bring them to life. Upon further research, have you learned that the facts of your ideas don’t add up? Interview an expert. Perhaps you’re working on a story with multiple narrators and timelines, and suddenly you’re doubting your ability to bring it to completion. Does the Story Have Unfixable Problems? Are You Being a Perfectionist? 7. 5. My theory is that ideas float in the atmosphere, and they are fair game for anyone to grab and make use of. Maybe you are so immersed in your story, you no longer have a clear perspective on it. Desire drives our energy. Get back to play. Here are some of the most common roadblocks and how you might solve them. As a stand-alone book author, I had no idea how much brainpower was involved in keeping the characters and settings and motives and outcomes straight from book to book! Has Your Story Already Been Done? Then investigate the problem from all angles. If all else fails and you are attached to your story, forget about the problems, at least for the time being, and move on. It justifies spending an endless amount of time making zero progress on writing. The first lesson here is: Make use of your ideas, or somebody else will! Today’s guest post is excerpted from Story Sparks,   copyright © 2017 by Denise Jaden (@denisejaden), published with permission from New World Library. I think you’ll be surprised at how far you can go with it. I think the key is keeping this apparent steam-loss in perspective. Three hundred (or more) pages is a long time to stay motivated and to believe in your creativity! Perhaps, but perhaps not. It can be difficult to see gold nuggets before they’re polished, unless you’re willing to sort rocks. The first question to ask is: Why are you losing steam? 3. Do You Have Story Burnout? Initially, ideas can interest us for all sorts of reasons that don’t pan out. It treats a lack of productivity as an ailment. Perhaps it’s similar to something else we read and loved, but the more we develop our idea, the more we realize we’re telling the exact same story, and the original is the only way that works with this particular idea. Waiting and doing nothing breeds perfectionism. Oh, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve asked myself that same question! That said, if you have been diligently developing your idea, and suddenly another book releases with the same premise, please, please don’t immediately chuck your entire manuscript into the recycle bin! Parting advice
The most important thing is not to force yourself to make every story idea work. I trust that past-Denise is smarter than present-Denise, and if she felt this would make a good story, it probably will. Okay, I won’t lie, it is possible. Brainstorm a solution with a group of other writers or friends. There is always a new spin you can put on things, or a new combination of ideas. Move forward with what you have. Here is my method for when I feel like I’m battling perfectionism: Start before you feel ready. Maybe the story idea was appealing because it was so completely different than anything else, but delving into it, we realize why no one else has attempted this kind of story before. There is room in the marketplace for more than one story with a similar premise. The important thing is simply to keep writing and to harness your love for writing in a way that you’ll never let it go. Keep writing your story. Perfectionism equals high standards misdirected. My other option, and this is the one I usually choose because I am impatient, is this: I keep moving forward, trusting that if I once thought my story ideas had some value, they probably do. Has it ever happened that a book comes out that seems to have the exact same premise as the one you’re brainstorming or writing? Even if you spend weeks considering the scenarios you may encounter, inevitably, something will not work out as planned or just not “feel right” once you’re actually writing. Call this a spiritual phenomenon, or a metaphysical one, but it happens too often to be an anomaly. Does it truly have to do with your story ideas? Break it down into tiny parts if you need to, and only have a look at the bigger picture on days when you feel up to the task. If you are excited about writing a particular scene you’ve envisioned, but you’re not to that point in the story yet, feel free to jump ahead and write it now. It doesn’t have to all be work. Put your unfixable problem into words. I encourage you to try not to let yourself be intimidated by a big project. What if your idea is truly a dud? What if you choose an idea, and you absolutely love it, but you get a hundred pages into writing your novel, and your idea loses steam? Is Your Idea Too Big? What then? Except, in the end, it is jail. Try to state it in three different ways and tell someone else about your problem. However, the truth is, sometimes we hit roadblocks while following through. If you wait until all of your ideas are fully formed, you’ll be waiting forever. Or at least not well enough. Let yourself have fun and feed your excitement while writing. When you think about your story, does it feel overwhelming? It’s happened to me, and most writers I know have had it happen to them. It’s great to try to make your shoes match your purse when you’re going out or to take an extra thirty seconds to buff the hood of your car on a sunny day, but when making art, especially a first draft of art, you don’t want to lose the creative energy that births new ideas. I’ve been there. Writer’s block is not usually the inability to write, but rather just a fear of not writing well. Is there no way out for your character? Pinpoint the problem. 1. 6. Work on only one aspect at a time, rather than allowing yourself to get inundated by the larger scope. You’d be surprised at how many problems can fix themselves by the end of a draft. The truth is, your ideas will lose steam, especially if you are working with novel-length fiction. Perfectionism can create too much pressure. Ideally, we’d have all the creativity and energy and desire we need to write amazing stories. Write that same premise, but differently, and by the time yours is written and polished, the market may be ready for a new take. In her book Get It Done, Sam Bennett asks this important question: “How is your desire to do the perfect thing getting in your way of doing anything?”
4. Sometimes I’ll take a couple of weeks away from looking at or even thinking about the project. Do You Have Writer’s Block? In the last few years, I started working on my first series. Claiming to have “writer’s block” is taking the easy way out. Because it’s one of those inarguable diagnoses, it acts like a get-out-of-jail-free card. Maybe when you first conceptualized your idea, it was brilliant and shiny and reflected diamonds and rubies and million-dollar bills from its every surface, but the truth is, any and every idea comes with its own multitude of problems when you actually start to write it as a story. Every author I have spoken with has faced this kind of self-doubt as well. 2. If writing becomes a slog, and then stops, put aside what you’re doing and go back to brainstorming. Is Your Idea a Dud? Sometimes simply the act of speaking a problem out loud will cause the correct solution to come to us. It’s a dud.

or Littlefinger? It’s basically the Episode 9 of the season, and you should recall that the second-to-last ep is almost always a humdinger. Every episode has been a humdinger this year, but now our expectations are even higher.Watch the Episode 6 promo:GoT stars Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister), Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister), Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Aidan Gillen (Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish), Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Diana Rigg (Lady Olenna Tyrell), Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy), John Bradley (Samwell Tarly), Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth), Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth), Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei), Jerome Flynn (Bronn), Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont), Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark), Conleth Hill (Varys), Kristofer Hivju (Tormund Giantsbane), Hannah Murray (Gilly), Carice van Houten (Melisandre), Indira Varma (Ellaria Sand), Pilou Asbaek (Euron Greyjoy), Rory McCann (Sandor “The Hound” Clegane), and Richard Dormer (Beric Dondarrion).For more “Game of Thrones” promos — and to see highlight clips and “Inside the Episode” videos — head to the show’s YouTube account.”Game of Thrones” Season 7 has seven episodes, and Season 8 — the final season — will follow with just six episodes. Like us on Facebook. “The first enemy and the last. We still need to fight him.”In the Episode 6 promo (watch below), we finally go north of The Wall with Jon Snow’s team to bring proof back to (pregnant?!) Queen Cersei and company to join the fight against the White Walkers. 20 on HBO — is the penultimate event. on HBO.Want more stuff like this? The enemy always wins. So six episodes into this season, and two seasons since “Hardhome,” we’ll finally get a reunion between Jon and the Night King.The promo also shows Arya Stark having another tense face-off with Sansa. There are only seven episodes to the 2017 season, which means the next one — Episode 6, airing Sunday, Aug. GoT airs Sundays at 9 p.m. Posted August 13, 2017 by Gina Carbone”Death is the enemy” in “Game of Thrones” Season 7, Episode 6. Believe it or not, “Game of Thrones” Season 7 is already almost over. What are you scared of?” Is she talking to Sansa … We hear Arya say, “You’re scared, aren’t you?

Sandberg.Also in the double digits for WB, “Dunkirk” continues to steamroll its blockbuster competition in second place. Will Arnett, Maya Rudolph, Brendan Frasier, Katherine Heigl, Liam Neeson, and Jackie Chan lend their voices for the Open Road animation.Elsewhere, last week’s winner “The Dark Tower” falls from No. It seems the negative word of mouth/press has halted Sony’s Stephen King adaptation in its second frame. The prequel to 2014’s “Annabelle” is conjuring up a $36 million domestic debut.According to estimates, Warner Bros.’ supernatural horror will easily win its opening weekend after taking in $15 million from 3,502 locations on Friday, including Thursday night previews. Despite being in its fourth frame, Christopher Nolan’s World War II drama is expected to add just under $11 million to its total after making just over $3 million from 3,762 screens on Friday. Talitha Bateman, Lulu Wilson, Stephanie Sigman, Miranda Otto, and Anthony LaPaglia star in the origin story behind the killer, antique doll from director David F. Posted August 13, 2017 by Drew TaylorLOS ANGELES ( – “Annabelle: Creation” isn’t just fleshing out New Line Cinema’s self-proclaimed “Conjuring Universe,” it’s also helping to save the back half of the summer box office. After making just over $2 million from 3,451 locales on Friday, “The Dark Tower” is only expected to make $7.5 million this time around.Last but certainly not least, “Girls Trip” is still going strong. The sequel to 2014’s “The Nut Job” scored just shy of $3 million from 4,003 screens on Friday. 4. That number is also expected to officially put “Dunkirk” over the $150 million marker domestically with $153 million.New entry “Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature” also managed to snag a spot in the top 3, despite only pulling off an $8 million heist. 1 to No. Universal’s Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall, and Tiffany Haddish R-rated comedy took in another $2 million from just 2,303 venues on Friday. That number will translate to a solid $6 million fourth frame, bringing “Girls Trip” to a near-milestone — $96 million domestic.”The Emoji Movie,” “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” “Kidnap,” new entry “The Glass Castle,” and “Atomic Blonde” round out the rest of the top 10.

A 17-year-old actor named Nicolas Coppola lied about his age and auditioned for the role of Brad, but wound up making his film debut as “Brad’s bud.” Years later, Nicolas Cage would say his miserable experience on “Fast Times” led him to adopt his stage name, since the other young actors made fun of him for being Francis’s nephew, deliberately misquoting Robert Duvall’s line in the elder Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now” as “I love the smell of Nicolas in the morning.” Other reports from the set, however, said that Cage got razzed because he was boasting that his family connections would be his fast track to fame.8. As would become typical for a Crowe project, “Fast Times” had a stellar classic-rock soundtrack; credit for that goes mostly to Irving Azoff, one of the film’s producers and also the manager of the Eagles and Stevie Nicks. He turned it down, as the project really wasn’t his kind of movie, but can you imagine how weird and amazing a David Lynch “Fast Times” would have been?3. She’d done extensive nudity in her first film, “Paradise,” but Heckerling recalled that the actress was nervous about filming the pool scene because she feared neighbors would be spying from their rooftops.15. Yep, the intense, Method-acting, two-time Oscar-winner made his big splash playing blissed-out teenage surfer dude Jeff Spicoli in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”Released 35 years ago this week, on August 13, 1982, “Fast Times” not only made Penn a star, but also gave early career boosts to several future A-listers and made the behind-the-camera reputations of director Amy Heckerling (“Clueless”) and screenwriter Cameron Crowe (“Jerry Maguire”). Another ex, former boyfriend Martin Brest, played the doctor on the biology class field trip. Producers offered the screenplay to David Lynch to direct. (A couple years later, Brest would direct Reinhold in “Beverly Hills Cop.”) The girl in the car who laughs at Brad’s fast-food pirate costume was Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson, Crowe’s then-girlfriend and future wife.6. Penn, who’d recently made his screen debut in “Taps,” auditioned to play the put-upon Brad, but after a quick conversation, the filmmakers realized he’d make a better Spicoli. It earned back $27 million, making it a sizable hit for the time.16. The film’s budget was reportedly between $4.5 and $5 million. Late in his “Almost Famous” underage rock journalist phase, the baby-faced, 22-year-old Crowe went undercover for an entire school year as a student at Clairemont High School in San Diego. Cates’s notorious topless swimming pool scene was filmed at a private home in West Hills. Hand, after Fred Gwynne turned the part down; the “Munsters” star was reportedly appalled by the script’s pervasive sexuality and drug use.12. The makers of Vans credited Penn’s performance with popularizing worldwide the slip-on sneakers previously known only to California surfers and skateboarders.17. For labor-rule reasons, most of the cast playing high school students was over 18. His reporting on the sociology of Southern California teens became a non-fiction book in 1981, which in turn was the source for the future filmmaker’s first screenplay.2. In 1986, there was a short-lived TV series inspired by “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” though the only cast members from the 1982 film were teachers Walston and Vincent Schiavelli.19. Her ex-husband, David Brandt, and his band were booked to play the high school dance. Heckerling made her feature directing debut with “Fast Times,” landing the job on the strength of her film-school thesis project, a short called “Getting It Over With,” about a girl trying to lose her virginity.4. Elmo’s Fire” to the original’s “Breakfast Club.”) Directed by Linson, “Wild Life” flopped and has never been released on DVD because of music-rights issues.18. Most of the movie was shot in the San Fernando Valley, either at the Sherman Oaks Mall (where Leigh went incognito for a month, preparing for her role by working in an actual pizzeria) or at the vast Van Nuys High School.11.Ray Walston, of “My Favorite Martian” fame, got the job of playing Spicoli’s nemesis, grumpy teacher Mr. Penn was the son of TV director Leo Penn and actress Eileen Ryan. Justine Bateman could have played Linda, but she shot the “Family Ties” pilot instead and landed a seven-year gig on a hit TV sitcom.9. Several other A-listers and future A-listers were up for parts in the film but didn’t get them, including Tom Hanks (who auditioned for Brad), Matthew Broderick (who turned down the role of Spicoli because he was tending to his dying father, actor James Broderick), and Jodie Foster (who turned down Stacy to continue her studies at Yale). The “Fast Times” show, which lost a lot from having to be squeaky-clean enough for network TV, lasted just seven episodes.20. A number of actors got roles in the film because of their close ties to Heckerling and Crowe. (Think of it as the “St. And Jennifer Jason Leigh (the sexually curious Stacy) was the daughter of TV star Vic Morrow.7. Plus, it became the definitive high school sex comedy of the early 1980s.Still, as many times as you’ve watched Penn’s Spicoli get a pizza delivered to his class, or pressed the pause button on Phoebe Cates’s bikini scene, there’s plenty you may not know about “Fast Times.” 1. Producers hired Moon Unit Zappa, then a newly-minted high school graduate who was considered an authority on Southern California teen slang because of her hit song “Valley Girl,” as a consultant. Little did they anticipate his Method rigor; throughout the shoot, he stayed in character and insisted on being addressed as “Spicoli,” not “Sean.”5. But the show, like the film, provided a launch pad for several future stars, including “CSI’s” Wallace Langham as nerdy Mark Ratner, future “Melrose Place” and “Ally McBeal” regular Courtney Thorne-Smith as Stacy, and Patrick Dempsey (!) as slickster Mike Damone. Phoebe Cates (the sexually knowledgeable Linda) was the daughter of Broadway and TV producer Joseph Cates. Judge Reinhold, who played Brad, was her upstairs neighbor. (Heckerling grumbled that she wanted newer, hipper, punkier acts; she got a couple, including the Go-Gos and Oingo Boingo.)13. Several other not-yet-famous “Fast Times” actors were also second-generation showbiz kids. He corralled Nicks, four of the five Eagles, Jackson Browne, and many other stars into recording songs for the two-disc soundtrack. Posted August 12, 2017 by Gary SusmanBelieve it or not, Sean Penn first became famous for being a hilarious comic actor. Despite the wall-to-wall rock tracks, the movie had no instrumental score, save for stock music from the Universal Studios library.14. “Fast Times” producer Art Linson and Crowe soon whipped up what they called a “spiritual sequel,” a movie about slightly older young adults called “The Wild Life,” with a cast that included Penn’s brother Chris, Stoltz, and Stoltz’s future “Some Kind of Wonderful” co-star Lea Thompson. Other future stars with bit parts in the film included Forest Whitaker (making his movie debut as school football star Charles Jefferson), as well as Eric Stoltz and Anthony Edwards (who played Spicoli’s pals).10.

James Cameron has little to nothing to do with it. Maybe he’s just afraid to make James Cameron angry, since he’s also someone you really don’t want to tick off.Brolin’s “Only the Brave” comes out October 20. The line about James Cameron calling Josh Brolin names made the media rounds after the profile came out, and in a new Instagram post, Brolin tried to clarify the situation:Press: Quit making problems where they don’t exist. That said, I’ve had enough imbroglios in my past to know that anything can be taken out of context and exploited beautifully for profit. He seems upset about how the James Cameron quotes in his Esquire profile were interpreted. He even just posted “I don’t know him” of Cameron, which confuses it all further. So let this be one of them as another notch in Hollywood’s circus belt of Swiss cheese. I don’t know him nor would I ever rely on anyone involving conjecture. Brolin not only tells me about turning down a role in the sequel to Avatar, he also has no problem admitting the decision caused tension between him and the director. Posted August 11, 2017 by Gina CarboneJosh Brolin is not the kind of guy you want to tick off, hence his casting as both Thanos and Cable in the superhero universe. Like us on Facebook. #swisscheesepress #sincityA post shared by Josh Brolin (@joshbrolin) on Aug 10, 2017 at 8:31pm PDTFans enjoyed his little jab at the press, but what was he doing talking about James Cameron in the first place if he doesn’t know him, and what was the full context of that “Avatar” story? That much is clear. “If I don’t want to do Avatar,” he says, “I’m not going to do Avatar. If James Cameron came to me and said, ‘Hey, man, why’d you say that?’ I’d go, ‘Because it happened.'”Did it happen, or was that just an example of what he’d say? What the hell was he talking about then?For your own context, here’s that part of the lengthy Esquire profile, starting with a quote from “Only the Brave” director Joseph Kosinski:”My first impression of Josh,” Kosinski tells me, “was how honest he was. In this month’s Esquire my diatribe on films I might have turned down in the past in place of whatever artistic path I wanted to be on at that time I take full responsibility for and was spoken about in light jest. Whatever. He’ll later return as Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War” on May 4, 2018, and debut as Cable in “Deadpool 2″ on June 1, 2018.Want more stuff like this? However, it’s not clear if he’s mad that the quotes were taken out of context in the profile itself, or in subsequent posts suggesting a feud, or both, or what. He’s genuinely a good dude.” After five minutes with Brolin, you can see what Kosinski means. James Cameron’s f*cking calling me this name and that name.

It’s not clear when Rhaegar will appear in a flashback/vision, but there are only seven episodes to Season 7 and we’re up to Episode 5 on August 13.Bran Stark is now an emo know-it-all who saw Jon Snow’s birth, and HBO confirmed in an infographic that, yes, Jons father is Rhaegar, his mother is Lyanna Stark, and his aunt is that girl he’s currently crushing on.Bran knows the truth, and we’ve been waiting for him — or someone else — to share that news with the class in Season 7. But it also showed that actor Wilf Scolding was on the cast list under “Rhaegar.”Social media sleuths suspected Wilf of being cast as Rhaegar, and it looks like they were probably correct. It sounds like Bran does communicate information to Jon about the White Walkers in Episode 5, so a different kind of conversation may be coming shortly thereafter.It might be awkward for Dany, seeing as she’s been building her own Targ claim, but considering Cersei Lannister is currently on the Iron Throne with no strong claim, following her illegitimate sons and husband Robert Baratheon — who just took the thing after Robert’s Rebellion — claims don’t mean much these days. 13 at 9 p.m. Posted August 11, 2017 by Gina CarboneRhaegar Targaryen is the rug that ties the ice and fire room together, and it makes sense for him to appear in “Game of Thrones” Season 7. on HBO.[via: HuffPost]Want more stuff like this? You just have to want it and have the power to defend it.Got Season 7 continues with Episode 5, “Eastwatch,” this Sunday, Aug. Now it looks like the recent HBO leak of GoT intel has confirmed the actor who’ll be playing Jon Snow’s dad and Daenerys Targaryen’s brother.Thankfully, Reddit is no longer showing the full leaked file since it contained sensitive personal cast information. Like us on Facebook.

You can see how 10 of the show’s main characters have changed in these images created by the folks at the betting site, showing Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark, Jaime Lannister, Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish, Cersei Lannister, Bran Stark, Jon Snow, Theon Greyjoy, and Sansa Stark.Game of Thrones Character EvolutionThose baby-faced kids are all grown up! How much will they have changed by the finale? Posted August 11, 2017 by Gina CarboneThe characters of “Game of Thrones” have changed so much from the sweet summer children of Season 1. Like us on Facebook. on HBO.Want more stuff like this? Season 7 has been treating fans to so many reunions and early season callbacks, giving us nostalgia for those relatively simpler days while building excitement for the winter wars to come.GoT started filming in 2010 for its 2011 premiere, with most of the Stark actors starting as teens or even preteens. Now they and their TV alter egos are adults. But you could argue that Cersei is the one whose appearance has changed the most.Believe it or not, Season 7’s seven episodes are almost over already, and then we’ll only see these characters again for the six episodes of Season 8. We’re not expecting all of them to make it that far…GoT Sesaon 7 continues Sundays at 9 p.m.

A forward-thinking company like Amazon is the perfect home for us. Sharon Tal Yguado has been an instrumental force in the success of Walking Dead and Outcast from Day 1. Meanwhile, “The Walking Dead” franchise is still chugging along at AMC, with Season 8 of the flagship show premiering Sunday, Oct. Like us on Facebook. But it does mean that Kirkman will be developing future projects exclusively for Amazon Prime Video, which will have a first-look deal with Skybound Entertainment.In a statement, Kirkman referenced Sharon Tal Yguado, Amazon’s new head of event series, who focuses on genre work like sci-fi, action, fantasy and horror. 22.Want more stuff like this? They are staying put. Being able to not only continue that relationship, but also expand it into new territory with the vast resources of Amazon, means great things are ahead for myself, David Alpert, Skybound and fans of awesome entertainment. Look out world, here we come!”We look forward to seeing that Kirkman, Alpert, and Skybound produce for Amazon. So this Amazon move marks a reunion for Tal Yguado, Kirkman, and his Skybound partner, fellow TWD exec producer David Alpert.Robert Kirkman: “At Skybound Entertainment we strive to tell the best stories in the most unique and creative ways in an effort to always break new ground. Their new foray into genre fiction has us at peak optimism for what can be accomplished during this unprecedented partnership. Posted August 11, 2017 by Gina CarboneThis has to bite for AMC.In what The Hollywood Reporter called “a stunning move,” “The Walking Dead” comic book creator and TV series executive producer Robert Kirkman and his entertainment company Skybound Entertainment are exiting their overall deal with AMC “in favor of what is said to be a sizable two-year overall deal with Amazon Studios.” (AMC had signed Kirkman to “a rich, multiyear deal” in 2015.)That doesn’t mean “The Walking Dead” or “Fear the Walking Dead,” which Kirkman co-created, are moving from AMC to Amazon. As THR noted, she was the head of Fox International Channels, and supervised the rollout of “The Walking Dead” and developed Kirkman’s “Outcast” comic for TV before it was published.

But I guess now I’m sort of thinking, like, ‘Well, I guess that is related to me.’ But how does that fit in with all the other things going on in my life? In January, in a talk with Variety, she said of Trump, “He was mad at me a couple years ago, really obsessed with me a couple years ago, which is f*cking crazy. And sometimes you think, ‘Can I use this in my acting? Posted August 11, 2017 by Gina CarboneDonald Trump was once so obsessed with convincing Robert Pattinson to dump his cheating “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart that Stewart later joked that Trump was in love with her boyfriend. Stewart quipped, “So, to be fair, I don’t think Donald Trump hated me. That’s when I say the dumbest stuff.”(That includes what he said in his recent talk on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”) EW later followed by asking about Trump’s tweets from 2012-2013:EW: Does it seem somewhat surreal that the current president of the United States once wrote a bunch of tweets about you?Pattinson: [Laughs] I think there’s so many different levels of it. It’s insane.”Then in February, when she hosted “Saturday Night Live,” she read some of Trump’s anti-KStew tweets aloud, including one when Trump gave Pattinson an open invitation to the Miss Universe pageant. It’s such far-out concept that I’m like, I don’t want to believe that actually is happening. I can’t even understand it. And then I end up saying some dumb stuff. Like us on Facebook. Or should I be putting it away.’ It’s kind of interesting, I guess. I think he was in love with my boyfriend.” At the very least, he was totally Team Edward.Pattinson’s new movie “Good Time” opens August 11.Want more stuff like this? I literally cannot even understand it. It’s difficult because I feel like I’m wearing a lot of different hats at the same time. It’s always dangerous if I’m trying to make a group of people laugh. Your identity exists on many different planes at the same time and they all can be quite different from each other. When he said that, it didn’t really mean anything. I don’t know — this could be why people get annoyed with me.Yeah, he went in a very actory, cerebral direction with his response, whereas Kristen Stewart was much more direct. I think that’s why I get so anxious. Stewart referenced the current president’s many Robsten tweets a couple of times earlier this year, but Pattinson just publicly responded to their existence for the first time.While talking to Entertainment Weekly about his acclaimed new film “Good Time,” Pattinson discussed his struggle to say the right things in interviews.”There’s an expectation for a certain energy. I’m editing a lot in my head as the interviews go on.

27 at 9 p.m. Posted August 11, 2017 by Kelly WooBrooke Shields is helping herself to a helping of law, with a side of order.The actress is joining “Law & Order: SVU” in a recurring role in Season 19. on NBC. “I play a very different character from any I have ever played,” Shields teased in a statement. “I’m excited to stir the ‘SVU’ pot a bit.”Shields isn’t the only new face on “SVU” this season; Philip Winchester is moving from the canceled “Chicago Justice” to “SVU” to reprise his role as ADA Peter Stone. NBC didn’t release any details of her character, other than she’ll “shake up Benson’s world.” Benson is, of course, the sex crimes detective played by star Mariska Hargitay. And it’s likely they’ll be joined by high-profile guest stars, as is the show’s usual M.O.The actress returns to her NBC home; she previously starred in the network’s “Lipstick Jungle” and “Suddenly Susan.”
“Law & Order: SVU” Season 19 premieres Wednesday, Sept.