Alas, much like 50 percent of marriages in America, this movie was doomed from the start.Are there redeeming qualities? In fact, however, you’re far more terrible than anyone could have ever remembered.If you haven’t guessed by now, this week, Tim Hayne, Tony Maccio, Phil Pirrello, and Rachel Horner sink their teeth into Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey’s 2001 romantic comedy hit, “The Wedding Planner,” and gnaw it to its misguided, nonsensical, terrible-Italian-accented bone. podcast:iTunesGoogle PlayStitcherHave thoughts/feelings/feedback about the podcast? Posted January 26, 2017 by Moviefone StaffOh, “The Wedding Planner.” In theory, you’re a wonderful piece of J.Lo rom-com nostalgia. For the record, they really wanted to like this movie — you could say they planned to like it — Rachel and Tim, especially. Judy Greer, for instance, and Kathy Najimy’s “boss” wig — but you’ll have to listen to the podcast for the rest.Next week’s movie is a Tony Maccio pick: 1989’s “Road House,” starring Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch, and a giant can of whoopass.Listen to CAN’T WAIT! Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Have a movie you really, really want us to watch and talk about? Sure, but they’re few and far between. A Movie Lover’s Podcast Episode 10: ‘The Wedding Planner’Total runtime: 59:08Subscribe to the CAN’T WAIT!

Jordan as villain Erik Killmonger; Oscar winner Forest Whitaker in a yet-to-be-determined role; Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia, a member of the all-female Dora Milaje royal guard and a love interest for T’Challa; and Danai Gurira as Okoye, the leader of the Dora Milaje.Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman, no strangers to the Marvel-verse, were also confirmed to star. However, when an old enemy reappears on the radar, T’Challa’s mettle as King and Black Panther is tested when he is drawn into a conflict that puts the entire fate of Wakanda and the world at risk.Sounds pretty excellent to us. Brown, who recently joined the ensemble, is the biggest name among the supporting cast, which also includes Daniel Kaluuya, Winston Duke,Florence Kasumba, Letitia Wright, and John Kani.Here’s the official synopsis released by Marvel:”Black Panther” follows T’Challa who, after the events of “Captain America: Civil War,” returns home to the isolated, technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to take his place as King. “Black Panther” is due in theaters on February 16, 2018.[via: Marvel] Sterling K. Headlining the feature are Chadwick Boseman, who plays the titular hero, alias T’Challa; Angela Bassett as T’Challa’s mother, Ramonda; Michael B. Posted January 26, 2017 by Katie RobertsMarvel announced on Thursday that production had begun on standalone feature “Black Panther,” and also took the opportunity to officially confirm the entire, starry cast, as well as provide a synopsis for the flick.In a press release on its website, Marvel announced the start of production (which actually began earlier this week), as well as released the full, ridiculously-stacked cast list.

Simultaneously! Broke my right ankle and left knee skiing. Posted January 26, 2017 by Katie RobertsActor Tim Daly had an eventful trip to the Sundance Film Festival this week, though it had nothing to do with the festival itself: The “Madam Secretary” star broke both of his legs in a skiing accident.Daly himself tweeted about the news on Wednesday, poking fun at himself while describing his injuries (and assuring followers that aside from the obvious, he was otherwise feeling well).HUMANS!!! despite his broken legs, he will continue to appear in every episode of the season. One source close to the production said that the show may be far enough along in its shooting schedule that few changes could be needed.”Stay tuned to see how the show explains away — or ignores entirely — the actor’s injuries. I’m all good.”According to Variety, the actor’s injuries shouldn’t affect production on the show — which is currently in the midst of its third season — though they may necessitate some rewrites for his character, the husband of titular star Tea Leoni. Simultaneously!,” Daly wrote on the social media site. “How’s that for talent? Following surgery on Wednesday, Daly needs between six and eight weeks to recover, the trade notes, giving producers and writers time to consider “a number of options, including either incorporating Daly’s injury into the plot of the program or shooting around him.”Variety added:” … I’m all good. — Tim Daly (@TimmyDaly) January 25, 2017″Broke my right ankle and left knee skiing. “Madam Secretary” airs on Sundays on CBS.[via: Variety, Tim Daly/Twitter] How’s that for talent?

Posted January 26, 2017 by Katie RobertsWe may never see a sequel to “The Devil Wears Prada,” but fans of the fashion-centric flick are getting the next best thing: A Broadway musical adaptation. We could think of only two names: Elton John and Paul Rudnick. “We needed artists whose work has run the gamut from music and publishing to drama and fashion. But we also love the thought of the character getting some show-stopping numbers (one has to be called “That’s all,” right?), and maybe a routine choreographed around her penchant for tossing coats at her assistant.There’s no production timeline for the musical yet, but we can’t wait to see what John and Rudnick come up with. And the creative team behind the project is every bit as impressive as the talent it nabbed for the big screen version.None other than Elton John is adapting “Devil” for the Great White Way, teaming with composer and lyricist Paul Rudnick (who’s also a successful writer and screenwriter, responsible for the scripts for Hollywood flicks like “Addams Family Values” and “In and Out”). John, who wrote previous stage hits such as “The Lion King,” “Billy Elliot,” and “Aida” (for which he won a Tony Award), said in a statement that he was equally inspired by the 2006 Meryl Streep-Anne Hathaway movie and author Lauren Weisberger’s 2003 novel on which the film was based.”Re-imagining ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ for the musical theatre is super exciting,” John’s statement said. “I’m a huge fan of both the book and the feature film and a huge aficionado of the fashion world. That’s all!”It will be hard to top the performances in the “Devil” film adaptation (which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year), particularly Streep’s Oscar-nominated turn as icy magazine editor Miranda Priestly. I can’t wait to sink my musical teeth into this hunk of popular culture.””To bring ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ to the stage, we knew we needed to find artists as inimitable as the characters in the story,” added producers Bob Cohen and Kevin McCollum in a joint statement. Stay tuned.[via: Deadline]

“Obviously things can change throughout time, if the show goes on longer than we expect it to, or if we all collectively decide it would be fun to bring her back earlier, and she wanted to. Dobrev previously returned to do ADR (automated dialogue replacement) for TVD’s Season 7 finale, which just featured her voice. So I’m sticking with my side of the plan, which is to bring her back at the very end.”In terms of her post-TVD life, Dobrev co-stars in the new movie “xXx: Return of Xander Cage,” and she’s part of the “Flatliners” sequel coming out in September.”The Vampire Diaries” airs Fridays at 8 p.m. But in my opinion, she was very clear about what she wanted the next step in her life to be, and she’s doing a great job of achieving that. Not sure. #BackOnSet #TVDForeverA photo posted by Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) on Jan 26, 2017 at 9:19am PSTGotta love the ambiance. “The Vampire Diaries” star Nina Dobrev left the show at the end of Season 6, but she is officially returning for the series finale.Season 8, the final season, is airing Episode 10 this Friday, Jan 27 on The CW. Back in May 2016, after that episode aired, Julie Plec confirmed that the plan was still to have Dobrev return as Elena for the series finale. on The CW.Want more stuff like this? Dobrev just posted a photo to her Instagram, revealing that she was “back on set” for her return as Elena in the season finale, Episode 16, which should air on March 10:I know it’s Thursday, but this is not a TBT. At the time, they did not know when exactly the show would end.”It’s what she and I kind of agreed on when she decided to move on, and it’s what I’ve got in my head,” Plec told TVLine. How will Elena return to the fold? As you can see in the image, the script is for Season 8, Episode 16, titled “I Was Feeling Epic,” written by co-creators Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, and directed by Plec. Posted January 26, 2017 by Gina CarboneShe’s baaaack! Like us on Facebook.

Illumination Entertainment and Universal just announced some schedule reshuffling, as well as the arrival of “Sing 2,” a sequel to the 2016 animated singing competition movie.”Sing 2″ is scheduled to come out December 25, 2020. “Minions 2” is also moving, but only a week — now on July 3, 2020 instead of July 10, 2020.Here’s a handy look at Illumination’s new schedule, which also includes the third “Despicable Me” movie, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s “Grinch”:”Despicable Me 3″ – June 30, 2017″How the Grinch Stole Christmas” – November 9, 2018″The Secret Life of Pets 2″ – July 3, 2019″Minions 2″ – July 3, 2020″Sing 2″ – December 25, 2020In 2012, Illumination announced plans for a 3D CG-animated version of “The Cat in the Hat,” to follow the success of “The Lorax.” That still appears to be in development.So far, “Illumination” has had most success with “Minions,” which made more than $1 billion worldwide; “Despicable Me 2” ($970.8 million); and “The Secret Life of Pets” ($875.5 million). Posted January 26, 2017 by Gina Carbone”The Secret Life of Pets 2″ is going to stay a secret for an extra year. “Sing” just came out on Dec. Like us on Facebook. “The Secret Life of Pets 2” is sticking with a July release, but now July 3, 2019 instead of July 13, 2018. 21, 2016, and it has currently grossed $429.8 million worldwide.[via Collider, Deadline]Want more stuff like this?

It upsets me when Latinos complain about Gloria. They love color, prints and shoes …. “Gloria’s character is inspired by my mom and my aunt. magazine it upsets her when her “Modern Family” character, Gloria Pritchett, is criticized as a Latina stereotype. (via People). Like us on Facebook. Vergara doesn’t see the problem; she just sees that her character has brought more representation to network TV:”What’s wrong with being a stereotype?” she told HOLA! That said, not everyone feels validated by being the constant butt (or anus) of second-language jokes.[via: People]Want more stuff like this? It gives validation to people around the world to see others like themselves being validated. They are both Latin women who grew up in Colombia, like me. Representation has a powerful affect on fans. The actress also took some heat for playing up the English-is-my-second-language joke with her anus/anal/annual bit at the Golden Globes. “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” actor Diego Luna teared up when a fan shared the story of her father watching the movie and being moved by Luna’s character — Cassian Andor — speaking with his own Mexican accent. Eight years ago nobody had an accent like this on television.”You could argue that there are plenty of things wrong with being a stereotype, but she has a point about hearing your own natural accent on TV. I am grateful for the opportunity because the gringos have let me in with this strong accent I have. Posted January 26, 2017 by Gina CarboneSofia Vergara told HOLA!

The show has been on break since early December, but when Episode 9 arrives in just a couple of weeks, it will quickly establish the very different tone of the second half.”You’re going to see a much lighter Rick, because the thrill of the fight is on,” Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) told Entertainment Weekly. Danai Gurira (Michonne) shared her own intriguing finale tease with EW: “It is a very powerful way to end the season, and a very heart-stopping one at the same time. 12. Like us on Facebook. And a couple of actors have already teased the Episode 16 finale as (sexy) one to watch. It’s the heartbreak and the hope all rolled into one episode.””The Walking Dead” returns February 12 at 9 p.m. Posted January 26, 2017 by Gina Carbone”The Walking Dead” Season 7 will return with a bang on Sunday, Feb. on AMC.Want more stuff like this? Showrunner Scott Gimple said that, before the end of the midseason premiere, “you will see Rick Grimes smile.” Greg Nicotero, director/producer/special effects guru, added to EW that the 2017 return episode includes a “stupendous” epic action sequence.At this point, AMC has yet to release a title for Episode 9, but we know the back half will introduce new characters — including a few at some kind of junkyard (see pic above) — and show Rick Grimes trying to rally Hilltop and the Kingdom to join Alexandria to fight Negan and the Saviors.Gimple told EW “there’s definitely unfinished business” with the Oceanside group that Tara met earlier in Season 7, and they will probably end up joining the other communities to fight the Saviors.EW mentioned a big scene — and rallying speech — for Tara in the penultimate Episode 15, so that’s something to look forward to.

They weren’t considered serious enough, and they were thought to be too narcissistic, especially if some seemingly more important historical drama that engaged the wider world was in the running. Would an older, whiter voting pool still have given eight nods to “Moonlight?” Maybe, since its virtuosity was undeniable.Still, the fact that 2016 was a year full of awards-worthy work by people of color had to help push “Moonlight” — a film that has made only a modest splash at the box office — up toward the top of voters’ stacks of screener DVDs.Then again, that same, more diverse membership also gave 14 nods to “La La Land,” a film with predominantly white actors and filmmakers, a movie whose virtuosity is equally undeniable. All of their contenders have been socially conscious, from 2013 winner “12 Years a Slave” to 2014 nominee “Selma” and 2015 nominee “The Big Short.””Moonlight” may be the least overtly political of the pair’s films, but its clear that the Academy responds (as do audiences) to their ability to shepherd movies that present social issues with showmanship and artistry.And then there’s the groundswell of support behind this year’s other African-American-focused films and performances. And maybe that’s the best thing about a “La La Land”-vs.-“Moonlight” race: it won’t necessarily be about which movie is more politically correct or has more lavish production values or looks more like America. What this year’s Oscars may come down to is Hollywood’s own self-regard. Don’t forget, in response to the #OscarsSoWhite controversies of the past couple years, the Academy made a point of diversifying its membership. But then came the upset 1999 victory of showbiz valentine “Shakespeare in Love” over World War II epic “Saving Private Ryan.” In the last six years, the industry has had few qualms about rewarding its own navel-gazing, leading to such top-prize winners as “The Artist,” “Argo,” and “Birdman.”So a musical about Hollywood strivers, even one that points out the contrast between the dream of stardom and the hard work and constant rejection involved in its pursuit — that is, between the image Hollywood presents to the world and the soul-crushing reality behind it — stands an excellent chance at bringing home armloads of gold.”Moonlight” presents a reality so far from that depicted in “La La Land” that it might as well be set on another planet. Posted January 26, 2017 by Gary SusmanAt least no one can say the Academy didn’t do something about #OscarsSoWhite.The 2017 Academy Award nominations yielded Best Picture nods for four movies about people of color (“Fences,” “Hidden Figures,” “Lion,” and “Moonlight”), seven acting nods for performers of color, plus behind-the-scenes nominations for non-white filmmakers in such categories as directing, screenplay, and cinematography. That’ll be measured by the support for “La La Land,” the front-runner with 14 nominations — a record tied only by “All About Eve” and “Titanic.” Its next closest rivals, “Moonlight” and “Arrival,” both got eight nominations.”Arrival” is a technically accomplished film whose plot about earthlings wary of alien interlopers seems like a parable for the “Build that wall!” era. the gritty drama, the Hollywood dream factory vs. (Which America?)Rather, it could just be the kind of Oscar race we’ve always dreamed about but never actually seen: One that’s all about talent, merit, and art. But science fiction is generally a hard sell for the Academy (as are genre films in general), and the voters’ failure to nominate Academy favorite Amy Adams for her lead performance implies that support for “Arrival” is softer than its eight nominations would suggest.So it looks like “La La Land”-vs.-“Moonlight” is the narrative that will shape the rest of the awards race. It’ll be the frothy musical vs. In the end, it will come down, as it always does, to the face Hollywood wants to present to the world, its idea of what best represents the movie industry today.In the past, movies about show business or Hollywood seldom made it all the way to a Best Picture win. Its protagonist, a gay black youth from a broken family — who lives in a drug-riddled housing project — is someone that some industry insiders would seem to have a hard time identifying with. Both are highly personal stories that generally avoid references to politics, topicality, or the world at large outside the characters’ cloistered worlds — the epic-mindedness that Oscar voters often reward.How will the voters decide? the Miami projects.Both movies are the product of visionary writer/directors, and both films have been praised for their lyricism, visual poetry, and spirit-lifting qualities. And yet his coming of age, his years-long search for love and acceptance, offers universal themes that should resonate with the voters who loved, say, “Boyhood.”There’s also the remarkable track record of producing duo Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner, who’ve landed Best Picture nominations for each of the past four years.

I’m really blessed and thankful for it. They’ve known each other their whole lives. I’d want the character to be perfect. Would Americans accept me in this role? But I think if I stayed as honest as I could with it, and I treated it with that respect, I knew that it was going to be fine. I used to talk to myself in an American accent when I was a kid. I think that’s what we’re most like. My dad grew up reading the comics as well. I was thinking like, “Sh*t. Tell me the experience of being around a guy so plugged into it all, but also creating this very original vision.Exactly. I don’t know!” If we get to that level, then I don’t know. I wasn’t much of a comic book reader. But yeah, it was amazing to me to realize the love that people have for these comics. We were, not replicating, but getting ideas from the movie “Brick” as our preparation for the show. Yeah, I think there are lots of similarities.What was fun — and what was not so fun — about the physical transformation in getting the shade of hair just right, the eyebrows just right, and the look just right?It wasn’t so much a fun process, but we got it done. Is it going to be exactly like the comics? Apa: I wasn’t too familiar with Archie, mostly because I wasn’t really exposed to him over in New Zealand. I was like, “What’s going through your head?” As a writer, I would love to be inside the minds of these people sometimes. When I first heard it I was like, Oh no, Miss Grundy. I was like, OK, it’s OK then. You can see that he’s really passionate about it and he wants it to be the best, just as we all do. With Betty, he’s got this long friendship with her. Tell me about your dynamic with Luke and what he has to tell you about his experiences.Luke has some really, really cool and funny stories about his experiences and we have a lot of fun on set. He gives me advice and then just things like being on set, saving a shot by not blocking someone. So it just shows how much reach that this franchise has.Did you have much familiarity with this sense of small-town noir? I think we got there, and I’m lucky that, because I have dark brown hair, I’m lucky that it kind of works. My dad kind of was. Once they had gotten it and I had seen it, and it had set with me a bit, I was happy. We’ll talk about heaps of stuff and it really helps me. So the pilot director, Lee Krieger, showed us this movie and told us to watch it and said, “Yeah, there will be some ideas from this movie that we’re going to incorporate into the pilot, with the same kind of feel or vibe.” I think we did that. He knew all the guys there. But that part of it never was a problem for me. I was in the salon for about 10 hours, and I had to get the right shade of orange. It is kind of film noir-ish.Your show’s creator and producer, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Archie Comics’ Chief Creative Officer, knows this material and the source material backwards and forwards. So, as Archie moves closer to you and your take on him, what would that mean to you?That’s crazy! Then I saw what Miss Grundy looked like. Yeah.So after reading the script and knowing a bit about the comics from the first comics, I definitely saw some similarities, like the love triangle and his relationship with Jughead, although, it isn’t on the same kind of level as it is in the comics. Sarah Habel is amazing. He’s such a legend, and I think we’re all really blessed to be able to work with that guy.Had you mastered your American accent already, or did you do it for this part?I did two movies before this. I didn’t even know I was going to be acting two years ago. She plays the character really, really well.So I think the fact that Miss Grundy is this whole new character is exciting, and I think a lot of people aren’t … What was intriguing to you about going there with Archie?The most intriguing part about the Miss Grundy side of things was that, for a start, I was so surprised when I found out. Yeah, I didn’t realize that there was this whole other world out there. I think I’m thankful in that regard, because it just becomes another thing to think about.But when I’m in a scene it’s not something that I’m thinking about. Off-camera, I can’t do it because I just feel like a dork.”Riverdale” premieres January 26th on The CW. It’s a massive responsibility. I didn’t realize it. It’s weird. That took ages, but they ended up getting it right. But I think it’s going to be cool for people to see that relationship, their love triangle, in way more depth than the comic.The show had me when it introduced the Miss Grundy twist — both the way the character appeared based on a directly opposite image of the comics version, and then the juiciness of the plot line. Yeah, it is funny to know that he knows so much, while knowing so much about the history of Archie Comics, he’s able to produce something completely different.If this show hits big, you may see Archie in the comics move closer to your TV take on Archie — for example, the Iron Man of the comics right now is very much inspired by Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. Roberto is so talented. But yeah, he’s so invested in this. I think we should just chill out a little bit!What’s been your favorite part of this journey as an actor?It’s all been so surreal. They do love each other as friends. They’ve been in the same class. So yeah, it made me really happy to see that it looked good.Creatively, what’s exciting or intriguing to you about redefining Archie and his relationships with Betty and Veronica in particular, not just being about “Why are these two beautiful women competing for him?” I think it’s going to be awesome for people to see the depth of all our characters and that it’s not like the comics where he’s just bouncing between the two of them — and it’s more than that.Veronica comes in, and he’s immediately just attracted to this girl. I think we’re most similar to those kind of comics. So I knew I’d have to treat it with a lot of respect. In fact, I wasn’t exposed to him at all, but I think before I went into the audition and when I had found out that I was going to be auditioning for this character, I definitely did some research and I realized how big of a deal it was.It made me think, as well; it made me wonder How are they going to do this? How are they going to make it different? I think fans should approach it with an open mind and know that these things happen.When people are as passionate as they are about Archie, it’s intriguing that, the minute you get cast, you have an instant fan base, even though they haven’t seen a second of the work yet. I had no idea that I’d be where I am now. She’s such a great actor. I struggle doing it outside the camera. It’s a big responsibility. I think we really hit it on the head.Tell me about those discoveries and the research, the essence of the traditional Archie, and then the newer material that informs this show.I think, when I first looked at the comics for the very first time, I was wondering who created it, what made them want to create something where a boy with red hair has two beautiful women fighting over him, and he’s friends with a guy called Jughead who’s wearing a crown all the time? All of these guys are so cool. Like, New Zealand far.Yes, actor K.J. Did you know much or anything about Archie?K.J. I’ve seen some negativity toward it, where they’re like “No, it should be the same as the comics.” But I don’t know. I think I take it for granted sometimes to be doing what I’m doing and working with the people that I’m working with.Luke Perry has been in your type of role, in a sense, in “90210,” and now he’s giving Archie advice. It’s so well known. I couldn’t believe he used to work at a comic shop. Until we get there, then I don’t know. Apa had to dye his hair Archie-red and ditch his Kiwi accent to embrace the role of the all-American teenager whose romantic misadventures have filled comics pages since 1941, but he proves a fine fit for Archie’s letterman jacket (and without it, adding washboard abs to Archie’s many attributes).As the series debuts and adds a “Twin Peaks”-ian level of sinister small-town secrets into Riverdale’s high-school setting, Apa joined Moviefone for a look at how he came to embody a pop-cultural icon — with a twist.Moviefone: I’ve asked everybody your age where Archie fit in your pop cultural mind before this job came along. He’s got so much past behind it. Posted January 26, 2017 by Scott HuverArchie Andrews may be an enduring figure of comic book Americana, but when the producers of “Riverdale,” The CW’s new, off-kilter adaptation of the classic Archie Comics crew, they looked far and wide for their leading man — really, really far. I learn so much from him, just from personal things, life stuff. The coolest part for me is probably just to be working with such amazing actors, like Luke Perry and Molly Ringwald. It’s important for all of us, whether you’re from America or you’re from New Zealand, I think it was important for all of us to be really careful with these characters and to play them honestly for the fans.Did you get any insight into comic book fandom from co-star Cole Sprouse, who knows that audience well?He used to work at a comic shop! So we did that. They’ve been neighbors for their whole lives. Being from New Zealand was another anxiety that I had about it. I was one of those weird little kids that would walk around talking to himself when he was alone, and I would still do it. That was because I wanted it to be real.I didn’t want to step into this for it to look so bizarre that no one is going to believe it, because otherwise I wouldn’t want to play the character. He’s always got things running through his mind, and I’ve told him. I’m constantly learning things from that guy. But there were definitely some things that were brought over, like in the most recent adaptations by Fiona Staples and Mark Waid. I’m not thinking about putting an accent on. They’ve got that massive past behind them, but they haven’t quite gotten to that level of intimacy yet. I went to the comic shop with him. He grew up in Samoa, which is just a tiny little island. It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard of, but it’s what makes it so unique and so lovable, I think. And then you have that side that’s like, “Not MY Archie!”Yeah, exactly!Tell me about your experience just being a part of that process prior to the show debuting.I knew stepping into it that it would be a responsibility to play this character, because it’s such a nurturing and well taken care of character. I don’t know. It’s just on. I read the script and I thought that it could either be really, really good or it could be kind of cheesy-ish. Being from New Zealand, do you get that “American small town with little secrets”?I was familiar with it on a level where I’d seen it on TV a lot. You really put it into perspective when you talked about Iron Man. I think we’ve all done that.

Britton explained what made their partnership so special during an episode of Entertainment Weekly’s Binge podcast, and part of it was her and Chandler’s refusal to let either of their characters cheat.”We were like, ‘We’re never letting the writers have us have an affair. “And we told them so.”That was just one of the things she said they felt “very strongly” about when they sat down to discuss their vision early on.”What we thought would be really interesting and what we thought this would be the perfect format for on the show was to actually show what most couples go through which is just trying to be partners to each other and get through the day,” she said. And that wasn’t an accident. Posted January 25, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongConnie Britton and Kyle Chandler took their “Friday Night Lights” characters’ marriage vows very seriously.Though fictional, Tami and Eric Taylor had a marriage that many fans still consider the gold standard of relationship goals. Coach and Principal Taylor forever.[via: EW] “They need each other and they also really love each other.”It’s pretty simple when you think about it, and they nailed it. If they try to do it, we’re not going to do it,'” she said.

A sequel of any kind seems all but impossible given that — spoiler alert! On top of that, she and West are each busy starring in different TV series. “It just gives me an all-encompassing warm feeling inside.”We’ll see what they come up with and just hope it doesn’t require tissues to wipe away our tears like the film did.[via: Twitter; EW] She dropped the intriguing tidbit during a Twitter Ask Me Anything on Wednesday when a user asked her about the possibility. Still, we can’t blame them for wanting to figure out something given that they both loved working on the film.West recently referred to the experience as “phenomenal” during an Entertainment Weekly interview, and Moore had glowing memories to share as well.”It was the first time I’d ever had that kind of camp-like experience where you come home and cry when it’s over and you’re determined to keep in touch with everyone,” she told EW. — Moore’s character, Jamie, died at the end of the movie. She didn’t say who would be involved, but her leading man, Shane West, seems like a safe bet.We’re working on it! Posted January 25, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongNow that “A Walk to Remember” is celebrating its 15th anniversary, fans may be getting a gift.For those clamoring for a reunion, star Mandy Moore has good news: One is in the works.
— Mandy Moore (@TheMandyMoore) January 25, 2017It’s hard to say what exactly a reunion would entail.

“He was the character to me and there was definitely a part of me that absolutely fell in love with him.”West also saw how different they were and explained how fitting that was considering their characters’ unlikely relationship.”It was kind of perfect the way we came into the project because she was coming from this pop background at that time — she had her song ‘Candy,’ and a role in the ‘Princess Diaries’ — and for me I was into punk rock and so it was like completely opposites attract, or opposites are forced together to work,” he said.It’s no wonder they managed to make so many people cry — an impressive feat considering Moore was starring in her first major role and very nervous, as both she and West noted. Moore currently stars in NBC’s new hit drama “This Is Us,” and West is a regular in the supernatural series “Salem.”Does anyone else feel super old now?[via: EW] They’re both seasoned pros now, though. Moore revealed that a part of her “fell in love” with her co-star, and they also explained why they made such a great on-screen pair.”Shane was so cool. Everything about him — the way he dressed, the little cigarettes that he smoked, and the music he listened to,” Moore told EW. Posted January 25, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongIt has officially been 15 years since “A Walk to Remember” hit theaters, making it the perfect time for stars Mandy Moore and Shane West to take a walk down memory lane.The two actors opened up to Entertainment Weekly about making the 2002 hit teen romance, and what they had to say was as sweet as the film itself.

During a visit to the British daytime show “This Morning” to promote her new film, “iBoy,” she admitted as much, saying that it’s “really strange.”After being cast as Arya at age 12, Williams has spent most of her career working on the HBO hit series. Leaving it behind will be a big adjustment, even if it does open her up other opportunities.”It’s exciting thinking, ‘Oh, I can do whatever I want with my career and I don’t have any ties,'” she said during the interview. Whatever happens for Williams’ character, Arya Stark, the actress feels torn about inevitably saying goodbye. “Particularly for Arya, there’s some really high points, there’s some really low points, too.”We’ll find out what that means when “Game of Thrones” Season 7 premiers this summer.[via: This Morning; h/t: Time] “But it’s also really scary because that’s been my safety blanket.”Unfortunately for spoiler-loving fans, she wouldn’t give any hints about when Arya’s last day may come, but she did offer a few teases.”Everyone gets their trials and everyone gets their tribulations,” she said. Posted January 25, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongAs hard as it is for fans to face the fact that “Game of Thrones” is ending, it’s even more so for Maisie Williams.With characters always being killed off left and right on the show, only some will make it till the end and others’ ends will come much sooner.

So I read it, and I absolutely just loved it. Somebody who was able to turn their situation into something palatable or even enjoyable. I’ve never been very good at doing things that don’t occur to me naturally. You put two actors in parts, and you write scenes for them and they’re in love, and you hope it works. We worked really well together. She was always herself and just couldn’t help it.Her love story with F. I loved how intimate Therese made the story. Do you think that there’s a really apt metaphor for today’s times to draw from her?It’s a person and a life, so I think there are many lessons to be learned from this, as many as she learned in her lifetime. What was, to you, the challenge or the joy of making that story real and making it relatable for the modern audience?That wasn’t such a conscious thing. Because you should always be the thing that makes you special, the thing that no one else can do, but you can do.What was the creative reward of shepherding this project as a producer? I think before, her behavior was just too bizarre, because the rest of us hadn’t gotten there yet.On the most personal level, what was that thing about Zelda that really resonated with you, that you felt you got, or that you related to particularly?I think the thing that I always love about, one through-line I think, when you read about really fantastic women in history, strong women, women who struggled, is there seemed to be this strength in, realizing a situation they were in, but making the best of it. What I loved about Zelda is that she made the best out of her situation. I think it’s almost, in trying really hard that I did my career a lot of damage. I think it’s important that we realize we have something to protect, and more to fight for. Christina Ricci: I don’t know when I first heard of Zelda. Quote-unquote, the right way, according to me.You are a producer!I have a very strong opinion, generally, about everything. That’s a real survivor. Was there a particular territory that you gave extra attention in that role?I love filmmaking. Scott Fitzgerald and who danced with spilling champagne flutes upon café society tabletops at home and abroad as the living incarnation of the American flapper.Though she would not live to see 50, Zelda Fitzgerald’s life, gin-soaked antics, and turbulent marriage would gradually be elevated to legendary status, symbolic of both spirited excess and proto-feminist defiance, until she emerged as a bona fide 20th century icon.Now Ricci, who, as a popular actress since her childhood years, is no stranger to living life in the public eye — though not with nearly Zelda’s level of wild abandon — teams with Amazon Studios for “Z: The Beginning of Everything.” Premiering in full on January 27th, the ten-episode series, with Ricci serving as both executive producer and leading lady, offers a look at the prototypical jazz baby with fresh eyes, simultaneously bringing her down to earth while shedding light on just how much of a societal status quo-shattering force she ultimately was, as Ricci reveals in conversation with Moviefone.Moviefone: When did Zelda Fitzgerald hit your radar for the first time? But the book that the show’s based on, “Z: A Zelda Fitzgerald Novel,” by Therese Fowler, is a book that I discovered; I think it was on a bestseller list or something in a magazine, or must-have summer reading or something. We didn’t rehearse at all. Because her life wouldn’t have been tragic if she was alive today. David and I get along really well. Scott Fitzgerald has become legend. I think we just really lucked out. I think it’s a great story. Both of us are child actors, and I think it’s that kind of comfort on screen and on set that allows us then the space to really work on the chemistry.We see her early struggle rebelling against the world in which she’s raised. We all do that to a degree as we come up. Because, I think, that it’s taken that many generations for us finally to evolve, and women who understand her behavior, women who are like her.I think that the fascination, and why it’s now all kind of coming to a head with her, is that she’s finally relatable. I just thought it was something really worth telling, a story worth telling.She’s been a figure of fascination for generations, of both women and men. So for me, it was just … I think it’s a story worth telling now, because I think it’s important that we, as women, don’t forget what the world was like for us in the past. I had really specific vision for this.Do you feel there’s a very specific takeaway for a generation that’s going to discover Zelda Fitzgerald for the first time through this series? Did you find yourself at any point in your life wanting to move in different directions than the world you lived in was telling you to move in?You mean do something other than be an actress?Or just maybe even be an actress in a different way than the system was trying to tell you to be an actress, or the kinds of roles they were telling you to play.Yeah. I’ve been on sets my entire life. She would have had recourse. I’m obsessed with the nuance of story, with performance, every aspect of it. It’s a great story to really show how far we’ve come. I love how accessible and sort of modern Zelda’s voice was. I wanted to see this told, and I wanted to see it told the right way. It’s like she was out of place in the time period she was. It’s almost like a mistake happened in the universe, and she was born, like, 60 years too early or something, or 70 years too early, or 80 years too early. I think I’m very much like Zelda, in that I have a hard time not being myself. Posted January 25, 2017 by Scott HuverIt’s a role Christina Ricci thought suited her to a Z.For nearly a century, Zelda Fitzgerald has been a subject of enduring fascination, as the ultimate muse of the Jazz Age, a woman whose high living and high spirits fueled the much revered writings of her novelist husband F. I love movies. I’m obsessed with the process. You came up in Hollywood, which is probably an interesting world to rebel against. So yeah, I’ve definitely felt at a certain point that I was supposed to become something different, but I tried really hard, and I couldn’t. David [Hoflin] was cast very late. What do you think is the secret of her ongoing allure and the appeal of her story?I think she really was a person out of time.

Like us on Facebook. Unfortunately, it seems someone is going to step in the middle of that: Sean Astin.The “Goonies” actor joined season 2 as a high school classmate of Hopper and Joyce, Bob Newby, described as a “kindhearted former nerd” who works at Radio Shack. And on the Fan2Sea Comic Con Cruise, Harbor revealed, “He’s Winona’s new boyfriend — much to the chagrin to the Chief of Police.”Harbour also teased that the supernatural show picks up a year later, and that the “Justice For Barb” movement isn’t dead (though she is). “he question and the feelings that Nancy has that no one ever cares about her friend Barb, are very much present in the beginning of the season.””Stranger Things” season 2 premieres sometime later this year on Netflix.Want more stuff like this? Posted January 25, 2017 by Kelly WooRomance is coming to “Stranger Things” season 2 — just maybe not the way fans hoped.Shippers were cheering for single mom Joyce (Winona Ryder) and police chief Hopper (David Harbour) to get together last season on the hit Netflix drama.

Like us on Facebook. 26 on ABC.Want more stuff like this? 24, and right afterward Wu tweeted her strong reactions. She’s not taking the posts down either, even after admitting she was told it would be better for her career not to go there.Men who sexually harass women 4 OSCAR! BUY ur way out of trouble by settling out of court!Just do a good acting job,thats all that matters!bc Art isn’t about humanity,right?
— Constance Wu (@ConstanceWu) January 24, 2017
A lot more people know Casey Affleck than Constance Wu, and that stardom has power. Posted January 25, 2017 by Gina CarboneConstance Wu, best known for her role as mom Jessica Huang on ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat,” is upset about Casey Affleck’s Best Actor Oscar nomination for “Manchester by the Sea.”She doesn’t appear to have an issue with the film itself, she’s frustrated because Affleck had been the focus of sexual harassment allegations, but whatever he did or did not do was never brought up for serious discussion, and it never got in the way of his awards campaign. — Constance Wu (@ConstanceWu) January 24, 2017Here’s a thing I wrote during an convo w/ @PeterShinkoda about how Casey Affleck’s win will be a nod to Trump’s. I wasn’t able to take that in and appreciate what was good about that moment. (Nate Parker’s 1999 rape scandal — he was found not guilty, but it’s complicated — and its affect on his 2016 film “Birth of a Nation” have been referenced a lot in comparison. — Constance Wu (@ConstanceWu) January 24, 2017Boys! But, heck, Katherine Heigl stopped getting work just for daring to criticize “Knocked Up,” and she still can’t get through interviews without being asked about allegations that she’s “difficult.”)This is Affleck’s second nomination, after his Best Supporting Actor nod for 2007’s “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.” Asked by Entertainment Weekly to compare the two experiences, he said, “I just didn’t know jack back then — I wasn’t smart enough to appreciate what it really means to have all these people who you’ve seen forever and admired as actors and artists to acknowledge you. Bc good acting performance matters more than humanity,human integrity!Bc poor kid rly needs the help! This just feels a bit calmer and better and deeper and nicer.”The Oscars will be awarded Sunday, Feb. (In 2010, Affleck settled sexual harassment lawsuits filed by two women — a producer and cinematographer — from the set of his Joaquin Phoenix mockumentary “I’m Still Here.”)To Wu — and others who have brought up the allegations — Affleck got a free pass, and he’ll probably ride that free pass to the podium.The 2017 Oscar nominations were released Jan. But she is not the only one to wonder why some people aren’t even questioned about their pasts, while others are ostracized for alleged behavior.

28 at age 84, after suffering a stroke.[via: Empire]Want more stuff like this? I’ll be sick for a year.” AND “You have a jawline, hold your chin up otherwise you look like a tuna.” From then on I would identify myself on the phone as Tuna Neck.[…] The romantic relationship ended the weekend of our final evacuation from Chicago by Lear 24 with Judy and John Belushi to our homes in Martha’s Vineyard. Carrie and I went home to a house which Judy had purchased for me but unseen by me until the moment of our arrival. It was night. They dated off and on from 1977 to 1983, then were married from 1983-1984, and dated again after the divorce. It was a fixer-upper, mid-century oil-guzzler, albeit designed by Hideo Sasaki. When we were both in our twenties, Carrie and I associated as intimates, occasionally co-habiting in her New York apartment, Hollywood Cottage and Debbie’s [Reynolds] house.I met Carrie at Saturday Night Live. I remember how much she made him laugh. One of the most brilliant and hilarious minds of our eon, Carrie would say things like: “I love tiny babies. She and John Belushi became instant pals. Contemplating marriage, I gave Carrie a sapphire ring and subsequently in the romance she gave me a Donald Roller Wilson oil painting of a monkey in a blue dress next to a tiny floating pencil, which I kept for years until it began to frighten my children. Architectural reservations notwithstanding, Carrie wasn’t shallow, we had a great time. Like us on Facebook. Later, while filming Blues Brothers, Carrie and I fell in love and during the shoot she moved in with me into a penthouse suite in the futuristic, aluminium-clad Astro Tower, which I knew to apologise for. Carrie had the most refined eye for art and design.While in Chicago we obtained blood tests for compatibility from an East Indian female doctor. She was also in love with Paul Simon. Posted January 25, 2017 by Gina CarboneCarrie Fisher was beloved by many, but she was only married once — to musician Paul Simon. Judy and John went home. 27, then the “Singin’ in the Rain” legend on Dec. We hope she kept the sapphire ring, too, but what happened to that oil painting of the monkey in the blue dress?Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, died within one day of each other — the “Star Wars” icon on Dec. Carrie said, “It looks like it was abandoned by Fred and Wilma Flintstone.” The next morning she asked me to drive her to the airport and she flew to New York. Before her marriage, though, Fisher was briefly engaged to Dan Aykroyd.Aykroyd and Fisher met at “Saturday Night Live” (which she hosted in 1978), then worked together on the 1980 comedy classic “The Blues Brothers.”Fisher died in late December 2016 at age 60, and Empire magazine is honoring her with a 24-page farewell in its March issue, including tributes from people who knew her well, including Dan Aykroyd.Here’s an excerpt from his beautiful tribute to “one of the most brilliant and hilarious minds of our eon”:”I grew up as a simple Catholic kid from a government family in Hull, Quebec, so you can imagine how much of a privilege and honour it was for me to have known this one-off, broke-the-mould woman as a great friend. She married him but I hope she kept my ring.”Read the full tribute. When they cry they turn red and look like screaming tomatoes.” OR “This romance is finished the second you let out even a threep.

Plus, we get a sneak peek of the opening crawl and a reminder that R2-D2 is still at the center of the story.Episode VIII’s title was just revealed on Monday, Jan. 23, and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) shared his approval. “The Last Jedi” arrives in theaters on December 15. Director Rian Johnson celebrated the announcement of the film’s official title by sharing a behind-the-scenes photo in the editing bay.Scour this image for any clues you can glean:Felt so good to drop this into the cut this morning.A photo posted by Rian Johnson (@riancjohnson) on Jan 24, 2017 at 10:06am PSTIt’s not exactly flashy, but this photo — and a hallway shot Johnson shared last week — illustrate how so much of the sausage is made in regular office space. Posted January 25, 2017 by Gina CarboneTease you, he will.”Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” the artist formerly known as Episode VIII, is currently in post-production for its December 15, 2017 release. The still untitled Episode IX, directed by “Jurassic World” helmer Colin Trevorrow, is scheduled for 2019.Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook.

Yet, we keep coming back for more “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal,” and “How to Get Away With Murder.” MAY THEY NEVER END.To celebrate the return of TGIT, we’re counting down all the times Shonda Rimes has made us consider therapy. Posted January 25, 2017 by Rachel HornerShonda Rhimes is the primary reason you’ll find us curled up in the fetal position, sobbing uncontrollably in front of our TVs on select Thursday nights.