But I think you guys might win, too,” Schnapp said.McLaughlin was even worse — he offered encouragement instead of fighting words: “Do good out there.”Luckily, Wolfhard saved it all, busting out the big guns by bringing up how Matarazzo’s “Les Misérables” character died every night. ET/PT on Spike. “That’s going to happen again tonight,” he said.Spike released two promos for the episodes, including one of McLaughlin performing LL Cool J’s “I’m Bad.”The other video teased Wolfhard’s rendition of “Buddy Holly” by Weezer.”Lip Sync Battle” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. Posted May 22, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongThe “Stranger Things” kids smack talk like they do most other things: adorably.Four of the show’s stars — Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard, and Noah Schnapp — are set to appear in an upcoming episode of “Lip Sync Battle,” so the hosts of the preshow helped them get their game faces on. The young actors were each given the chance to “rattle some cages” and intimidate their co-stars, but as good as they are at acting, a couple of them seemed to have missed the finer points of talking trash.”I think I might win …

Posted May 22, 2017 by Kelly Woo”Resident Evil” isn’t done yet. The franchise’s production company is developing a six-movie reboot, Constantin Film chairman Martin Moszkowicz told Variety at the Cannes Film Festival.The franchise was set to end with “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,” which made $312 million worldwide after its January release (including a hefty $160 million in China). Anderson also may not be involved, since he’s adapting the “Monster Hunters” video games into a movie set for release later this year or in early 2018. Those figures likely made Constantin Film reconsider ending the successful title.Based on the video game, the first “Resident Evil” came out in 2002 and five subsequent movies followed, all written by Paul W.S. Anderson (who also directed four of them). The franchise has made $1.2 billion to date and is the most successful video game adaptation of all time.It’s unclear how the reboot would be tied to the original series (if at all), or if star Milla Jovovich would appear in the new films.

At least, that’s how TMZ phrased it, but they probably just mean the guy claims he inspired the main love story, including Kate Winslet’s character, Rose. But at least he’s making it count?Want more stuff like this? You probably guessed — the wife survived, the husband did not.Of course, 1,517 souls were lost that fateful 1912 night … so we’d imagine there are more than a few such stories.”There’s no word on why this guy would wait so long to file a lawsuit, but maybe he wanted to piggy-back on the 20th anniversary. Like us on Facebook. The guy who filed suit, Stephen Cummings, probably doesn’t think he’s the real Jack Dawson since — 20-year-old spoiler alert — that guy died when the ship went down.TMZ referenced the legal docs, which claim James Cameron heard about Cummings through word-of-mouth, after events that took place in Brevard County in 1988 and 1989, and Cameron used Cummings’s story for the 1997 film.As the site reported:”The ex-‘yacht master’ also says the depiction of the Titanic sinking was NOT based on history, but instead on stories he told friends about 2 of his relatives who were aboard the real doomed ship. Posted May 22, 2017 by Gina CarboneIt’s been 84 20 years since “Titanic” came out, but some (head-scratch-worthy) lawsuits never let go.Last night, Celine Dion wowed the 2017 Billboard Music Awards audience by singing her famous “Titanic” song, “My Heart Will Go On.”Just incase you missed Celine dion’s tear jerking performance of “my heart will go on” 😭 pic.twitter.com/rX8iB0Y8s5
— no (@tbhjuststop) May 22, 2017Meanwhile, TMZ posted a report that writer/director James Cameron is being sued for $300 million (plus 1 percent of royalties) by a Florida man who claims “he’s the inspiration for Jack Dawson,” played by Leonardo DiCaprio. So far, the suit is being met with “good luck with that” laughter, and if this is really all he has, he really does not have much.

The box office for the year to date is just slightly ahead of this time last year (by 2.4 percent, or about $102 million). The domestic release was always going to be just gravy, which is another reason why Fox shouldn’t be too disappointed by $36 million North American debut.What Do This Weekend’s Results Say About the Summer 2017 Movie Season
Don’t forget, even if domestic box office is an afterthought these days, summer sales still traditionally make up 40 percent of the year’s take, or about $4.5 billion at the North American box office.The current summer movie season is just three weeks old, but already, it’s seen “Covenant” do “meh” business, “Guardians 2” slightly underperform them, and “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” bomb outright. Scott’s previous “Alien” prequel grabbed $403 million from earthling ticketbuyers, and that was at 2012 prices. 2″ at the box office. As long as the 79-year-old’s health holds out, and as long as the $1.4 billion franchise keeps delivering solid worldwide numbers like “Covenant” has, those facehuggers and chestbursters should keep coming back to terrify us for years to come. Plus, Ridley Scott’s previous “Alien” prequel — 2012’s confusing “Prometheus” — may have squandered a lot of the franchise’s good will.Nonetheless, anticipation for “Covenant” was keen, reviews were good-ish (73 percent at Rotten Tomatoes), word-of-mouth was just okay (as measured by a B grade at CinemaScore), and the R-rated sci-fi/horror installment was able to deliver gore, thrills, and chills that franchise fans have come to expect over the last 38 years. Still, what does this photo finish mean for the franchise, its director and stars, its studio, and a summer movie season that has hobbled out of the gate? The latest “Alien” prequel claimed an estimated $36.0 million debut, keeping “Guardians” from a three-peat at No. 1 by a margin of less than $1 million.Going into the weekend, “Alien’s” projections were near $40 million, but a Friday to Saturday dip crushed those hopes. Let’s break it down.”Guardians” is holding up very well after three weeks; it just crossed the $300 million mark on its 17th day in theaters, and it’ll almost certainly surpass the $333 million total earned by the first “Guardians” within the next several days. Plus, it’s competition among new wide releases skewed a lot younger, so it didn’t have to worry about losing viewers to teen romance “Everything, Everything” or family comedy sequel “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.” No wonder people 25 and older made up 66 percent of the “Covenant” audience.Is “Covenant’s” Opening Weekend a Triumph or Disappointment? (Or if you even want to.)This column can’t answer any of those — sorry — but it can answer those regarding the movie’s razor-thin victory over “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. So $36 million is within the range of expectations, and — assuming the weekend estimates hold up when final figures are released Monday — “Covenant” will claim bragging rights as the movie that dethroned “Guardians.”Is Katherine Waterston the Next Sigourney Weaver?It’s not clear whether her role as the plucky “Covenant” heroine will make her as famous as the original “Alien” made the then-unknown Weaver. That’s not much of an edge; a couple more shaky debuts or massive flops and this year’s box office will fall behind and struggle to catch up with previous years. The argument is leaning toward the latter.It’s a lot less than the $51 million debut of “Prometheus,” but no one expected it to open anywhere near that big anyway. There’d better be a lot of gold in Wonder Woman’s lasso.Scott has said he has at least one and as many as four ideas for future “Alien” installments. In any case, what will save “Covenant,” like nearly every other big-budget Hollywood release this year, will be the foreign audience. Some involve plot holes big enough to pilot the Covenant colony spaceship through, and some involve whether or not you’ll ever be able to get the image of Michael Fassbender kissing Michael Fassbender out of your head. Of course, once you add marketing costs and subtract the theater owners’ take, “Covenant” is going to have to gross as much as $450 million just to break even.That’s not impossible. After all, anticipation for “Prometheus” was even greater, since that marked the beginning of Scott’s prequel series, as well as the celebrated director’s return to the franchise he launched in 1979, after a 33-year absence.Some pundits predicted that “Covenant” would premiere with as little as $35 million, though others predicted it would open as much as $40 million. Posted May 22, 2017 by Gary SusmanIf you saw “Alien: Covenant” this weekend, you probably have a lot of questions. But certainly, Hollywood is trying its darnedest to make her a star, between this and her recent supporting-lead role in the Harry Potter franchise-reviving “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”Still, in “Covenant,” she has to compete for the spotlight against not just one but two Michael Fassbenders, as well as a large ensemble cast, so she’s probably still a few movies away from a breakthrough role.Is “Covenant” Going to Make a Profit?That could depend on what it cost, which in turn depends on who you ask.Trade reports cite Fox as saying the movie cost $97 million, but the typically blunt and candid Scott has said $111 million. Both figures seem remarkably low for an effects-heavy space opera, especially since “Prometheus” cost a reported $130 million five years ago.Then again, Fox is reporting that “Covenant” has already earned $81.9 million overseas, so its global total of $117.9 is above even Scott’s figure.

If a white guy as generic and bland as Colin Jost can make-out with Scarlett Johansson, she’ll probably marry me*. What happened to the fake love story of Colin Jost and SNL’s Leslie Jones? — Jeff Burnett (@burnettski92) May 22, 2017Everyone: Scarlett Johansson made out w/ him? Is he cheating on her now? And she would be into the Colin Jost resumé, that breed of Harvard comedy writer, just as he would be into her – Scarjo is the ultimate dream girl, for almost everyone but in particular for the Harvard comedy writer who has to pretend he’s too smart to just want a bombshell model when, really, he just wants a bombshell model. Johansson filed for divorce from her husband in March, and Jost … it’s actually perfect. pic.twitter.com/E9wAzbbcRS
— Cooper Lawrence (@CooperLawrence) May 22, 2017Nothing has ever checked out more than this: ScarJo hooks up with ‘SNL’ ‘Weekend Update’ host Colin Jost https://t.co/J5C2ZiiQsF
— Amanda (@auhme82) May 22, 2017Somehow Scarlett Johansson Managed to Slide Her Tongue Into Colin Jost’s Impenetrable Smirk https://t.co/ADWKpJeq5A
— pajiba (@pajiba) May 22, 2017The bright side here? They were laughing and seemed to really hit it off.”You know you should mind your own business when you find yourself staring at another couple kissing and later report “canoodling” to a gossip site. I mean I don’t get the attraction (a man with weak lips has never done it for me and also he looks like Seth McFarlane) but I can see the attraction for Scarjo. WTF?! “They were at the bar in front of everyone . . . That’s when she reportedly hit it off with “Weekend Update” co-anchor Colin Jost, for some very visible PDA.”Multiple sources” confirmed the hookup to Page Six:A witness told Page Six, “Scarlett and Colin were making out at the bar at the ‘SNL’ season finale party at 30 Rock . . . Then they went back to talking and hanging with other people.”Another source confirmed, “Scarlett and Colin were flirting and canoodling in full view of everyone at the afterparty, including the ‘SNL’ cast and crew. So she’s familiar with the environment, I can see how she’d be comfortable enough to be givin’er out in the open, leaning into her attraction. And just like Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudakis we are so here for the woke guy/hot girl thing. Like us on Facebook. wait a minute. — Kristopher Tapley (@kristapley) May 22, 2017And here’s a great analysis (not like this hookup needed one, but still) from LaineyGossip:”Scarjo joined the SNL 5-Timers Club just this year. They would make out a bit, then go back to talking,” says the source. — Jeff Burnett (@burnettski92) May 22, 2017Can Kyle Mooney shoot Colin Jost again for this? Everyone: Oh. So perfect I can’t believe we didn’t think of it until now.”Before divorcing her French husband Romain Dauriac, Johansson was married to Ryan Reynolds from 2008-2011.Want more stuff like this? Posted May 22, 2017 by Gina CarboneScarlett Johansson and Colin Jost may never become a serious couple, but there’s already a nauseatingly perfect nickname waiting for them: ScarJost.Johansson brought her Ivanka Trump impression back to “Saturday Night Live” for the May 20 season finale cold open, and stayed for the big afterparty. they made out at least twice . . . That was one response from the always-ready Internet:@jowrotethis *Throws Colin Jost/Leslie Jones fanfic out of the window in anger*
— Caryn Prinze Jr (@carrieanne07) May 22, 2017My train isn’t moving / I don’t feel well / Scarlett hooked up with Colin Jost / this week is ruined already
— Sasha (@sashafastov) May 22, 2017Colin Jost and ScarJo #NewCoupleAlert! Why?!!@ColinJost: I dated Rashida Jones for 3 years. And so… Anyway, they are both apparently single, so why not? It’s been five months since she announced her divorce. — mostly jokes (@mostlyjokes) May 22, 2017Didn’t need another reason to hate Colin Jost but now I have the only reason. Scarjo is a bombshell but presents as MORE than a bombshell.

Jenji was very open to us just trampling all over the world she created, which we were very appreciative of. It seemed funny to us.”He was just joking about a “Fuller House” crossover, so don’t get your hopes up too high. That said, here’s a crossover pitch to consider:It could be called “Jail Bait,” with Titus, Kimmy, Lillian, and Jacqueline of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” breaking Gretchen out of the Litchfield prison of “Orange Is the New Black,” as the Underwoods of “House of Cards” watch the drama on television and decide what response would best boost them in the polls. In the meantime, “Orange Is the New Black” Season 5 arrives June 9.Want more stuff like this? We thought it was funny to suggest we lived in that same world as Orange Is the New Black, and of course, we’re always looking for Netflix synergies. We’re gonna have a lot of stuff with Fuller House coming up — any opportunity we can to crossover with other Netflix shows.We emailed Jenji Kohan just asking if it was okay that we said she was going to that prison, and then I think we added the idea of, ‘Oh, it’d be nice to have one of their actors to make it really real.’ And, we asked if that was okay. We even have a crazy pitch ready to go…”Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” Season 3 was just released on May 19, and Episode 5, “Kimmy Steps on a Crack!” included a crossover with Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black.” Kimmy’s former bunker-mate Gretchen started a cult and was sent to prison, at the Litchfield of OITNB, where we see her meet Black Cindy (Adrienne C. And, it turned into purely a joke that I think was Tina [Fey]’s. Like us on Facebook. At one point, the line that Black Cindy has‚ which is about stabbing her boss at Sea World, was phrased where it made it seem like that was the reason she was at that prison, which pulled a little thread. Jenji did ask us to make that something that happened in the past, which was fine with us and completely understandable. I guess we just like the idea of what it means for Gretchen in the future. While in prison, Cindy could even get inside tips on what really happened to Sister Cathy in “The Keepers,” and the whole thing could be presented with a narrator like “Arrested Development” or even via tapes like “13 Reasons Why.” One big twist would be a “Stranger Things” tie-in that reveals Barb has been ALIVE THE WHOLE TIME and she’s former Litchfield corrections officer Wanda Bell.Give it some thought, Netflix! Posted May 22, 2017 by Gina CarboneNow that we know there’s some kind of Netflix Entertainment Universe, can we get a new crossover series, ala “The Defenders”? That’s our main thing that we do day-to-day. Moore).”Kimmy” co-creator Robert Carlock talked to Entertainment Weekly about how they worked in that crossover with Jenji Kohan’s show.”…I think [the OITNB scene] was just half a joke pitch and half we felt we could somehow save money, and that turned out not to be true. I don’t know that Jenji will allow us to do a Gretchen episode of Orange Is the New Black, but we just like the idea of these fictional worlds intersecting.

Tom Hanks!Tom Hanks: “I can… Let’s go!”The Rock: “Now, in the past, I would have never considered running for president. I would get the senior vote because I fought in World War II… I didn’t think I was qualified at all, but now I’m actually worried that I’m too qualified.”Hanks: “The truth is, America needs us. I’ll vote for them!#SNL
— Lucky (@lucchaser) May 21, 2017If The Rock actually runs for President with Tom Hanks as his running mate, I’m in. No one can seem to agree on anything anymore, except for two things…”The Rock: “…Pizza and us.”Hanks: “I mean, I have been in two movies where the plane crashes, and people are still excited to see me on their flight. Johnson revealed his running mate would be a fellow SNL five-timer who was very well liked. Posted May 22, 2017 by Gina CarboneYeah, it was just a joke during Dwayne Johnson’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue, but plenty of fans said they would vote for The Rock as president and Tom Hanks as vice president if they ran in 2020. Pumpkins! It’s Scorpio and David S. “Can you smell what the rock is cooking?! Tom Hanks & his hair for VP!! #TheRockForPresident
— Justin (@Justinsaun) May 22, 2017
Here’s more from The Rock after SNL, still touting a Johnson/Hanks 2020 campaign:
Had a blast w/ my good bud @tomhanks. — Andrew Joe Potter 🍍 (@AndrewJoePotter) May 22, 2017The SNL Season 42 finale also marked the final show for SNL cast members Bobby Moynihan, Vanessa Bayer, and Sasheer Zamata.Want more stuff like this? I’m in! I’ll do it. It’s healthcare.” “To Equality and beyond!”
— Robert Tijerina (@Rob_Tijerina) May 21, 2017The Rock gets my vote #SNL
VP Hanks pic.twitter.com/PWrnpnRG7j
— Juicy Nae (@Renaegade) May 21, 2017Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announcing his run for POTUS along with Tom Hanks aka FORREST GUMP! Is probably the best news I’ve heard 😭🙌🏾🤙🏾
— Angelo (@You_Kno_Angelo) May 22, 2017The Rock for President!! in, like, 10 different movies.”The Rock: “And of course, I would get the minority vote, because everyone just assumes that I’m, well, whatever they are.”The monologue went on for about 7 minutes, with the two saying they were just joking about running for office … and then deciding, maybe they weren’t joking that much?Fans reacted with support for the idea, filling the comments of SNL’s YouTube video with hope that Johnson and Hanks do decide to run in 2020, and adding more campaign backing on Twitter:How great would a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson/Tom Hanks White House be? How can you go wrong?(Actually, you know how they could go wrong? Like us on Facebook. Baldwin feigned flattery, then shock, when The Rock said his choice was … […] Together, we would get one hundred percent of the vote. Why the hell not. You’re already thinking like a president! THANK YOU for tuning in and havin’ fun! RETWEET SUPPORT FOR JOHNSON/HANKS 2020#SNLFinale#Johnson2020#snlpic.twitter.com/4doES150eW
— Red T Raccoon (@RedTRaccoon) May 21, 2017I can’t wait. not possibly turn this down! The highest rated @nbcsnl is 6 years. Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hanks running. — Jackson Felts (@JacksonKJR) May 21, 2017The Rock running for president and Tom Hanks being his Vice President is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. If Morgan Freeman, Martin Sheen, and/or Kiefer Sutherland decide to run, since they have more experience as pop culture presidents.)The Rock had Alec Baldwin on stage when he discussed his recent consideration of a presidential run. #JohnsonHanks2020 ✊🏾🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/7ljbzfheFd
— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) May 22, 2017@TheRock@tomhanks@nbcsnl Ratings?

No, this is the plot from her first draft — and it has very, very little in common with the film we all know and love. (Also, they had concern that Edwards’ sense of story was less-than-strong for what they needed their first “Star Wars” film post-“TFA” to be.)The early trailers for “Rogue One” offer a taste of the film as it existed in its original form, as they feature many shots that were entirely absent in the final cut. Thankfully for all the Poe/Finn shippers out there, he was later spared that fate.”Rogue One” (2016)8. Here, Han Solo goes in search of his father-in-law, Ovan Marekal, who has political ties with Darth Vader. Basically, the treatment featured a bunch of weird names and concepts that Lucas had yet to forge into a real story.2. That includes a glimpse of Director Krennic and his Stormtroopers wading through the beach on Scarif, alternate scenes with Vader, and a sequence where Jyn and Cassian charge directly into fire from a fleet of AT-ACT Walkers.9. Would it still be considered the weak point of the Original Trilogy?”The Force Awakens” (2015)6. Steven Spielberg or David Lynch’s “Return of the Jedi”Even after Lucas and Kasdan completed their screenplay, there was a great deal of uncertainty as to who would actually direct the film. Posted May 22, 2017 by Jesse SchedeenWe now live in a world where there’s going to be a new “Star Wars” movie every year for possibly decades to come. (That explains the very prose-y way the script reads.) Brackett would never get to see how the final film turned out; she died one year after she turned in her script. The “Happy Ending” Version”Rogue One” is notable for its relatively dark ending, as the film’s entire cast of heroes is killed during the Battle of Scarif. “The Star Wars”Eventually, Lucas managed to expand that early treatment into a full script he dubbed “The Star Wars.” The original screenplay features characters like General Luke Skywalker and brothers Deak and Annikin Starkiller. Early drafts also featured Wookiees in place of Ewoks, the resurrection of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a spaghetti Western-worthy denouement as Luke walks sadly into the sunset instead of partying it up on Endor.5. The Original Cut
“Rogue One” worried a great many “Star Wars” fans once word got out that Disney was moving forward with weeks of extensive rewrites and reshoots in summer 2016, a process that was overseen by Tony Gilroy rather than director Gareth Edwards. At varying points, Lucas approached David Lynch (who opted for for rival space fantasy film “Dune” instead), David Cronenberg (who did the same for “Videodrome”) and even Steven Spielberg.We can’t help but wonder how a Spielberg-directed “Episode VI” might have turned out. At one point, the film featured an early death for Han and didn’t include Yoda at all. Abrams settled on a final shooting script, as the studio understandably wanted to make a good impression with jaded “Star Wars” fans.We don’t know a great deal about the plot of Michael Arndt’s original draft, other than the fact that it brought Luke Skywalker into the plot midway through rather than at the very end of the film. The goal was apparently to craft a lighter, more adventurous take, with many Disney and Lucasfilm higher-ups fearing the project was veering in too dark a direction. You’d have the original trilogy, then go back to Luke’s father and find out what happened to him, and if there was another seventh, eighth, or ninth film, it would be Luke’s children.”7. But that wasn’t always the case.Writer Gary Whitta revealed that early drafts of the screenplay provided a happier ending for Jyn and Cassian (while other characters like Baze, Bodhi and Chirrut were completely absent). But even with that embarrassment of nerd riches, we can’t help but dwell on the Star Wars movies that never were.From Steven Spielberg’s “Return of the Jedi” to George Lucas’ original vision for the sequels to his original trilogy, these are the “Star Wars” movies that never were.”Star Wars” (1977)1. The Michael Arndt Draft”The Force Awakens” went through many rewrites before Disney and J.J. Leigh Brackett’s DraftNot her fourth draft, which many fans have read and debated over at conventions. Luke still goes to Dagobah, but here, it’s just “the Bog Planet.” And instead of meeting Yoda, he meets a a frog-like Jedi named Minch, who teaches our favorite intergalactic farm boy the ways of the Force.In 1978, Lucas gave the screenwriter a shot to write the then-untitled sequel. Han Solo and Chewbacca were also present, though at that point Han was envisioned as a reptilian alien (see above). “Journal of the Whills”George Lucas had already begun writing “Star Wars” in earnest as early as 1973, but the early drafts bore little resemblance to what fans would actually see on the big screen.The earliest incarnation of “Star Wars” came in the form of a two-page treatment called “Journal of the Whills,” which revolved around a character named CJ Thorpe, a pupil of “Jedi-Bendu” master Mace Windy. Lucas’ Sequel TrilogyLucas has given conflicting reports over the decades as to whether he ever planned to continue his “Star Wars” saga beyond the events of “Return of the Jedi.” But when he sold the franchise to Disney in 2012, Lucas reportedly handed over story treatments for “Episodes VII,” “VIII” and “IX.” Little is known about the content of those treatments, other than the fact that Disney elected not to make use of them.Novelist Timothy Zahn offered probably the closest glimpse into Lucas’ plans for the sequel trilogy, saying “The original idea as I understood it — and Lucas changes his mind off and on, so it may not be what he’s thinking right now — but it was going to be three generations. But for those curious about what might have been, Dark Horse Comics published a 2013 mini-series — cover art above — that adapts the original screenplay.”The Empire Strikes Back” (1980)3. He hired her based on her promising and prolific work as a science fiction author. “Return of the Jedi” (1983)4. Elements like the Sith Empire and the Death Star were also present in this early draft.”The Star Wars” evolved over the course of several drafts, with each new iteration bringing the story closer to what fans know today. The film would have ended with Jyn and Cassian escaping the planet’s surface and surviving the destruction of their ship by fleeing into an escape pod.But Whitta ultimately decided it just wasn’t worth the effort, saying “The fact that we had to jump through so many hoops to keep them alive was the writing gods telling us that if they were meant to live it wouldn’t be this difficult.” That alternate ending exists only in storyboard form. But even Arndt admitted that Luke’s presence distracted from the new cast of characters.We also know that earlier drafts of the screenplay featured Rey having a flashback to Luke and Vader’s fateful duel on Cloud City, and Poe dying when his stolen TIE Fighter crashed on Jakku. The Early Lucas/Kasdan Drafts​​​​​​​While it’s not clear exactly how many revisions the “Return of the Jedi” screenplay went through during pre-production, over the years both Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan have revealed many major and minor edits that were made.Early on, the duo had to account for the very real possibility that Harrison Ford might not return.

In the film, he plays Jack’s Uncle Jack, who is imprisoned in a cell next to Jack Sparrow. It’s mesmerizing. Posted May 22, 2017 by Drew TaylorThis weekend, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” the fifth (yes, fifth) film in the most famous based-on-a-theme-park-attraction franchise of all time, finally splashes down in theaters after years of anticipation. Every time he shows up on screen, the movie goes electric.4. As Salazar, he literally oozes menace. It’s wondrous stuff, through and through.5. He recently showed up to Disneyland and hid in the ride, frightening (and delighting) tourists and he often makes appearances at places like the D23 Expo (the Comic Con for Disney nerds) in full regalia. There Aren’t That Many Nods to the RideIt’s always fun to play “spot the reference” to the famous Disneyland attraction but there aren’t that many in this film. Still, he’s great for a few zingers, and it’s always fun to just see Captain Jack play.6. Sometimes he’s downright gleeful. We’ll let you in on what can you expect from the merry band of pirates and whether or not there will there be even more seafaring installments.1. There are probably a dozen or so characters, who each have differing levels of dialogue/involvement, and at least two magical objects that everybody in the entire ocean seems to be searching for. It’s totally Javier. (It looks like he’s chewing on the same black goo that came out of Danny De Vito’s mouth in “Batman Returns.”) But like most of Bardem’s baddies, he takes joy in his tyranny. (The last film in the series, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” was released back in the summer of 2011.) Johnny Depp is back in the iconic dreadlocks of Captain Jack Sparrow, who this time faces villainy in the form of Salazar (Javier Bardem), a former pirate-hunter turned ghostly, revenge-obsessed ghoul.But what else do you need to know about the latest entry in the series? These movies are old-school action extravaganzas and it seems, at least after one viewing, to be just as sizable as the other films and is head and shoulders above the fourth entry, which despite its massive budget felt like the “bottle episode” of a lavish television series. Thankfully, the “wow” factor is back.2. In a weird way it makes you appreciate the scale of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” There are a lot of big action and fantasy films, but few can conjure forth the kind of “How did they do that?” wonder that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films do. It doesn’t really matter! And what really hammers this point home is the fact that there’s a post-credits sequence that indicates that a formidable character from a previous entry is set to return. “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” opens on Friday everywhere. There’s no motion capture involved. If You Liked the First Film, Then You’ll Love ThisEven before the film started shooting, its directors were drawing a direct line between the first “Pirates of the Caribbean” and this film. It’s EpicOne of the first things that you get a sense of with this latest installment is just how huge it is. His cameo is both weird and somewhat on-message, considering that Keith Richards has been in two of the four installments before this. And that’s really exciting.3. So it’s kind of weird to see him so listless in the role this time out. Paul McCartney shared a poster of his character on social media the other day. Paul is “Dead (Men Tell No Tales).”9. (Some of these references are more explicit, and have more bearing on the plot, than others.) You don’t have to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the franchise (like myself); you can just go along for the ride. Javier Bardem Is Amazing”Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” is mostly filled with great performances (the weak link being the two young people at the center of the movie) but the greatest performance comes courtesy of everyone’s favorite sneering villain, Javier Bardem. Just don’t expect too many explicit connections.8. The Effects Are TerrificOne of the things that makes Bardem’s character so captivating are the visual effects used to bring him to life. And there are other cool flourishes, too, like the much ballyhooed ghost sharks and Salazar’s living ship, which rears out of the water like a tarantula and whose masthead springs to life during a pivotal fight. It’s kind of cute, even if it goes on a little too long (you could say the same about the movie itself) and McCartney seems to be having an absolute blast. With a shaved head and inky red tattoos, she’s one of the more striking-looking characters in the movie, and her mysterious vibe will make you long for her return to the franchise (or an entirely separate spin-off movie).7. But there are complicated effects, physics simulators and the like, which are used to blast away part of his face (he died in an explosion) and make his hair look like it’s constantly swaying in the ocean current (he also died underwater). In many ways “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” is a soft reboot; the climax changes the franchise forever. Johnny Depp Is ServiceableDepp loves Jack Sparrow. There’s a flashback, an epic sea battle, and a sequence that can only be described as the “Pirates of the Caribbean” version of the vault heist from “Fast Five,” all in the first few minutes of the movie. Um, Paul McCartney Shows Up This isn’t really a spoiler. And that’s definitely the movie that it’s closest to in the series — the narrative is more streamlined, it’s characters more understandable, and the supernatural elements are once again actually spooky (that opening sequence with Salazar’s crew is a 10/10 jaw-dropper) — even while handily referencing nearly every previous installment. Did you forget why the Black Pearl is trapped in a tiny bottle? It could be his age (Depp turned 50 before putting on his pieces of eight again) but, physically, he doesn’t do as much swashbuckling as he once did. He’s the perfect antidote to the boring white folk, too. You’ll Want a Spin-Off for the Sea Witch CharacterOf the movie’s many surprises, one of the bigger ones was seeing Golshifteh Farahani, so terrific in last year’s “Paterson” (she’s also really great in Ridley Scott’s weirdly underrated Middle Eastern thriller “Body of Lies”), playing sea witch Shansa, who forms an uneasy alliance with both Geoffrey Rush’s Captain Barbossa and the British Navy. That’s all we can say, but just know to stick around, especially if you want an idea of where the series is headed. Instead, there seems to be a sequence that has inspired part of the new ride at Shanghai Disneyland, “Pirates of the Caribbean – Battle for the Sunken Treasure.” (Talking about what that sequence is would probably constitute “spoiler material.”) Still, there are a few winks and nods to the original attraction, enough to make your geeky little heart go pitter-patter. Stay Through the CreditsWhile there are some pretty big shake-ups during the course of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” it’s also pretty evident that this is far from the final film in the franchise.

That’s future “Inglourious Basterds” co-star and “Hostel” director Eli Roth, who was an extra in several movies at the dawn of his Hollywood career.5. But it got to the point where we were just, ‘Ah, to hell with it,’ and we just demolished that trailer with the T-Rex rigs,” Mahan said. The screenplay’s original ending had the humans fleeing the island in helicopters while being attacked by pteranodons, but the flying lizards wouldn’t get their due on screen until “Jurassic Park III.” 14. She and Vanessa Lee Chester (who played Malcolm’s daughter, Kelly) had both played supporting roles in Alfonso Cuarón’s “A Little Princess.” Fittingly, Belle would grow up to star in prehistoric adventure “10,000 B.C.”4. Vaughn was all but unknown when Spielberg cast him. Its $72.1 million opening weekend was the biggest ever at the time and held the record until “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” surpassed it four and a half years later. Plus, it was the last time we got to see Jeff Goldblum’s snarky scientist Ian Malcolm — at least until next summer’s “Jurassic World 2.”As smoothly as the production ran — Spielberg finished it on budget and ahead of schedule — there were still some surprises and jokes on the set. Even so, Spielberg and “Jurassic Park” screenwriter David Koepp ended up tossing a lot of Crichton’s plot and characters, though they kept a handful of key scenes, including the central set piece of mom-and-dad Tyrannosaurus Rexes attacking a trailer in order to rescue their wounded infant.3. Vaughn would also co-star in 1997 indie drama “The Locusts” with Kate Capshaw (Spielberg’s wife) before “Lost World” introduced him to a mass audience.7. The sequence where velociraptors attack in the tall grass had to be planned a year in advance, in order for the seed sown by the production crew to grow tall enough. It was also the fastest film to cross the $100 million mark, doing so in just six days. Indeed, the 1997 sequel may have prompted eye-rolling among fans, but it scared up a fortune at the box office, enough so that the franchise has continued to this day. Most of the outdoor footage was shot in the redwood forests of Northern California. Read on for the dino-details.1.Michael Crichton called his “Jurassic Park” follow-up novel the only book he ever wrote that he knew would be made into a movie. Still, it remained the top grossing movie for most of 1997, until “Titanic” opened in December.21. Early in the film, while Goldblum rides the subway, you can see a familiar-looking young man reading a newspaper. Koepp (above) has a cameo as “Unlucky Bastard,” who is eaten by the runaway T-Rex during the San Diego sequence.18. But it was very successful.”That was the assessment by Steven Spielberg himself of “The Lost World: Jurassic Park,” which marks its 20th anniversary on May 23, 2017. How did the crew of the ship get eaten if the T-Rex was still locked in the cargo hold? Yeah, in real life, there are no redwood forests in Costa Rica, but the ancient, enormous trees gave the scenes the prehistoric look that Spielberg wanted.12. It’s no wonder Spielberg followed “Lost World” with dialogue-heavy dramas “Amistad” and “Saving Private Ryan.” “It made me wistful about doing a talking picture because sometimes I got the feeling I was just making this big silent-roar movie,” he said of “Lost World.” “I found myself saying, ‘Is that all there is? Posted May 22, 2017 by Gary Susman”It wasn’t as good as the first one. The two T-Rex parents he built were so massive (19,000 pounds each — and they were just head-and-torso) that they couldn’t leave the soundstage, and sets had to be built around them. I think the scene really works because we went for it like that. He took inspiration from Arthur Conan Doyle, who’d written his own dinosaur novel in 1912 called “The Lost World,” and who had famously resurrected Sherlock Holmes after killing him off — a precedent Crichton used to justify bringing back Ian Malcolm, who had survived in the movie version of “Jurassic Park” but not in Crichton’s earlier novel.2. They were mounted on carts that ran on fixed tracks.9. The crew had the most fun staging the T-Rex tracks’ attack on the trailer, creature designer Shane Mahan recalled.”At first, we were hesitant, thinking that we had to be careful with the rigs. “That scene wasn’t faked. The “Godzilla” gag isn’t at all subtle, except for the fact that one of the fleeing Japanese businessmen is saying, in Japanese, “I moved from Tokyo to get away from all this!” At least the filmmakers dropped their early idea of printing out that punchline in subtitles.17. “Lost World” set box office records when it opened. The crew planted eight full acres, in case scenes required multiple takes, since the grass, once trampled, wouldn’t spring back up.13. The budget of “Lost World” was reportedly $73 million, just $8 million more than “Jurassic Park” had cost in 1993.20. We still get a kick out of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em posters for imaginary movies in the San Diego video store: Tom Hanks riding a surfboard in something called “Tsunami Sunrise,” a giant Robin Williams holding a tiny family in his palm in “Jack and the Beanstalks” (a hint toward the “BFG” adaptation in Spielberg’s future?), and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Shakespeare’s “King Lear.”19. Apparently, there was supposed to be a scene showing raptors aboard the ship, but it was never filmed.16. While many shots in the film make use of advances in CGI that had occurred in the four years since “Jurassic Park,” close-up shots of menacing carnivores were accomplished as before, with animatronic creatures built by monster-effects wizard Stan Winston.8. It’s not enough for me.'” You can tell that something truly violent is happening.”10. The director had first noticed him while watching a pre-release edit of “Swingers,” whose makers had passed it along to Spielberg in order to get his approval to borrow the “Jaws” theme music. Koepp got the names for characters Roland (Pete Postlethwaite, above) and Van Owen (Vince Vaughn) from the macho rivals in one of his favorite songs, Warren Zevon’s “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner.”6. The cliff over which the damaged trailer dangles was built out of a parking garage on the Universal Studios lot.11. It ultimately earned less over the course of its run than “Jurassic Park,” racking up $229 million in North America and $619 million worldwide. The little girl attacked by tiny dinosaurs in the opening scene (above) is played by Camilla Belle. The idea of ending the movie with a T-Rex attacking San Diego came from Conan Doyle’s novel, whose finale brought a pterodactyl to London, and from Spielberg’s delight at the idea of making his own little “Godzilla” movie and seeing a T-Rex drinking from a swimming pool.15. Those T-Rexes were really slamming into that thing, breaking glass and shaking it.

Its final domestic earnings also came in below earlier projections, which pegged the horror flick at least $40 million.Fox’s president of domestic distribution Chris Aronson chalked the lower totals compared with “Prometheus” to the “normal course of business.” He added that “Alien: Covenant” gives fans of the franchise since the 1979 original the chance to share with the younger generation (60% of the opening weekend audience was in the 18-34 demo). It holds a 73% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is in line with 2012’s “Prometheus.” Although it came in already having made $42 million overseas and $36 million was enough to land in the top slot, “Alien” grossed less during its first weekend in the U.S. That means all eyes are fixed on a duo of splashy summer releases — Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” and Paramount’s “Baywatch” — to hopefully make up some ground.”The dominance at this point by Disney and Marvel’s early summer entry “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Nick Robinson plays her love interest named Olly. That’s enough to land in the top three. “Teenagers likely haven’t seen ‘Alien,'” he said, “This movie creates a generational bond.”While the “Alien” franchise is still able to generate decent interest, the same cannot be said for Fox’s other release this weekend, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.” The fourth live-action movie based on Jeff Kinney’s middle school-centric book series opened to $7.2 million from 3,157 locations. As of Sunday morning, “Covenant,” from 20th Century Fox and Scott Free Productions, looks to be the winner with a three-day estimate of $36 million (27.6 million pounds) from 3,761 locations. Predator films) was directed by Ridley Scott and stars Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, and Danny McBride. The sick-lit adaptation will earn $12 million by the end of the weekend from 2,801 locations. “Everything, Everything” earned the highest CinemaScore of the new released (an A- overall). “However, a slow start does not portend a slow overall summer as many have predicted,” he added, “though if the ebb and flow of this season’s fortunes thus far is any indication we may have to buckle up for a pretty bumpy ride.” and MGM. That’s just above Disney’s “Guardians” sequel which is raking in an additional $35.3 million from 4,347 spots. Posted May 21, 2017 by ReutersLOS ANGELES (Variety.com) – As this weekend approached, the question lingered if “Alien: Covenant” would be able to unseat “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. “Hunger Games” standout Amandla Stenberg stars as a girl with an autoimmune disease that keeps her locked up indoors. 82% of its audience was female, and 74% were under 25 years old.”Along with our partners, MGM, we’re thrilled that we hit our key demo,” commented Jeff Goldstein, domestic distribution chief at Warner Bros.Amy Schumer’s “Snatched,” also from Fox, will see an additional $7.6 million in earnings from 3,511 theaters, putting it in the fourth slot, ahead of “Wimpy Kid.” Also in its second weekend, “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” continues to flop miserably with a weekend total of less than $7 million.With Memorial Day weekend on the horizon, the overall domestic summer box office is ten percentage points lower than it was at this time last year. The super sequel is seeing only a 46% drop from last weekend, and its total domestic earnings now exceed $300 million.While “Alien” may have won, the film’s price tag in the $100 million range and marketing costs detract from the victory. The sixth installment in the Alien franchise (not counting the two Alien vs. 2″ from the top spot at the domestic box office.Now, we have an answer. than “Prometheus” did in 2012 ($51 million). David Bowers, who directed movies two and three, returned to the helm nearly five years after the last iteration, and anointed a new titular wimp in Jason Drucker.The only other major release of the weekend was “Everything, Everything,” from Warner Bros. 2″ is impressive having earned more than all the other films combined,” said Paul Degarabedian, senior media analyst at ComScore, who noted that “Captain America: Civil War” accounted for more than half of the summer take at this point last year.

Posted May 21, 2017 by Rachel HornerSnow White and Prince Charming (aka Mary Margaret Blanchard and David Nolan) are the real reason the heart eyes emoji exists. It doesn’t hurt that the actors who portray them on “Once Upon a Time,” Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, are married in real life.These two haven’t always had it easy, but they’ve stuck with each other through it all and we’re crying now just think about it.Here are the 11 reasons we get all choked up anytime we think about their fairytale love.

Carrie Fisher, our dearly departed Princess.6. Grand Moff Tarkin, the scariest middle manager in the galaxy.29. The Death Star. So cool that it keeps showing up in the movies. All of the effects, which were so cutting edge at the time and still look gorgeous.33. Ben’s yell (pre-Special Edition).19. Chewbacca, who is the most loyal copilot in the galaxy.25. The super-long opening shot, with the Star Destroyer towering overhead. Luke Skywalker’s whine.12. Luke’s whine.8. Blue milk.16. “Star Wars” writer/director George Lucas was one of those youngsters but he, like best friend Steven Spielberg, dreamed big: he wanted audiences to visit a galaxy far, far away.And they did.Looking back on that first, game-changing film we wanted to pick out our 40 favorite things about “Star Wars.” (For those who didn’t see the film theatrically in 1977 then they probably caught the “Special Edition” exhibits in 1997.) These are everything from esoteric moments to giant, seismic contributions to cinema. Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru (they seem so nice).10. That opening crawl.2. What makes “Star Wars” so charming, all these years later, is that you get the sense that the people behind the movie (led by Lucas) never thought they were doing anything special. “Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?”31. Binary sunsets.17. Posted May 21, 2017 by Drew TaylorIt’s been a whopping 40 years since the release of “Star Wars” (in the years since, its been popularized with its official chapter title, “A New Hope”), a film that forever changed cinema and whose effects can still be felt today, both in the endless sequels, spin-offs, and adaptations it inspired, and for the more-is-more approach Hollywood has taken to cinema. Han Solo and the peerless performance of Harrison Ford.21. The medallion-awarding ceremony at the end (even though it’s messed up Chewbacca didn’t get one).40. Jawas and their light-up eyes (I had a plush Jawa with light-up eyes as a kid).14. R2-D2 and C-3PO, the greatest robotic life-mates in the history of cinema.9. “You’re all clear kid! C-3PO’s silver leg, paving the way for his red arm in “The Force Awakens.”15. Death Star destruction 1.0.39. “Star Wars” was released at the tail end of the 1970s, when the more traditional model of filmmaking had broken down, replaced with esoteric, personal work by talented, movie-mad youngsters. The beautifully banal lightsaber fight between Vader and Obi-Wan.32. (Sure, we can do that with computers now but would it look even fractionally as cool?)4. The deeply disturbing Sandpeople.18. (Fun fact: “The Phantom Menace” is the only entry that doesn’t feature the Death Star, or a Death Star-like planetoid, in its narrative.)30. Now let’s blow this thing and go home!” (HAN CAME BACK.)38. Two words: Darth Vader.5. The unknowable mystery of Tosche Station and the power converters therein.13. Stormtroopers and their strangely stationary Dewback.28. Darth Vader flies his own spaceship at the end. The cantina sequence.23. John Williams’s unforgettable score.3. That’s a boss move.37. How unstoppably cool and ramshackle the Rebels are.35. The “used future” aesthetic.11. The movie’s gentle mysticism.34. The unseen threat of Jabba the Hutt (please forget that dumb scene from the Special Edition).27. The “trench run” at the end.36. The design of the Millennium Falcon.26. The costumes.22. Fisher’s oddly inflected pseudo-British accent.7. Everything it inspired, from toys to video games to novels to sequels to theme park attractions that we still obsess over, in equal measure, to this day. Han shooting first (FACT).24. They were just having fun and we’ve been having the same amount of fun for the past 40 years.1. Alec Guinness reading clunky expositional dialogue like it was Shakespearean verse.20.

Celebrity-status or brand-name authors. You won’t find a universal, agreed-upon definition of what it means to “traditionally publish” or “self-publish.”
It’s not an either/or proposition. Avoid companies that take advantage of author inexperience and use high-pressure sales tactics, such as AuthorSolutions imprints (AuthorHouse, iUniverse, WestBow, Archway). Potential for media or review coverage declines when there is no print run. Legitimate small presses do not ask authors to pay for publication. My chart   divides the field into traditional publishing and self-publishing. Self-Publishing: DIY
Key characteristics

Authors manage the publishing process on their own and hire the right people or services needed to edit, design, publish, and distribute the book. Each hybrid publisher has its own distinctive costs and business model; always secure a clear contract with all fees explained. What to watch for

Author receives an advance against royalties, but most advances do not earn out. However, the same is true for most publishers, regardless of size. Examples of good assisted services

Matador, Mill City Press, DogEar, Radius Book Group, Book in a Box, Girl Friday Productions. Diversity of players and changing landscape means contracts vary widely. Most services are automated and offer little assistance. Writers of commercial fiction or genre fiction, such as romance, mystery/crime, thriller/suspense, science fiction and fantasy, young adult, children’s. Who they work with

Authors who write mainstream works, as well as those that have a more niche or special-interest appeal. With either approach, there’s a risk of paying too much money for basic services, and also for purchasing services you don’t need. It is available as a PDF download—ideal for photocopying and distributing—plus the   full text is also below. Writers of commercial fiction or genre fiction, such as romance, mystery/crime, thriller/suspense, science fiction and fantasy, young adult, children’s. Value for author

Get a published book without having to figure out the service landscape or find professionals to help you. Your choice should also be guided by your own   personality (are you an entrepreneurial sort?)   and experience as an author (do you have the slightest idea what you’re doing?). Mid-Size & Large (Traditional Publishing)

Who they are

Not part of the Big Five, but significant in size, usually with the same capabilities. They make money on charging authors for the services provided (editorial, design, marketing, and so on), not on copies sold. What to watch for

Same as Big Five, but advances and royalties from mid-size publishers may be lower than Big Five, especially the more specialized or enthusiast publishing houses. Such books will almost never be stocked in physical retail bookstores, although in some rare cases, it may happen. They take a cut of every book sale. Some mid-size publishers may be more open to innovative or flexible agreements that feel more like a collaboration or partnership (with more author input or control). Hybrid Publishing
Key characteristics

Author funds book publication in exchange for expertise and assistance of the publisher; cost is often thousands of dollars. What to watch for

Some self-publishing (assisted publishing) services have started calling themselves “hybrid publishers” because it sounds more fashionable and savvy, but such companies may be nothing more than an assisted self-publishing service. Nonfiction authors should have a book proposal. The author is responsible for producing ebook files, uploading marketing copy, ebook metadata, etc. Author receives better royalties than a traditional publishing contract, but makes less than if self-publishing on their own. This is   an increasingly complicated question to answer because:

There are now many varieties of traditional publishing and self-publishing—with evolving models and varying contracts. See the submission guidelines of each press. How to approach

Doesn’t always require an agent; see submission guidelines for each publisher. Crowdfunding. DIY   ebook publishing services

Primary ebook retailers that o er direct access to authors: Amazon KDP, Nook Press, Apple iBookstore, Kobo. Authors must raise money for the publisher to contract the work. Also think carefully   before signing a   no-advance deal or   digital-only deal. With well-established small presses: editorial, design, and marketing support that equals that of a larger house. (See this interview with CJ Lyons.)

There is no one path or service that’s right for everyone; you must understand and study the changing landscape and make a choice based on long-term career goals, as well as the unique qualities of your work. Physical bookstore distribution nearly assured, in addition to other physical retail opportunities (big-box, specialty). Example: Inkshares, Unbound. 2016 Key Book Publishing Paths
The Key Book Publishing Paths (2015)
4 Key Book Publishing Paths (late 2013)
5 Key Book Publishing Paths   (early 2013) Traditional publishing:   I define this primarily as not paying to publish. If not, you’ll have to hire assistance. Each author has to decide which distributors or retailers they prefer to deal with. Value for author

Possibly a more personalized and collaborative relationship with the publisher. Best chance of mainstream media coverage and reviews. Not all hybrid publishers are created equal. Authors must exercise the most caution when signing with small presses; some mom-and-pop operations offer   little advantage over self-publishing, especially when it comes to distribution and sales muscle. Examples: SheWrites Press, Greenleaf. The best and most expensive services offer a quality experience that is comparable to working with a traditional publisher. (Meaning: The advance is likely to be the only payment the author sees from the publisher; it does not have to be returned if the author does not earn out.)
Publisher typically holds onto all publishing rights for all formats for at least 5-10 years. Such   arrangements   reduce the publisher’s risk, and this needs to be acknowledged if you’re   choosing such deal—because you aren’t   likely to get the same support and investment from the publisher on marketing and distribution. Nonfiction authors with a significant platform (visibility to a readership). Primary ebook distributors for authors: Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Pronoun. Nonfiction authors of all types. Big Five (Traditional Publishing)

Who they are

Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Hachette, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan (each have dozens of imprints). Ideal for an author who has more money than time. DIY print publishing services

Print-on-demand (POD) technology makes it affordable to sell and distribute print books via online retailers. Many decisions are out of the author’s control, such as cover design and title. Novelists should have a finished manuscript. Traditional print runs

Some authors may hire a book printer and manage inventory, fulfillment, shipping, etc. One of the biggest questions I hear from authors today:
Should I traditionally publish or self-publish? To check the reputation of a service, check   Mick Rooney’s Independent Publishing Magazine. Such books will rarely be distributed into physical retail bookstores, although in some rare cases, it may happen. Looking for earlier versions of this chart? Examples of hybrid publishers

Curated. If you have printer-ready PDF files, it costs little or nothing to start. Below I’ve pasted the full text from the chart. What to watch for

Most marketing and publicity service packages, while they can be well-meaning, are not worth an author’s investment. How to approach

Almost always requires an agent. Often more friendly to experimental, literary, and less commercial types of work. Some companies are run by former traditional publishing professionals, and offer high-quality results. How to approach

Rarely requires an agent. An older term for this would be “vanity publishing.”
Contractual arrangements vary, but the best services charge an upfront fee, take absolutely no rights to the work, and pass on 100% net royalties to the author. Services most often used: CreateSpace, IngramSpark. I’ve broken this down into hybrid publishing models, where a   publisher   is positioning itself as a hybrid approach between traditional publishing and self-publishing, and self-publishing. Small Presses (Traditional Publishing)
Who they are

This category is the hardest to summarize because “small press” is a catch-all term for very well-known traditional publishers (e.g., Graywolf) as well as mom-and-pop operations that may not have any formal experience in publishing. If you can afford to pay a publisher or service to help you, then use the very detailed reviews at   Independent Publishing Magazine   by Mick Rooney to make sure you choose the   best option   for you. Nonfiction authors should have a book proposal. Who they work with

Emerging, first-time authors, as well as established ones. Authors can find themselves unhappy with the level of marketing support received, and that their title “disappears” from store shelves within 3-6 months. It’s formatted to print perfectly on 11″ x 17″ or tabloid-size paper. Celebrity-status or brand-name authors. You can do both. Research carefully. and sell print copies via Amazon Advantage. There is no contract. Since 2013, I have been annually updating this   informational chart   about the key publishing paths. Fees dramatically vary and quality dramatically varies. Novelists should have a finished manuscript. These companies are selective or may have editorial guidelines to follow. Alternatives to traditional   publishing: I define this as paying to publish or publishing on your own. Scroll to the bottom of this post. Self-Publishing: Assisted
Key characteristics

Similar to hybrid publishing: authors pay to publish. Ebook retailers and distributors that directly serve the author market operate primarily on a nonexclusive basis and profit by taking a cut of sales; you can leave them at will. Ideal for an author who has more money than time. University or scholarly presses typically pay low advances and have very small print runs, typically with a focus on libraries, classrooms, and academic markets. Who they work with

Authors who write works with mainstream appeal, deserving of nationwide print retail distribution in bookstores and other outlets. Given how easy it is in the digital age for anyone to start a press, authors must carefully evaluate a small press’s abilities before signing with one. Value for author

Publisher shoulders financial risk. There may be no physical bookstore distribution and/or the press may rely on print-on-demand to fulfill orders. Value for author

Get a published book without having to figure out the service landscape or find professionals to help. For more information on getting published

Start Here: How to Get Your Book Published   (traditional publishing)
Start Here: How to Self-Publish Your Book
How to Evaluate Small Presses
A Definition of Hybrid Publishing
Should You Traditionally Publish or Self-Publish? Your royalty rate may be higher to make up for it. Value for author

Identical to Big Five advantages. What to watch for

You may not receive an advance or you’ll receive a nominal one. Be very protective of your rights if you’re shouldering most of the risk and effort. The services mentioned above can make your work available to order through online retailers and bookstore outlets. Many assisted publishing services have different packages or tiers of service, while others offer customized quotes. Earlier versions of the chart
Click to view or download earlier versions. Feel free to download, print, and share this chart however you like; no   permission is required. Examples: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Scholastic, Workman, Sourcebooks, John Wiley & Sons, W.W. Norton, Kensington, Chronicle, Tyndale, many university presses (Cambridge, Oxford).

And probably no new info until Comic-Con. “It’s more of a symbolic thing that’s telling us how big our universe is and that there are many places left to be explored.” So, it’s probably unlikely, but never lose hope!But why “probably unlikely”? — Roger
Not so fast. Along the way, fairy tale characters new and old search for true love, find adventure and once again take sides in the struggle of good against evil, as classic tales are once more twisted and reimagined.Afterward, according to TVLine, ABC boss Channing Dungey talked more about the “reboot” of Season 7, saying Hook, the Evil Queen and Rumplestiltskin “return but with new identities in a new city, facing a new curse.”New identities? But here’s what one of the showrunners told Entertainment Weekly in response to a fan:As soon as I saw the Polynesian mask on the portal door in the hat during the Once Upon a Time finale, I knew right away that Lucy’s mother will most likely be Moana. So everyone should just sit tight!”[via: TVLine, EW]Want more stuff like this? Well, one of the showrunners has a message for you.Many fans ended up on the same Moana page after the Season 6 finale, figuring the epic love story ahead between Henry and Lucy’s mother will be with Henry and Disney’s Moana. does that mean new characters period or just that they are sort of different cause its the new names and ways they behave due to new curse?” TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich replied, “Well, that’s the $1 million question. Like us on Facebook. Lana Parrilla addressed that in a video Q&A with Gold Derby, saying, “I do know that we’re playing sort of different characters,” but she had no further details. “It’s all unknown.”As a fan in the TVLine comments reacted, “What is meant by sort of different characters. It sounded more like the kind of deflection you use if you don’t want to outright confirm or deny something.Speaking of confirming and denying, it’s confirmed that three main “Once” characters are returning as regulars for Season 7, but it sounds like they will also be changed — as in, with “new identities.”Here’s what ABC said about Season 7 at upfronts:After six seasons, the residents of the Enchanted Forest face their greatest challenge yet as The Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla), Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) join forces with a grown-up Henry Mills and his daughter Lucy on an epic quest to once again bring hope to their world and ours. Posted May 19, 2017 by Gina CarboneAre you confident that Moana will be Lucy’s mother/Henry’s love interest in “Once Upon a Time” Season 7? Horowitz never said it was unlikely, just that the doors weren’t necessarily intended as clues. “To examine those doors as clues to what Season 7 would be is not necessarily what they were there for,” EP Adam Horowitz says.

The original movie, based on the hit stage musical, starred Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Dominic Cooper, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgård, Julie Walters, and Christine Baranski. Posted May 19, 2017 by Gina CarboneABBA fans, lay all your love on this exciting news: Universal is making a sequel to the 2008 movie musical “Mamma Mia!” with the new film titled “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again,” and set for release almost exactly one decade after the original.According to Universal, much of the original cast is expected to return, with some new faces added, too. Like us on Facebook. The Greek island of Kalokairi will again be the main location.As Deadline noted, “Mamma Mi!” made $609.8 million at the worldwide box office (off a $52 million budget), so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that a sequel is coming, they were apparently just waiting for the right time.The original movie came out July 18, 2008, and this sequel is scheduled for release on July 20, 2018, almost exactly 10 years later.[Via: THR, Deadline]Want more stuff like this? That movie was just set before Sophie’s (Seyfried) wedding, to which she invited three of her mother Donna’s (Streep) former suitors (Skarsgard, Brosnan, Firth) in an attempt to figure out which one was her biological father.Ol Parker, who wrote “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” and sequel, has been tapped to direct.

It’s possible Jackson will be conflicted, or know he wants to be with April (aka the mother of his child) and this will be another short love triangle for Maggie. #greysanatomy
— King Tilly Carrillo (@TillyCarrillo) May 19, 2017Maggie and Jackson really ???? #GreysAnatomy
— Jay Vee (@jayvee1293) May 19, 2017Secondly, I am not here for Jackson and Maggie, I repeat, I am NOT here for Jackson and Maggie! I would like Jackson and April to have spark again. Jackson belongs to April Kepner!! pic.twitter.com/NZcq3Jyz79
— Giulia (@GiuliaBassani00) May 19, 2017Maggie find a man of your own. Because I think I’m okay with it 💁 #GreysAnatomy
— Amanda🌻 (@AmandaRaee_x3) May 19, 2017That finale was too emotional. Please…no!!! #GreysAnatomy#Season13Finalepic.twitter.com/02FME1joKJ
— Jimmy – (@JimmyJoubin) May 19, 2017I’m sorry I didn’t wait YEARS for japril to happen for Jackson to get together with Maggie, his stepsister. Like us on Facebook. ✖️ #GreysAnatomy
— Katherine Cao (@siinosiikath) May 19, 2017About Maggie and Jackson in a relationship:#greysanatomy#Japrilpic.twitter.com/CBrdbk8xRg
— mɩcɧҽɭa (@becketthood) May 19, 2017I’m so glad Japril is over. #GreysAnatomy
— Glorimar Zayas (@gzayas15) May 19, 2017Why is the idea of Jackson/Maggie even being considered?? But Maggie-Jackson, where does that come from ?! And didn’t Maggie just have a huge crush on Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson), like, five minutes ago?Some fans have been anticipating/dreading a Maggie/Jackson pairing since Maggie’s mom suggested she let loose and make a mistake, and that episode was followed by some borderline intimate moments with Jackson. April:#GreysAnatomypic.twitter.com/1cEBci5W3D
— Doug Dimmadome (@ShaolinByNature) May 19, 2017Jackson and Maggie? I love the idea of Jackson and Maggie. Don’t ever scare me like that again! Nope. Stephanie Edwards (Jerrika Hinton), when it was Japril that Shonda Rhimes tried to kill off in the “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 13 finale.There were plenty of surprises in the finale, including some actual good news to go along with the bittersweet. #GreysAnatomypic.twitter.com/p7s7vwDMoo
— key calloway (@keyyykeyera2) May 19, 2017#GreysAnatomy thoughts: surprised no one died, pissed about this maggie/jackson thing, sad steph’s quitting, can’t wait to meet megan
— ang (@angelaxx130) May 19, 2017Shonda better not put Jackson and Maggie together 😡😡😡 #GreysAnatomy
— Hope Butterfield (@hpbutterfield) May 19, 2017#GreysAnatomy#GreysFinale#GreysAnatomyFinale#Japril#GreysAnatomyIT
Maggie and Jackson…. #GreysAnatomy
— Mel (@Certifiedmel) May 19, 2017Jackson and Maggie, this is what I’ve been waiting for🤗 #greysanatomy
— Amber Nicole (@AmBaSoul) May 19, 2017So are Jackson and Maggie going to be a thing? #GreysAnatomypic.twitter.com/bZqbg9U09k
— JesseWilliamsOnline (@JWilliamsCrew) May 19, 2017Nothing better be brewing between Jackson and Maggie🙅🏽 #japrilforever#GreysAnatomypic.twitter.com/Ak5HI4UkNQ
— Angely Guzman (@Angelyarlette7) May 19, 2017April: Jackson, you scared me! But several more viewers, at least the ones who tweet, are solidly and vocally against the idea.Here’s a taste of the reactions to Japril + Maggie:Been waiting For #Japril all year long and now they making Jackson and Maggie a thing HELL NO!! 😞 #GreysAnatomy
— Jennie (@jennie_lao) May 19, 2017No to Jackson and Maggie!!!!! No thank. It would be nice if she could have her own romance without third-party complications, but that’s not “Grey’s” style.”Grey’s Anatomy” Season 14 will premiere this fall on ABC.Want more stuff like this? They’re not siblings. And then there were those record scratch scenes between April Kepner (Sarah Drew), Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary), and Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams), including April telling Maggie she can tell that Maggie likes Jackson (!) and she can also tell that Jackson likes Maggie too (!!) ending with the suggestion that Maggie tell Jackson how she feels (!!!).Didn’t Japril make up during #JaprilTheSequel? Posted May 19, 2017 by Gina CarboneHere we were, worried about Dr. Maggie: Me too! 😭😭 #Japril#japrilforever#GreysAnatomyFinale#GreysAnatomypic.twitter.com/Dff7SxBEvn
— An Ordinary Gal (@GA_Simone) May 19, 2017not feeling jackson and maggie at ALL #GreysAnatomypic.twitter.com/eouithnOrO
— sierra🐳 (@sierra_warny) May 19, 2017I rebuke this Jackson/Maggie storyline. Worst couple ever 😨😨😨😨 #GreysAnatomy#TeamJapril
— Champion de France💓 (@dtvr12) May 19, 2017Clearly, this is what Shonda and company wanted — to get fans talking about speculating in the summer before Season 14. But others thought, nah, they wouldn’t do that, it’s just step-family members supporting each other.There are some fans out there who support a Maggie/Jackson pairing, in part because they don’t like April and would like to see Jackson with someone else. #greysanatomypic.twitter.com/r9DUu88TIX
— MeliCa (@MelisaGenesis) May 19, 2017Jackson and Maggie????

It definitely feels like the beginning of the end game.”Iain Glen has been talking up Season 7 for a while, so it’s basically pre-spoiled that Ser Jorah returns, after we last saw him being sent away by Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) to find a cure for his greyscale, then return to her. Glen said this season, Jorah’s story is “about whether he will survive this horrendous sickness he’s contracted.” Here’s hoping, and guessing, that he does.Fans are currently on standby for a full Season 7 trailer, which will be picked apart and analyzed in the … “The story is going toward a conclusion. You have storylines colliding. Hurry up, HBO!”Game of Thrones” premieres Sunday, July 16 on HBO.Want more stuff like this? … Either way, they are the big picture guys who orchestrated the storyline of Season 7, and apparently it’s 100 percent solid:”I wrote to Dan and David and I said I thought they were the best seven episodes they’ve ever written,” Iain Glen told EW. Like us on Facebook. And the evolving drama and relationships are as good as they have ever been. It’s not clear yet if showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss wrote all of the Season 7 scripts themselves, but they probably did, since there are only seven episodes instead of the usual 10. less than two months before the season begins. Posted May 19, 2017 by Gina CarboneThe 2017 season of “Game of Thrones” may be shorter than usual, but each episode sounds like a potential favorite, with zero filler.Iain Glen is a fan, anyway, and the actor who plays Jorah Mormont gushed about the scripts to Entertainment Weekly. what is it now? There’s no sense of treading water.

But Lee is also the guy who’s this very Southern gentleman, sweet as apple pie, you know, nice as can be. on ABC, then moves to 8 p.m. on May 29. Like us on Facebook. Harrison told E! In his ABC bio, Bryce made a quip that some fans found transphobic, answering the question “What’s your biggest date fear?” with “The chick is actually a dude.” That has not gone over too well, and it looks like ABC may have deleted that particular Q&A from his bio.”The Bachelorette” airs Monday at 9 p.m. Rachel did confirm that she’s engaged, and still in love with the guy she picked.Want more stuff like this? But the way he talks and the way he says things kind of rubs people the wrong way.” The rosemaster said there will also be a lot of crying this season, and fans might be surprised about who does the most crying — like Kenny, a badass wrestler who is also “a bawl bag.” Harrison didn’t name the two guys who hated each other, but apparently they got dumped at the same time and kept crashing each other’s post-elimination interviews to tell each other off.One guy Harrison might not have even had on his radar as a potential “villain” has already ticked off some fans. Posted May 19, 2017 by Gina Carbone”The Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison warned that viewers might want to murder Lucas, aka “Whaboom,” but there are two bachelors on Rachel Lindsay’s season who seemed to want to murder each other, even interrupting each other’s exit interviews to tell each other to “F*ck off.” It’s gonna be that kind of season, folks!Rachel begins her journey as the 13th Bachelorette this Monday, May 22 on ABC. asked if this season has a “villain,” Harrison thought about it and said Lucas/Whaboom could be one, but there are other contenders as well.”Lucas might be that guy you love to hate. News that Lucas probably won’t be known as Lucas, you’re just gonna known him as “Whaboom” — which is how ABC even lists his occupation.”I kinda want to choke him, like, ‘Stop!’ Enough is enough, let it go. Spoilers are out on Rachel’s rumored final four, and the guy she picks, so check them out over here. You’re at a 12, I need you to bring it down to a four.” You can watch Lucas’s “Whaboom” limo entrance now, in a sneak peek scene on the official “Bachelorette” site.When E!

I’d never had one. And that couldn’t happen on the [film shoot], because there were only eight girls there for the whole nine months. They might be saying, how the hell did you get it? When I look back, I think of my kids, and then I think God, what the hell was that all about? Then the driver would take me to work, and I’d get makeup. It was a crazy life I had.And then Arnold and David Picker from United Artists offered me any movie I want to do between Bond films [if I would sign a long-term contract to play Bond]. It was outrageous. So I eventually talked them into getting me a helicopter to go into town at night. You haven’t been forgotten as Bond — we’re still celebrating you. And I turned it all down.When did that impetus to turn it all down start setting in, and what kind of gave you the chutzpah to make that move — unthinkable in Hollywood at the time?A guy called Ronan O’Rahilly. If I had looked at the reality, I would have gone, “Sh*t! Did you feel like, “I’ve got a great story to tell?” Or were you surprised that there was interest in your life?George Lazenby: I was surprised there was as much interest. What’s happening here?” I just thought that beating out 3,000 guys for the part, there must be something good about me.A lot of your successes in life, from your various careers and with women, came from that confidence and that positive attitude you project.I was very confident, because I didn’t believe anything anyone told me. Then the doctor told my mother to take me home to die, because I won’t be able to live as a man on half a kidney.And then some mother must have heard my mother, and some kid heard his mother, I’m the guy that’s got to die, I’m the guy that’s got to die. He launched all those English pop groups and he got them known … And I’d go into town in the helicopter, and they’d wait for me. I didn’t like it. I mean, I’d go in a restaurant and people would say, “Excuse me, waiter?” It was so different — you’d have to be there.It was so different, the way people dressed, and the way people behaved. That wasn’t hard. I don’t get colds. I liked to drink. I had 68 surgeries on my bladder. He said, “Bond’s over. Can you give me an acting lesson?” He said, “What?” Couldn’t believe it.So he rang Ronan O’Rahilly, who was his boss. He started Radio Caroline in the English channel — Pirate Radio. He established James Bond as his personality. I did the test. It was hard work.I was going out all night, which was a problem. The ones that wanted to have fun, we had fun. They changed my walk, changed my talk, and I thought, “They’re not going to change me. Have you been part of that 007 fraternity?I’ve met them all. It’s only a matter of knowing which way it’s full of sh*t, and getting around it. A guy that started the Pirate Radio station.Ronan, he was the one who advised me not to do another film, because “Easy Rider” was out, all these hippie movies were coming out. That wasn’t hard. They already had me changing my accent, walking different, because I used to swagger when I walked, and you can’t do that in cinema. Lazenby further declassified his personal dossier during a chat with Moviefone.Moviefone: When I watched this documentary, you struck me as a real-life version of The Most Interesting Man in the World. David Hemmings, the actor, directed the test. Then a doctor came over from England and said, “We had the same problem with a kid — he was peeing backwards into his kidneys.” And then they looked at my kidneys and one and a half were rotted. I had 18 months in hospital when I was one and a half to three. He wanted to manage me. Today, you’d be applauded for that.Somehow I felt, I knew, I wasn’t an actor. If I wanted to get back in the movie industry tomorrow, I could do it. I call Mike, I said, “What happened?” He said, “They got a phone call from upstairs.” That’s all he could tell me. I said, “F*ck it.” Every time I got a job, I wouldn’t get the next phone call to come to work.But you reinvented yourself.And as the movie shows us, you excel at that.Yeah! [Laughs]Over the years, have you spent much time in the company of the other actors who have played James Bond? And that’s why I didn’t take those offers. That guy, he’s a bloody hero, a guy that’ll go around and shoot anybody gets in his way, gets the girl, has a good time. I was available.When I got to England, I was 24. I was wardrobed. That was a funny story because I went to the guy that worked for him, who lived in the apartment across from my apartment, and he used to teach acting. [Years later], I had “The Equalizer.” It was my idea — I gave it to Mike Sloan to write. Every man wants to be that guy.I found it fascinating how you were pretty casually insistent on making the role your own in many ways, at a time where the filmmakers were really trying to shove you into the Sean Connery mold. I thought, “These guys are full of sh*t. It changed my life. If you can imagine that time, it doesn’t make me look as mad. He was an insta-superstar, flush with cash, women on his arm, and brimming with even greater Hollywood potential.And then he walked away from it all, for what he planned as a decidedly different acting career path — one that never quite happened.”Becoming Bond” not only details Lazenby’s unlikely rise to play the biggest screen action idol of the 20th Century and his even unlikelier exit, it looks at the actor’s life in total, a tale as full of intrigue, romance, sex, and action (more Kiss-Kiss than Bang-Bang) as any movie potboiler, built around the still rakish and charming 77-year-old’s absorbing reminiscences and frothy reenactments of his off-screen adventures. I don’t want to go near those guys, because they’ll just give you pills or something, and they’ll do you in.But this is the way that life went, and it’s the same in the movie industry. And I thought, “Oh sh*t — I’m not going to die.” And my half kidney grew the size of two. So tell me about that experience, rubbing up against the Connery expectation and trying to put your own stamp on it. So when I went up for the Bond thing, they told me, “Come back on Friday.” I thought, I’d better get an acting lesson. At this point in your life, when you look back at it all, what has the whole experience meant to you?It was probably the biggest thing in my life, apart from my kids. So it’s a tough road to hoe. And then the ’80s turned it back around again. But the good thing was, the Mitchell camera, it just took hours to move it around, so I could have a rest in between [laughs] — today they’ve got these little cameras — but then I had to do my stunts.They wanted everything perfect. “Just sign the f*cking contract.” [James Bond producer] Harry [Saltzman] offered me a million dollars. I said, “I’d rather be Clint Eastwood.” But it didn’t work out.Tell me a little bit about walking away and shaking off such a dizzying experience. It’s just that I’d rather they left me alone — unless somebody came up with some ridiculous offer. He was wearing tight pants, a suit, short hair, and people wandering around with sideburns, long hair, flowered shirts, bell bottoms. So they took out one and a half of my kidneys. And Peter Hunt, said “Tell him he’s going to do another angle as well.” He never spoke to me the whole film, the director.And you certainly had fun with the Bond girls when the cameras weren’t rolling. Everyone showed up except Connery. You think you’ve done it perfect, and they say, “No, we’ve got to do it one more time.” The acting, I was one take. James Bond was so out of fashion. I was a rugged Australian male model — you can guess, [I had sex] sometimes five [times] a day. Then you’d have to say, “Hmm, yeah, I could use this.”What were the things that you enjoyed about playing Bond and shooting the film? I had to work nine months on the bloody Bond movie, and they were going to pay me a million. Then Ronan said, “I’ll manage you.” He liked the adventure of it, and he was a rebel a rebel like you can’t believe it! That’s when I met them all more closely.Nearly 50 years later, people love that particular movie. Posted May 19, 2017 by Scott HuverGeorge Lazenby was given a license to kill, but he only took a single shot.For nearly 50 years, the Australian-born actor has been known for a unique distinction: Among the line of men who’ve portrayed the iconic British super spy James Bond, he’s the only one to only star in a single 007 film.As the fascinating Hulu documentary “Becoming Bond,” debuting May 20th, explores, Lazenby, a top male model at the height of London’s swinging Mod era with virtually no acting experience at the time, was the first actor to assume the role following originator Sean Connery’s departure after five films in row, and his effectiveness in the sixth installment, 1969’s “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” would largely determine if the proto-film franchise would have legs after losing its first leading man.And despite odds stacked against him higher than a deadly SPECTRE deathtrap, Lazenby fared quite well in the role, adding a lighter, cheekier note to his portrayal without sacrificing 007’s dangerous qualities, abetted by what Bond aficionados regarded then and now as one of the stronger stories in the film series. I’d say, that wasn’t very good. I don’t believe a word they’re saying.” So I’ve never gotten sick again. Were there aspects of it that were genuinely fun?There was nothing that was extremely hard. They’d bring in doctors to massage me and get me back together. It was a big thing. I’m just going to play it the way I would play it if I was him, if I was this good a character, if I was a tough guy, and blah blah blah.”It was Sean Connery’s gig. I was waiting for the limo to pick me up for the first day of shoot. He convinced me that there was a guy called Clint Eastwood doing Westerns in Italy, getting $500,000 for a month. The girls got The Pill. Let’s make love, not war.” He convinced me. Fame does that to you, but I’m glad that I didn’t pursue it.I didn’t pursue it because I was blacklisted right after Bond. At school I was getting it. If you wore a suit, even Wall Street took their ties off. It’s full of sh*t. There was the 40th anniversary in Albert Hall. And that was Peter Hunt’s first time directing, by the way, and my first time acting. I’d go out to three [or] four o’clock in the morning, sometimes daybreak. I hurt myself a few times doing my own stunts. They made love, not war. Director Peter Hunt was clearly an advocate for you –To begin with!To begin with. Didn’t show up. Every time I meet somebody, they say, “I can’t help it, but you’ve got to tell me, but how did you get James Bond?” And I didn’t know whether that was an insult or not. So I went over and knocked on his door, I said, “Look, I’m up for the Bond film. It was one of those things where I got carried away in my own ego, otherwise I couldn’t have done it. And Ronan turned up with five other guys and they all gave me this acting lesson. But up until the ’60s and ’70s, it was amazing. I did everything they told me not to do: played contact sports, drank alcohol, did everything they said you mustn’t do.So I lost confidence in the demigods, the doctors, because they were totally wrong … I gave up then.