Novaform Mattress – Can It Really Alleviate My Back Pain?

Novaform mattress is a memory foam mattress with a cheaper value. Memory foam mattresses have been incorporated with temperature-sensitive foams. This is the visco-elastic foam. This technology has been structured and developed by NASA first for the benefit of their astronauts. Usually, astronauts suffer from body pains and pressure points because of gravitational forces. This kind of foam can help alleviate that discomfort.
This technology has long been used in the mattress industry. Many back pain sufferers rely on this mattress to alleviate pressure points and to correct bad sleep posture. However, this mattress technology’s downside is its price. It is a quite a costly mattress. Depending on the brand you are buying, it can cost you about a thousand dollars or more.
When the Novaform mattress came out with its promise of a cheaper memory foam bed, nearly everybody was enthralled. Let us take a closer look at the various mattresses offered by this company and if they were really comfortable and supportive.
Novaform Elite Mattress
This is one of the most affordable memory foam beds. Perhaps its low price is its main advantage. Tempur pedic, its biggest competitor, costs a lot of money. But before you think that this memory foam does not have the same upscale quality of Tempur pedic beds, think again. This mattress is made up of inch inch foam base. This is topped by three inches of memory foam. The memory foam on top can help alleviate body discomfort. It reduces pressure from the joints and muscles that always get sore when they take the weight of your body as you sleep. This mattress can also distribute weight on the surface area of the mattress to prevent the appearance of more pressure sores.
The 10 inches of foam base is not made up of memory foam though so we cannot say that it is 100% memory foam bed. But that is just right because it will help adjust the extreme firmness of memory foam technology. This mattress combines comfort and support. According to sleep experts, you don’t really need a mattress that has memory foam in all layers. In fact, you can already feel vast relief from the three inches of memory foam firmness offered by this novaform mattress.
Novaform ComfortLuxe Mattress
This novaform mattress has been made from high-density mattresses. Unlike the first brand, this has been equipped with three layers of memory foam. The topmost layer has about 1.5 inches thickness. Aside from its ability to support your body, the top layer is needed to regulate temperature. This will prevent the mattress from building up too much heat. The second layer has the same thickness. However, it is made up of 6 pounds of density. This will provide you with the support that you want. This foam density is capable of lessening motion transfer as well. The last layer of foam has lesser density. It has about 5 pounds of density with two inches of thickness. All in all, this is the right mattress to choose if you are looking better body support as you sleep.
Novaform Infinite Mattress
This Novaform mattress is made up of compressed foams. It is a memory bed through and through without the springs or other materials used in traditional beds. In the line of comfort, this mattress does not disappoint. It is capable of providing your body with the comfort you need and then some. Because of its memory foam benefits, you can have sleep free from back ache or pressure points. And because there are no extra parts and features unnecessary to the bed, you are not going to pay more.
Pros and Cons of Novaform Mattress
This is a comparatively unknown mattress brand. In fact, it is difficult to get the low-down about the complete features of their products. However, the mere fact that it costs a lot lesser than a Tempur pedic bed sends a lot of people running in its direction. It is a cheaper choice so people who are on a tight budget can now milk the benefits out of visco elastic memory technology.
Although it also has its fair share of negative reviews, there are more people who are satisfied with their experiences about Novaform mattress. They claimed that their sleep quality has indeed improved after using this mattress. The mattress is also capable of providing support to the critical areas of the body. If you and your bed partner used to have issues about motion transfer, you might want to switch to this mattress brand. It absorbs motion quickly. According to consumers, Novaform also has an ideal return policy. You are secured with your purchase even if you don’t like the comfort it provides.
The downside is that it has only about 5 years of warranty. Other brands such as Tempur pedic offer a longer warranty. But considering the number of mattress companies who has pro-rated warranty, you won’t be able to use your long warranty anyway. If the Novaform bed provided comfort in less than 5 years, it will surely provide comfort after 5 years.
Other people complained about a horrible smell after opening the package. This is actually quite common about memory beds. The materials used in the bed actually cause the emission of factory odor. If you allow the mattress to breathe for a couple of days, you should be able to get rid of the unwanted smell fast. You might also need a sturdy platform or a bed frame to keep this in top shape all the time. A supportive box spring would be nice.
When it comes to comfort, there are those who complained that it can get too squishy. They must have been complaining about its resilience. But actually, the higher the density of a memory foam, the slower it is to react or to go back to its original shape. It takes some time getting used to. But when you do, you will really experience the benefits of this such as its ability to lessen back pain and distribute weight evenly.
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