“I just thought about how I’ve been feeling on the journey. “While trying to come up with a concept I sent the song to a friend of mine also in the music business and she replied within five minutes with the storyline. But also thought of other friends I know who feel they can’t get past certain struggles and its proven how God uses the people around you to be a helping hand.” Kristine continued, “I love working with Rory – he always pushes me to do my best and encourages me to incorporate my spiritual beliefs and church background in my current expressions.” The release, Hand Over River, is her second single from the upcoming album, Songs From Zion. 

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The beautiful music video, directed by Frederic Blake, tells the story of an aspiring singer trying and staying on track towards her dream. Kristine Alicia places ‘Hand Over River’

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Kristine Alicia delivers her best music video to date. How people have been there to help me fulfill what I believe I’ve been called to do. Hand Over River is produced by RoryStoneLove of Black Dub Movement. As soon as Kristine Alicia received the track from the producer she immediately got inspired to write the lyrics. I loved it as it’s a story that everyone could relate to.” says Kristine.

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