But the deer was laughably fake-looking. But they just tried to pass this off as a live deer in tonight’s episode: pic.twitter.com/c6bXZjZkAD
— Bryan Griffith (@Notorious_B_A_G) March 6, 2017@WalkingDead_AMC seriously how does that CGI deer get approved? #TheWalkingDead#TWD@WalkingDead_AMC@AMCTalkingDead
— Robert Bukszar (@RobertBukszar) March 6, 2017Want more stuff like this? Absolutely embarrassing @ScottMGimple@AMCTalkingDead#TheWalkingDead
— Pizza Baratheon (@pizzabaratheon) March 6, 2017The glowing deer was sure to attract walkers. Rick climbs onto a Ferrish wheel to shoot walkers from up high, when he spots a deer that Michonne had seen earlier. Posted March 6, 2017 by Kelly Woo”The Walking Dead” might want to dip into its makeup budget to put toward CGI effects.During Sunday night’s episode, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) found themselves overrun by zombies in a carnival. Those effects weren’t very special @WalkingDead_AMC
— Anne (@anniebr7328) March 6, 2017Is anyone else cringing so hard at the deer CGI in The Walking Dead???? Like us on Facebook. This isn’t the first time fans have griped about poor production quality this season (there was a blatant green screen behind Rick last week at the trash heap), but the fake deer made everyone go nuts on Twitter.The Walking Dead has always had cheesy CGI. IT’S SO BAD THOUGH
— Leafy Akiko (@LeafyAkiko) March 6, 2017Applying for the new intern position at @AMC_TV#TheWalkingDeadSeason7#deer#WalkingDead#TWD#Richonne#CGI#TalkingDead#fakedeerpic.twitter.com/xzxruw73yf
— Ope Aaron (@ope_aaron) March 6, 2017″This is the most popular show on cable tv, please spend the extra $37 to rent a live deer.” #twd#thewalkingdead 😂😂 https://t.co/FmnlDqUyir
— msrobot (@emleschh) March 6, 2017That deer was the worst effect I’ve ever seen on this show.

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