— emma freud (@emmafreud) March 8, 2017Last night, our last night on #rednosedayactually. Keira Knightley more beautiful than ever. But he still loves her…. #tomeyouareperfect#rednosedayactually#march24thpic.twitter.com/0NoKrKmPeC
— emma freud (@emmafreud) March 7, 2017’I thought you were bringing the boards?’ #RedNoseDayActuallypic.twitter.com/7XhGbDgBqn
— Red Nose Day (@rednoseday) March 7, 2017Love still all around on set yesterday. (And shouldn’t he be with Michonne?) It’s sweet to think Juliet and Peter are still married, though. Posted March 9, 2017 by Gina CarboneDude, she’s just not that into you!The “Love Actually” sequel short for Red Nose Day, called “Red Nose Day Actually,” had its last day of filming on March 7. And noses. pic.twitter.com/BkR2ZMrG66
— emma freud (@emmafreud) March 7, 2017Andrew Lincoln + Cards + Doorstep = Deep Joy #rednosedayactuallypic.twitter.com/vXHrJgKY8k
— emma freud (@emmafreud) March 7, 2017At least someone thinks Andrew Lincoln is funny. Check out what she and the Red Nose Day account shared for the Juliet/Peter/Mark love triangle:FINAL DAY FILMING for #rednosedayactually. on May 25.Want more stuff like this? Marital bliss, the best pyjama bottoms I’ve ever seen, and major #jerseyenvy#shallowpic.twitter.com/Zk8bDkCrYn
— emma freud (@emmafreud) March 8, 2017It was 13 years ago. So – who is it today…. And she’s even gotten comfortable enough to hang out in PJs instead of looking done-up and perfect all the time.The Red Nose Day special airs in March in the U.K. Keira Knightley and Chiwetel Ejiofor returned to their roles as married couple Juliet and Peter, with Andrew Lincoln back as the world’s worst best friend, Mark.Producer Emma Freud has been sharing photos from set, from the Daniel, Sam, Joanna, and Carol storyline to David and Natalie. before arriving on NBC in the U.S. Like us on Facebook. #rednosedayactuallypic.twitter.com/0Zhz341Jj4
— emma freud (@emmafreud) March 8, 2017
It may be time for a restraining order against Mark. Everyone on the #rednosedayactually SO happy these guys are here tonight. There is more facial hair now. — emma freud (@emmafreud) March 7, 2017Final day Filming with this hero for #rednosedayactually – #quitehandsomeactuallypic.twitter.com/hamybjxlw1
— emma freud (@emmafreud) March 7, 2017Brothers in arms. Esp me.

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