It sounds mad at first, but there are actually decent arguments for how Bran could be The Night King himself. — The North Remembers (@_StarksOfWinter) August 14, 2017It probably won’t happen, not because it couldn’t be explained — so much on this show will never be explained, we’re just meant to accept it — but because there are only seven episodes left in total and there may not be time to drop this sort of bomb. But still. Like us on Facebook. 27 at 9 p.m. — JT in NC (@JimmyThomasNC) August 21, 2017Bran was touched by the Night King.
— onyx (@_allhail_) August 21, 2017So there is convincing theory saying the night king might be bran stark.
— Abhirup Dasgupta (@adgsocial) August 2, 2017My favorite superhero power is Bran Stark’s ability to see the past, present, and future, without ever being the slightest bit helpful. What if this allows him to warg into Viserion?! — Dan Szymborski (@DSzymborski) August 21, 2017I think the fact that Bran Stark might actually be the Night King is the most mind-blowing Game of Thrones thing ever. Right on the line of brilliance and madness, which is perfect for this series.You’ve probably read dozens of fan theories by now, and maybe even already know this one attempting to connect The Night King and Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright). Apparently, he traveled back in time
— ئەژی (@Azhee_LB) August 19, 2017Bran Stark might be many things, but NOT the Night King (please Benioff and Weiss NO) #GameOfThrones
— Joshua B.
— Maison2500 (@maisonvendetta) August 17, 2017Parallels between Bran Stark and the Night Kings attire. Posted August 24, 2017 by Gina CarboneNo joke, HBO’s upcoming “Game of Thrones” spinoffs should be written by the fans who come up with these theories. They are just out-of-the-box brain-busters. (@HexHeizzy) August 22, 2017My theory: because Night King put mark on Bran and Bran passed thru wall – that nullifies magic that keeps walkers north of wall. on HBO. (There’s no explanation for how he developed those javelin skills, though.)Here’s the theory, and some reactions in support and against:For anyone who doesn’t understand the theory of why Bran might the the Night King, here you go. We’re also expecting him to help us out with more visuals on the episode’s title couple.Want more stuff like this? Hoe (@OnPirateSat) August 22, 2017Bran Stark is crucial for the great war to come.
— Thrones Facts (@thronesfacts) August 21, 2017Is #Branstark the #NightKing? Armies will fight the dead but bran stark will do something incredible that no one can. We know Bran will have some kind of role, since he’s featured in HBO’s promo photos. Maybe?The GoT Season 7 finale airs this Sunday, Aug. — Hector. anyone else see the resemblance?

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