Posted March 15, 2017 by Kelly WooGet ready, New York City — “Master of None” is back in town.Aziz Ansari, the creator and star of the Netflix comedy, revealed the premiere date of the second season: Friday, May 12.
— Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) March 15, 2017Season 2 will see Dev “take on challenges in his personal and family life, a new career opportunity, and a complex, developing relationship with someone very meaningful to him.” And dare we hope, some more quality time with his awesome parents?Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook. He also included a brief teaser showing his character, Dev, and friend Arnold (Eric Wareheim) riding scooters on a scenic winding road. Perhaps they are touring the countryside in Italy, since Dev left for that country to learn how to make pasta in the season 1 finale.Master of None Season 2 premieres May 12th on Netflix.

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