And that is only the start of her nightmare.”Since election night, it has just all been getting so much worse,” she tells her therapist.”The recurrence of the coulrophobia?” he asks, referring to her fear of clowns.”Yes, the clowns,” she says.Her paranoia doesn’t look unwarranted. Whatever they are up to looks twisted and terrifying, as you’ll see below.”American Horror Story: Cult” premieres Sept. There is also a creepy new character named Kai (Evan Peters), who seems to be in cahoots with Winter. Her family’s new nanny, Winter (Billie Lourd), brings her son a Twisty the Clown figurine, and we see the character from Season 4, “AHS: Freak Show” pop up again. The one-minute trailer starts with election night and the horrified reaction of Sarah Paulson’s character, Ally, to Donald Trump’s victory. Posted August 23, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongAnd so it begins again: The first “American Horror Story: Cult” trailer is here, bringing plenty of scares.Ryan Murphy has long been teasing that Season 7 of the FX horror anthology would incorporate the 2016 election, and now we finally have a better idea of how. 5 on FX.

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