I bet he has more people who love his show then those who complained. Some people were pretty gleeful, including a couple of celebrities.A WIN for Women & the Men who Respect them. His 8 p.m. — Charlyn Walter (@charlyn_walter) April 19, 2017After what just happened to Bill O’reilly, I hope every advertiser that boycotted the Factor will likewise be boycotted by the viewers! (O’Reilly has denied these claims.) However, the situation changed after more than 50 advertisers stepped away from his show and activism groups called on 21st Century Fox to sever ties with O’Reilly.The pressure didn’t come from just one side, though. Yet, that wasn’t enough to save his job; the company said Wednesday that 21st Century Fox and O’Reilly “agreed” that he wouldn’t return.O’Reilly may have agreed, but he clearly wasn’t happy about it. Posted April 19, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongThe Bill O’Reilly era at Fox News is over, but the controversy continues.Fox News announced Wednesday in a statement that the now-former “O’Reilly Factor” host would not be returning from vacation in the wake of numerous sexual harassment allegations coming to light. The network initially stuck with O’Reilly after an April 1 New York Times report revealed he had paid $13 million in settlements to five women who had accused him of sexual harassment or other inappropriate behavior since 2002. #DisgustingMen
— #RemoveTrump (@France4Hillary) April 19, 2017When Trump said he’d #draintheswamp, who knew he meant Bill O’Reilly,
Tomi Lahren, Jason Chaffetz, Mike Flynn, Carter Page, Alex Jones, … Do not fire Bill O’Reilly! Get rid of Sheperd Smith instead! — Kate (@kateNxnx) April 19, 2017Well, Trump hasn’t been impeached yet, but at least Bill O’Reilly is out. He commented on the issue Wednesday, calling it “tremendously disheartening” and labeling the claims “completely unfounded,” according to the Washington Post.Not surprisingly, there were very mixed reactions on Twitter. — Stephen King (@StephenKing) April 19, 2017Bill O’Reilly and Tomi Lauren walk into a bar. Even President Trump commented, voicing his support for the conservative pundit in early April. “O’Reilly Factor” fans encouraged the network to stand by their man. They r making mistake taking him off. time slot has gone to Tucker Carlson.[via: The New York Times; Washington Post] We have enough flaming liberal liars delivering “news”. I have never cared for Bill O’Reilly, but this was a typical spineless liberal move. — Riya sharma (@riyasharma266) April 19, 2017@TwitterMoments Will miss Bill O’Reilly Show. https://t.co/lXJbyJlfih
— Debra Messing (@DebraMessing) April 19, 2017Trump supported O’Reilly because both are members of the odious boys’ club where members feel they can abuse & humiliate women at will. — lancegould (@lancegould) April 19, 2017And some people were seriously upset.Fox News Channel capitulated to unfounded accusations. And ask for applications. — Amy Mek (@AmyMek) April 19, 2017HEY FOX! Sean Hannity should totally be next! — Eugene Wakefield (@epwakefield3) April 19, 2017It might take a while for the heated reactions to die down, but however you feel about the news, O’Reilly is out.

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