The show found a new audience in young Millennials when it hit Netflix back in 2015, and remains as beloved and relevant as ever. Plus, it will explore the show’s afterlife and why it continues to appeal to people too young to have watched it the first time around.A specific publication date hasn’t been set yet, but it’s due to debut sometime in 2019, which marks the 25th anniversary of the “Friends” premiere. Could we BE any more excited?[via: The Hollywood Reporter] Posted August 10, 2017 by Katie RobertsHit NBC sitcom “Friends” is still ubiquitous more than 13 years after it left the air, living on in perpetual cable reruns. The book is being penned by writer Kelsey Miller, author of the 2016 memoir “Big Girl,” and has been compared to last year’s surprise hit “Seinfeld” history book, “Seinfeldia: How a Show About Nothing Changed Everything.”Here’s a bit more scoop on the title, per THR:The book promises a look at the origins of the show, the numerous high-profile guest stars (Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Tom Selleck, Reese Witherspoon and many more) and, of course, Jennifer Aniston’s infamous “Rachel” haircut. Now, a new book will explore that enduring appeal.According to The Hollywood Reporter, the tome, titled “I’ll Be There For You” — after the show’s earworm theme song — will tackle the history of “Friends,” tracing its ascent from a hangout sitcom starring a bunch of nobodies to one of the biggest hits of the ’90s, and its continued impact on the culture today.

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