Latex Mattress Review – Let’s Talk Latex!

This latex mattress review will tell you more about the different latex mattress models and brands sold in the market and how they can help you find a better and more rejuvenating kind of sleep.
Latex Mattress Review – Is It Really Worth Buying?
Why latex mattress? Why not just buy memory foam mattress? What makes latex mattress different from the others?
One great thing about latex beds is that they are more natural. A typical memory foam mattress is incorporated with different types of chemicals that might be harmful to the health. Although these beds provide a good amount of support to the body, prolonged exposure to these chemicals might prove to be harmful.
Latex mattress is a practical solution to those people looking for a supportive mattress without chemicals incorporated in it. The primary component of latex mattress is rubber tree sap. This is vulcanized to achieve a very consistent and durable material called latex.
Compared to memory foam mattress and other types of mattress technologies out there, latex is more durable. Most latex foam mattresses can last for up to 25 years with proper care and maintenance. In addition to that, latex is highly resistant to wear and tear. Germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses are less likely to thrive in this type of mattress.
Needless to say, this is a health-friendly mattress. It is also eco-friendly. Most latex beds tend to decompose after being thrown away or dumped in the sanitary land fill.
But this is not to say that all latex mattresses out there are worth buying. There are still a lot of latex mattress reviews that talk about its negative points. When buying, you should look for the best brands and models. Make sure you are getting one with authentic latex components and not just the synthetic ones.
Latex Mattress Reviews – Natural Vs. Synthetic
You can also find synthetic latex beds. They are similar in structure with natural latex mattress sets. However, they are incorporated with chemicals. One thing that makes them different is the price. Synthetic latex beds are cheaper than 100% natural latex beds.
The synthetic and chemical components of this mattress might also be off-putting to other people. They can trigger allergic reactions.
However, one of the benefits of using synthetic latex is the extended durability of the mattress. They last longer than natural latex mattress sets.
So which one are you going to choose?
Go for natural latex if you are looking for a bed with the core benefits of the latex mattresses. This might be more expensive but it has more natural components that can allow you to sleep at night without the fear of allergy attacks or off-gassing.
But if you are on a tight budget and you can’t afford a natural latex bed, you can always go for the synthetic ones. But make sure you know the consequences of using such a mattress. You might be at risk of allergies or you might be exposed to various chemicals.
Latex Mattress Reviews – Searching For The Best Brand In The Market
If you are going to invest your money on this type of mattress, you should get the best one in the market. Here are the top latex mattress choices by vigilant consumers:
E.C.O. Latex
In research conducted to test the reliability of this mattress, it has received an overall satisfaction rating of 85%. It is famous for its firm comfort level. It has provided a good amount of support to the whole body. In addition to that, consumers also agree that this is one of the cheapest and most affordable latex mattresses out there.
About 15% of the respondents said that this mattress alleviated their back pain. However, a significant number of people also said the sides of the mattress did not provide enough support. If you sleep close to decide of the bed, your body might not get the support and the comfort that it needs.
Englander Latex Mattress Sets
Englander is one of the oldest mattress companies today. Their mattresses are quite expensive so they can be considered an upscale mattress company. They previously specialized in making innerspring mattresses. They started developing more advanced mattress such as memory foam beds and latex foam beds recently.
But one of the benefits of using Englander latex set is the quality of the materials used. You can be assured that fewer chemicals were incorporated in the mattress. In addition to that, consumers also agree that the mattress does not emit a very strong chemical odor.
About 61% of the people who owned Englander latex mattress sets are pleased with the comfort offered by these beds. However the rest of the respondents a not very pleased with the durability of the Englander sets. They said that their mattresses sagged easily.
Ikea Latex Bed Sets
If you own Ikea innerspring bed sets, you might be a little apprehensive about trying their latex beds out. However, reports said that their latex beds are significantly better than their innerspring beds. Those who have tried their latex mattress can say that it helped alleviate their back pain. The mattress also reduced motion transfer.
Because it helps isolate motion, couples can sleep better. In terms of odor, the mattress does not emit a strong chemical odor. In fact, it has very minimal odor. There’s nothing untoward about the smell.
Jamison Latex Bed Set
80-90% of Jamison consumers are actually pleased with the comfort offered by the bed. They said that it alleviated their body aches and pains. What is also great about the Jamison latex sets is that they seem to be well-made. They are less prone to sagging and body impressions compared to other mattress brands.
The only downside to this mattress is that it is quite heavy. If you want to transfer your mattress, it might take two or three people to carry and transfer it.
The mattress is also resistant to common wear and tear such as the accumulation of stains, dirt and molds. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.
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