He didn’t know how to react to Emma’s early “yes,” so he skipped his plan of telling her the truth and went straight down on one knee to propose.Morrison told Entertainment Weekly that her character shares blame for the moment going south.Emma “puts him in a terrible position […] where he feels like he has to propose in that moment because of the circumstances.”O’Donoghue argued that Hook made the “wrong decision” to propose, even if he felt backed into a corner after she found the ring and was so excited about getting engaged.”He should just say, ‘Hold on a second. ♥️💍#CaptainSwan#OnceUponATIme@colinodonoghue1@jenmorrisonlive@AdamHorowitzLA@OnceABCpic.twitter.com/I9uBIjQssB
— Jαsmin¹💍 (@HookEmmaLove) March 20, 2017… She found the engagement ring he got for her, and she was ready with the spoiler that the answer was “yes.”Hook was taken off guard. It just ends up being a muddy situation because he was about to tell her and then it seems like a terrible moment to tell her.”Yeah, it was not the perfect proposal, but when do things go perfectly on OUAT? Like us on Facebook. on ABC.Want more stuff like this? It does seem like they will be getting married anyway — and they’ll be singing in the musical episode — so things must work out in the end, right?”Once Upon a Time” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. He did want to propose, and he did get David’s blessing as Emma’s father, but he didn’t want to propose until she knew the truth about what happened, even if it meant she didn’t want to be with him anymore. Instead, Emma jumped the gun, figuring Hook was struggling to get out what he had to say because he was working up the courage (with his Captain Morgan rum, not water) to propose. but the context was so wrong.Hook was only coming to talk to Emma to confess what he had just learned, that back in the day, he was the one who killed David’s (Josh Dallas) father, aka Emma’s biological grandfather. Not every “Once Upon a Time” fan is a Captain Swan fan, but fans of Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) have been waiting for him to propose. Before we do this, I should let you know that this is the case,’ but I think, yet again, it’s a case of Hook making a spur of the minute wrong decision, which he regrets — he doesn’t regret the fact that they’re engaged, he regrets the circumstances and what went on behind it.”Morrison continued to EW:”Both of them are coming at it with good intentions. It happened last night in Season 6, Episode 13, “Ill-Boding Patterns.” And it was not ideal.Yeah, it was still squeal-worthy when she said yes — and many CS shippers are thrilled…”Emma Swan, will you marry me?”
– “Yes! Yes, Killian!”#CaptainSwan#OnceUponATimepic.twitter.com/awEA08K4lP
— ᴏᴜᴀᴛ ; (@weareouat) March 20, 2017Emma Swan, will you marry me? Posted March 20, 2017 by Gina CarboneWell, that was awkward.

Meanwhile, Richard comes to grips with Bailey’s betrayal over the Residency Program.”It sounds like an emotional episode to direct, and the photos show many characters together at dinner, which could make things difficult on the technical side. “This force of nature wouldn’t take no for an answer. Posted March 20, 2017 by Gina CarboneEllen Pompeo got herself a Very Special Episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” for her directorial debut, and she cannot wait for it to rip your heart out.The Meredith Grey actress directed Season 13, Episode 18, “Be Still, My Soul,” which airs Thursday, March 30. Like us on Facebook. I have the best cast in the world to work with.”As TVLine reported, Pompeo also thanked her director/producer/actress mentor Debbie Allen (Catherine Avery) for pushing her to take this next step after 13 seasons. on ABC.[Via: TVLine]Want more stuff like this? I was more nervous about the technical aspects… Pompeo told the PaleyFest panel it was only the technical aspect of directing that concerned her.”I’ve been doing this show for 13 seasons, so I wasn’t really nervous about any of the scenes, not to sound arrogant. The episode synopsis reads, “When Maggie’s mom’s health deteriorates, the doctors are at odds over how to treat her. During the “Grey’s” PaleyFest panel on Sunday, Pompeo teased the storyline of her episode: “I couldn’t wait to make everybody cry.” TVLine added, the spoiler alert that “There may be a pivotal-ish death.”To be honest, ABC already teased as much by sharing photos from the episode, which include a big extended Grey Sloan family dinner with Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) and her mother Diane Pierce (LaTanya Richardson). And I’m forever grateful to her for that spirit of generosity.”Before Pompeo’s directorial debut, “Be Still, My Soul,” airs March 30, “‘Til I Hear It From You” airs Thursday, March 23, including the reappearance of Maggie’s mother, and more Omelia drama.Also, just to have something to look forward to in the Season 13 finale, Debbie Allen teased, “The end of this season is hot.””Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m.

You do me proud, son! “Pacific Rim: Uprising” is scheduled for release February 23rd, 2018. Posted March 20, 2017 by Gina CarboneMark Hamill was 25 when “Star Wars” was released in May 1977. New franchise star John Boyega just turned 25 on March 17, 2017. They never call, they never write & the excuses just get more elaborate- “I’m in Beijing” Yeah, right & I’m on a date w/ Beyonce-LOL! Crew was kind but thought #SW was “rubbish”-I kept telling them”We’re on a winner!”#LOLukehttps://t.co/S6mzZbWLvD
— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) March 18, 2017
Boyega’s Finn had his own big start in the “Star Wars” galaxy in “The Force Awakens,” and he’ll join Hamill’s Luke, Daisy Ridley’s Rey, and the extended fam in “The Last Jedi.” Hamill and Boyega shared a very father/son exchange to celebrate the young star’s 25th b-day:Shout-out to @JohnBoyega for no reason other than being wickedly-proficient w/ a lightsaber w/ no training whatsoever. pic.twitter.com/xeCFbzA9ph
— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) March 17, 2017Late response because I’m in Beijing but thanks dad @HamillHimself
— John Boyega (@JohnBoyega) March 19, 2017Kids! Thank you all for the surprise ❤️❤️#pacificrimuprising pic.twitter.com/sDT7zqiY8k
— John Boyega (@JohnBoyega) March 17, 2017
“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” opens December 15th, 2017. Hamill’s Twitter is a gift that keeps on giving, and this week he posted 1) possibly the first-ever photo of Luke on the set of “Star Wars,” and 2) an adorable birthday shout-out to his “son,” Boyega.Taken in Tunisia early morning Day #1 waiting for my 1st shot (emerging from home for robot auction)-Perhaps the very 1st #LukePic#SWpic.twitter.com/WMCGnWCotP
— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) March 18, 2017
Hamill also got candid when a fan asked, “At that very moment, were you thinking ‘This is gonna be my big break’ or ‘Crap, it’s early, dusty and way too bright’?”
Judging by my clueless expression, probably both. Like us on Facebook. https://t.co/ekaF9IiXid
— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) March 19, 2017
Boyega was actually on the set of “Pacific Rim 2” for the milestone:

Pleasant surprise !Turning 25 on set with the Pacific Rim family is an absolute joy! Want more stuff like this?

Yeah. That is a skill in it of itself. Is it unfair? When #HeatherMorris auditioned for #sytycdhttps://t.co/VZdjOAqXng#DWTS24
— DWTSGossip (@DWTSGossip) March 16, 2017It sure looks like she’s doing ballroom in that video. But the expectation because she’s a dancer is going to be very different than someone like Rashad Jennings, who is an athlete coming into this. Because of that, she will be judged on a higher level and there will be higher expectations on her.Sungkur: In the past, we’ve had people like Zendaya and Corbin Bleu and people said they had an unfair advantage, but they didn’t end up winning the show.The odds-makers at SportsBettingDime still think gymnast Simone Biles has the best chance to win Season 24 (she’s partnered with Sasha Farber), followed by Normani Kordei (with reigning champ Val Chmerkovskiy) then Heather Morris with Maks.It is possible that Morris’s pro dance experience will actually cause a backlash that works against her, but it’s 50/50. Like us on Facebook. It’s foreign to her. She’s never partner danced. Formerly known as Brittany from Glee. Does she know how to count music and have rhythm? Do I necessarily think they will be the best? There’s a ton of expectation on Heather Morris and Maks. Does she have an advantage? on ABC.Want more stuff like this? She didn’t make it, though:#TBT… Formerly known as Brittany from Glee. No. But Heather is finding it challenging because it’s like learning a new language. You have to wait and see.Sungkur: There are some obvious people that have dance experience that you would look at in the beginning, but often as you’ve seen in the show, the person with the best dance experience doesn’t necessarily win.Heather is a professional dancer, so does she have an unfair advantage?Edens: No. She has never had a ballroom lesson. It will be interesting to see the dynamic between she and Maks.Do you have anything else to say to fans of the show on social media who are saying it’s an unfair advantage?Edens: We’re not shying away from the fact that she 100 percent has dance experience. She has not ever partner danced. Last season, Laurie Hernandez won because of/despite the fact that the gymnast was a dancing powerhouse right out of the gate and had the top scores nearly every week.”Dancing With the Stars” airs Mondays from 8 to 10 p.m. It was even listed right in her Twitter bio up until the weekend before the show: “Professional dancer/actor. Proud mom of two. We looked at that a lot. Avid morning coffee drinker :)”Morris even tried out for “So You Think You Can Dance,” which is where DWTS has drafted many of its pro dancers, including current pros Witney Carson and Lindsay Arnold. Morris is not the first “Glee” star to be on DWTS — Amber Riley won Season 17 with Derek Hough — and she’s not the only one to have previous dance experience — that list is long, but Maks previously won with ice dancer Meryl Davis.The “controversy” with Morris is that she’s a professional dancer. Posted March 20, 2017 by Gina CarboneEvery season of “Dancing With the Stars” comes with casting controversy, and this year’s target is “Glee” alum Heather Morris.DWTS Season 24 starts tonight (Monday, March 20) on ABC, and Heather Morris will debut with a Viennese Waltz with partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. However, when The Hollywood Reporter asked executive producers Joe Sungkur and Ashley Edens about Morris, they argued that her dance is experience just creates higher expectations and does not give her an “unfair” advantage to win.Here’s part of that THR Q&A:Who are some of the early frontrunners this season?Edens: There’s a ton of expectation on Simone [Biles] and Sasha [Farber]. Proud mom of two. Yes. Avid morning coffee drinker.” It currently reads “Dancer/Actor.

— 2nas (@2nascious) March 20, 2017If Jesus becomes Maggie’s new paramour…I wouldn’t hate that #TheWalkingDead
— Jen Lei (@Jen_Lei) March 20, 2017Me @ Jesus/Maggie/Sasha shippers#TheWalkingDead#jesusisgaypic.twitter.com/KlH1uFwnNi
— •Amber• (@papatwd) March 20, 2017#TheWalkingDead 3 gay men on the good side. Like us on Facebook. THEY FINALLY MADE JESUS GAY OFFICIAL!! #TWD#TheWalkingDead@AMCTalkingDead
— Tiffany Hess (@SoEffingAwkward) March 20, 2017Jesus: “…Boyfriends.”
Me: “The good ones are always gay!”#TheWalkingDeadpic.twitter.com/zHzcBux627
— Beverly Hernandez (@BevInTheMiddle) March 20, 2017#TheWalkingDead Jesus and Maggie =JeMag???lol I know bout yall bt it looks like Jesus gona be the baby daddy… We know Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson) are currently together, and Tara (Alanna Masterson) was dating Denise (Merritt Wever) until Denise was killed. Friends. Boyfriends. Everyone else has baggage, a tiger, a minor, a preacher..wait DARYL. Actor Tom Payne talked to TVGuide.com at PaleyFest about the possibility of Jesus and Aaron eventually becoming a thing, as in the comic. “I’ve spoken to [Ross] about it,” Payne said, preparing him for the idea that “somewhere down the line, we might get together.”In the meantime, fans reacted to the not-so-big reveal with mostly positive comments (and religious jokes), but also some disappointment — a few liked the idea of Maggie and Jesus getting together after a while, or they mourned the loss of another hot guy to the other team. (There’s still Gregory, ladies!) Some fans now hope Jesus and Aaron can be a thing, or even Jesus and Daryl (Norman Reedus), since Daryl is still an undeclared free agent.When #TheWalkingDead has an openly gay character named #Jesuspic.twitter.com/y3jqkkF4RY
— Charlie Rowan (@_CharlieRowan_) March 20, 2017When #Thewalkingdead has an openly gay character named Jesus! All the good ones are either taken or gay
— marah sercier (@sarah_mercier91) March 20, 2017Jesus is gay, which only goes to prove that all the good guys on this show are gay or dead. I always found it hard getting close to anyone. “Trying to make sure you and Sasha became a part of this, made me a part of this. #TheWalkingDead WHAT. It airs Sundays at 9 p.m. Girls, we still have Daryl pic.twitter.com/0fHUs1xybG
— shelly (@LFreenor) March 20, 2017
“The Walking Dead” Season 7 only has two episodes left, Episode 15 and Episode 16. 🎉🎉🎉 #TheWalkingDeadpic.twitter.com/mv1P3gz3OP
— ✨ (@nefariouslypure) March 20, 2017Did he just say boyfriend?! 😂😂 #TWDpic.twitter.com/uCXfLZ2YL7
— MarissaBrooks (@IssaBrooks) March 20, 2017Jesus: Neighbors. Me:#twd#TheWalkingDeadpic.twitter.com/bHXqMYTFl8
— Sue (@walkingkeacher) March 20, 2017#TheWalkingDead JESUS CAME OUT AS GAY ON A SUNDAY HAVE A BLESSED DAY
— erica (@ericarxnee) March 20, 2017#TheWalkingDead
jesus: *reveals he’s gay*
daryl/jesus shippers: pic.twitter.com/3l6okqDPin
— emma (@stuffxthangs) March 20, 2017When Jesus said “Boyfriends” #TheWalkingDeadpic.twitter.com/0EX4jazmoy
— Daryl Dixon (@BAMFDarylDixon_) March 20, 2017YES! on AMC. When I was first here, I was never here. Posted March 20, 2017 by Gina CarboneIt was a one-word reveal, but “The Walking Dead” fans did not miss it, and they did not fail to react.In “Walking Dead” Season 7, Episode 14, Paul, aka Jesus (Tom Payne) had a chat with Maggie (Lauren Cohan) about how he finally feels like he belongs somewhere, thanks to Maggie and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) coming to Hilltop. Want more stuff like this? Neighbors, friends, boyfriends.” He gave Maggie a look after “boyfriends” and she just smiled.That was it.The character of Jesus is gay in Robert Kirkman’s “Walking Dead” comic, and it was already known that he would be gay on the TV show, too, but it’s not always clear how that would be expressed.

“It’s part of how we’re positioning the film to general audiences,” he said.4. Disney reported that families bought 50 percent of the tickets and that 35 percent of tickets went to kids 16 and under.Asked whether the studio had any concerns about the possible impact of the religion-motivated backlash at the box office, Hollis declined to comment. It also describes how crowded the late-winter month has become with summer-worthy blockbusters.It’s a trend that started with Disney’s live-action update of “Alice in Wonderland” seven years ago, a film whose $116 million opening proved once and for all that you could open a blockbuster in March as easily as in May or June. Hollis says the marketing played up the visuals, partly in order to broaden the film’s appeal beyond families. Families Really Wanted to See the MovieAll the grumbling over the last few weeks about the movie’s supposedly taboo-shattering depiction of LeFou (Josh Gad) as gay didn’t seem to stop families from buying tickets to “Beauty.”Director Bill Condon’s remarks about giving LeFou an “exclusively gay moment” at the end of the film had some prominent Evangelical activists up in arms and threatening boycotts of “Beauty” and Disney in general, and one Alabama theater made headlines for refusing to book the film. Nonetheless, advance-sales site Fandango called “Beauty” the fastest-selling family film in its history. Indeed, instead of releasing “Beauty” on staggered dates throughout the world, Disney put out the film on the same day in all but three major world markets (Australia, France, and Japan), allowing the movie to take advantage of spring break in the U.S. and similar springtime holidays around the globe. The only question was: How big would its opening weekend get?The answer was an estimated $170 million in North America, making “Beauty” the seventh biggest debut in history, the biggest March opening ever, and the biggest premiere ever for a PG-rated film. It’s also the biggest opening weekend for any of Disney’s recent wave of live-action remakes of its catalogue of animated classics.The film’s opening weekend was slightly higher than most predicted, and, despite good-but-not-great reviews (71 percent “Fresh” at Rotten Tomatoes), high expectations from fans of the original 1991 film, a star (Emma Watson) who remained unproven outside of the “Harry Potter” franchise, “Beast” managed to net $350 million worldwide over its first weekend. So “Beauty” wasn’t just a fondly-but-dimly-remembered film from the distant past; rather, it’s been both ubiquitous and popular for more than 25 years straight.Talking to Moviefone, Disney’s Executive Vice President for Theatrical Distribution, Dave Hollis, cited nostalgia first among “Beauty’s” strengths. He acknowledged how thick with major releases March has become, but he said the month is “still unbelievably less crowded than the summer.”3. March Is the New Launchpad for BlockbustersMarch madness isn’t just a basketball thing anymore. Paying customers gave “Beauty” an A CinemaScore, suggesting that they recommended it enthusiastically to others.5. Posted March 19, 2017 by Gary SusmanThere was no question that “Beauty and the Beast” would top the box office chart this weekend. Still, the movie’s $170 million take speaks for itself. As a result, the movie has done especially well in enhanced formats that bring in ticket surcharges.Some 37 percent of sales went to premium formats, including 26 percent to 3D, eight percent to IMAX (2D and 3D), and 11 percent to other premium large format screens (2D and 3D). In fact, it’s the biggest IMAX debut ever for a PG-rated movie, both domestically and worldwide. Here’s how the tale as old as time pulled it off:1. “Beauty” seems to work on this level as well, particularly with all the inanimate objects in Beast’s castle coming to vivid, dancing life. Those are large numbers for the high-end tickets, which usually account for 25 percent or less of a 3D movie’s opening weekend. Now, he said, those viewers are “parents bringing their children into theaters for the same kind of experience.”2. And the 1991 “Beauty” wasn’t just any Disney animated feature; it was the first ever to earn a Best Picture Oscar nomination. “The market always expands for quality film,” Hollis said. Good Word-of-MouthAs soft as the reviews were, they didn’t do much to depress turnout among older viewers who still read criticism. So it was beloved by critics as well as young and middle-aged adults who grew up watching it and kids who fell in love with it on home video,Plus, for years, Disney used the musical’s “Be Our Guest” as a tourist jingle. Nostalgia”Beauty” is the first of Disney’s live-action remakes whose source is a fairly recent film, one from the studio’s animation renaissance of the 1990s instead of from when Walt was alive, which was more than a half-century ago. Old Story, New VisualsDisney’s cartoon-to-live-action adaptations have tried, mostly with success, to be as imaginative and stunning to look at as the original animation. Maybe that’s because word-of-mouth was so strong. As a result, “Beauty” enjoyed similar record-breaking openings in many countries and grossed an estimated $180 million overseas.The current March may be the most crowded one yet, with at least one new potential blockbuster every weekend, including “Kong” and “Logan.” And yet, there seems to be room for everyone so far, with these hit films driving interest in theatrical moviegoing that has benefitted just about every wide release this month. He said the company found the 25-year interval since the first film to be the “perfect distance” to capitalize on the affection for the film held by viewers who were kids in 1991.

It should make that money back manyfold after ticket sales are tallied and new lines of princess wear are whipped up to satisfy new generations of Belle lovers.Most major studios steered clear of “Beauty and the Beast.” The only other new release of note, “The Belko Experiment,” debuted to $4.1 million, which its backers say is success given its model. That pushes the monster movie’s domestic haul to $110.1 million. The drama has already made $34 million overseas. Posted March 19, 2017 by ReutersBy Brent LangLOS ANGELES, March 19 (Variety.com) – This is what makes Disney such a powerhouse.”Beauty and the Beast,” the studio’s latest live action update of a cartoon classic, waltzed its way to a towering $170 million debut this weekend, setting a new record for a March opening and solidifying the Mouse House’s status as the dominant player in the film business. With a budget of $4.5 million, the film is one of the year’s most profitable. Director Bill Condon kept the basic plot intact, while fleshing out a bit more of Belle’s backstory, and retaining a soundtrack that includes “Be Our Guest” and “Belle.” All those elaborate musical numbers and chatty cutlery don’t come cheap. No other company can match the streak that Disney is currently enjoying, thanks to a series of multi-billion acquisitions that put the likes of Pixar, Marvel, and LucasFilm in its Magic Kingdom.”Beauty and the Beast” represents another part of Disney’s branded strategy. “The Belko Experiment” follows a group of American corporate types, who are locked in a high-rise office in Bogota, Colombia. The actor also has a supporting turn playing Lumiere, a candlestick, in “Beauty and the Beast.” Sony is releasing “T2,” which is heavily geared towards European audiences. The film boasts a unique distribution strategy. “The Belko Experiment” opened in 1,341 locations, roughly a third of the theater count for a major studio offerings. Universal and Blumhouse’s “Get Out,” a thriller about a black man whose girlfriend’s white family holds a sinister secret, nabbed fourth position. Lionsgate’s “The Shack” rounded out the top five generating $6.1 million and pushing the faith-based drama’s earnings to over $42.6 million.In limited release, “T2 Trainspotting,” a sequel to the 1996 cult comedy about a group of heroin addicts, opened in five locations, earning $180,000. Remakes of “Dumbo” and “Mulan” are already in the works, as Disney commits to putting a live action spin on the bulk of its animated properties (Fans of “Treasure Planet” may be out of luck).The latest fairy tale follows Belle, a bookish girl in France played by Harry Potter film veteran Emma Watson, who helps a tortured Beast (Dan Stevens of “Downton Abbey” fame) break out of his shell. Others in the lucrative group include “Alice in Wonderland,” which picked up $1 billion worldwide, “Cinderella” with its $543.5 million global haul, and last year’s “The Jungle Book,” which racked up a mighty $966.6 million after finishing its run. In the process she lifts a curse that’s left the Beast’s kingdom populated by talking household items. “Beauty and the Beast” didn’t muck about with the elements that made the 1991 film so beloved. They are ordered by a voice on the intercom to kill one another in a gray flannel-version of Social Darwinism.With “Beauty and the Beast” dominating ticket sales, last weekend’s champ, “Kong: Skull Island,” fell 53% to $28.8 million. Warner Bros. The theaters are chosen because they are more popular with horror fans. Orion, an MGM label, backed the film and is distributing it with BH Tilt. Ewan McGregor reprises his role as a drug-addict Scot. It made $13.2 million, bringing its gross to $133.1 million. “Beauty and the Beast” carries a hefty $160 million budget. It’s trying to find more cost-efficient ways to bring smaller films to the masses. That label is overseen by “The Purge” and “Insidious” producer Blumhouse. and Legendary Entertainment teamed up to produce the remake of King Kong.Fox’s “Logan” took third place, pulling in $17.5 million and bringing the R-rated superhero tale’s stateside total to $184 million. It’s the latest fairy tale adaptation to hit screens.

crew discusses the merits of “John Carter,” from its impressive visuals to its jam-packed plotting. A Movie Lover’s Podcast Episode 17: ‘John Carter’Total runtime: 57:10Subscribe to the CAN’T WAIT! Join Moviefone editors Tim Hayne, Rachel Horner, Phil Pirrello, and Tony Maccio as they extol the virtues and expose the failings (with love!) of nostalgic movies. Have a movie you really, really want us to watch and talk about? Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #CANTWAIT.CAN’T WAIT! Posted March 17, 2017 by Moviefone StaffWhat’s left to say about one of the biggest bombs in box office history? Other topics of discussion include questionable casting choices, lovable toad dogs, and the very minor role real science plays in the movie.Tune in next week for Phil’s pick, 1999’s “Deep Blue Sea,” a movie in which hyper-intelligent sharks attack a scrappy team of researchers (and LL Cool J), all in the name of Alzheimer’s research.Listen to CAN’T WAIT! Plenty, when that bomb is Disney’s 2012 sci-fi action epic “John Carter.”This week’s pick comes courtesy of special guest Drew Taylor, who comes armed with plenty of facts and factoids to support his love for the adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s literary classic. For better or worse, the CAN’T WAIT! podcast:iTunesGoogle PlayStitcherHave thoughts/feelings/feedback about the podcast? A Movie Lover’s Podcast by Moviefone celebrates Hollywood’s guiltiest pleasures by taking a fresh look at critically ignored movies and giving them a second chance at life.

Posted March 17, 2017 by Drew TaylorEarlier today I spoke to Niki Caro, the amazingly talented director of “Whale Rider,” “McFarland, USA,” and the upcoming, incredibly moving “The Zookeeper’s Wife” (we’ll have more on that in a bit), and at the end of the conversation I brought up her upcoming remake of Disney’s animated classic “Mulan.” And she gave us exclusive details about her live-action version of the movie and why you should very much look forward to the movie.So I was talking to Sean Bailey and he was telling me about your approach to “Mulan.” It sounds great!What did he say?He said that it’s going to be very muscular and a Ridley Scott approach. But I wanted to hear from you what your approach is going to be.Well I’m not going to contradict Sean. Is that true? I could not possibly comment upon that.So there you have it: “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” is out, but all sorts of thrilling awesomeness is in.Caro’s “The Zookeeper’s Wife” is in theaters on March 31st. It will be extremely muscular and thrilling and entertaining and moving.That sounds awesome.Yeah!But from what I understand, no songs?Yes, from what I understand, no songs right now, much to the horror of my children.I’ve heard that the deleted scene where the Huns sneak in via a Chinese dragon is going to be in this movie. His sensibility and mine for the material is right in sync. It’s a big, girly martial arts epic.

Posted March 17, 2017 by Gina CarboneMost of the characters on HBO’s “Big Little Lies” are annoyingly, impossibly rich, and half the fun of watching is to drool over the various homes. “The actual restaurant where they sit is on a stage in Los Angeles,” the locations manager reported.Head to Vulture for more, including details on Jane’s (Shailene Woodley) more modest home, the local school, and the park where Jane goes running.Want more stuff like this? (The novel is set in Australia, but writer David E. Kelley moved it to Monterey, California, in part for its proximity to Silicon Valley.)Here’s a quick rundown on a few of the houses, with more details on each at Vulture:• The home of Celeste (Nicole Kidman) and Perry Wright (Alexander Skarsgård)Location: Monterey PeninsulaCost: $6 million• The home of Renata (Laura Dern) and Gordon Klein (Jeffrey Nordling)Location: MalibuCost: $12.4 millionYou may recognize this home since it has already been in other movies, TV shows, and commercials, and the locations manager almost didn’t even show it to the director because of that.• The home of Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) and Ed Mackenzie (Adam Scott)Location: MalibuCost: $14.8 million• The home of Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz) and Nathan Carlson (James Tupper)Location: CalabasasCost: $2.6 millionThat Bonnie house is a favorite. (Maybe not Jane’s so much.)Vulture has a breakdown of the different locations, pointing out that only one of homes is actually on the Monterey Peninsula, where the show is set. Stunner.Also, even though Monterey does have a popular wharf, the show didn’t film there because of the unpredictable weather. Like us on Facebook. The other houses and shooting locations are in Malibu, Calabasas, Pasadena, and Los Angeles.

The Season 7 finale is meant to be lighter, although Gimple did say there would still be “losses.””The Walking Dead” Season 7 will air Episode 14, “The Other Side,” this Sunday, March 19 at 9 p.m. Posted March 17, 2017 by Gina CarboneIt may sound obvious that “The Walking Dead” Season 7 finale will have an ending — of course it will, they aren’t supersizing episodes to be several-months-long at this point — but what showrunner Scott M. It is everything and the kitchen sink. But last year we were warned that the Season 6 finale, and the Season 7 premiere, would be very dark and intense, and that was true. Like us on Facebook. It is taking your cup and going down each soda jet and taking a little from each one and then throwing in some hot sauce, a little bit of lime, and then maybe a tiny bit of tequila, as well.”We’ve been hearing a lot of great things about this season finale, which may sound familiar since they always hype premieres and finales. So it makes sense that this year’s finale will find a way to get fans revved up for Season 8 without ending the show mid-scene.Here’s what Gimple told Entertainment Weekly about the Season 7 Episode 16 finale, which will air Sunday, April 2:”I just think it’s everything. Gimple is really saying is, “There won’t be another cliffhanger like last year, so put the torches and pitchforks away.”The Season 6 cliffhanger was not popular, to put it mildly, and was blasted by many fans as a gimmick to stretch out an iconic comic book scene. And though it promises more — because there is a whole lot to get to — there is an ending. on AMC. It really is just a huge episode inasmuch as it has all of the flavors of this season. It is exciting and it’s very emotional and I believe it’s funny in a couple parts, and it builds and builds and builds and it explodes. The producers recently made a point to say they don’t change anything based on fan reaction, but they do like to mix things up instead of sticking with the same predictable formula. Head over here for spoilers on that episode.Want more stuff like this?

We’ll have to wait for the official opening weekend reports to come in Sunday and Monday. Like us on Facebook. Posted March 17, 2017 by Gina Carbone”Beauty and the Beast” is rolling up its sleeves for fights with “Batman v Superman” and “Harry Potter.”Disney’s live-action movie is already blowing past the studio’s own early opening weekend forecasts, which then called for about a $120 million domestic haul. What does that mean? It means ‘Beauty and the Beast’ smacked the record opening of a ‘Harry Potter’ film, that is his last chapter ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.'”Go, Belle, go! Superman,’ and the pic grosses upward of $169.19M, it will be Emma Watson’s highest opening of all-time. “That’s the biggest preview tally of the year so far, the biggest ever for a Disney live-action title, the second-biggest for a PG film and the third biggest ever in March.”Deadline mentioned other records the movie could break this weekend: “Should ‘Beauty and the Beast’ click past $166M, then they’ll steal the all-time March opening record from Warner Bros.’ ‘Batman v. Now, Variety reports, Disney estimates the musical to finish between $140 million to $155 million, while a rival estimate thinks it could reach $167 million-plus.Over at The Hollywood Reporter, they say “Beauty” is expected to make more than $60 million on Friday alone for a possible opening weekend of $165 million-$170 million.THR added that Friday’s total will include $16.3 million from Thursday-night previews. Hopefully these prognosticators aren’t counting too many chickens before they’re hatched, or suddenly they’ll see the opening as “disappointing” if it really does “only” make $120 million.Want more stuff like this?

It’s unlikely that events and characters from seasons 1 and 2 would be incorporated or even mentioned. Posted March 17, 2017 by Kelly WooMTV wants a whole new “Scream.”The network wants to overhaul the horror TV series with a new cast and storyline for its upcoming third season , Deadline reports.MTV ordered a six-episode third season last fall, despite flagging ratings. Cast members from seasons 1 and 2 have reportedly been given permission to seek other work, and star Willa Fitzgerald has booked the Fox pilot “Behind Enemy Lines.”Want more stuff like this? The second season averaged 377,000 viewers in Live+same day, half of what season 1 drew. Like us on Facebook. Still, the network remains committed to “Scream,” and the studio, Dimension TV, is looking for a new showrunner who can provide a new take on the show, which itself is a reimagination of the film franchise.

We know this because he’s been posting a series of Instagram videos revealing “a new segment called” [in sing-song voice] “What’s My Snack?”Here’s the first video, with Pratt struggling to pronounce what’s in his jar of “cacao baobab banana chia.” However you say it, you’re supposed to shake it before you dig in.#WHATSMYSNACK #JurassicWorld2A post shared by chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) on Mar 16, 2017 at 5:50am PDTThis next video has the caption, “#JurassicWorld2 #WHATSMYSNACK watch me eat cat food like a good little boy.”It’s not technically cat food, though, even if it is a fancy feast called “assorted sashimi”:#JurassicWorld2 #WHATSMYSNACK watch me eat cat food like a good little boyA post shared by chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) on Mar 16, 2017 at 6:11am PDTThe third and most recent video is captioned “Hot new full length episode of #WHATSMYSNACK.” This one is whispered at 10:53 p.m. Posted March 17, 2017 by Gina CarboneChris Pratt is currently filming “Jurassic World 2” and he is probably so hungry as you read this. as Pratt inhales some olive oil pistachio cake that he was supposed to save for the next day.Hot new full length episode of #WHATSMYSNACKA post shared by chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) on Mar 16, 2017 at 4:11pm PDTYou know you’re not getting enough food for your body when that small amount of olive oil pistachio cake looks like a feast and you can’t even wait until you’re “supposed” to eat it to dive in. He has to stay fit for his return to the role of Owen Grady, so he’s eating some healthy, low-carb, high-protein snacks on set. Like us on Facebook. He may start eating the fake dinos on set if he has to keep this up for too long.”Jurassic World 2″ is scheduled for release June 22, 2018.[via: CinemaBlend]Want more stuff like this?

Posted March 17, 2017 by Kelly WooSuperman is ready to take on impossible missions.Henry Cavill is joining Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast of “Mission: Impossible 6.” Director Christopher McQuarrie confirmed the news on Instagram with a scenic photo of himself with the cheeky caption: “Say, @henrycavill. Curious if you’re interested in a role in the 6th installment of Mission: Impossible. All good?”After some back and forth, Cavill said he was “in,” and the director wrote, “Outstanding. Alec Baldwin played Ethan’s boss in “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation,” but it’s unclear if he’ll return in that role. Your social media account will self destruct in 5 seconds.”Variety reports that Cavill will play the right-hand man of the head of Ethan Hunt’s unit. Curious if you’re interested in a role in the 6th installment of Mission: Impossible. Just a few caveats: must enjoy extreme heights, high speeds, motor vehicles of all varieties (especially aircraft), practical stunts, firearms, and sporadic exposition. Welcome aboard. Like us on Facebook. The final cast line-up is not determined, though Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, and Jeremy Renner are expected to return.”Mission: Impossible 6″ is set to open in theaters July 27, 2018.Want more stuff like this? Had a thought. No pressure.”Say, @henrycavill. No pressure.A post shared by Christopher McQuarrie (@christophermcquarrie) on Mar 16, 2017 at 7:16pm PDTIt seemed like wishful thinking, but then Cavill joined the conversation in the comments, replying “How can I say no to a man with such perfect hair…..”McQuarrie then joked, “Excellent. Had a thought.

It does. My stunt coordinator is just a guy I was friends with for years from riding motorcycles, and then I found out he was a stuntman, and I was like, “Oh, you should coordinate ‘Hit and Run,'” then he coordinated this.Doing the movie, what was a good day on the bike, and what was a not-so-good day on the bike for you?First of all, I got a guy who holds the world record for the longest front-endo, right? Someone will be mad it’s not a parody.For Scooby, do you want to do a supercharged Mystery Machine kind of thing?That van’s got to get a lot cooler for sure, yeah. So I didn’t know him at all. It can’t be that ’62 Ford or whatever the hell they were in.Would you jump at a chance to do “Dukes of Hazzard” if reboot time rolls around?I would. I went for a ride in it at maybe three years old, maybe a little younger, and it was the most exhilarating feeling I ever had, yet simultaneously to the pleasure was the front wheel of this three-wheel dune buggy was just kicking sand up in our face. You’re not allowed to say anything about their crown jewel IPs! For better or worse, I don’t tend to have a lot of reverie for things. felt like there was a big enough of a safety net with the title that they let me do that.Given that you’re kind of a gearhead then, where was the line when you wanted to do a stunt, and actor Dax was saying, “Let me do this,” and the director Dax was saying, “Is that the safest option?”There was never an internal battle. Then I left and I was like, I’ve got to go meet Michael Peña and woo him. The show exists perfectly preserved on TV. As I watched them when I was writing this, they make maybe even less sense to me. So there is some element of magic involved in all of it that the camera picks up that you can’t necessarily evaluate within the scene. And I said, “You’ve got to get me on the phone with [Toto songwriter/producer/lead vocalist] David Paich. So that was humiliating.On the beach I crashed, because I had this huge camera slung out in front of the front wheel, and it was burying it in the sand, so I crashed there. It’s like the DC world. I didn’t know him at all when I sold this, and I sold it with him attached to star. I think it’s an asset in some ways, and then it’s offensive in other ways. So in the beginning train scene, there’s this really crazy long front-endo. Posted March 17, 2017 by Scott HuverIf the favorite TV show of your youth had a major high-speed element to it, chances are Dax Shepard might be interested in modernizing it for the movies.A self-admitted enthusiast of all things motorized and fast, Shepard’s the first to admit that the despite enduring in many viewers’ memories for four decades, story- and premise-wise there wasn’t a lot of there there in the TV series “CHiPs,” which nevertheless ran for six well-rated seasons on NBC from 1977-1983, best recalled primarily for the motorcycles, the tan California Highway Patrol uniforms and Erik Estrada’s mega-watt smile.That was enough for writer/director/actor Shepard, who, after enthusiastic reviews for his 2012 feature film “Hit & Run,” was hot to helm another supercharged action-comedy and found that “CHiPs” provided all the basic ingredients he was craving but also left him plenty of room for reinvention. “Can’t do this, you can’t do this.”Then I said, “Oh, there’s something that is not on your list that I’m going to do in the movie, which is I’m going to be driving the black car in the opening chase scene.” And they were like, “Why? I did not practice on an 850-pound motorcycle — I’d only done it on a Hypermotard. What did you want to do with it?I’m always looking for anything that can combine motorsports and comedy, because all my free time is spent doing, if I’m not with my kids, I’m doing something that you put gas in. So it wasn’t really until I started seeing dailies of what we were shooting I was like, “OK, we seem to have something kind of special. So I basically just had to do it in front of the crew, and I crashed two or three times, and then we got it on the fourth time. We did rehearse for about four or five weeks, so I was getting to know him.But in all truth, I’ve done movies with people who I love, and have had no chemistry with them. What I wanted to make was “Bad Boys” and “Lethal Weapon.” Those are the action-comedies that I love.That was the singular goal. Were you a kid that like immediately went out and got on your bike right afterwards and tooled around the neighborhood like you were Jon or Ponch?Dax Shepard: I did do that, but in all honesty, my brother and I were more likely to be playing Bo and Luke Duke — we both wanted to be Bo Duke. I don’t have that voice in your head that says, “Don’t do it.” But what I had was two pretty lengthy meetings with the insurance provider during prep, and they just brought in an itemized list of every single stunt, and they said, “OK, which ones do you want to do?” And I said, “Basically, everything but jump 100 feet. I’d like to do “Dukes,” I’d like to do “Starsky [& Hutch],” I’d like to do “The Fall Guy.” I think it’s a really cool property waiting to be explored.Again, my goal is, take something you know, take something you have an expectation about, and then give you something completely different. They’re very tight. So, for instance, on the itemized list, we go through it: “OK, you can’t drive over a car, but we’ll let you go down the staircase.” “OK, you can do a wheelie, but we don’t want you do a front-endo” — even though I did a front-endo. I didn’t follow the plots of many of those episodes. Again, I felt very liberated to just do whatever movie I wanted to. It’s just like, “Oh, there’s some stickiness to this thing. It was palm trees and beaches, then this totally odd couple for us in Michigan: it’s a Latino guy and a white guy, and they’re on motorcycles.So those things I loved as a kid: motorcycles, California, and Jon and Ponch somehow, I liked those guys. It’s not that I regard it as “The Sopranos” or something. With Michael Pena playing Ponch and taking on the Jon role himself, Shepard recruited a cast with razor-sharp chops in both comedy and drama — including Vincent D’Onofrio, Adam Brody, Rosa Salazar, Jane Kaczmarek, and his wife Kristen Bell – and revved the engines.And as Shepard reveals to Moviefone, there’s a few more TV-to-big-screen prospects on the horizon — just as long as he gets to do his fair share of stunts.Moviefone: Let’s look back to your very first impressions of the TV show “CHiPs” when it was on the air. Now, other people probably would have approached it differently. This dog talks …” Again, they’re a weird duo, this scaredy-cat stoner and this dog. I can’t take that away. That’s kind of what I live for as a moviegoer. That’s what I can latch on to.I tend to just latch on to characters in shows. I’ve got to tell him I’m a super fan.”So I get on the phone with David Paich, and I say, “Listen, I want to send you this video so you really understand the depth to which I love Toto.” So I sent him that video. I was more interested in like getting the motorcycle chases right than I was worried about, say, Peña and I being funny or something.So yeah, I was just looking for a way to make “Bad Boys” and this was something Warner Bros. What’s funny about that is, that video of “Africa,” which we posted, we probably would have never posted, but I had written in the [“CHiPs”] script that I yell “Turn down the f*cking Toto!” and then I asked Toto for the rights to the song, and they said no initially, because they thought I was making fun of them. I’ve done movies with people I’m ambivalent about and had great chemistry. I wanted to do a front-endo so we could at least get me coming down and driving away. I can’t do that.” And they said, “OK, well, let’s talk then.”Then we just went through and we compromised, but what was a huge asset that I wouldn’t have even imagined was one was, because I did “Hit and Run,” and I had done 100% of that driving, and I hadn’t crashed a single car in that movie, they know of that kind of thing, which surprised me. Then I said to Kristen, “Maybe we should post this.” So in a weird roundabout way, without “CHiPs,” I probably would have never posted that video.Are you still going to do a “Scooby-Doo” project for Warner Bros?I’ve been working on it for nine months, writing. Probably my first memory.Everything in the film ultimately hangs on the rapport that you have with Michael.Tell me about how quickly in the process you realized you could have it with him, and then developing it and kind of making it your own thing. I said to the studio, “Michael Peña’s got to be Ponch.” They’re like, we love it. I think over the last 10 years, the action-comedies tend to be really comedies, and then they have a little bit of throwaway action. That’s not even your character.” And I’m like, “Because that’s fun to drive a car like that, and that’s why I’m making this movie so I can do that stupid stuff.” They’re like, “All right, you can drive the car.”All my friends are stuntmen. All I can do is offer something different up in the movie.Not a ton of boxes you needed to check.Yeah, for me. He emailed me back and said, “I’ve not liked the song this much since I wrote it.” And I was like, “Wow, that’s such a stamp of approval. Yeah. And he got there, and he was in the best mood, and he was so ready to play and have fun.What’s immediately obvious about him when you meet him is you go, “Oh, hell yeah — I see why this guy was a humongous star.” He’s so charismatic, you can’t help but notice it, so it was a blast working with him.I thought all the music choices were great — and I couldn’t help but notice the band Toto seems to again have a prominent place in your life.It does. That’s just always a very fun experience for me in a movie, when I get something I totally didn’t see coming. That’s what I would work off of. All the way back, when you knew this was like, “I’m going to keep going fast for as long as I live?”Yeah, one of my most vivid memories as a kid was Silver Lake, the sand dunes on Lake Michigan, and my father was very into off-roading in the sand dunes. So what I zeroed in on, the thing I thought made it a globally appealing show, was those things: California and motorcycles.That’s pretty much what I think everybody has of “CHiPs” memories to hang on to.Yeah, and a great theme song.Given you had that sort of mostly blank slate to start with, tell me about your process in building a movie out of that. So you turn on this show, and it was California for an hour. What I really remember about that show was, I was in cold and gloomy Detroit, which was grey for eight months of the year. It was 38 degrees, it was raining, and I thought, he’s got to be so mad he’s driven out here to be in this. There were a lot of humiliating moments for me in the movie, especially because all my friends are the stunt guys who are the best.What was the first motorized vehicle that hooked you on this kind of action? Super high-velocity sand hitting my face, which was so painful, but I was so conflicted because I was enjoying it so much, and I was in so much pain. Yeah, the Scooby-verse.Like “CHiPs,” what’s that big memory of “Scooby-Doo” that you knew you could build something out from?I have a similar relationship to “Scooby-Doo” as I have for “CHiPs,” which is, there’s just elements I love. The common approach for this, because they have developed many different versions of this before I got involved, they had always gone the parody route. I absolutely would. I certainly hang out with more stuntmen probably than actors. There’s something sparky about our relationship.”Then I think as he saw that, then it just started kind of growing, and the confidence started growing, and we got even more playful with that dynamic all the way until now we’re on the press tour — basically we followed the same kind of trajectory that the characters did.What was interesting about spending time with Erik Estrada?The day he came to film, we were shooting in Palmdale. His buddy had a three-wheel dune buggy.

I’d be out in the club and this African dude would roll up and say, ‘I AM THE REAL PRINCE! Reps for the actor haven’t responded, according to NY Daily News.Calloway, who now stars on “Saints and Sinners,” told TMZ she’d love to do a sequel, but suspects that Eddie’s Twitter account was hacked.Murphy explained to co-star Arsenio Hall in 2013 why there was never a sequel: “When ‘Coming to America’ came out, there was a big bunch of lawsuits. No word yet on which original cast members would return because he’s still tinkering with the plot.”As for the mystery of the tweet itself, TMZ says Eddie doesn’t do his own tweeting and has a staff for that. Posted March 17, 2017 by Sharon KnolleEddie Murphy tweeted about a “Coming to America” sequel — and then deleted his Twitter account!So what does that mean?The tweet, which was screencapped before it was taken down, had a picture of Vanessa Bell Calloway as Princess Imani Izzi from the 1988 comedy and the short phrase: “‘Coming to America’ sequel?”TMZ reports that the sequel is in the works: “Sources close to Eddie tell us he’s in the early writing stages of the project. You stole my life from me!’ And ‘I want my money! I’ll kill you!’ There was so many lawsuits.”

“After giving it a lot of thought, I realized that remaining behind the camera wasn’t enough because ‘ANTM’ is woven into my DNA.”Banks is going to be busy. On top of her “ANTM” duties, she’s also involved with two NBC reality competition shows. Fortunately, VH1 swooped in to rescue it, and now Banks is ready to resume her role.The supermodel and “ANTM” co-creator stuck around as an executive producer last season, but it turns out she missed hosting as much as fans missed her.”I’m overwhelmed and humbled by the intensity of the ‘ANTM’ fan base whose deep affection for the show led me to have a change of heart,” Banks said in a statement, according to Variety. Posted March 16, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongThe “Queen of the Smize” didn’t forsake “America’s Next Top Model” fans for long.Longtime judge and host Tyra Banks is coming back after just one season away, Variety reports. She had handed the reins over to Rita Ora when the series moved to the CW, but it was canceled after just one cycle. She’s taking over as host of “America’s Got Talent” now that Nick Cannon has left, plus mentoring contestants on the upcoming series “Funded.” Thank goodness she’s finding time to teach the next crop of top models how to smize properly.[via: Variety]

Posted March 16, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongThere’s no need to wait for “Beauty and the Beast” to hit theaters on Friday — James Corden got three of the film’s stars to join him in performing the tale as old as time in the middle of a busy Los Angeles intersection.Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, and Josh Gad all guest starred in the Crosswalk Theater Company musical, and their performance made its way onto Corden’s “Late Late Show” Wednesday night. The setting might have been unorthodox, but even the horns honking in the background added to its charm.”To be invited by James to perform at a crosswalk outside of CBS? You might not think a musical rehearsed in a parking lot and performed in between traffic light changes would be very impressive, but Corden and the rest of the company proved otherwise. That’s what we call a dream come true,” Gad said.Watch the entire hilarious performance below.”Beauty and the Beast” opens March 17.

It means a whole lot. It’s all by coincidence, though. Which, at the end of the day, is the bigger goal of what we do and why we do it.Tell me about the historical lessons for you guys — because you’re not just actors, you’re learning history on the job — and what have been some of the takeaways that you didn’t see coming when you signed on.Smollett-Bell: To know how much it’s challenged me in every aspect of my life, mind, body, spirit — physically, to just do an ounce of the physicality that our ancestors actually did in real life humbles me. It’s a battle we will consistently fight.Hodge: Let’s be honest, this is not taught in schools. We hold our history, and we hold our ancestors up on this pedestal as if they’re untouchable, and as if what they did, and what they achieved, and the path that they’ve pushed this nation in is in the past.In reality, that’s what we come from, and that is what we therefore are capable of bringing this nation to as well. And when that happened, it was just like, “OK, thank you God.”It’s true. It’s like a blurb, and normally they sum it up to the legendary Harriet Tubman. We were concerned with whether or not people would get us, and whether they would receive us, but the fact that they’ve received us, they take ownership of us, and they carry that to their daily lives.You have people tracking back their ancestry just because of watching our show. The struggle for justice is long. So what do you do?For me, I have my freedom, but at the cost of what? So in a time like this, I feel like we are fortunate enough to be in a position where our job, and our art, and our creativity is a part of the positive contribution to what we’re looking forward to going into.Somebody’s going to look at us and say, “I choose to go against that.” This is literally a mirror image of, speaking again to Jurnee’s point, we get a chance to be a part of positive cultural change that will happen, because people will get to a point where they realize we need to do something about it. And my ultimate mission is to go and run 600 miles to get my family back, but I want to take a detour first and get Noah, break him out of jail, and Harriet doesn’t agree with that plan.Bringing in those historical figures, how did that change things up for the storyline? You can look forward to good stories, and then we have the introduction of so many new characters, that it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. And it is so frustrating to me that children don’t learn this in the middle school, high school history textbooks. Not realizing that African American history is American history.Smollett-Bell: And it’s not just limited to February.Hodge: Yeah, exactly. We are mighty people. You keep pushing these stories forward that sometimes America wants to brush over or forget.Smollett-Bell: I know, I know. Did you feel that it impacted to have those big, significant presences there?Hodge: I feel like it added to what we already started building in the first season, because even though we’re not playing historical figures that people know are real people, but they were built up from real people, and we’re working from real foundation.So to bring in Harriet to the fold, that had to happen because she’s the patriarch of what it is we’re doing. We always say, “They didn’t have a cell phone, or a map to put in GPS to find their way, but they used their God-given instincts.”Jurnee, now that you’re a new parent and you’re part of this narrative, what does that mean to you? What we experienced last year, it was really kind of surreal, and we didn’t know how people were going to grasp on to it, but they’ve really attached themselves to it. There were real men and women who ran 600, 800, 1,000, 1,500 miles. Speaking back again to the responsibility that we have. It’s such an unpredictable way.As an actor, it’s kind of like just candy, man. We’ve even lost each other by the end of Season 1. Hope is taking a hit, justice is taking a hit, Lady Liberty. For the audience, it adds a sense of appreciation, a sense of understanding, and also insight into what that world may have been like.Smollett-Bell: It’s such a happy coincidence, everything that’s happening right now. But, unfortunately, a lot of kids don’t know the story. I should have known this.”Hodge: It means a lot. I want my son to know his story. I think also, bringing these historical figures in, it just raises the stakes, and makes it just a little more truthful.Speaking of coincidence, maybe more serendipity, you guys could not have known, when you started on this journey, how important this show would be for the times that people are watching it in.Smollett-Bell: Yeah. She was always written in into the end of Season 1, and that going into Season 2, we would explore the Harriet/Rosalee relationship. A lot of people will get their understanding of culture and history from, speaking to Jurnee’s point, art, what we do, what we put on TV.So we, as artists, have a responsibility to be, I would say, we deviate from the truth in storytelling to a degree, but we have a responsibility to be honest to the nature of the foundation of that truth. I feel like whatever you do leaves a blueprint, and you hope that that blueprint is a positive one and effective.When people come up and tell us how involved they are, or how passionate they are, that they learned something new that they never knew this time frame was like this, it shows that it’s not just art for art’s sake, we’re actually creating something that’s educating people and influencing our community. When you look at these stories, and you look at these people, and you start realizing these human beings who lived here, and that really deserved their space, they fought for their space, they fought for the ideals that we live by today.You’re saying, wait a minute, “This really is American history.” So it doesn’t leave anybody out. I think more so than ever, we need art to lead the way, and we need art to inspire people to rise up, and to not let our country go backwards, because we see what it looks like when we make it what it used to be again.We couldn’t have planned that, but I think there’s something that happens when art tries to dive into this other world of truth. So being able to come back and see where they were going to take the story, because they write in such an interesting way. African American studies in college — you have to choose it, whereas a lot of people probably won’t. You are directly connected to your audience, in a way. She ran barefoot? It will happen, and if we can stand on the right side of that change right now, we couldn’t ask for anything better.You’ve already, from Season 1, gotten some big returns on social media. Those who did fight-back.Hodge: The thing we do well with the show is bring it to a terms of commonality. Especially with Harriet Tubman being put on the 20-dollar bill. You just feel like there’s just good energy towards everything, and you just feel like, you know what, the world needs to see her story, finally, and need to see this superwoman that she was. We didn’t really expect it. If it is taught, it becomes a choice. What?Then the ingenuity of this complex network, which really we dive into more in Season 2 than we did in Season 1, just how complex it was to transfer cargo, the underground tunnels, the fake names, maybe working in the day time at a hospital because you’re trying to save up money so that you can afford to transfer cargo. I’m more excited about replicating that and giving them that experience, that rollercoaster ride all over again.Jurnee Smollett-Bell: For me, it was the idea of when [showrunners] Misha [Green] and Joe [Pokaski] told us this season, the theme is citizen versus soldier. In school, your curriculum says African American studies. When you really try to just tell the truth, it resonates, regardless of time period, regardless of nation that you’re in. It’s an open door for everybody to come in, and learn, and watch, and enjoy what we’re doing, because we’re celebrating the idea of what it truly means to be an American. The idea of Noah and Rosalee — we’ve lost everyone. Not just talking about the occupational slavery, we’re talking about the revolutionaries. That was all a coincidence. She ran through the swamps, and the alligators, and the snakes. There’s history, then there’s African American history. Who did I have to sacrifice to get here? Posted March 16, 2017 by Scott Huver”Underground’s” Roselee and Noah represent the human heart beating at the center of the series’ historic tale, and no one knows it better than Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Aldis Hodge.After a long stretch in between a season finale that left viewers desperately concerned about whether the couple’s love would survive the not-always clandestine battle for freedom from slavery that left them separated, and the season premiere which finally answered some of the burning questions about their current fates: Noah’s managed to dodge a death sentence, while Rosalee’s joined the company of the eventually-renowned Harriet Tubman, the leading historical figure in the saga of the Underground Railroad.And as Smollett-Bell and Hodge revealed to Moviefone, they’re not just reveling in the opportunity to tell a revealing, important story from the past that remains sorely and vitally relevant to modern times, their educating themselves along the way.Moviefone: After such an amazing first season, what got you excited about coming back for more, once you knew where they were going to start moving the story?Aldis Hodge: For me, it was just the effect that we were able to achieve with the first season was unreal for us. Who decides to become who? Can you imagine what that’s like? You have people who are incorporating the ideas of our show into their curriculum at schools, different things like this. So for me, it’s just been so inspiring, because some of these stories you read, it’s like, there is no way. You can sit back as an artist and truly understand the effect of what your work can do. And I realized that freedom ain’t so free, and there’s no way to live in peace and happiness knowing everyone I love is in bondage, between Noah, my mother, and my brother.So the idea of meeting up with Harriet Tubman — that’s where we meet Rosalee in the beginning of Season 2: she has been on the road with Harriet for the past few months learning how to transfer cargo. This whole network really is explored more in Season 2.They were brilliant. So along with shooting it, we’re kind of fans of the process as well.But I’m excited for the fans. So the actual separation of it in terms of curriculum has become the reaffirmation of segregation. Most of us, it’s hard to run one mile, let alone 600 miles.So working in the conditions, it really humbles me, but inspires me to understand the depth of our strength. That’s why we feel so fortunate to be a part of bringing this story to life. We are a mighty nation, and this nation was built on the backs of mighty people, and that same spirit is inside all of us, and I think we take it for granted. I want him to know where we were as a nation, where we are as a nation, how far we have come, and how far we have to go. Unfortunately, yeah.Hodge: Yeah.So, tell me what it means to you now to keep telling this story at a time when for many people hope is taking a hit, in a sense.Smollett-Bell: It’s true. What station is where, who to contact, what’s the language, the lingo to use. She ran with a newborn strapped on her back? Tell me about the responses and what they’ve meant to you as you’ve seen viewers reach out to you to say, “Oh my gosh, this touched me in this way…,” or “I didn’t know this. They really don’t dive deeper into how we as a nation became this side of our nation.Fortunately, I had a mom who would throw me Harriet Tubman’s biography when I was eight years old, and having watch it in the “Malcolm X” film, and wanted me to know my Jewish heritage, as well as my African American heritage.