“She can star in anything. I think she has the world in the palm of her hand.”Watson famously turned down another singing role in “La La Land,” which won a Best Actress Oscar for Emma Stone, to star in the Disney remake.According to The Daily Mail, Watson’s net worth is reportedly $70 million, mostly earned from the “Harry Potter” films. She could produce. I’m sure she has Hollywood banging at her door. That’s a lot of bling for the “Bling Ring” star. There’s no better position to be in right now. She’s America’s sweetheart and a global sweetheart. Posted March 24, 2017 by Sharon KnolleThe live-action “Beauty and the Beast” has so far grossed more than $750 million worldwide and part of that enormous chunk of cash will go to Emma Watson.Watson was paid only $2 million to star as Belle, but thanks to a sweet back-end deal, the 26-year-old could rake in more than $15 million, according to THR.That ranks her above Jennifer Lawrence, who’s held the top position since 2015 when she was paid $15 million for the final “Hunger Games” movie, according to The Daily Beast.Watson previously held the “highest paid actress” title in 2010, thanks to “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1,” and was ranked 14th overall that year.”She is the biggest star in the world right now,” Liza Anderson, celebrity publicist and founder of Anderson Group Public Relations told the London Evening Standard.

It centers on the members of a colony ship who arrive on what they think is an uncharted paradise. The image comes right out of our worst nightmares. It shows what is basically a pit of despair, full of terrifying and strange lifeforms, wrapped around helpless bodies.The Alien Anthology Twitter account’s accompanying caption echoed a line from the trailer and said all that needed to be said: “The path to paradise begins in hell.”Creepy, right?The storyline promises to be equally terror-inducing. Posted March 23, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongThe creepy creatures are out again.20th Century Fox revealed the latest “Alien: Covenant” poster on Thursday, and not surprisingly, it’s more than a little disturbing. Instead, they find more of a hell, complete with a hostile alien lifeform. The Ridley Scott-directed film stars Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride, and Billy Crudup, among others.”Alien: Covenant” hits theaters on May 19.[via: Alien: Covenant/Twitter]

Posted March 23, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongDivided as politics have become, at least we haven’t reached the chilling extremes shown in “The Handmaid’s Tale” — and hopefully never will.Hulu released the official trailer for the upcoming series on Thursday, and the world it introduces us to is, in a word, a nightmare. The only thing that seems to be keeping her going is her desire to find her daughter, who was literally ripped out of her arms.Dire as it all is, the story is fascinating. An adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel of the same name, it takes place in a totalitarian society where most women the remaining fertile women are expected to serve and bear the children of high-ranking couples. Offred goes from having control over her own life to being forced to serve this man and his wife, facing violence and cruelty along the way. Watch the trailer below and see for yourself.”The Handmaid’s Tale” premieres April 26 on Hulu. Our protagonist, Offred (Elisabeth Moss) is one of these so-called Handmaids.As we can see in the preview, it’s a horrible situation.

Bringing the topic around to the young Han Solo movie, he revealed a rare piece of information about the story. Naturally, there was a lot he had to cover — from the sad subject of Carrie Fisher’s death to the much more pleasant topic of the film universe’s future.Addressing Fisher’s December death, the exec made it clear that there will be no CGI version of the longtime star in “Episode VIII – The Last Jedi” — only scenes she actually filmed prior.”We had to deal with tragedy at the end of 2016,” he said. It turns out the film will follow the beloved smuggler from ages 18 to 24 as he (played by Alden Ehrenreich) and Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo) travel around on the Millennium Falcon.What a time to be a Star Wars fan.[via: THR] Posted March 23, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongThe Star Wars universe is busier than ever, and it looks like it will stay that way.Disney CEO Bob Iger gave fans some insight into the franchise’s future during a talk in Santa Monica Thursday, as THR reports. Yet while he apparently isn’t ready to publicize that yet, he did share that Disney is going beyond the three films the studio originally planned on making when it bought Lucasfilm.”We’re starting talk about what could happen after ‘Episode IX.’ About what could be another decade-and-a-half of Star Wars stories,” he said.Oh, yes, you read that right — another decade-and-a-half. Between all of these new sequels and spinoff projects, it’s hard to say who is more excited about the franchise at this point: the studio or Star Wars’ die-hard fans.Iger also discussed one specific spinoff. “Carrie appears throughout ‘VIII.’ We are not changing ‘VIII’ to deal with her passing. Her performance remains as it is in ‘VIII.'”He acknowledged that some digital character was used in “Rogue One,” but he made it clear that Fisher won’t be brought back that way.”We are not doing that with Carrie,” he said.Take a moment if you need to.Unfortunately, Iger didn’t satisfy our curiosity regarding how they’ll deal with her loss.

And then Daniel and the visual effects guys and the creature design guys brought it to life in a way that far exceeded even our expectations.Was there ever a point where you guys said, “Screw it, let’s give him a face”?Reese: There was, at some point, because you’re so used to seeing faces. The level and attention to detail was incredible and really awesome. We’ve been afforded so many gifts on this movie, with the ability to do stuff we couldn’t have done even five years ago at the price point that we wanted to do it. We’re always left-of-center and it felt left-of-center to us. There were some on “Deadpool” we didn’t know about either. And this was the attempt to do that. It brings a smile to our face.Let’s talk about “Deadpool 2.” The first film was such a surprise for so many people. I think sequels should have the familiar and the new in them. And not just the creature but the technology of the weightlessness and how that all visualized itself on screen and visual effects and wirework it’s just … There’s such detail, and I don’t know if you know this, but it was shot on two soundstages at Shepperton in London, and they built basically the entire space station. The screenwriters, who have penned wise-ass classics like “Zombieland” and “Deadpool,” take a surprisingly straightforward approach with “Life.” This is a singularly scary movie. We could have shot this on the space station. Deep down inside I always wanted to write something that was really scary. You know, “Alien” was definitely a huge inspiration of ours. It was a technological and artistic thing of beauty.[Director] Daniel Espinosasaid the film is loaded with references to other movies.Reese: I’m not sure what he’s talking about.Wernick: He might have put in some definite Easter eggs. For us it was making the thing as current and relevant and up to date as we could.It also has such an international feel, which is really great in today’s climate, with all of these countries working together. But studios do love franchises so that set up the potential should the movie succeed, we’d love to make another one on Earth. That was part of the realism factor, with these astronauts putting aside their country’s differences to come together on that space station to do work together.Have you guys thought about a sequel to “Life”? So a cell that could be an eye cell and a muscle cell and a nerve cell all at once. And they had to build it in such a way that it had to be open air so the wires could move above it. We meet people all the time and the second you mention “Deadpool” they just light up. It’s pretty astonishing. It will always have a scrappy, underdog feel to it.”Life” comes to our galaxy tomorrow. Because it was a passion of ours, it remains a passion of ours. Was that something that you guys were cognizant of?Reese: Yes, and that’s the way the space station is, with astronauts from different countries aboard it. Had you always wanted to do a straightforward sci-fi horror movie?Rhett Reese: Absolutely. How do you do that again?Reese: I think we’ll find some more rules to break hopefully. So we’re playing to his strengths and we feel like audiences are going to be blown away.Reese: He also really gets the tone and the character. He came in and just got it.So is it going to have more action?Reese: I think it’ll be a little bigger, just by virtue of it being a sequel and wanting to top ourselves. It really is. Everyone likes to throw stuff in there. The ending is terrific and definitely leaves the possibility for another film open.Reese: Well, the sequel is going to be “Venom.” [Laughs] We would love a sequel but it depends on whether or not people buy tickets.Wernick: We always felt that an unconventional ending to a big tentpole movie would be cool, to us at least. And the fact that it extended all over age ranges, including kids as young as 10, which I cringe at, all the way to grandparents, to hit all four quadrants in a movie that could have, if it had gone wrong, was astonishing to us and really gratifying. His mind works in ways that others don’t in terms of visualizing the action. We didn’t want to get into the divisiveness between nations or the divisiveness between characters in the sense that one character wants to bring the sample back to Earth to turn it into a weapon or something like that. It shows on screen. When I was younger, I wouldn’t even get to see them, but I’d see the commercials and they would absolutely terrify me. But we’re not going to be lifting cities into the air or having alien invasions.Wernick: We’re saving that for the third one.Reese: The first film was an underdog movie, and we don’t want to feel like “The Avengers” — that big and bloated and huge. It’s a great movie, and almost 40 years ago it came out. So it’s all about striking that balance.How did you guys feel about the movie hitting the way that it did? There’s that line in “Zombieland,” when Woody Harrelson is gushing at Bill Murray and Bill says, “Well that’s why we do it.” That’s what we say about “Deadpool.” It’s really fun.Was it also fun introducing that character to the world?Wernick: Well, there was always the fear that “Deadpool” was a one-quadrant movie. So we have similar elements, the tone will be the same, but the story is very different — it’ll have more characters, different characters, Deadpool is going to go on a new emotional journey so we want to keep it emotional. I think that’s why it took six years to get made. But everybody felt that to anthropomorphize it too much would be a mistake. It doesn’t look as much like the average creature on Earth, let’s say.What was it like seeing the set for the first time?Wernick: It was amazing. Because it really is based on the idea that it’s all these interconnected cells that perform the bodily functions of all the differentiated tasks of a human body. Prepare to clutch your significant other’s hand until you hear bones break.I got a chance to chat with them ahead of the film’s world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival, and we talked about the inspiration for the movie, what it was like seeing their visions come to life (not only Calvin but the entire space station), the possibility of a sequel, and what’s going on with “Deadpool 2.”Moviefone: What’s interesting about this movie, especially coming from you guys, is how straightforward it is. And as for Calvin, he’s a creature that we did extensive research on going into this. And to see that passion come across on screen and relay that to audiences is amazing and awesome for us.Can you talk about working with new director David Leitch and what he brings?Wernick: He’s the best. Because we’ve certainly reached big audiences but never a massive international audience like that, and the passion people had with it was so intense. We were just in the production offices and saw the pre-viz on one of the action scenes that we’d written and it elevated it in such a way that’s jaw-dropping. They shouldn’t feel too similar to the previous movie otherwise people will get bored but I think they should also carryover in terms of tone and character so that people will still see what they know and love in the new movie. Because if you had been writing this 30 years ago there would have been no way to visualize something like this creature.Paul Wernick: Absolutely. He’s one of the seven main characters and the primary villain in the piece. The level of detail on everything, there was Russian on buttons that you’d never actually see on screen. Reese: It was probably the most gratifying moment of our careers. I grew up with a very active imagination, and movies like “Alien” and “The Shining” absolutely terrified me. We wanted a diverse but united crew that did their jobs well and had each other’s back. That, for us, is why we do it. I’m sure there’s a bunch of stuff in this one. There was no learning curve. It was certainly not going for the same things we normally go for, so we got to flex a different writing muscle.Technology seems to have freed you up, too. Posted March 23, 2017 by Drew TaylorThis week’s terrifying sci-fi odyssey “Life,” which stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, and Rebecca Ferguson as crewmembers aboard a doomed international space station that comes in contact with a very nasty Martian (they nickname the squid-like beast “Calvin”), began, like the monster, as a simple, single-celled idea in the minds of writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. We visualized him in a way that we tapped into research we did on the deep-sea world with these translucent sea creatures and the octopus was a great inspiration of ours. We had fun.

We’re expecting Jo’s husband to enter the picture at some point, so maybe he’s involved?TVLine previously revealed a casting notice for “a Caucasian actor in his mid 40s to play a new doctor who is ‘appealing, charismatic and charming'” but “has a ‘manipulative, scary dark side.'” He’s meant to appear in this season’s final four episodes and could return in Season 14. It’s pretty dark and very good. During the “Grey’s” PaleyFest panel, Debbie Allen had teased that “The end of this season is hot,” but “hot” could mean any number of things.What do you think McKidd meant by the finale leading toward something pretty intense? However, it still sounds like we should worry:”It’s pretty dramatic and pretty intense. on ABC.Want more stuff like this? That left fans thinking it was Jo’s husband, so we should prepare for him to be a part of the Jolex drama fairly soon.After the March 23 Episode 17 we have Episode 18, “Be Still, My Soul,” directed by Ellen Pompeo. That seems to be centered around Maggie and her mother. Posted March 23, 2017 by Gina CarboneThe “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 13 finale will be “a big episode” that leads “toward something pretty intense.”Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) teased as much to TVLine during PaleyFest, adding that this finale won’t be centered around a big catastrophic event. The Meredith and Riggs photo shown at top is from ABC’s promo materials for that week, so expect to see more of their personal (and professional?) drama in the coming weeks.”Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. Episode 19, “What’s Inside,” sounds fairly ominous with this synopsis: “When Maggie takes on a big case, many of the doctors are worried she’s not the right one for the job while Stephanie makes a mistake, treating one of Grey Sloan’s own.” We already have the spoiler that Stephanie actress Jerrika Hinton booked an HBO show, and won’t be a regular in Season 14, so this might be connected to her exit.We’ll see Episode 19 on April 6. Episode 17 airs tonight (Thursday, March 23) so we still have several weeks to get through before the Episode 24 season finale. Like us on Facebook. Debbie [Allen]’s going to direct it, and it’s going to be amazing.”Sounds like he’s basing that on the script, but they haven’t shot it yet.

— οΎ‘ (@SindarMomoa) March 23, 2017@ZackSnyderpic.twitter.com/14LD4ciImB
— πŸ€“ (@socio_pathhh) March 23, 2017@ZackSnyderpic.twitter.com/N9jPpcxLQS
— Steven (@IAMACT0R) March 23, 2017Do you think he timed the release of the poster in line with Brett Ratner’s comments on Rotten Tomatoes, in defense of “BvS”? “Justice League” will add Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and The Flash (Era Miller).Snyder decided today was the day to give fans the official poster, so here it is:Here’s the official Justice League poster… let the countdown begin. #UniteTheLeague#JusticeLeaguepic.twitter.com/f0p5pu1MX8
— Zack Snyder (@ZackSnyder) March 23, 2017Snyder has some very loyal fans, and they reacted to the poster in their usual fashion:@ZackSnyder i love you!!!11!! Posted March 23, 2017 by Gina Carbone”Justice League” director Zack Snyder is calling on fans to unite, and start counting the days to the DC movie’s premiere on November 17.Snyder directed “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” which brought back Henry Cavill’s “Man of Steel” Superman, and introduced Ben Affleck’s Batman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Maybe.Before we get to “Justice League,” DC and Warner Bros. will give fans Diana Prince’s “Wonder Woman” origin story, which opens June 2.Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook.

Now it’s about a number. It suggests fans saw the movie anyway.Ratner, who is not exactly objective on the subject of BvS since his company had a financial investment in it, continued:”People don’t realize what goes into making a movie like that. The $873 million worldwide gross for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” would suggest fans don’t really care — they’ll see what THEY want to see, critics be damned. It’s really sad.”What’s sad is anyone speaking for Middle America, especially when plenty of people did see “BvS” and other movies/shows that have gotten low scores — including “Iron Fist,” which many viewers defended from critical attacks. Like us on Facebook. I think it’s the destruction of our business. I have such respect and admiration for film criticism. negatives. And fans do know that. Sometimes low ratings just leave fans with low expectations, leaving them pleasantly surprised. What’s sad is film criticism has disappeared. In Middle America it’s, ‘Oh, it’s a low Rotten Tomatoes score so I’m not going to go see it because it must suck.’ But that number is an aggregate and one that nobody can figure out exactly what it means, and it’s not always correct. And there was intellect that went into that. But producer/director Brett Ratner, who helped finance “BvS,” lashed out at the Tomatometer aggregate score as “the destruction of our business.”Here’s part of Ratner’s speech at the Sun Valley Film Festival (via Entertainment Weekly):”The worst thing that we have in today’s movie culture is Rotten Tomatoes. The Tomatometer score, which is the percentage of positive reviews published by professional critics, has become a useful decision-making tool for fans, but we believe it’s just a starting point for them to begin discussing, debating and sharing their own opinions.”It’s not like there’s just one guy out there raising or lowering his thumb, it’s a collection of reviews. It’s just insane, it’s hurting the business, it’s getting people to not see a movie. And you would read Pauline’s Kael’s reviews, or some others, and that doesn’t exist anymore. How could it put a cloud over the movie if it was incredibly successful, despite having just a 27 percent rating on RT? And there are plenty of movies out there with high Rotten Tomatoes scores that fans didn’t bother to see. A compounded number of how many positives vs. When I was growing up film criticism was a real art. I’ve seen some great movies with really abysmal Rotten Tomatoes scores. If “BvS” had been better liked (and a better movie in general) you probably wouldn’t hear Ratner complaining at all.Want more stuff like this? Don’t act like viewers are just sheep who buy tickets to whatever the critics tell them to see.EW asked Rotten Tomatoes for a response to the “Rush Hour” director’s comments, and Jeff Voris gave them a statement:”At Rotten Tomatoes, we completely agree that film criticism is valuable and important, and we’re making it easier than it has ever been for fans to access potentially hundreds of professional reviews for a given film or TV show in one place. Now it’s about, ‘What’s your Rotten Tomatoes score?’ And that’s sad, because the Rotten Tomatoes score was so low on ‘Batman v Superman’ I think it put a cloud over a movie that was incredibly successful.”But isn’t that contradictory? It’s mind-blowing. Posted March 23, 2017 by Gina CarboneDoes a rotten or fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes affect whether you see a movie or not?

It was completely unexpected. Date him instead, Rachel.According to Reality Steve, this is for Episode 3, so keep that in mind. “The Bachelorette” Season 13 premieres Monday, May 22, at 9 p.m. I know this sounds cliche, but it totally swept me off my feet. “The Bachelorette” is now filming, to premiere May 22 on ABC, and one of the stops on Rachel’s “journey” was “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” She brought six guys there on a group date, and shared a few early details on her season.Fans can watch that episode today (Thursday, March 23) on “Ellen,” and see an awkward or sexy (depending on your POV) clip in the video below.Rachel told Ellen she already kissed a guy by that point, and he sounds like a serious frontrunner: “He initiated. ET on ABC.[via: Us Weekly]Want more stuff like this? It was good, it was good.” Rachel didn’t name the guy, but a dude named Brian from Miami decided to pipe in that “She’s a great kisser.” One of the other six guys there agreed, and Brian quipped, “He got my sloppy seconds.”Anyone who says “sloppy seconds” needs to go.Rachel said she hadn’t seen any of the guys shirtless yet, so Ellen fixed that by having the six take off their shirts and do lap dances for the screaming audience members, who shoved money down their pants:Check out the expression on the male audience member’s face, at the bottom of this pic:That poor guy. Posted March 23, 2017 by Gina CarboneAre these guys dating Rachel Lindsay or the “Ellen” audience? Like us on Facebook.

Something Culpepper did. Or not. Hit us up with a tease on what to expect next week. #Survivor#SurvivorGameChangers
— Aman (@AmanAdwin) March 23, 2017The Live Know It Alls audience reacts to the Red Wedding. Posted March 23, 2017 by Gina CarboneIn 34 seasons of “Survivor,” there had never been anything like what happened during last night’s insane supersized tribal council on “Survivor: Game Changers.”Here’s a live look at Episode 4, “The Tables Have Turned”:Not only did two tribes go to tribal council together to vote out one player, it was the first time the pre-vote council talk turned into a deadly dinner party, with guests walking over to whisper to each other, huddle in groups, and return to share what they were told. Things explode in a way we haven’t seen in a while and it’s so good you’ll want to watch it more than once.Well, we’ll be watching and analyzing this week’s episode more than once just to try to figure out what happened, so no shock that next week’s will be a repeat offender, too.Malcolm is now doing his post-boot press, so check out this interview to get some sense of what happened.Want more stuff like this? But I want to deliver a tease so let me say this… Oh, I really don’t want to spoil it in any way. “Survivor: Game Changers” is just getting started, and the promo for next week showed Debbie LOSING IT over whatever. #WOWpic.twitter.com/Eo6EEimqaT
— Malcolm McDaniel (@1mmcdaniel) March 23, 2017And there’s more to come! It’s Debbie.Here’s Jeff Probst’s tease to Entertainment Weekly:Okay, sir. #Survivorpic.twitter.com/TcYyfjG9n7
— Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) March 23, 2017My thought process during the end of tonight’s unbelievably chaotic #TribalCouncil on @survivorcbs. Or, as the players wrote it last night, “Malcom” or “Malcolmb.”Fans loved the electric drama, but most were unhappy with the result — blaming JT for telling Culpepper the plan to write down Sierra, or everyone for not just writing “Sandra” already. Like us on Facebook. #Survivor#SurvivorGameChangers#WOWpic.twitter.com/MFFYbLEj2t
— Corey Wooten (@CinemaNerd95) March 23, 2017Me watching how that #Survivor#TribalCouncil played out. Agatha Christie would’ve loved it, and “Game of Thrones” fans immediately compared the result to the Red Wedding, since it resulted in the unexpected departure of a fan favorite: Malcolm Freberg. #thequeenstayqueenWatch the entire 11 minute scene play out:Malcolm left the vote saying he wanted to “vomit.” Here’s how many fans reacted:SANDRA IS SITTING RIGHT THERE AND Y’ALL WANT MALCOM OUT #Survivorpic.twitter.com/c4PDY0YenE
— NaomiπŸ”₯ (@NanaM2662) March 23, 2017Trying to figure out how they voted off Malcom instead of Sandra #Survivorpic.twitter.com/sjWvQ73PzP
— NaomiπŸ”₯ (@NanaM2662) March 23, 2017That tribal council was like looking both ways before crossing the street and then getting hit by a plane.

Like us on Facebook. Whether those films are good are not (“Passengers”?) is up for debate, but they certainly make the journey enjoyable.By the way, director James Gunn is up for his appointed task:A few months ago, Pratt said “Guardians 2” would be the “biggest spectacle movie of all time,” so it’s clear his thoughts have only gotten larger since then. We’re much better. Seriously. Ever heard of Citizen Kane? Posted March 23, 2017 by Gina CarboneChris Pratt really, really loves “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” and he thinks you’ll love it so much it’ll leave you knocked up with your own Baby Groot. This movie will fry your brains and lift your spirits. Don’t be the only person on the planet who doesn’t see this movie. James Gunn will be elected president of the world. They will add the faces of the guardians to Mount Rushmore for sure. Candy will fall from the sky. It will win the World Cup and about 7 super bowl rings, sorry TOM Brady. Our movie just tested at over one million points. Rotten tomatoes already has it at 234% fresh. #GotGVol2 will win every movie award AND about 39 Olympic gold medals in swimming, gymnastics, the skiiing event with the gun, x games, snowmobiling and everything. Everyone will get pregnant. Because they won’t flip out and kill people instead they’ll be your awesome pets. Pratt and Ryan Reynolds should win special awards for how they promote films. So basically get your tickets as soon as you can. Start planning for child support now.Pratt proved he’s a Don Draper-level marketer with a hilariously hyperbolic letter to fans on Facebook, shared with the new international poster. Seriously. Humbly,
StarlordSorry, Tom Brady! We’re gonna get a planet. Yes, you too, fellas! Global warming will stop. He mentioned it, but the “Guardians” sequel arrives in theaters May 5, aka our new national holiday.Want more stuff like this? Dinosaurs will come back to life. Which unlike some movies might tell you, is actually a really good thing. There has never been and will never again be a movie like this. That the over-the-top plug is signed “Humbly, Starlord” just adds to the majesty:On May 5th the greatest movie in the history of movies is coming. May 5th will become a national holiday.

They’re described here as being like the “Seal Team 6 version of the Stormtroopers,” and boy are they scary — tall, elegant, scary. Posted March 23, 2017 by Drew TaylorTomorrow “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” debuts on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere, ahead of its release on Blu-ray on April 4, and we’ve got your exclusive sneak peek at one of the release’s many bonus features. And it’s a doozy.In this mini-doc, you get a look at the design and creation of the fearsome Death Troopers, the elite Stormtrooper unit favored by Ben Mendelsohn’s Director Krennic. While the clip is brief, it does highlight a tidbit that I hadn’t even heard before: that their design was based on a sketch by Ralph McQuarrie, one of the designers for the original series whose distinctive look has been appropriated recently for things like “Star Wars Rebels” and even “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” It goes to show you that a good idea never dies it just surfaces decades later.”Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere this Friday, and on Blu-ray/DVD April 4.

In the meantime, though, we’ll next see her in “The Space Between Us,” a film due out this summer that Johnson wrote, directed, produced, and stars in.”Power Rangers” hits theaters on March 24.[via: Variety] well, then clearly you were too young and missed out. In any case, with the film coming, original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson has been reminiscing about her time on the TV series that started kicked off the franchise, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.”To commemorate the occasion, Johnson wrote a letter to series co-creator Haim Saban, one of the producers of the new action flick. She told Saban to “feel free” to cast her in any sequels — namely, as a villain. It’s a touching reflection on her experience playing Kimberly Hart, and it also contains interesting tidbits, like the fact that she was “paid peanuts” and “almost died a few times.” No one said the job would be glamorous, we hope.In spite of the challenges, it’s clear that Johnson was — and still is — grateful for the role. Posted March 22, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongIf the new “Power Rangers” movie doesn’t make you think back to the ’90s … It’d be fun to have her back, particularly in such a different role. Starring in 152 episodes and two movies was valuable to her acting career, plus helped her make a positive impact.”My time as the Pink Ranger not only became the training ground for my future career as a working actress but also, without even knowing it at the time, a way to inspire thousands of little girls to believe that they can be as badass as little boys,” she wrote. “That, in itself, is priceless.”In fact, in spite of the poor pay the first time around, Johnson is willing to return to the franchise.

The contrast serves as a great visual representation of how at odds they are.Beyond showing us McGregor pulling double-duty, the trailer delves into this season’s drama: The brothers’ issues lead to all kind of problems, with even murder and mobsters becoming involved. Posted March 22, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio Long”Fargo” Season 3 will bring us the next installment in the FX anthology series, and it will center on an intense sibling rivalry.FX Networks dropped the official trailer on Wednesday, and it introduces the brothers, both of whom are played by Ewan McGregor. Interestingly, they’re not twins; they’re businessman Emmit Stussy and his parole officer younger brother, Ray.Thanks to the magic of Hollywood makeup, McGregor’s two characters look very different. We’re in for another dark but funny story.”Fargo” Season 3 also stars Carrie Coon, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and David Thewlis. While Emmit is clean-cut and polished, Ray is mustached, balding, and the heavier of the siblings. The show returns on April 19.

The character is depicted as bulky and strong, with an intimidating presence. He is also the son of Scott Summers aka Cyclops. Like us on Facebook. “Stranger Things” star David Harbour is also a candidate, though Kyle Chandler — though rumored for the role — is not.In the comic books, Cable, aka Nathan Summers, is a mutant with telepathic and telekinetic powers. Cable was often paired with Deadpool in comics, and his inclusion in the sequel was teased both at the end of the first movie and in an Easter egg in “Logan.”If Shannon is selected, he’ll join Reynolds and new “Deadpool 2” cast member Zazie Beetz, who is playing the mercenary Domino.Want more stuff like this? Posted March 22, 2017 by Kelly WooMichael Shannon is leading the pack of actors who could play Cable opposite Ryan Reynolds in “Deadpool 2.”According to the Hollywood Reporter, Shannon is the frontrunner, though not the only name on the list.

Like us on Facebook. Posted March 22, 2017 by Kelly WooThe first official trailer for the “Baywatch” movie has everything you could ever want: Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron showing off their ripped bodies, some criminal hijinks, some tongue-in-cheek jokes, and of course, slow-motion running down the beach.Johnson plays Mitch Buchannon, the veteran head of Baywatch, who is forced to “rebrand” the unit. They’re forced to work together when they discover a criminal drug ring run by Priyanka Chopra.Judging by the trailer, director Seth Gordon (“Horrible Bosses”) keeps things fast-paced, with lots of banter between Johnson and Efron, flashy action set-pieces, and plenty of poking fun at the “Baywatch” aura. It looks very much in the vein of “21 Jump Street,” another TV show successfully turned into a movie.”Baywatch” opens in theaters May 26.Want more stuff like this? That introduces new recruit Matt Brody (Efron), who butts heads with his new boss.

Why? “It ends with Rick and Co. It’s obvious he has never killed a walker before. You can read the details at TSDF.MAGGIE & GREGORY: The promo showed Gregory approaching Maggie with a knife, and TSDF’s source said Gregory does power down to Full Coward mode, but he doesn’t stab Maggie and (sadly) she does not kill him either: “Maggie asks Gregory to keep watch for walkers while she’s planting some vegetables, and the a**hole actually considers killing her right there. on AMC.Want more stuff like this? Shortly after, a walker attacks Gregory. “Yes, the Savior David comes into her cell and tries to rape her, but Negan walks in on him. Daryl tries to attack Dwight, but Rosita stops him and says he really wants to help. Gregory gets ready to go to the Sanctuary in this episode, but doesn’t leave yet so Negan didn’t hear it from him.”After Episode 15, we just have the supersized season finale to look forward to. Posted March 22, 2017 by Gina Carbone”The Walking Dead” Season 7 is down to its final two episodes, and this next one will probably leave fans with a mix of frustration, disgust, and hope. On the note of “hope,” if you guessed that it was Dwight there at the end of last week’s episode with Rosita, you are correct. It sounds like he is ready to pull a reverse Eugene and turn against Negan.As TSDF reported:• How does the episode end? She might have been asking for a weapon so she could actually take out Negan. […] Eugene tells Sasha the reason why he has joined Negan is because when he was in that Lucille line-up it was the most scared he’s been in his entire life. Then Rick asks if that’s true. Hope is good! Then it was ‘rinse and repeat’ when it happened to Glenn. In return, David gets a knife through the neck.” Negan is anti-rape, just like in the comic book, although you could certainly argue that coercing women to be his “wives” does not quite equal consent.• How does Eugene feel about Sasha being a prisoner? What happens? But let’s get to the frustration and disgust first.Episode 15, “Something They Need” airs Sunday, March 26. When Eugene slips the suicide pills under the cell door, she seems surprised and upset.” Seriously, Mullet Man?DWIGHT’S REDEMPTION? He can’t feel that way again, and by being at the Sanctuary that ensures he never will.”• What request does Sasha make to Eugene? returning from Oceanside to be greeted by Rosita at the gate. Dwight says ‘Yes,’ and then Rick pulls his gun and orders Dwight to his knees. She still has her clothes, and she’s given good food and bedding (oh, and no Easy Street either.) When Negan finally shows up, he basically offers to make her one of his top lieutenants (in time of course) because of her ‘beachball lady nuts.'” Honestly, he does kinda sound like Abraham sometimes.• After Sasha is taken prisoner, does a Savior try to attack her in her cell? Fade to black.”• Bonus:
“Negan hears from ‘a little birdie’ that Rick is making plans and so he prepares to head to Alexandria. “He’s a little distraught, but ultimately encourages her to join Negan. He screams for Maggie like a little girl and she has to save his ass.” Question: Is Gregory already worse than Nicholas, in terms of cowards? Here’s AMC’s brief synopsis:”A group of Alexandrians embarks on a journey; one member of the group must make a heartbreaking decision.”The Spoiling Dead Fans’s source shared its usual Q&A with the spoiler site, sharing details on what happens.WARNING: BIG SPOILERS AHEAD!Rick Grimes and company head to Oceanside to get weapons, but let’s skip that. Everyone and their second cousin has been plugging the season ender, so it had better be damn good.”The Walking Dead” airs Sunday at 9 p.m. Like us on Facebook. “She begs Eugene to give her something ‘to end it.’ She knows full well Negan’s going to use her to hurt her friends, and she can’t live with that. “He locks her in the cell, but it’s not quite as bad as Daryl. Eugene obliges. She says they have a visitor, and that’s when she leads Rick to Dwight who says he can help. Gleggie has the worst luck with guys like that.SASHA AT THE SANCTUARY: Fans may have mixed feelings about Sasha’s time at the Sanctuary, ’cause it sounds like Negan actually comes to her aid against a rapist, and Eugene gives her pills to take her own life, as opposed to helping her kill Negan.Here’s some of the source’s Q&A on that:• What does Negan do when Sasha attacks the Sanctuary?

Is it really Liam Neeson and “definitely not Colin Firth”? The video features Andy Lincoln, Martine McCutcheon, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rowan Atkinson, Lúcia Moniz, Keira Knightley, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Olivia Olson, and Bill Nighy.It’s really adorable, as you can see for yourself:So which one has aged the best? Like us on Facebook. They don’t even show Colin to compare, so how can we be sure?If you want more visual teases before the special airs May 25, producer Emma Freud shared a bunch of photos from set, from the Daniel, Sam, Joanna, and Carol storyline to David and Natalie and the Juliet/Peter/Mark love triangle.Want more stuff like this? Posted March 22, 2017 by Gina CarboneSorry, Liam Neeson, but the answer is probably our beloved Emma Thompson, although she’s not actually in “Red Nose Day Actually.”As you probably know, the stars of the 2003 hit “Love Actually” reunited to tape a short sequel for the charity special “Red Nose Day,” which will air Thursday, May 25 on NBC.The network just shared a promo, featuring the actors all using Andrew Lincoln’s iconic cards to get fans excited to see how the characters turned out.

— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) March 21, 2017
Listen, we can’t say we were thrilled to hear that Nick would be on still another ABC reality show, but all Shatner is doing is making Viall the victim, giving him underdog status and support from fans who feel bad that he’s being attacked. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜
— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) March 20, 2017Whoever your favorite is – just not Nick- make the 10 phone calls for them. https://t.co/4OKy55HF7T
— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) March 20, 2017How do we get #BachelorNation to not vote for Nick? Sorry my tweeter but you’re wrong https://t.co/LD7NXXTS7I
— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) March 21, 2017Anyone but the vile one. He is also a regular viewer and tweeter of DWTS. Nick is currently competing on “Dancing With the Stars,” and embroiled in a bizarre feud with “Star Trek” icon William Shatner, who is obsessed with him. Season 24 just started, and Shatner has launched a Twitter campaign to get former Bachelor Nick Viall booted first. Seriously.Let a few things wash over you: The real life Captain Kirk is a resident of Bachelor Nation. He needs to go next week https://t.co/cMHjjcSDyK
— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) March 20, 2017Keep voting #DWTS Don’t vote 4 Nick #BachelorNation
— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) March 21, 2017He lives up to the homonym of his last name. πŸ˜‰ https://t.co/87LHsHKtSx
— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) March 21, 2017
Both Nick and his pro partner Peta Murgatroyd chose to reply via emojis, and Shatner responded to Peta:
@WilliamShatner 😞
— Nick Viall (@viallnicholas28) March 21, 2017@PetaMurgatroyd Peta, you know I love you. I won’t be. Like us on Facebook. https://t.co/jqD1cQG423
— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) March 21, 2017So let me get this straight, saying vote for anyone but Nick is bullying but saying vote for ______ is OK? Just can’t cheer you on this season. Love to Maks & Shia. πŸ€”
— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) March 20, 2017No! Posted March 22, 2017 by Gina CarboneBachelor Nick Viall just can’t stay away from drama. This mission could backfire, Cap’n!DWTS airs Mondays at 8 p.m. https://t.co/aD0CM2peAn
— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) March 21, 2017Watch Andi’s Bachelorette Season where he started this Viall journey.πŸ™„ https://t.co/kUTsPcT44n
— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) March 21, 2017Leopards don’t change their spots. on ABC.[via: Us Weekly]Want more stuff like this? Viall finally reacted to Shatner’s “anyone but Nick” mission in the best way possible, considering the circumstances.Nick’s backers have accused Shatner of “bullying,” but Shatner defended his campaign, arguing against seeing more of Nick Viall on TV after two seasons of “The Bachelorette,” then “Bachelor in Paradise,” and the recent season of “The Bachelor.”My goal for #DWTS is to knock Bachelor Nick out ASAP. Who is with me? Don’t be surprised if he shows up again on paradise. πŸ’• Congratulations on becoming a mommy.

Posted March 22, 2017 by Gina CarboneNot to pile on, but “courage bladder” really is a cooler superpower than what Green Lantern can do.Ryan Reynolds is promoting his new movie “Life,” but he’s also firing more shots at his 2011 movie “Green Lantern.” He’s been poking fun of himself and that DC Comics movie for years now, with its only saving grace being that it paired Reynolds with his future wife, Blake Lively.Reynolds was on “The Late Show” last night, taking a spot on the blanket for Stephen Colbert’s regular segment, “Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars.” While gazing up at the night sky, asking each other tough questions about the universe, they added a joke about Green Lantern:Ryan Reynolds: “Hey, Stephen, if you could have any superpower, what would it be?”Stephen Colbert: “Oh, I’d like to have, like, this super-cool alien high-tech ring, and it’s green and it has a lantern on it, and I could use my imagination to make anything out of green light.”Long pause, and applause.Ryan: “Wow. For more shenanigans, check out Ryan’s insane junket interview with co-star Jake Gyllenhaal.Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook. Courage bladder.”Courage bladder! What superpower would you want?”Ryan: “I’d like to be able to pee at a public urinal when someone’s standing directly behind me.”Stephen: “Oh. That’s a really dumb superpower.”Stephen: “Yeah. Henry Cavill (Superman) was just posting about the character, who may or may not be played by Armie Hammer in “Green Lantern Corps.””Life” opens Friday, March 24. Watch the full segment; the joke about “Avatar” is pretty good, too:Green Lantern is about to get back in action in the DC Extended Universe.