But there are several movies in the “X-Men” universe in the works, from “New Mutants” and Sophie Turner’s upcoming movie to “Deadpool 2.” So it wouldn’t have been a shock to see Patrick Stewart return as Professor X in a storyline set in the past or present. So, we had some time to sit there and, as I sat there I realized there will never be a better, a more perfect, a more sensitive, emotional, and beautiful way of saying au revoir to Charles Xavier than this movie. If this is it, well, make it so, captain.On a much lighter note, here’s Sir Patrick sharing a hilarious circumcision story on “The Graham Norton Show”:”Logan” will be released in theaters next Friday, March 3.[via: Entertainment Weekly]Want more stuff like this? Because of “Logan.” Sir Patrick, 76, just announced his X retirement at a Sirius XM Town Hall event with “Logan” director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman. Posted February 24, 2017 by Gina CarboneSorry, “X-Men” fans, but Patrick Stewart has said “au revoir” to our beloved Charles Xavier. Never mind the shifting timelines that could send Professor X back or forward to various decades. It’s all over.'”Sad, but beautiful.Stewart debuted his Professor X in “X-Men” in 2000, then returned in “X2,” “X-Men: The Last Stand,” “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” “The Wolverine,” “X-Men: Days of Future Past” (with James McAvoy as young Charles Xavier), and now “Logan.””Logan” is set in the near future, with Professor X described as “ailing,” so it’s not too much of a surprise to think that the film might bring the character closure. Like us on Facebook. Jackman already made it clear that “Logan” would be his final appearance as Wolverine, and now Stewart is following that lead.Stewart explained that, a week ago in Berlin, the three of them saw “Logan” together, and both Stewart and Jackman wiped tears from their eyes.”Then, the movie ended… So, I told [Hugh] that same evening, ‘I’m done too. and we were going to be taken up on stage, but not until the credits were over. He’s done.Why now? But it sounds like he’s officially ruling that out.There’s an art to knowing when to say goodbye.

“It’s unclear when — or if — the 11 remaining episodes will air. 16 premiere only had 5.3 million total viewers and a 0.8 rating, and its second episode dropped 25 percent, to 4 million and a 0.6 rating. As TVLine noted, its Feb. Insiders stress it could return but it remains unscheduled for the time being.”Maybe it could return if fans push for its return … According to The Hollywood Reporter, a repeat of “Bull” will air in the timeslot on Wednesday, March 1, and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” Season 2 will take over Wednesdays at 10 p.m. starting March 8.Katherine Heigl led the drama, which co-starred Laverne Cox and Dule Hill. THR reports that production on all 13 episodes of “Doubt” wrapped before the holidays. but will you?Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook. In contrast, “Beyond Borders” Season 1 averaged 6 million viewers and around a 1.0 rating last spring. Posted February 24, 2017 by Gina CarboneNo “Doubt,” this is harsh.CBS has pulled legal drama “Doubt” from its schedule after only two episodes. It’s not a huge difference, but apparently CBS is not interested in giving “Doubt” more time to grow.

Martin’s books. but it has a beautiful, romantic, tragic thing [to it]. But what about queens? Like us on Facebook. Posted February 24, 2017 by Gina CarboneWarning: Spoilers ahead not just from “Game of Thrones” but from the “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series.Valar Morghulis, all men must die. until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear.” Cersei took that to mean Margaery Tyrell, but fans always suspected was Daenerys Targaryen. Maggy foretold that “Queen you shall be… If true, it suggests Cersei at least lives through Season 7 into the final Season 8.But it seems like Tyrion killing Cersei is what would be too obvious. Jaime is the one fans won’t expect, unless they’ve been following the hints in the books and — more subtly at this point — on screen.”Game of Thrones” Season 7 arrives on HBO some time this summer.Want more stuff like this? It’s not like the actor could confirm it, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he said this:”It’s a theory … They think Cersei will be killed by her other younger brother, her twin brother, Jaime Lannister.You know who’s not into that theory? Jaime Lannister actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.The Jaime kills Cersei theory comes from Maggy the Frog’s prophecy for Cersei. “Game of Thrones” now has Cersei Lannister on the Iron Throne in King’s Landing, but even actress Lena Headey said she doesn’t expect Queen Cersei to last long; when Cersei is killed, Headey said she just wants it to be “by the right person.” To her, that “right” person, at least by the end of Season 6, was Arya Stark or Cersei’s younger brother Tyrion Lannister.Fans, however, have a different theory, based on George R.R. It’s probably too obvious.” However, he added that he ultimately has “no idea” at this point how it turns out. Maggy also told Cersei her death would come from the hands of “the valonqar,” which is High Valyrian for “little brother”: “…And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”Cersei thought that meant Tyrion, but fans think it’s Jaime, with that dark Season 6 finale look between them as a big clue:The Huffington Post asked Coster-Waldau about the theory that Jaime could kill Cersei.

I’m pretty positive I was having a baby, my first child.” CMM and his wife, actress Sarah Roemer, announced the birth of their first child, a son, in 2015. At the time, TVLine simply reported that Chad Michael Murray “declined an invitation to appear,” leading to a recast with “Days of Our Lives” star Anton Narinskiy in the role. You know, Tristan’s secret was be that guy that every girl wants to be next to, but just isn’t sure they should be, and I heard he did it well.”When Murray was asked if he’d heard about the (in)famous final four words, he basically guessed them, and he seems to hope “Gilmore Girls” uses them as a launchpad to continue.Watch part of his interview:Want more stuff like this? Put that way, it sounded like CMM thought he was too fancy for “Gilmore Girls.” But the reason he shared was a lot more awwww-worthy.Murray just talked to Entertainment Tonight to promote his new CMT show “Sun Records,” and he was asked about “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.” What happened there? But I hear [he gives a round of applause] strong work, good job, man! Posted February 24, 2017 by Gina CarboneChad Michael Murray’s “Gilmore Girls” character, Tristan Dugray, returned for the Netflix revival “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” but the actor himself did not. Roemer is currently pregnant with their second child, a girl.Murray continued to ET:”It just did not work into what we were doing at that moment, so I know that somebody went out and was Tristan, but it wasn’t me. Like us on Facebook. The actor explained:”I heard [it was happening] and I wasn’t available at the time.

(Fallon was way impressed by that.) Elijah had never watched “The Bachelor” before, but now he watches every Monday night.In the 10 minute conversation, Elijah and Jimmy even re-enacted “Bachelor” dates. They can’t even with Corinne, and have no idea who Bachelor Nick Viall should pick now that Rachel Lindsay is out of the running. Elijah didn’t know Nick from “The Bachelorette” but he heard about those experiences and found them “fascinating.” Then Nick became “The Bachelor,” and Elijah told Jimmy that he learned that Nick was going to be the rose-giver even before it was announced. On “The Tonight Show,” official Bachelor Nation residents Elijah Wood, 36, and Jimmy Fallon, 42, interrupted each other repeatedly in their desire to get their points across. (They were not happy with that spoiler.)Turns out, Elijah is friends with Nick, and they even went to a screening of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” together. Watch and love, Bachelor Nation:For the record, Elijah insists that Nick is a genuine guy, and what you see is what you get.Elijah was on the show to promote his new Netflix movie “I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore,” but they don’t talk much about that. Posted February 24, 2017 by Gina CarboneTwo grown men just spent nearly 10 minutes fanboying HARD over “The Bachelor,” and it was beautiful. Too busy with “The Bachelor.”Elijah also played Musical Beers with Susan Sarandon and Little Big Town, so watch that, too:Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook. It’s one of those friend-of-a-friend situations. Elijah’s friend Kyle met Nick at Lollapalooza, and he started hanging out with their crew. They went all-in.

Lynch, however, has said he will make an appearance as Gordon Cole.”Twin Peaks’ premieres May 21 on Showtime.Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook. To, er, celebrate, and tease the upcoming revival season, Showtime released two posters featuring Laura (Sheryl Lee) and Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan).Both MacLachlan and Lee will appear in the 18-part revival, and will be joined by many original cast members, including Madchen Amick as Shelly, Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey, James Marshall as James, Richard Beymer as Benjamin Horne, and Ray Wise as Leland Palmer. New cast members include Naomi Watts, Laura Dern, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Michael Cera.Very little is known about the plot of the new season — unsurprising, given that it is David Lynch we’re talking about. 24, is the day that Laura Palmer’s dead body was discovered on the cult fave mystery drama. Posted February 24, 2017 by Kelly WooHappy “Twin Peaks” Day!Today, Feb.

The character’s death came about because Connie Britton wanted to move on from the series. The show, and the music, will go on. In the roller coaster ride of Rayna James’ life on “Nashville,” last night’s turn was shocking, tragic, and completely heartbreaking. That’s always been the heart of ‘Nashville.'”Want more stuff like this? Posted February 24, 2017 by Kelly WooGet out the hankies, y’all. Long live Rayna Jaymes.”New showrunner Marshall Herskovitz, who came in this season with partner Ed Zwick, explained to TV Line that death was the only viable option in writing out Britton.And what now for “Nashville,” without Rayna? “It’s devastating,” Britton told Entertainment Weekly of Rayna’s passing. “It’s still this vibrant passionate creative world of people who live their lives in a way that has a fire beneath it. There were rumors after the country music drama moved from ABC to CMT that Britton would only appear in about half the season. Britton penned a note to fans, saying, “It has been an honor to be a part of that creation,” she wrote. “And as I know (Rayna) would want it, the show must, and will go on. Spoilers ahead!Last night, Rayna James, the brightest star in the “Nashville” sky, died from injuries sustained during (yet another) car crash. “”As great as Connie is and Rayna was, it was never just one person,” Herskovitz said. Like us on Facebook.

Now, a new international trailer provides a little more insight into their relationship.The trailer focuses heavily on action in Cuba, where Dom and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) go for their honeymoon. Posted February 24, 2017 by Kelly WooWhat happened to the “Fast and Furious” family?The first trailer for “The Fate of the Furious,” the eighth installment in the franchise, teased that Dom (Vin Diesel) turns his back on his crew, his family, to team up with the mysterious Cipher (Charlize Theron). The trailer features a new Pitbull song, “Hey Ma,” as well as some action-packed footage of a race with classic cars in Cuba. And then Cipher shows up, and works her wiles on Dom to form an alliance with her. Like us on Facebook. But mostly, this teaser focuses on the relationships between Dom and Letty and Dom and Cipher.”The Fate of the Furious” opens in theaters April 14.Want more stuff like this?

While a spot in season 23 didn’t pan out for the athlete (who has expressed interest in participating in the show several times in the past), if this report is true, it looks like she’ll finally get her chance to dance on TV during this spring season.We’ll have to wait for word from ABC before we know Biles and Mr. T will both be dancing their way across the “DWTS” stage for season 24, with a source confirming that the celebs are part of the new cast. T are officially on board, but these potential additions to the “Dancing” team are certainly exciting. T to do the show for years.”Biles has also apparently been high on “Dancing”‘s list of potential contestants ever since she took home the gold in the all-around gymnastics competition at the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio. Stay tuned for the full cast announcement.Season 24 of “Dancing With the Stars” debuts on ABC on March 20.[via: Entertainment Tonight] Posted February 24, 2017 by Katie RobertsIt will be a while before ABC officially announces the cast of its upcoming season of “Dancing With the Stars,” but according to a new report, we already know two of the famous faces who will compete for the mirrorball trophy.Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Olympic champion Simone Biles and ’80s icon Mr. According to ET’s source, producers have “been trying to get Mr.

I think there’s amazing comedy happening. Do you have a sense in your own work about how that might play out?Oh sure. I think it’s very helpful for someone to organize some of this information. I’m really not sure what role it will play in a pretty scary, chaotic moment.Do you think comedians as a whole will tread lighter? I don’t think it’s really any different. The truth is that there’s almost no one you would mention that I wouldn’t dream of working with. We worked on it for five years. Some people go to other heights. Some people may also want to do that to people with Pete’s background, who build a great deal of their lives around their faith. I think the mood of the country affects how people experience art and culture. That’s the thing about comedy is you’re trying to get work and get people to pay you before you’ve learned how to do it well. Posted February 24, 2017 by Scott HuverOn the scripted page, behind the camera, and as the chief decision maker at his own production company, Judd Apatow has undoubtedly shaped the comedic sensibility of a generation — but there was a time when he did it from the microphone of a stage in a standup club.That’s clearly part of the reason what Apatow has such a sharp eye for comedy talent: not only has he helped elevate writer/performers like Seth Rogen, Lena Dunham, Jason Segel, Amy Schumer, and Paul Rust, helping them translate the best, funniest, and most emotionally effective aspects of their comedy personas into big-screen and small-screen successes.Now, he’s turning to a world he knows well, having long ago done his tour of duty in the standup comedy scene and mentored by standup legend Garry Shandling, to explore that early period in a comic’s career where they’re all raw talent and ambition before honing and shaping their specific sensibility.For HBO’s “Crashing,” Apatow teamed with real-life standup Pete Holmes to build a sitcom inspired by Holmes’s own unique backstory: a decent, rule-following evangelical Christian making his first foray into the chaotic, cutthroat world of the New York comedy club scene just as his probably-wedded-too-young marriage is collapsing.Apatow joined a small group or reporters to sound off on “Crashing” as well as a myriad of subjects including his own early standup memories, how the current political climate will affect comedy and saying goodbye to “Girls.”That particular ground in standup comedy — being good but not yet great — must’ve felt like very fertile ground to explore.Judd Apatow: I think we all have gone through that period where we’re not good yet. Or buy my book, which is still on sale — for charity! I don’t think that the networks, for all sorts of reasons, couldn’t do it in the way that some of the other networks and streaming services can do.There’s limitations on content, and I hated the idea that they’re waiting to get the ratings the next day, and if they’re bad, they might pull the plug. If somebody said, “I want to go on a talk show and do a very, very political routine,” I’m sure there are limitations on where they could do that and who would be comfortable with what they were saying, and how they would vet it.But we don’t know. He said he hadn’t acted in 14 years. I just couldn’t believe it. I want to bring them to a bigger audience?”There’s nothing common about it. I think they’re all working very hard to be accurate, a lot of these talk show hosts — people like Samantha Bee and John Oliver.You mentioned that dehumanization quality that’s happening in stereotyping different groups. What’s your sense?Comedians will say whatever they want to say. It’s just that simple.I think you can learn more about how to be a comedian now, because when I was a kid, I had to go find comedians and interview them to ask them how to do it. And any time you’re showing a community and try to be thoughtful about it, I think it’s a really positive thing.So that’s one of the main things I love about this show, is that we get to talk about religion from a lot of different perspectives, from very religious people to hardcore atheist comedians, and we’re going to continue to see what we can talk about there.Do you need the creative freedoms that Netflix or HBO affords you to do your best work? It’s a world that isn’t examined in comedy very often, so it really does feel fresh. When I was writing “This Is 40,” I thought, “If I could get Albert Brooks to do this, it would be perfect.” So that worked out, but it has to follow the idea.Have you gotten an early look at Showtime’s “I’m Dying Up Here,” which is a fictionalized take on the first big standup comedy explosion in the ’70s and ’80s in Los Angeles?I haven’t. I was just watching Seth Meyers talk about a lot of these issues. We don’t know how the government’s going to be run. Which I think we’re all adjusting to the fact that it’s ending. The idea has to create the situation. Would you like to revisit those characters at some further point in their lives?I don’t know. I don’t like the waiting on ratings to determine if you’re going to survive. I don’t like the commercial interruptions. I think the show also is showing the humanity of religious people. They’ve got great comedy material, but the stuff you’ve worked on tends to be really honest and a little bit autobiographical.Most comedians are pretty honest and want to open up. So if by the end of the night if you could sit at Budd Friedman’s table with Jerry Seinfeld and George Wallace, it was heaven.If you look at a 20-something-year-old now entering, what’s the biggest challenge for them?To be a comedian? So you’re diluted. He would do these mythic, brilliant improvisational sets, so it’s really exciting that he’s doing that.Do you have a longing for that historical moment in comedy?Oh, sure! But I wouldn’t want to do it unless I had a great piece of material and I thought I could do something that I was proud of with that. So much of it came from Artie. So I think people have a little bit of a head start.You’ve worked with so many young great comics. They come from very different comedy places.I guess so. I think those types of things happen naturally, where Pete is like this guy who’s trying to hold on to his soul, and in a way, Artie is too. He’s a sweetheart of a guy who has his own specific sets of personal obstacles, who’s trying to keep it together and thrive.They’re funny together because Pete’s been through so little, and Artie has been through so much. That’s the weird part about it. We made a movie called “The Big Sick” with Kumail Nanjiani that premiered at Sundance on Inauguration Day. So I do think it changes how you watch.In terms of that film, I think it reminds you that it’s very easy to dehumanize people. Basically you were trying to kill the day because you had nothing to do.Then at night, we would all go to the improv and do sets, and then hope the veteran comedians will talk to us. It was very brave, and really, really creative and funny.What did you love about those early standup years?I love that we were all young and had no doubt that we would make it somehow. You can’t have a comedy with this great sex scene where it all goes well. So you’re rooting for both of them, and you do want some of what Pete’s talking about to rub off on Artie.But Artie was so funny, and really is great as anyone I ever worked with. It depends on who’s going to broadcast what they want to say. Larger concerns and investigations … Kumail is from Pakistan acclimating to being in America and falling in love in America.There’s a lot of issues about immigrants in it. I always want to think comedy’s important because it lets us all blow off steam, and depressurize, and laugh, and it just makes us happy when we’re stressed about what’s happening in the world. I’m very interested in comedy, but I haven’t explored religion in my own work. The great ones are excited to go there. But if you’re really strong, you’re going to do well. So the fact that Pete has a unique point of view, and a unique story, is what attracts me to it.I like that there’s an undercurrent of the discussion of religion in the show. What might Marnie do in this situation?” So it’s really weird for us that that conversation has ended. I’ve never talked to Lena about her thoughts about things like that. That was fun. So it’s fun for me to talk about all those issues with him.Is it easy to get the comedians you work with to get to those emotional truths? I feel like the streaming services have created a world where there’s a financial incentive to do amazing original work. He’s so brilliant and funny. I think that if you’re true to yourself, and you’re willing to work hard, and if you’re talented, people will like you. All of his scenes were workshopped with him and improvised. Yes, yes, Jim Carrey is the producer. Not everybody makes it, but in comedy, if you’re good, you will make it. Who are these people? So we’re all traumatized. It’s about … What about “Girls”? You’re crazy and young, and we would goof around all day long. We didn’t think it would come out in an environment where people were deciding these major issues with how we feel about immigration and having a president that has some new ideas about it. When we sat with Artie Lange and say, “Let’s do a discussion where you tell Pete how hard it is to be a comedian, and how difficult your life has been.” He sat for hours and improvised stories, and he held nothing back. I’m an uber-comedy nerd. Once they’re not awkward, we’re not even in comedy. So if someone’s doing a show about life and the Hollywood comedy scene in the ’70s, I’m the first person who will be addicted.The pairing of Pete and Artie Lange is really potent. “What might Hannah do in this this situation? Now you can just put on Pete’s podcast, or Marc Maron’s podcast, and everyone will just tell you exactly how they made it and what it took. I’ve been cancelled many times mid-season, three times. It’s so obvious if you’re great. I’ve had enough of it.You get asked about reviving various shows and characters you’ve worked on. For six years, we would talk all the time. I like that, at least at places like HBO, you get your season, and then at the end you might say, “Let’s do some more.” But you get your season. So that’s one of the funny things about it, because you have good nights and bad nights, and then slowly you have more and more good nights. I used to watch Jim Carrey at The Comedy Store in the late ’80s and early ’90s. How about some older ones that you have yet to work with and are still dying to get a shot?I always want to work with everybody. I like people who have an interesting point of view, and I like when they’re covering terrain which I feel hasn’t been done to death. What are we scared of?In what way do you think a Trump presidency changes comedy?It changes everything, because we don’t know what’s going to happen. We’re going to find out. I thought, “This is a real gem.” We’re so lucky to have the opportunity to showcase him and have him be a part of this.We’ve been talking to a lot of people here about how material that was written before the election might land differently with the audience after. Is that something you enjoy producing?I feel like all sex scenes need to be awkward, or they’re just pornographic. Heavier? But you’re getting paid to do something that you’re still weak at for a while.Did you experience having a relationship where your partner didn’t understand that it’s part of the process to not get paid, which Pete experiences on the show?When I did standup, from the time I was 17 to 24, I wasn’t really in that many relationships that lasted long enough for them to get irritated with me about me working.When you see a comedy talent like Pete or Amy Schumer or Lena Dunham, what resonates with you that makes you say, “I want to get in that business with them? It affected all of us.One thing “Crashing” has [in common] with “Girls” is the awkward sex scene. Would you want to do another broadcast network-type show?I’m not interested in the broadcast networks because I feel like the shows are too short. It’s very easy going, don’t let anybody in, without thinking, what does that mean? So when you see people in their lives, and they looking happy and are exactly the same as you, it’s an important statement.

Maybe you should get out a little more.’ Firstly, you love it. It’s only tits and dragons.”Setting aside the fact that “It’s only tits and dragons” is a pretty perfect tagline for “Thrones,” fans were pretty peeved about McShane’s slam. “You want to say, ‘Have you thought about your lifestyle? A character beloved by everybody returns. When fans read the spoiler, they were understandably a bit upset, but the actor doubled down on his laissez faire attitude about keeping “GOT” secrets, saying in another interview, “I was accused of giving the plot away, but I just think get a f—ing life. And the unapologetic actor is once again using his foul mouth to proclaim that he doesn’t really care whether or not his spoiler bothered loyal viewers.In a new interview with Empire (via Entertainment Weekly), McShane reflected on the kerfuffle he caused last year when he revealed that fan favorite character The Hound (Rory McCann) would be coming back in season six. Posted February 24, 2017 by Katie RobertsIan McShane is still #SorryNotSorry for bashing “Game of Thrones” fans who were upset that he spoiled the return of a presumed-dead character on the sixth season of the show. But the actor is once again proving he doesn’t really care, telling Empire that he finds the level of some viewers’ obsession to be a bit much.”The show is huge but some fans seem to identify with it [too closely],” McShane told the magazine. And what am I giving away? Secondly, you’ll have forgotten by the time it comes out. Give us a call sometime, Ian.[via: Empire via Entertainment Weekly] Get a f—ing life.”Based on his hilarious, DGAF interviews, we’d kind of love to get drinks with the actor (or maybe even watch an episode of “Thrones”) and just listen to him rant about whatever.

We thought and thought [about it] but it just seemed wrong. “It’s too soon. But it soon became clear that Emma Thompson would not be among them, and as the actress explains in a new interview, it’s because of another costar who can’t be there.While speaking with the Press Association (via The Guardian), Thompson confirmed that the reason why she wouldn’t be appearing in what’s being dubbed “Red Nose Day Actually” is due to the death of her friend and frequent costar, Alan Rickman. It’s absolutely right because it’s supposed to be for Comic Relief but there isn’t much comic relief in the loss of our dear friend, really, just over a year ago. It was absolutely the right decision.”It sounds like Curtis and Thompson made the right decision. Posted February 24, 2017 by Katie RobertsWhen news first broke that director Richard Curtis was working on a short sequel to “Love Actually” for the U.K.’s Red Nose Day event, fans were ecstatic to learn that the majority of the original cast was set to return. Rickman, who passed away last year at age 69, played Thompson’s unfaithful husband in “Love Actually,” and Curtis had already confirmed that there wouldn’t be a tribute to the late actor in the new segment.As the actress explained to the Press Association, she and Curtis both agreed that it wouldn’t make much sense to include her character in the reunion with Rickman’s glaring absence looming over the proceedings.”Richard wrote to me and said, ‘Darling, we can’t write anything for you because of Alan’, and I said, ‘No, of course, it would be sad, too sad,'” Thompson said. Now excuse us, we have something in our eyes…The “Love Actually” sequel will air during the U.K.’s Red Nose Day telecast on March 24.[via: Press Association via The Guardian]

Can’t wait for March![via: Saturday Night Live/Twitter] Both women will be celebrating some big milestones with their appearances, with Johansson’s emceeing gig marking her fifth time at Studio 8H, officially inducting her into the lauded “SNL” Five-Timers Club.As for Lorde, the New Zealander will be performing on “SNL” for the first time as a solo artist (she previously joined musical guest Disclosure back in 2015), and is also expected to finally debut some new music, her first since her contribution to the “Hunger Games: Mockingjay” soundtrack back in 2014. Posted February 24, 2017 by Katie RobertsGet ready for an awesome March on “Saturday Night Live”: Actresses Scarlett Johansson and Octavia Spencer are set to host the sketch series, and they’re paired with some pretty impressive musical guests.Spencer’s hosting gig is up first, set for March 4. This will be the Oscar winner’s first time hosting “SNL,” and she could be coming off yet another win at the previous weekend’s Academy Awards for her role in “Hidden Figures.” (Though it seems like “Fences” star Viola Davis has all but locked up the statuette in that category.) Serving as musical guest alongside Spencer will be indie folk rocker Father John Misty.Very excited to announce our March shows! Her first — and so far only — album, “Pure Heroine,” dropped in 2013, and a new album is rumored to be coming out sometime in early March.Sounds like an excellent pair of shows. #SNLpic.twitter.com/fmjjkeq8Vc
— Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) February 23, 2017The following weekend, March 11, will feature the all-star pairing of host Scarlett Johansson and musical guest Lorde.

Posted February 23, 2017 by Katie RobertsDisney has unveiled the all-star lineup of NASCAR talent who are part of the “Cars 3” voice cast, and the impressive roster is sure to rev the engines of both “Cars” fans and racing fans alike.”‘Cars 3’ very much pays homage to stock car racing and its rich history,” director Brian Fee said in a statement explaining the partnership between the flick and NASCAR. NASCAR reporters, announcers, and others associated with the sport will also lend their voices to the film.Here’s the full NASCAR character breakdown:CHASE ELLIOTT: Second-generation Piston Cup racer CHASE RACELOTT. Tex, who met Lightning McQueen in Cars, would love nothing more than to see #95 decked out in Dinoco blue.JEFF GORDON: JEFF GORVETTE. Known for his racing passion and ability to have fun on the track, Laney races with talent, speed and precision.DANIEL SUÁREZ: DANNY SWERVEZ, a next-gen racer who’s ascending the Piston-Cup ladder against all odds. “Our story leans into the drama, emotion and excitement NASCAR fans find at every race.”Current NASCAR stars Chase Elliott, Ryan Blaney, Daniel Suárez, and Bubba Wallace are among the drivers who will all have roles in the flick, as will retired racing legends Jeff Gordon and Richard Petty. Evernham also serves as a story consultant for filmmakers.”Cars 3” races into theaters on June 16.[via: ComingSoon] Cartrip, a veteran Piston-Cup announcer also heard in Cars and Cars 2, may think he’s seen it all—but this new season might still have a surprise or two in store.SHANNON SPAKE: SHANNON SPOKES. Weathers grew up around the track watching his uncle, Strip “The King” Weathers, tear it up. Joyride stays one step ahead in the racing news game by keeping a keen eye on where the racing season is headed.RAY EVERNHAM: RAY REVERHAM, Jackson Storm’s crew chief, and an expert at training in the cutting edge technology and tactics being used by the next-gen racers. From his humble beginnings on the Piston-Cup circuit to the glitzy sponsorship and media attention, the champion racer now serves as crew chief for his nephew, Cal Weathers.KYLE PETTY: CAL WEATHERS. Gorvette, whose number of top-ten finishes remains unmatched, may have hung up his racing tires—but his heart remains on the track. A mid-season replacement, Swervez is a quick learner who pushes himself to the limit.BUBBA WALLACE: Next-gen stock car racer BUBBA WHEELHOUSE, a fast and tenacious young racer who knows how to win.DARRELL WALTRIP: DARRELL CARTRIP. His ability to succeed at all levels turned hoods wherever he raced.RICHARD “THE KING” PETTY: Returns to the role of STRIP “THE KING” WEATHERS. The veteran racer finds himself taking a step back to make room for the next generation on the track.MIKE JOY: On-the-spot radio talk show host MIKE JOYRIDE. Spokes weaves her way into the middle of the action for in-the-moment interviews, and she’s not afraid to ask racers the tough questions.HOWARD AUGUSTINE “HUMPY” WHEELER JR: Iconic Dinoco team owner TEX DINOCO. Racelott’s blend of skills, track smarts and top-of-the-line technology make this rookie a real contender.RYAN BLANEY: Third-generation racer RYAN “INSIDE” LANEY.

Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #CANTWAIT.CAN’T WAIT! A Movie Lover’s Podcast by Moviefone celebrates Hollywood’s guiltiest pleasures by taking a fresh look at critically ignored movies and giving them a second chance at life. Among other topics discussed: too much Chinese food, diarrhea theme songs, mystery characters, and confusing AF circus parties. When you live in a world of oblivious billionaires and binge-eating activist lawyers, who cares?!This week, we watched the Sandra Bullock / Hugh Grant rom-com, “Two Weeks Notice.” Sure, the title is technically missing an apostrophe, but nothing is missing from the undeniable chemistry between the movie’s stars. Maybe one day all the questions we have about this movie will be answered by its inevitable, completely unnecessary straight-to-Netflix sequel.Tune in next week for Tony’s pick: the 5% scientifically accurate “Timecop,” starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mia Sara, and Ron Silver.Listen to CAN’T WAIT! A Movie Lover’s Podcast Episode 14: ‘Two Weeks Notice’Total runtime: 55:27Subscribe to the CAN’T WAIT! Join Moviefone editors Tim Hayne, Rachel Horner, Phil Pirrello, and Tony Maccio as they extol the virtues and expose the failings (with love!) of nostalgic movies. Have a movie you really, really want us to watch and talk about? Posted February 23, 2017 by Moviefone StaffIs it “Two Weeks Notice” or “Two Weeks’ Notice”? podcast:iTunesGoogle PlayStitcherHave thoughts/feelings/feedback about the podcast?

And while studio Disney is being more conservative in its own estimates, pegging the flick for just over $100 million in its opening frame, that sum still places the movie in the upper echelon of all-time highest-grossing March releases, joining the ranks of blockbusters such as “Batman v. It’s already on pace to pass fellow Disney property “Finding Dory” in advance ticket sales, and its trailers and teasers have beaten out the likes of “Fifty Shades Darker” and “The Force Awakens” to capture single-day online viewing records. Superman: Dawn of Justice” ($166.1 million in 2016), “The Hunger Games” ($152.5 million in 2012), and “Alice in Wonderland” ($116.1 in 2010).That shouldn’t really come as a surprise, though, considering the excitement surrounding the remake. Now, all that remains to be seen is just how much cash the flick can conjure on its opening weekend.”Beauty and the Beast” opens on March 17.[via: The Hollywood Reporter] Posted February 23, 2017 by Katie RobertsIt’s a tale as old as time: When you have a huge star headlining a high-profile remake of a beloved fairy tale, big box office returns are likely. And according to early tracking, “Beauty and the Beast” is certainly well on its way to a huge opening weekend.According to The Hollywood Reporter, early reports have indicated that “Beauty” is on pace to make about $120 million on opening weekend next month. Plus, fans have already spotted a “Harry Potter” reference in the flick, and star Emma Watson’s considerable Potterhead fan base is no doubt eager to search for more.Watson recently spoke out about the immense pressure she’s feeling — both from fans and from herself — to get the part right, but it looks like she won’t have any trouble convincing moviegoers to give the film a shot.

Either way, it’s a fun little Easter egg for fans, and we can’t wait to see if there are any more in store.”Beauty and the Beast” opens on March 17.[via: Twitter] https://t.co/UTzZ1yK4oE
— Ryan Donovan (@rydontweets) February 22, 2017THERE IS A HARRY POTTER REFERENCE IN BEAUTY AND THE BEAST MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. “I believe I have,” he replies. WHERES THE REMEMBRALL AT https://t.co/lmKdUbdTvw
— broadway belara (@belaradrevm) February 21, 2017@girlposts Monsieur Jean needs a remembrall pic.twitter.com/3UkUJGXfvm
— Jenna (@JennaKramarczyk) February 21, 2017When there’s a nod to Harry Potter in a Beauty & the Beast remake and your inner child just CAN’T. “Have you lost something?” Belle asks him. — Alex Ankrim (@AlexAnk14) February 22, 2017There’s been no word from Disney on whether or not this was an intentional “Potter” reference, though we can’t help but think that Watson’s involvement in both exchanges is too big of a coincidence for it not to be. “The only problem is, I can’t remember what I’ve forgotten,” Neville says.Eagle-eyed “HP” fans didn’t let the similarity go undetected, though, and took to Twitter to point out the awesomeness of Watson’s two film worlds colliding.@MarcieSawyers OMG I ALSO JUST DISCOVERED A VERY SLY HARRY POTTER REFERENCE AT 0:26
— marcie sawyers (@MarcieSawyers) February 21, 2017WHO CAUGHT THAT NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM REFERENCE?! Posted February 23, 2017 by Katie RobertsEmma Watson will always be linked to her star-making role in the “Harry Potter” franchise, and her next huge flick is paying homage to that fact with a sly reference to her days as Hermione Granger.A few days ago, Disney released a clip of Watson crooning one of her character’s signature songs, “Belle,” in the studio’s upcoming remake of “Beauty and the Beast.” While we were busy being delighted by the actress’s singing voice and a bit disappointed by a few changes in the lyrics, we failed to notice that a small exchange of dialogue between Belle and one of the townsfolk in her provincial village was eerily similar to one Hermione had with Neville Longbottom in 2001’s “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”In the “Beauty” clip, Belle is exchanging pleasantries with a man named Monsieur Jean, who’s looking a bit confused. “Problem is, I can’t remember what.”If that sounds vaguely familiar to you, it’s because it’s almost exactly like the conversation Hermione and Neville have in “Sorcerer’s,” in which Neville is showing off his Remembrall — a sphere that turns red when its owner has forgotten something — and sheepishly admits he has no idea why it’s red now.

It’ll stay with you.”Ugh is right! And I’ll tell you that it’s absolutely heartbreaking and devastating and it’s well worth the wait.”We’re not expecting to wait too long. Posted February 23, 2017 by Gina CarboneThe truth about Jack Pearson’s (Milo Ventimiglia) death is coming soon to “This Is Us.”Justin Hartley (Kevin Pearson) previewed what’s ahead for Papa Pearson, warning us we won’t just be heartbroken, we’ll also be surprised.TMZ asked Hartley point-blank, “How did he die?” Of course, Hartley couldn’t just go and spoil the fate of his on-screen father, but he did say this of Jack’s fate:”You’ll find that out. There are only two episodes left, and the season finale may be when we get the news. It’s unexpected and it’s extremely heartbreaking and sad and deep and moving and, ugh, it’s painful. The show’s creator and an executive producer both recently teased what fans can expect in the final two episodes, and what will be held over for Season 2.Want more stuff like this? Many fans already have suspicions about how Jack died, but it’s possible they’re slightly or completely wrong.Hartley basically told Us Weekly that we should expect to be surprised by the reveal:”You’ll never guess it. Like us on Facebook. It’s painful.

Posted February 23, 2017 by Gina CarboneAlas, another fantastic season of “Project Runway: Junior” is coming to an end. Like us on Facebook. on Lifetime.Want more stuff like this? He pulled a Laurence Basse this season, and he and “Project Runway” Season 15-er Laurence should both get chances to redeem themselves on the next All Stars season. Hawwaa seems out of the running, since she barely beat Tieler James to be the fourth finalist, and the judges were not overly impressed with her mini collection.TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek from the finale — with the judges praising one of Izzy’s looks — and the site also posted a poll asking who should win. It’s possible Chris could eek out a win — he’s already winning the hilarious quote game — or maybe Izzy will be the runner-up or the dark horse to win. 23) the Season 2 finale will reveal the big winner to follow in Maya’s footsteps.Here are the four talented finalists:Chelsea Ma, 15Chris Russo, 17Izzy Kostrzewa, 16Hawwaa Ibrahim, 16If we had to guess, that’s the order we think this plays out. pic.twitter.com/rEyi3IBuCY
— Project Runway (@ProjectRunway) February 21, 2017Alyssa Milano of “Project Runway All Stars” stopped by the workroom for the finale, and that reminds us: Tieler should be cast on the next season of All Stars. So far, voters agree that it should be Chelsea. 23 at 9 p.m. (Many fans are still upset for Tieler, and also Molly O’Brien, who wasn’t even allowed to compete for the fourth spot.).@Alyssa_Milano stops by the #ProjectRunwayJunior workroom to let these designers know that they are all, All Stars! Tonight (Feb. Make it so! Chelsea already declared herself the one to beat, since she has had the most wins and times in the top, and she’s never been in the bottom. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ #ProjectRunwayJuniorpic.twitter.com/UCqiSQog74
— Project Runway (@ProjectRunway) February 17, 2017The “Project Runway” Season 2 finale airs Thursday, Feb.

Posted February 23, 2017 by Gina CarboneEvery time ABC shows Sandra Oh in a promo for the new season of “American Crime,””Grey’s Anatomy” fans react in unison: “Cristina!” Dr. Oh admitted, “At this point… The movie “Catfight” will be available through VOD and in a limited theatrical release on March 3.Want more stuff like this? So it means a lot to me.”Hoover pressed: Would she go back? on ABC. “Having said that, every so often… And you’re still Mer’s person!)Watch Oh discuss “Grey’s” at the very end of the clip: “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 13 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. “But I just don’t know. No, I don’t think so.” What about at the end of “Grey’s,” for the series finale? “I had spoken to Shonda about that,” Oh said. He needs you, girl! Like us on Facebook. Cristina Yang was a “Grey’s” OG, from the first season to Season 10. Yang is still very much missed.Sandra Oh was recently on “Access Hollywood Live” to promote her new movie “Catfight” with Anne Heche, and she was asked about ever returning to “Grey’s.”Kit Hoover mentioned a petition out there, with fans pushing creator Shonda Rhimes to bring Oh back as Cristina. As an actor, as an artist, it’s a full life that one has. It would have to feel right.”So you’re saying there’s a chance?Sounds like she might pull a Nina Dobrev and just come back for the finale. And as I look back to that time — which is extremely important and deeply meaningful to me — and it means a lot to me that a whole generation, a new generation of fans are discovering the show. “American Crime” Season 3, co-starring Sandra Oh, premieres March 12. (But can Owen? We’re now in Season 13, and Dr. “I gotta tell you right now, I’m so happy to promote ‘Catfight.'” She laughed. “Really?” Oh replied, sounding surprised. If so, we can live with that.