Best Memory Foam Mattress

Having a goodnight’s rest equates to a great day ahead and a Memory Foam Mattress will lull you to dreamland every single night. When the body shifts to sleep mode, mind processing and restoration happens. In short quality sleep is important and Memory Foam Mattress makes sure that you sleep soundly every night.

Memory Foam Mattress Benefits
Because Memory Foam’s properties of being able to prevent pressure points when warmed by the body heat during sleeping or resting. Memory Foam Mattress was recommended in helping patients with sleeping disorders and in many other medical settings.
1. Prevent bedsores from bedridden patients. For many years Memory Foam Mattress was used in many medical treatments preventing bedsores or also known as pressure ulcers where inadequate flow of blood affects tissues and dies off. Patients who are susceptible to bedsores are in a paralyzed state, coma, old age or other types of illnesses most benefit from Memory Foam Mattress.
2. Can help alleviate pain from people suffering from arthritis. People with advanced age frequently suffer from joint pain known as arthritis. Since Memory Foam Mattresses are able to
3. Highly recommended with people who have fibromyalgia. People who suffer from fibromyalgia have a heightened and painful response to pressure and by using Memory Foam Mattress can prevent joint pressure.
4. Prevents spinal misalignment. It can reduce Kyphosis or the curvature of the spine and help alleviate scoliosis pain.
5. Helps people suffering from sleep disorders. People who suffer from snoring are advised to sleep on their sides in order to prevent the dropping of the tongue and other relaxed tissues down the throat which causes snoring. By sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress they are able to keep them sleeping on their sides without discomfort. People with insomnia may also find this type of mattress more comfortable and may help induce sleep without any discomforts.
6. Prevents and alleviate headache. The Memory Foam Mattress is able to give comfort to people who experience migraines. Tinnitus, jaw ache and teeth grinding are also prevented.
7. Prevents waking up due to the bed partner’s movements. Compared to coiled mattresses, the Memory Foam Mattress is able to subdue the frequent tossing or turning of a bed partner.
8. Durability. Some brands of Memory Foam Mattress offer a 10-year guarantee and some may also offer a life-long guarantee of their products. This can save money and the trouble in buying mattresses.
How Memory Foam Mattresses Work
Memory Foam Mattress is a good compromise between a soft mattress’ comfort and firm mattress’ solidness. The key is the non toxic material visco-elastic. This is synthetic polyurethane foam where other chemicals are added to increase its thickness and density. The open-cell structure reacts to the pressure’s heat and weight by molding into the body.
Almost all types of memory foam mattresses have the same chemical composition but can vary on the density and height of the foam. With these differences, there are also different types of feel of the varying forms of memory foam mattresses available.

Qualities of a Good Memory Foam Mattress
1. Look for a high-density type of memory foam mattress to have better compression ratings. This will have a higher life of bedding even after repeated use.
2. Choose a memory foam mattress that has a box spring underneath to have a more comfortable use.
3. Look for brands and products that offer a money back trial.
4. Be aware of memory foam mattresses that claim to be made from the U.S. but had actually had the materials shipped from other countries then assembled in the U.S. (except for Tempur-Pedic the Swedish company which pioneered memory foam mattress)
Grading of Memory Foam Mattresses
As mentioned there are different grades of Memory Foam Mattresses. This is important to know because the pricing of memory foams are based on its grading. Grading is primarily based on the durability and the visco-elastic nature of the foam.
1. Weight (Density). This is measured in pounds per square foot. The weight will be based on the chemicals included and polyurethane foam composition. The denser the foam the harder the material. The ILD or the Indentation Load Deflection rating structure use density rating as 2 or 3 lbs for lower densities and 4 or 5 for the higher densities in mattresses.
2. Tensile Stress. This is the measure the stretching capacity of the foam. It can be measured with pounds per square inch. Though it has a little relevance because the foam is not usually stretched instead.
3. Resiliency. This is the measure the springiness of the foam. The higher the resilience of the foam the more durable it is when subjected to compression forces.
4. ILD Rating. This measurement on how soft or hard a material is. The higher the ILD the firmer the foam. ILD stands for Indentation Load Deflection.
History & Development Of Memory Foam Mattresses
Thanks to Chiharu Kubokawa and Charles A. Yost, scientists in the NASA’s Ames Research Center, the Memory Foam was born. The visco-elastic material created was to help relieve astronauts of the incredible g-forces on the body.
The visco-elastic polyurethane foam discovered was able to conform to the body’s shape then go back to its original form once the pressure was released.
In 1980, FAGERDALA, one of Europe’s largest foam producing company perfected the Memory Foam Mattress for consumer use and in 1991 the product was released in Sweden with the company name of Tempur-Pedic. The positive responses lead it to be released in North America in 1992.
Subsequently Memory Foam Mattresses aided many medical treatments and was further manufactured and became more affordable to domestic use in the recent years.
Issues & Concerns
1. Some may be have allergic reaction on the chemicals or the polyurethane used.

2. Memory Foam Mattress may give off a chemical smell when brand new. Airing for a day can easily reduce the smell and within weeks the smell will dissipate eventually.

3. There are many cheap imitations of Memory Foam Mattresses in the market. It is best to have thorough inspection of the company.