Or — our favorite — she’s sentenced to life in the Colonies, where she meets Offred’s mom (who is a major figure in the book but has yet to appear in the show).Bledel’s return does seem to indicate that there won’t be another “Gilmore Girls” revival, at least in the near future. Her character, Ofglen, was mutilated as punishment for engaging in a same-sex romance.The last time she appeared was in episode 5, when she steals a guard’s car and kills him by running over him. Posted June 23, 2017 by Kelly WooOfglen lives! Or the Mayday resistance found a way to free her and she heads to Canada. Alexis Bledel will return to “The Handmaid’s Tale” in season 2 as a series regular.The actress starred in half of the first season of the acclaimed Hulu drama based on Margaret Atwood’s book. She was hauled off by other guards, and her fate remained unknown to Offred (Elisabeth Moss).Perhaps she and Offred, who was taken away by security in the season 1 finale, meet in some kind of prison.

24 on CBS, then will move to the CBS.The show stars Jason Isaacs as Gabriel Lorca, Captain of the Discovery; Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou of the USS Shenzhou; Sonequa Martin-Greenas her First Officer, Michael Burnham; James Frain as Vulcan Sarek (father to Spock); and Rainn Wilson as charismatic con-man Harry Mudd. Berg. “The thing we’re taking from Roddenberry is how we solve those conflicts,” Harberts said. “But while we’re human or alien in various ways, none of us are perfect.”But they’re not completely throwing out Roddenberry’s utopian vision of the future. Posted June 23, 2017 by Sharon KnolleAs all “Star Trek” fans know, franchise creator Gene Roddenberry had a strict — if often frustrating — rule that Starfleet crew members could never be in any significant conflict with each other. In other words: Battle stations! “People have to make mistakes — mistakes are still going to be made in the future. The only way around it: To have someone possessed by an alien force or to catch some strain of “space madness.”Now EW reports that the new series “Star Trek: Discovery” will break that long-held rule. Look for some intriguing new conflicts on the series, which debuts September 24.”We’re trying to do stories that are complicated, with characters with strong points of view and strong passions,” co-showrunner Aaron Harbert told EW. “So we do have our characters in conflict, we do have them struggling with each other, but it’s about how they find a solution and work through their problems.”Another big change from previous series: It will be “more heavily serialized,” meaning less stand-alone, self-contained eps and more big story arcs.The first episode of “Star Trek: Discovery” will debut Sunday, Sept. We’re still going to argue in the future.””The rules of Starfleet remain the same,” says the show’s other showrunner, Gretchen J.

Yeah, a lot of the fun is finding that right song. So tell me a little bit about that aspect of it.Yeah, that’s the work of us and our music supervisors. There’ll be times like, “Oh, that doesn’t make sense.” But in terms of the overall vision of the show, there’s never been any arguments, really.How often do you check in with Garth, either with a question or just to talk through ideas?When was the last time I talked to him? We’re getting much more in terms of, we’re starting to pull more and more of these characters into the world, which is exciting.Tone is the trick on any television show. There’ll be new characters – there just have to be. It really could have been a disaster. So it could have been fraught, and it just hasn’t been.I feel like, really from the beginning, we’ve wanted to make the same show. How did the Grail start? Working with the network to know how far you can go, deciding amongst yourselves creatively how far is too far, and going over the edge when it can be fun. We’re going to learn a little bit more about Tulip back in the day, and when she and Jesse were sort of outlaws together, and what sort of drove them apart, and where she ended up as a result of their breakup.And we’re going to learn more about Cassidy in terms of, we’re going to start to understand some of the wreckage that he left behind, and bridges that he burnt, and how will he try to make amends to people that he betrayed in the past, and how will that end up making things much, much worse as a result.So, yeah, we get to sort of expand the world in a lot of different ways. American culture is so bereft and decayed at this point, that I think network executives have rightly just thrown up their hands and given up!I love the show’s use of music, often to a great comedic effect but still always with an awesome song. He’s looking for God, not in himself, and not in the stars, but he’s down the road somewhere and I’m going to find him. For this season, I won’t say, but we were going to have like this season be two halves, and we were going to end up with one arc, and then move on to a whole other world for the second half. Whatever people are picturing in terms of handwringing, and you can’t do that, I think everyone signed up for Garth’s “Preacher,” and that’s what they’re getting. There’s so much great TV out there, interesting TV, but there are certain things that we realized that only our show could get away with. It didn’t wear well over time. How did Herr Starr become Herr Starr? We talked about the same show. For “Come on Eileen,” that was going to be something else. That’s got to be a very tricky thing, too, to find those great pieces of music that are also commenting on the scene or enhancing a scene. You guys are standing right on that barbed wire fence with your mix of violence and comedy, and how you’re able to portray it. I don’t know why. So tell me about knowing that you’ve got this road map that you can follow, but you’re making the show your own, you’re making different creative choices and doing what you’re able do for TV.I think — and Garth [Ennis] will tell you this — you couldn’t shoot the comic books as a TV show. And sort of giving him a real external drive was really exciting and liberating for us as writers.From the start, Season 2 is going to skew a little closer to what the comic book is, but you guys are still going to color outside the lines. So we tried to do more of that, in terms of the violence, and the comedy, and the perversity, and stuff like that.I think we’re excited by the fact that Jesse’s sort of drive is an external one, and not sort of an internal one, a philosophical one. Maybe a month or so ago. In terms of the network, we definitely had more fretful calls from the network this year, but really, fewer. No, Evan is Cassidy! Then we kept pushing it off. Tell me about getting from there to here and realizing, “Oh, this is richer than I initially might have thought.”Oh, for sure. He’s also been a great collaborator. It has all the elements of a failure to it, in a sense that you’re bringing Seth and Evan, movie stars with a passion project of this thing that they’ve been loving for so long, and then bring it to me. Stuff like that. Then we were sort of running out of time because the actors had to learn the song.It’s a sort of nostalgic song. It’s like, “Well, maybe we can get to that world for the last four episodes.” Then maybe just the last two.Then we realized, there’s so much story with this world that we’re just with these characters that we’re just bringing in, and we don’t want to shortchange this other world that we’re really excited about getting to. It’s a money grab for him, that greedy Irish immigrant! And it’s not even just a question of how much money it would cost you to be in the south of France and ancient Ireland from episode to episode. Is the question, who’s who? The Saint of Killers is one, I expect …The Saint of Killers — having him in our world with Jesse and Tulip and Cassidy is very exciting. Evan is Tulip. What is this place, the Grail? He’s just trusted us. So yeah, it’s exactly what you say: sometimes it’s just a couple of issues in a comic book of places that Jesse winds up, but they’re whole worlds for us on a TV show that we can really delve into.Seth and Evan have known each other forever, worked together forever, and now you guys are a trinity.Wait, no one’s asked this! I’m just some TV hack that they brought in. It’s not just that — it’s just that we would actually run out of story pretty quickly.So what we want to do is we always want to make “Preacher” feel like “Preacher,” and we delve a little deeper into some of these, what look like little pit stops on the road in the comic book become whole episodes, or several episodes, or stuff like that.We meet Herr Starr. We’re not going to leave any of the great set pieces, or the great characters, on the shelf for very long.Give me some characters that you were excited making a little bit bigger. He’s Tulip.To have found your creative vibe together — and you guys have your fingerprints on this in a lot of different ways, like getting behind the camera to direct — how is that creative partnership experience now this deep into it all?Oh God, it could have been a disaster. Maybe it’s just the cash, the simple money. How do you work through those things?The tone of the show — it’s a tricky tone. I think we’ll probably spend some time and learn a little bit, we’ll introduce the Grail, and some of its components — very excited about that!We’re going to tease a little bit more about what happened to Jesse after his father was killed, and where he ended up after that, and how that sort of informs his search for God. I guess that means Seth is Tulip. And he’s been so gracious and generous with his magnum opus with us. So yeah, keep watching it so we can enrich Garth Ennis. So, hopefully, it feels like the show, in the sense of, it’s a road show about a guy looking for God, and anything can happen, and has all these different genres, and we know all these characters. I’m probably Jesse because I’m the sort of the grim, distraught one. Whatever you say, we’re going to do that.”But I love Garth. So yeah, finding that right song is a lot of fun.As you said, I’m sure at the beginning you thought, “How long can we sustain this with the material that we have to draw from?”I get the sense that you feel like you’re pretty confident there’s a lot of stories for you to tell, digging into the different corners of this world. They don’t know me. That’s definitely part of the trick.But I feel like the show can sustain more than I thought it could, in terms of its absurdity and all of that, in Season 1 for sure. There’s another thing that could have gone horrendously wrong, which is, my character, that’s not the story. But they’re great. Evan is Cassidy. It’s a song that you shouldn’t really enjoy, but you do, but you secretly do. He’ll just send an email saying, “The Saint wouldn’t have that type of ammo.” It’s weird, because I know he really likes the show and is behind the show, but the details that he insists on when he insists on them, it’s like, “Absolutely! Posted June 22, 2017 by Scott Huver”Preacher’s” Jesse Cutler, Tulip, and Cassidy have finally hit the road together in the horror-comedy’s second season, just as they were when they were first introduced in the Vertigo comic book. It’s a sort of peppy song. But executive producer Sam Catlin reminds you: even when things feel familiar to die-hard fans, the series promises a fresh twist around every corner.A veteran of the “Breaking Bad” writers room who teamed with actor Seth Rogen and his longtime screenwriting partner Evan Goldberg (“Superbad,” “Pineapple Express,” “This Is the End”) to develop the comics series first launched by writer Garth Ennis and the late artist Steve Dillon, Catlin tells Moviefone that — after a first season that played much like a prequel to established mythology — while the show’s leaning closer to its roots — fan-favorite the Saint of Killers has arrived, and Herr Star is close behind — there are plenty of unexpected surprises on the road ahead as the characters start to feel more and more like the TV incarnation’s own.Moviefone: What were the creative lessons from the first season that you wanted to carry over into Season 2?Sam Catlin: I just felt like there were certain things that we kind of discovered that only our show could sort of pull of, and we wanted to just do more of that. The Saint of Killers — what’s in it for him? What’s his reward if he gets him? Why is he going after Jesse? I think we see the show in the same way. We’re just borrowing and stealing from all these movies, and things that we like, that all work independently, but we’re trying to put them all in the Monty Python, and Sam Peckinpah and Quentin Tarantino, and trying to put them all into one world where they don’t sort of capsize each other.

Posted June 22, 2017 by Moviefone StaffWhat’s better than two comedic giants answering your questions — and making up a few of their own? Doing it live!”The House” stars Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell hit the stage in Moviefone’s first ever Unscripted Live, where no topic is off the table, including illegal bird sales, fan lunches for one, and Harry Potter sorting hat results. #TeamRavenclaw”The House,” starring Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, Jason Mantzoukas, Nick Kroll, Allison Tolman, Michaela Watkins, Ryan Simpkins, and Jessie Ennis, hits theaters June 30th.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have caught on, and it may soon suffer a fate similar to that of the Shakespearean lovers.Only time will tell what lies ahead for “Still Star-Crossed,” but we don’t expect its new time slot to help its quest for better ratings.[via: Variety] Posted June 22, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongWhat’s written in the stars for “Still Star-Crossed” isn’t looking so good.The new ABC period drama hasn’t made its mark so far like other Shondaland hits, and after three low-rated episodes, the network has decided to move it from Mondays to Saturdays starting July 8. The story is based on Melinda Taub’s novel of the same name, which was published in 2013. That doesn’t bode well for the future of the series; it will lose its “Bachelorette” lead-in, and “Still-Star-Crossed is already only averaging 1.95 million viewers per episode in live-plus-same day Nielsen ratings, as reported by Variety.A period drama, “Still Star-Crossed” centers on the Montague and Capulet families after the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

Then, he’d have to get back to New York City, where he now lives, co-hosts “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” and also does his radio shows, “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” and “American Top 40 With Ryan Seacrest.” Juggling it all would mean a lot of redeyes so he could be ready to join Kelly Ripa for their morning talk show.Seacrest is certainly aware of the logistical challenges and how much travel would be required.”That is one of the things I’m looking at, just on my globe, just what time the show ends and what time I start the next day in New York,” he said.That he thinks it would be worth it proves just how much he loves “Idol.” For his sake, we hope he’s good at sleeping on planes.[via: Variety] He recently discussed the logistics with Variety, calling it “doable.” That may be the case, but it sounds intensely exhausting.Hosting “Idol” would require Seacrest to be in Los Angeles to film live evening episodes. Posted June 22, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongThe so-called “hardest working man in Hollywood” just can’t seem to stop adding to his workload.Ryan Seacrest is reportedly in negotiations to host ABC’s “American Idol” reboot, and he apparently isn’t fazed by how many more hours of work and travel the gig would add to his already packed schedule.

A follow-up to the 2001 cult film and its 2015 prequel series, “First Day of Camp,” the new series again takes fans to the woods of Maine. Bush and Bill Clinton, respectively. This time, our return to Camp Firewood will be set in the ’90s — specifically 1991, 10 years after the ridiculous summer that saw staff have to save the camp from a government plot, toxic waste, and more.Rest assured that further conflict lies ahead; as the preview shows, Beth (Janeane Garafolo) plans to sell the camp. The series also stars Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Molly Shannon, Marguerite Moreau, and many more returners as well as newbies.Watch the trailer below, and be warned that it’s NSFW.”Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later” hits Netflix on Aug. Posted June 22, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongIt’s time for more crazy Camp Firewood antics.Netflix has released the first trailer for “Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later,” plus unveiled its fast-approaching premiere date. 4. There may be other government conspiracies, too, given that Michael Showalter will again play Ronald Reagan while Michael Ian Black and David Wain portray George H.W.

Now, however, those plans have been scrapped, according to TVLine. While Freeform opted not to reveal why it dropped the project, “Greek” creator Sean Smith told TVLine it was a money issue.The series ran on ABC Family (now known as Freeform) from 2007 to 2011, centering on sorority and fraternity life at the fictional Cyrus-Rhodes University. together again yet.[via: TVLine] Fans would have gotten to see the gang return to campus, plus had a chance to find out where their lives took them after college.With this new development, our hopes of seeing the Cyprus-Rhodes crew at their five-year reunion have certainly taken a hit, but they haven’t been completely dashed. Posted June 22, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongAlas, the holiday gift “Greek” fans were hoping for is not coming — at least not courtesy of Freeform.The network announced in 2016 it was developing a two-hour holiday movie that would pick up five years after the events of the ABC Family series’ finale. We’re crossing our fingers that we’ll get to see Casey (Spencer Grammer), Cappie (Scott Michael Foster), Rusty (Jacob Zachar), and co. The show ended with several of the characters graduating, so a reunion would have been a perfect place to pick up. Smith and his fellow executive producers Shawn Piller and Lloyd Segan reportedly plan to shop the mini-revival around.

Ofglen’s fate was left up in the air in Season 1, but if she’s coming back as a series regular, that suggests good things.The series is adapted from Margaret Atwood’s dystopian classic, and it sounds like Season 2 will continue to find more inspiration from the book. Posted June 22, 2017 by Gina CarboneStep aside, Rory Gilmore, ’cause Hulu needs more from Emily/Oflen. is that a spoiler? Alexis Bledel was a guest star in “The Handmaid’s Tale” Season 1, appearing in five episodes as Ofglen, who befriends Elisabeth Moss’s main character, Offred.Hulu just revealed that Bledel will return as a series regular in Season 2, which … “So much text that we haven’t gotten a chance to even say.”According to Hulu, “The Handmaid’s Tale” had its most-viewed premiere of any series in its first week. Like us on Facebook. Season 2 will go into production this fall and premiere 13 episodes on Hulu sometime in 2018.Someone will inevitably wonder what this might mean for more “Gilmore Girls” episodes on Netflix, and it may not mean much, since it doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of movement on that front right now.Want more stuff like this? “There’s so many things that we haven’t explored yet from the book — so many lines, you know?” Elisabeth Moss told EW.

According to the synopsis, her character Ellen “spent the better part of her teenage years being shepherded through various recovery programs, only to find herself several pounds lighter every time. pic.twitter.com/EKoEY9iGko
— Ariel (@fIoraIprints) June 20, 2017Hoping “To The Bone” will be eye opening and helpful rather than triggering and glamourising anorexia
— ells (@EllaChaston) June 21, 2017before y’all go off about to the bone maybe do your research it’s written and directed by someone who had an eating disorder
— jenni (@Jenn1Monahan) June 20, 2017people with no mental illness: we need mental illness rep!!! Like us on Facebook. to the bone: hello
people: omg ur glorifying mental illness get out
— heroin chic (@raskolnovich) June 20, 2017i can see what netflix are trying to do with To The Bone but i can see it causing more harm than good
— nic (@circasIaves) June 20, 2017Netflix picked up “To the Bone” after its debut at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Posted June 22, 2017 by Gina CarboneNetflix’s new trailer for “To the Bone” has earned more 1 million views, but also fears that it might be the new “13 Reasons Why” when it comes to triggering vulnerable viewers.”To the Bone” was written and directed by Marti Noxon (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “unREAL”) and stars Lily Collins as a young woman with anorexia nervosa. On the other side, fans are worried that this will further glamorize being skinny, triggering people with eating disorders, and just end up used as “thinspo” — thin inspiration — when that’s not exactly the objective. This is NOT a 13rw case. Netflix’s ‘to the bone’ is just a massive trigger to anyone with mental health problems or any form of eating disorder, it is not helpful
— morgan (@mxrganmc) June 20, 2017u can already tell to the bone is gonna be another show romanticising mental illness and be dangerous for those who have eating disorders
— lana 🌹 (@alanna_samuel) June 20, 2017i really wanna talk down on to the bone, but honestly, lily collins looks so freaking good in it, i’m just using it as thinspo πŸ™„
— 84lbs (@skinnyminiix) June 20, 2017To the bone is great, I mean there is an “happy ending” in a movie about anorexia, and I feel it’s very important BC THERE IS A WAY THROUGH
— ma(zo)ya 17 🏳️‍🌈 (@khalhennig) June 20, 2017not at y’all getting fake mad over to the bone like it’s another 13rw situation at this point y’all just want to be angry about something
— electra (@biselinakyle) June 20, 2017I will be extremely disappointed if Netflix doesn’t provide proper trigger warnings and resources for viewers of “To The Bone.”
— Gabby Frost (@gabby_frost) June 20, 2017To The Bone was written by a woman who was anorexic & stars Lily Collins who overcame ED. Determined to find a solution, her dysfunctional family agrees to send her to a group home for youths, which is led by a non-traditional doctor.”The film also stars Keanu Reeves as her doctor, Carrie Preston as her stepmother, and Lilly Taylor as her mother.On one side, fans think this is a great opportunity to address eating disorders and mental illness, taboo topics that don’t get a lot of play in well-watched forums, showing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It will be available for streaming on July 14.[via: Buzzfeed]Want more stuff like this?

However, all you have to do is read EW’s comments to see that her words have basically reached the choir but not the mob with torches and pitchforks outside. That’s something Star Trek has always upheld and I completely believe that is why it’s been a mainstay in society in the hearts of so many people for so many decades. I would encourage them to look past their opinions and social conditioning and key into what we’re doing here — which is telling a story about humanity that will hopefully bring us all together.[…] I’m incredibly proud to be the lead of this show and be at the forefront of an iteration of Star Trek that’s from the eyes of a black woman that’s never been done before, though obviously there’s been other forms of diversity that have been innovated by Trek. Here’s part of her response:”Well, I would encourage them to key into the essence and spirit of Star Trek that has made it the legacy it is — and that’s looking across the way to the person sitting in front of you and realizing you are the same, that they are not separate from you, and we are all one. “Discovery” will also feature the TV series’s first openly gay character, a science officer played by Anthony Rapp.Entertainment Weekly asked Martin-Green about critics who think the new show is just TOO diverse. Posted June 22, 2017 by Gina CarboneWhen “Star Trek: Discovery” was revealed to have a woman of color as the lead, with the show including diversity across its roles, it got the usual polarizing reaction. “White genocide”-fearing non-fans probably won’t watch the CBS All Access drama no matter what, but it may please them to know that Jason Isaacs is also in the cast as Captain Gabriel Lorca, described as “a steely Federation Starship Captain who’s considered a brilliant military tactician.””Star Trek: Discovery” will premiere Sunday, September 24, initially on CBS before (unfortunately) moving to the streaming-only service CBS All Access.Want more stuff like this? We should go boldly where nobody has gone before and stay true to that.”It’s a beautiful inclusive statement recognizing the diversity that’s been part of the show since “The Original Series” in the 1960s. Like us on Facebook. I feel like we’re taking another step forward, which I think all stories should do. They still see this as liberal feminist SJWs making “everything” about race and gender in a PC attempt to ruin the world. One side praised a change from the status quo to add more representation, and the other side rolled their eyes at what they saw as a forced PC agenda.”The Walking Dead” alum Sonequa Martin-Green has the lead role of First Officer Michael Burnham, serving Michelle Yeoh’s Captain Philippa Georgiou.

Like us on Facebook. I knew I wanted Bayona to direct it long before anyone ever heard that was a possibility, so the whole thing was just built around his skill set.”Trevorrow teased that “Jurassic World 2” was “built upon the concepts and stories that [Michael] Crichton created with the novels,” including the real-world theme “a mistake made a long time ago just can’t be undone. There’s mention of militarization in the sequel, but there’s also mention of open source and humans living along dinosaurs – [Trevorrow] favors the latter for the sequels story.”Another thing we know is that Chris Pratt had to go on a serious diet to get fit for his return as Owen Grady.”Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” opens June 22, 2018.Want more stuff like this? hold on to your butts … “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.”Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment announced the news along with a new teaser one-sheet poster:”Fallen Kingdom” is being directed by J.A. It’s just the way it’s designed; it’s the way the story plays out. Posted June 22, 2017 by Gina CarboneWe can now stop calling “Jurassic World 2″ by that name, ’cause it is officially titled … You can’t put it back into the box.” Jurassic Outpost further teased, “Jurassic World 2 is about our relationship with animals, and how we share the planet with other living things. Bayona, starring “Jurassic World” leads Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, plus OG “Jurassic Park” scene-stealer Jeff Goldblum, and Justice Jesse Smith, James Cromwell, Toby Jones, Ted Levine, and Rafe Spall.Back in September 2016, Colin Trevorrow, who directed “Jurassic World” and co-wrote the sequel, told Jurassic Outpost that the second movie “will be more suspenseful and scary.

Or maybe it’s a threat to someone else, outside of their pack.Season 7 will reveal this answer, after it premieres Sunday, July 16 at 9 p.m. So the lone wolf dies because jon is no longer a snow
— mélanie (@evaekholms) June 22, 2017Sansa says “The lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” What if her “spirit” go into Nymeria’s body and leads her pack? He had it all backwards. It probably has nothing to do with him.Isn’t Arya more of a loner than Jon, anyway? “When snows fall & white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” pic.twitter.com/Gn5st896ca
— Daenerys 🌹 (@erikacraycray) June 22, 2017This obsession with Jon! Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, starting with this conversation from Ned Stark to his youngest daughter, reminding her that she needs Sansa, even if they don’t get along:”When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” #WinterIsHerepic.twitter.com/ysdocTwG6e
— Gendry (@BastardGendry) June 22, 2017Arya recalls it in the fourth book, “A Feast for Crows”:”The old gods are dead, she told herself, with Mother and Father and Robb and Bran and Rickon, all dead. Whoever says it, fans are trying to dissect what it means for the characters they love.The new trailer ends with Sansa’s (Sophie Turner) voice saying, “When the snows fall, and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”The line is something mentioned to or by Arya a few times in George R.R. Posted June 22, 2017 by Gina CarboneIn the books, it was a quote from Ned Stark to Arya Stark. — Juan Paolo Husmillo (@husmillopaolo) June 22, 2017Sansa saying “the lone wolf dies but the pack survives” at the end of the trailer makes me think that jon could die
— mélanie (@evaekholms) June 22, 2017Like, what if the lone wolf means jon as the bastard stark? Arya, the lone wolf, still lived, but the wolves of the pack had been taken and slain and skinned.”After the new trailer played, ending with Sansa’s quote, some fans immediately jumped to the fear that it might mean Jon Snow dies. — em (@foliemdeux) June 22, 2017WHAT JON SNOW IS GOING TO DIE?????? In the second trailer for “Game of Thrones” Season 7, it’s a quote from Sansa Stark to ¯_(ツ)_/¯. Like us on Facebook. He’s part of the Stark pack now.Fans have shared other reactions to the line, including some wishing Arya (Maisie Williams) had kept it:”The lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”
Is it Jon
Is it Sansa
Is it Arya
Is it Bran
?!?!?!?!?! #GameofThrones
— laura (@elpopnc) June 22, 2017just imagine if they had given “the lone wolf dies but the pack survives” line to arya pic.twitter.com/HyjPcL3UdQ
— niamh (@targayryns) June 21, 2017lone wolf means Jon Snow so he is going to die
— faraz (@farazhussaiin) June 22, 2017Jon Snow is the part of the pack, lone wolf is most prolly little finger who is gonna die
— Yaseeer (@mulanaCoke) June 22, 2017″the lone wolf dies but the pack survives”
“a targaryen all alone in the world is a terrible thing”
WHY DO BOTH APPLY TO JON pic.twitter.com/ErbGpv2RyR
— Osha (@oshawildling) June 22, 2017″…the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”
DONT TELL ME THEY’RE KILLING ANOTHER STARK?????? A long time ago, she remembered her father saying that when the cold winds blow the lone wolf dies and the pack survives. The guy who keeps being declared the leader of every place he joins? on HBO.Want more stuff like this? Maybe this is Sansa’s argument to Arya that she needs to stop being on her own and rejoin the Stark pack. But Jon (Kit Harington) is the White Wolf, not a lone wolf.

Finally. Oprah Winfrey had dubbed the singer “The most talented girl in the world,” and appearances on Oprah’s show and “Ellen” put the star on the national radar.Zyrus came out as gay in 2013. Saw all your love comments and I’m so happy. The Filipino singer just tweeted for the first time with his new name and identity, thanking fans for their “love comments” of support (while wisely ignoring trolls).Zyrus performed a duet of “Because You Loved Me” with idol Celine Dion at just 16-years-old. “I’m not going to go through that stage where I change everything. I’ll cut my hair and wear boy clothes and everything, but that’s all.”Fast-forward to 2017, and Zyrus just changed his Twitter from Charice to Jake:

My first tweet as Jake. Like us on Facebook. Posted June 22, 2017 by Gina CarboneCharice Pempengco, now Jake Zyrus, played Rachel Berry rival Sunshine Corazon on “Glee,” and became the first Asian solo singer in history to land in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 albums chart. I won’t let anyone ruin my happiness. Overwhelmed. 🌈
— Your Lawyer Says (@YourLawyerSays) June 19, 2017Talent always wins. It’s his choice and his life! Self-actualize and be happy! Thank you to all the beautiful write ups about me. 🌈
— Miss Krizzy (@krizzy_kalerqui) June 19, 2017[via: People]Want more stuff like this? I love you, everyone and see you soon. — Jake Zyrus (@jakezyrus) June 20, 2017I won’t let anyone ruin this moment. All the love, Jake Zyrus ❀️🌈
— MARTIN 🌈 (@mertenpener) June 20, 2017Charice Pempengco is now Jake Zyrus. — Jake Zyrus (@jakezyrus) June 20, 2017Fans have been supportive, tweeting encouragement:

The Charice we knew is now @jakezyrus, and we’re supportive as to how he confidently identifies himself. Respect. In 2014, on Winfrey’s “Where Are They Now,” Zyrus said “my soul is male,” and addressed the idea of a gender transition.

Brainstorm: Pay Liam Neeson whatever you were paying those six actors combined and get him to at least book a cameo.Want more stuff like this? That means, TVLine reports, that these SIX stars are leaving:Gaius Charles (John)Brooklyn Sudano (Asha)Monique Gabriela Curnen (Vlasik)Michael Irby (Scott)Jose Pablo Cantillo (Dave)James Landry Hébert (Rem)Some fans asked about Jennifer Marsala (Riley), but she’s one of the “recurring” stars, which isn’t always tied to screen time, it’s a contract thing. Insiders told TVLine that Plageman has a new creative vision for Season 2. Like us on Facebook. Posted June 22, 2017 by Gina CarboneIf you starred in “Taken” Season 1, NBC will find you, and they will probably fire you.The networked turned Liam Neeson’s “Taken” films into a TV series origin story, with the 2017 Season 1 ranging in viewers from 7.45 million (1.6/6 rating/share) for the premiere to around 4.40 million (0.8/3 rating/share) for the Episode 10 finale, despite a cushy spot following “The Voice.”It was a bit of a surprise to see the show renewed for Season 2, but TVLine just reported that it’ll basically be a fresh start with only two series regulars returning — Clive Standen (a younger Bryan Mills, Neeson’s movie character) and Jennifer Beals (Christina Hart).There were eight series regulars in Season 1. But it remains to be seen if 1) the loyal fans who stuck with Season 1 will want to return for this changed show and 2) the “new vision” can attract some desperately needed new viewers.We’ll see what happens when “Taken” Season 2 arrives on NBC midseason 2018. It’s not yet clear if she or fellow Season 1 recurring stars Simu Liu (Faaron) and Ali Kazmi (Marzoki) will return.”Taken” just got a new showrunner in Greg Plageman (“Person of Interest”), which was probably a hint to the cast that big changes were coming, and the 16 episodes were moved from fall to midseason.

It is a very severe mental illness that usually requires a lifetime of treatment. It is not well studied, so the treatment is largely an estimation based on schizophrenia and bipolar treatments.Hank was diagnosed in August of 2008. I will remember him as my best friend, my partner, my brother, and the bravest man I have ever known.”The family encouraged readers to support the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation; head to the drive page for more information.Hank recently appeared in the 2017 documentary “Cleanin’ Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters.” The twins never went into acting after “Ghostbusters II.”John Denver’s birth name was Henry John Deutschendorf Jr., and he died in 1997 at age 53 after crashing a personal experimental aircraft. The side effects of the medication took a toll on Hank. Like us on Facebook. My brother was left with a bandaid for a gunshot wound.[…] On June 14th, Hank lost his battle to schizophrenia. So you can imagine how distraught Hank’s father is to lose his son after losing his brother.Want more stuff like this? Medication curbed the delusions but it did not stop the voices. If you knew Hank before his diagnosis, you knew a young man who was upbeat, healthy, witty, kind, outgoing, and was always ready to stand up for people. His close friends will remember how he always helped them look for the silver lining. It is a chronic mental health condition which is a combination of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Our parents will always remember him as a loving son. What people do not know about Hank was that he suffered from schizoaffective disorder. His family will remember him as someone who was always there when they needed him. His nieces and nephews will remember him as the funnest uncle who was always ready to play. He felt like a zombie, lost his personality, gained weight quickly, slept for twelve hours a day, and had to use all of his willpower just to lift his hand to drink a cup of water. On Wednesday, June 14th, 2017, Henry John Deutschendorf II lost his battle with schizoaffective disorder.Many people do not know much about Hank. His students will remember him as a mentor, in martial arts and in life. He experienced hallucinations, delusions, depression, and mania. On June 14, his own twin found him dead in a suicide by hanging at the young age of 29.William announced his twin’s death in a foundation post titled “Hank’s Hope For A Cure: A personal campaign sponsored by Deutschendorf, Shaw, Ranjbaran & Byrd Families.”

Here’s the start of the post:”It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my twin brother, Hank. His girlfriend will remember him as someone who made her feel like the most important person in the world. Others knew him as a brother, son, martial artist, teacher, uncle, or friend. Some knew him as Baby Oscar in Ghostbusters 2 or John Denver’s nephew. Posted June 22, 2017 by Gina CarboneWhat a tragedy, and a second public loss for the Deutschendorf family.Henry “Hank” Deutschendorf was the nephew of the late singer John Denver, and he played baby Oscar along with his twin brother William in the 1989 sequel “Ghostbusters II.” Hank also suffered from schizoaffective disorder.

The video highlights the kids’ problems and how those and the Rangers’ bond are what viewers actually come to care most about.”if you loved ‘The Breakfast Club’ but wished they all turned into ninjas at the end, then this is the movie for you,” the narrator says.Another shining moment is when the video postulates that adults “just pulled random edgy traits out of a hat” to come up with the teenage characters personalities. Now that we think about it, that actually wouldn’t surprise us…Watch the video below. In fact, the narrator argues that the film warrants a sequel.What Honest Trailers likes so much about the flick is ironically not the action but the emotional stuff. There is plenty of the usual mocking, but there is a lot of complimentary commentary as well. Posted June 21, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongThe Honest Trailers narrator likes “Power Rangers” as much as millennials do.Screen Junkies has released its latest Honest Trailers video, and its latest subject is the recent reboot of the ’90s teen ninja superhero franchise.

8 as planned. The two allegedly had a drunken sexual encounter that raised concerns over consent. In the wake of Warner Bros. Sources tell Variety its run is likely to be delayed till later this summer. We’ll likely hear more in the future, but in the meantime, the show will go on.It is unclear if “Bachelor in Paradise” will be ready to premiere on Aug. to suspend the filming of the ABC reality show, the cast returned home while the production company conducted an internal investigation. ❀️ pic.twitter.com/9WyizwMZPm
— Raven (@ravengates09) June 20, 2017Can’t wait to throw more πŸ¦€ at people while they sleep. Many have been tweeting their enthusiasm about their return.Back to Paradise! determining that no such misconduct took place, production is set to resume. Posted June 21, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongPrepare the champagne and roses, because “Bachelor in Paradise” is moving forward, and the Season 4 cast is headed back to Mexico.After allegations of sexual misconduct led Warner Bros. Most of the cast has been cleared to go back to paradise, and in spite of the controversy, they’re obviously excited. — Vinny Ventiera (@VINNYVINSANE) June 21, 2017While most of the cast will resume shooting, the two exceptions — at least initially, according to THR — are the parties at the center of the allegations, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson. Either way, the cast is ready to continue filming.[via: Twitter] 😈😈😈 #BIP
— Raven (@ravengates09) June 21, 2017Walks down by the water, “looking for πŸ¦€s” @ravengates09
— Nick Benvenutti (@NickBenvenutti) June 21, 2017#BIPpic.twitter.com/fkJ5TBiyup
— Alexis Waters (@awatazzz) June 21, 2017summer 2017 is back 🌴 #BachelorInParadisehttps://t.co/wuyEuaNtjc
— Kristina Schulman (@kristinaschulma) June 20, 2017Well, I’ve been too lazy to unpack anyway… — Robby H Hayes (@RobbyHHayes) June 20, 2017Excited to go back to #BachelorInParadise but even more excited to know that @aplusk will be watching! Olympios’s lawyers have stated that they are conducting their own investigation into what happened.

They were up there, like Lenny Bruce before, with the safety of it just being a joke, to say the truth. I was invited to The Improv in New York — now, this is probably early ’80s — to an improv class. I needed the person in the story to be her grandmother, because Judaism is passed through the woman. Comedy — I’m not a goer-outer to begin with, so the first time I went to an up-and-running comedy place was when we went to The [Comedy] Store with the guys from the show when we started shooting.I keep on thinking of court jesters and fools, and that ability to tell the king the truth, because he’s just joking. I’m a serious actor. If only for that moment.Who makes you laugh?Laugh? Most of it from the scripts, and a little bit from understanding the book — I try to move away from those ideas, because I am not playing the woman in the book. Being around Richard Belzer on “Homicide” was the same thing, too. We got to do a little final forming to it. In that first episode, there’s the speech about the grandmother in Treblinka. I’m such a goy. She also dresses me from my skin out, so literally, I have built a character in playing Goldie. That’s exactly where it was happening. That’s kind of like Goldie.” I’m kind of like Goldie that way. Then as they become sort of ready to wear market of those clothing, and sort of cheap imitations of an idea of “flower power.” That’s my experience of the ’70s.I really remember being a youth going, “Of all the times, this is when I get to be 18? There was not the kind of collective movement that there had been in my younger years in the ’60s. Flebotte totally shaped the whole thing. What did that mean to you to explore that side of it, why comedy was flourishing at the moment in time?That’s a very exciting part of the show for me, because I had never spent a moment in a comedy club. I was in London. “That’s funny.” “No, no, that’s a riot, believe you me.”I spent a little bit of time, I am so lucky, with Robin Williams. Okay.” So the costuming and the kinds of languages. First of all, I’m lucky in that when I got the call to do the pilot, I, a handful of days later, was on a plane out here and shooting it, so I didn’t have a lot of time to figure out what was I in.I was very blessed with the people that I was working with: Christie Wittenborn, our costume designer, comes sweeping first to my mind in that way. I was delighted they had asked me, but I was like, “You want me to play Goldie? That there’s a way to just stand, a single human being, on a stage, with a spotlight and a microphone, and change the world. Was there something scary about comedy for you?Terrifying! I think I have the ability in which funny things comes to my mind when I’m talking, and friends say, “Oh, you’re so funny.” But that’s not comedy. It’s a fascinating part of it. Having been a person who is coming of age in that time, and having come up in the East Village in the ’60s, the ’70s were kind of dull. Eventually they’re written more and more tailored to the people playing them.What was fascinating about that era? The accent then helped me. I would say all the actors probably feel that way about the characters. And we see the result of it today.I had wondered if you had ever attended standup, because so many performers try different avenues starting out. I’m playing this other woman.The woman in the book is, in the true sense of the word, a unique human being. What strikes you as being the most interesting facets of it?I think that it’s interesting, because the kind of kitsch of the ’70s is what tends to be thought of as the ’70s. Where it was happening was in the comedy clubs. The scene with the cocaine, I couldn’t have done it without her landing on this perfect costume for me to do it. The clothing seemed a cheap imitation of the kind of Bohemian wear that had exploded in the ’60s, in certain sections. Just come and attend. “Oh, I can’t afford to do that.” “No, no, no — I’m inviting you, come. He would just come up with a one-liner that was like, “Oh my God,” and the whole world shifts. I’ve seen him do some standup on tape or whatever — I never saw it live — but that ability to hear something out of the corner of your ear, and roll it into truth, after truth, after truth, that nobody can not respond to.That’s an amazing thing to be around. In 1978?” It’s a great time for our show to be set, because it was a time where we didn’t know where we were going and how we were going to get there. Like, what was the music? Again, I was in Vermont. I thought, okay, so from Vaudeville, New York stage, Yiddish theater. We want you to be there.” I went one day to that class, and I knew: I am not going to be able to do this.I think that I have an ability to see the humor in something. We’d be grousing or whatever. And to get up there in that Improv and be funny …Do you feel like we’re at a point where comedy is going to be as important as it was then? Just don’t ask her to do standup.Moviefone: What was fun in the preparation for this role, and digging into how this world — not just the comedy world, but of this very specific era — was going to portrayed.Melissa Leo: Oh my God, so many things to say in answer to that! What was it going to be?It was also a time when pop culture was getting a little junky. Her name helps me. I worked with him three times. That’s a whole other thing. To look at it now and to kind of get the inside story of standup’s big evolutionary moment? That’s what I realized doing the show. I think that was part of my experience of the ’70s. There wasn’t anybody else male doing what she was doing.Really, it was kind of terrifying. Posted June 21, 2017 by Scott HuverMelissa Leo admits that, while she can be downright hilarious on occasion, she’s no comedian.The Oscar-winning actress is acutely aware of the vast difference between making her friends laugh with some tossed-off one-liners here and there and getting up in front of a live audience armed with nothing but a sharpened wit and leaving them howling, especially after being part of the ensemble of the Showtime series “I’m Dying Up Here,” which explores the beginning of the boom days of standup comedy in Los Angeles during the late 1970s.Leo’s Sunset Strip comedy club-owning character, Goldie, draws loose inspiration from the legendary Mitzi Shore, whose hotspot The Comedy Store served as an epicenter of the standup explosion, launching the careers of David Letterman, Jay Leno, Garry Shandling, and Jim Carrey (who executive produces the new series), and, four decades later, continues to cultivate some of today’s funniest performers.But as Leo tells Moviefone, Goldie’s a more complex creation — the kind of character work she wins acting trophies for. I was like, “How do I make this woman be Jewish?” I bleached my hair. Because I don’t laugh at much of it. So it’s a long, roundabout way of saying the way that working with [Executive producers David] Flebotte and [Michael] Aguilar on what it was. I can go, “Oh yeah, that’s funny. Like I’m really laughing? There wasn’t anybody else female doing what she was doing. He could sit at the end of a dinner table and get every single executive stick-up-his-ass rolling off of his chair in laughter. There was disco and that era.Even the great ’70s movies and progressive TV shows were starting to die out and give way to the blockbuster mentality, standup comedy had this electric quality, and we saw it continue on into the ’80s. I fancy she’s a New Yorker who came out here and bleached her hair.I began to find ways. Is comedy going to be a way for people to cope through this polarized moment in history with our politics that we’re at right now?As you ask the question in that way, I think it’s a damn good time that the show happens to be coming out, and that the hope of some kind of greater resurgence in comedy — and that it doesn’t necessarily also have to be like bigger and more extravaganza. I think in the ’70s, people weren’t just up there for the entertainment value of it.

Murphy told EW in late 2016 that Season 7 would include characters from Season 4, “Freak Show,” after all. The show creator has also revealed that the upcoming installment will take place in the aftermath of last year’s presidential election. This time, it’s the casting of former “Arrow” star Colton Haynes.As has become the norm, Murphy is doing his best to keep the upcoming season shrouded in secrecy, so his announcement didn’t reveal much more than the fact Haynes has joined the cast. Murphy kept his message short and sweet, simply writing, “Welcome to American Horror Story, Colton Haynes.” He did also give us an image to analyze, though, showing the anthology series’ newest star with makeup smudged around his mouth and collarbone.Welcome to American Horror Story, Colton HaynesA post shared by Ryan Murphy (@mrrpmurphy) on Jun 20, 2017 at 5:22pm PDTThe red lipstick on Haynes reminds us of clowns, which is fitting. Scary indeed.”American Horror Story” Season 7 is set to premiere this fall.[via: Ryan Murphy/Instagram; h/t: Deadline] Posted June 21, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongRyan Murphy is doling out more “American Horror Story” details on Instagram.