Adjustable Mattress – Adjustable Comfort For Blissful Sleep

What is Rest and Relaxation without an adjustable mattress? Mattresses are no longer just tools of sleep. This mattress is now a tool for recovery and healing. The adjustable bed uses the ‘zero gravity’ technique and position. With the use of that technology, spinal pressure and pain are alleviated. Moreover, symptoms of several debilitating illnesses can be reduced as well such as spinal stenosis, sleep apnea, arthritis, stiff neck, heartburn, asthma and acid reflux. An ordinary bed cannot achieve the benefits of an adjustable bed.
The adjustable mattress has taken different forms in this day and age. Basically, they are more pliant than an ordinary mattress. They can be contorted and compressed to follow the position that you want it to. With a touch of a button, the mattress can be elevated.
You can find several types of mattresses including air beds, memory foam mattress, latex mattress and the traditional spring mattress. These are engineered in such a way that they are made more flexible for the use of an adjustable bed frame.
Top Adjustable Mattress To Look For
Like what was mentioned earlier, there are a lot of adjustable beds sold in the market. We searched for some of the best ones when it comes to design, features and durability. Here are the mattresses you should look for:
Tempurpedic Trump Adjustable BedIn the line of upscale mattresses, this is one of the best. It is based from the Donald Trump collection of Tempurpedic. Naturally, this costs a lot of money. However, the benefits are worth it. If you are looking for an advanced and modern type of bed, this is the best investment. With its luxurious design and materials, you can’t go wrong. The mattress has been equipped with some of the best and sturdiest materials chosen carefully by Tempurpedic to make sure that you are getting the most out of your purchase. Here are a few of the core features of this mattress:
Zero gravity feature – provides better alignment for the spine to reduce spinal discomfort and pressure formation.Space saver – It has been incorporated with the Wall Hugger design to save space. The mattress may look bulky at first but this is no more bulkier than your average mattress.Head to Toe Massager – With just a touch of a button, the mattress comes to life with its massaging feature. You can also use the remote controller to tweak the timer settings so the massager turns off on its own.You can integrate the mattress to your existing adjustable bed frame. No need to buy a new bed frame.Whisper Quiet – This motor system allows you to use the modern features of the mattress with no annoying sounds. It has an inconspicuous and heavy duty motor system.The mattress frame has removable legs – To adjust the height of the whole bed set, you can remove the legs. It will still work in the same way.Powder coated heavy duty steel frame – You can be assured that the frame will work for a longer period of time because of its heavy duty steel frame.Sleep-Ezz by Med-Lift Adjustable MattressThe Tempurpedic line of adjustable mattresses works well for people on the heavier side. However, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can always go for Sleep-Ezz. This one can accommodate up to 600 pounds of weight. The mattress alone can be purchased. If you want the complete set, you can always buy the bed frame for your total convenience. Here are some more of the benefits of using this mattress:
Optional massage feature – There are certain models of adjustable beds from Med-Lift that have been incorporated with massage features. They are more expensive than those mattresses without the massage features. However, one can benefit from prolonged bed rest. The massage feature will help ease up pressure sores.Latex foam layer – You also have the option of choosing the mattress with an integrated layer of latex foam. Latex is a natural material that can support your spine and your whole body to reduce pressure points and back aches. This material is also one of the most natural.Flex-A-Bed Adjustable Bed with Hi-Lo Feature and Innerspring MattressThis is one of the most affordable adjustable mattress brands in the market. It features innerspring technology. According to sleep experts, this mattress is the ideal choice for couples. It has been incorporated with the usual amenities of an adjustable bed. With a touch of a button, you can adjust the mattress to your desired comfort level. Here are more of the features of this mattress:
You can choose from different firmness options – The soft mattress level is ideal for those who suffer from muscle twitching or muscle pain. Medium level of firmness is a good choice for those who are looking for more support, but not too much support. For older people who do not like the feeling of sinking in an uncomfortable mattress, one with firm firmness is an ideal choice.Hi-Lo function – The machine operates even with low voltage energy source.Head and foot independent operation – You can adjust the head or the foot of the mattress independently.Locking casters – For your optimum convenience, the bed frame has been incorporated with casters that can allow easier mobility and transfer. You can lock the caster for sturdier base support.Should You Buy An Adjustable Mattress?
This is an investment. People with illnesses are not the only ones who can feel comfort in using this mattress. This mattress works well in providing relief for numerous physical problems. An ordinary mattress can’t provide the adjustable convenience of this mattress.
The only downside to this mattress is its price. Although there are cheaper alternatives, you have to make sure that you are getting a reliable one so you will not be ripped off. It comes with a longer warranty claim. Make sure the company you buy it from will also deliver the mattress in good condition. They should also offer their services in the installation and set-up of this mattress.