I bet he has more people who love his show then those who complained. Some people were pretty gleeful, including a couple of celebrities.A WIN for Women & the Men who Respect them. His 8 p.m. — Charlyn Walter (@charlyn_walter) April 19, 2017After what just happened to Bill O’reilly, I hope every advertiser that boycotted the Factor will likewise be boycotted by the viewers! (O’Reilly has denied these claims.) However, the situation changed after more than 50 advertisers stepped away from his show and activism groups called on 21st Century Fox to sever ties with O’Reilly.The pressure didn’t come from just one side, though. Yet, that wasn’t enough to save his job; the company said Wednesday that 21st Century Fox and O’Reilly “agreed” that he wouldn’t return.O’Reilly may have agreed, but he clearly wasn’t happy about it. Posted April 19, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongThe Bill O’Reilly era at Fox News is over, but the controversy continues.Fox News announced Wednesday in a statement that the now-former “O’Reilly Factor” host would not be returning from vacation in the wake of numerous sexual harassment allegations coming to light. The network initially stuck with O’Reilly after an April 1 New York Times report revealed he had paid $13 million in settlements to five women who had accused him of sexual harassment or other inappropriate behavior since 2002. #DisgustingMen
— #RemoveTrump (@France4Hillary) April 19, 2017When Trump said he’d #draintheswamp, who knew he meant Bill O’Reilly,
Tomi Lahren, Jason Chaffetz, Mike Flynn, Carter Page, Alex Jones, … Do not fire Bill O’Reilly! Get rid of Sheperd Smith instead! — Kate (@kateNxnx) April 19, 2017Well, Trump hasn’t been impeached yet, but at least Bill O’Reilly is out. He commented on the issue Wednesday, calling it “tremendously disheartening” and labeling the claims “completely unfounded,” according to the Washington Post.Not surprisingly, there were very mixed reactions on Twitter. — Stephen King (@StephenKing) April 19, 2017Bill O’Reilly and Tomi Lauren walk into a bar. Even President Trump commented, voicing his support for the conservative pundit in early April. “O’Reilly Factor” fans encouraged the network to stand by their man. They r making mistake taking him off. time slot has gone to Tucker Carlson.[via: The New York Times; Washington Post] We have enough flaming liberal liars delivering “news”. I have never cared for Bill O’Reilly, but this was a typical spineless liberal move. — Riya sharma (@riyasharma266) April 19, 2017@TwitterMoments Will miss Bill O’Reilly Show. https://t.co/lXJbyJlfih
— Debra Messing (@DebraMessing) April 19, 2017Trump supported O’Reilly because both are members of the odious boys’ club where members feel they can abuse & humiliate women at will. — lancegould (@lancegould) April 19, 2017And some people were seriously upset.Fox News Channel capitulated to unfounded accusations. And ask for applications. — Amy Mek (@AmyMek) April 19, 2017HEY FOX! Sean Hannity should totally be next! — Eugene Wakefield (@epwakefield3) April 19, 2017It might take a while for the heated reactions to die down, but however you feel about the news, O’Reilly is out.

All of it comes together so well that it’s hard to believe they pulled it off in one go.”Lost in London” opens in select cinemas on May 5. On top of that, we get to see Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson, both of whom also star. The story takes place in real time in the film, and it was inspired by a night out in London when Harrelson was chased by police and had to spend the night behind bars. The trailer shows some of the problems he runs into, from a tabloid scandal breaking to being denied entry to a bar, even after singing the “Cheers” theme song. Harrelson plays himself in the movie and gets into similar trouble while trying to get home to save his marriage. Posted April 19, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongThere is something very different about “Lost in London,” but you’d never know it from the scenes in the trailer.The groundbreaking comedy, written and directed by its star, Woody Harrelson, was filmed in just one take in January — while being broadcast live to multiple theaters around the globe.

Part of it is I have to want to explore the character, I have to be interested in who she is and discovering her. It’s kind of scary because the training wheels are off but in another way it’s exciting because he gets to run with whatever idea you have. You can’t do that unless you put your actors in a little bit of a hot seat of not knowing what was going to happen.I know that Wheatley was inspired by the American crime movies of the ’70s. What is it making you question? Did you work out a back-story with Ben Wheatley or talk to the other actors about it?Brie Larson: I did talk with Ben about it a little bit. But there’s something that, since I’ve grown up doing independent films, that experience is very much a part of me. But that’s part of the history of cinema, right? Was that appeal what got you involved or was it more working with him?It takes a couple different perfect elements to get me to sign onto something, because it’s such a long journey making a movie. I would love to be in ensemble female movies and would love to work with more females. I get a lot out of constantly staying on my toes and I don’t really enjoy being too comfortable. Posted April 19, 2017 by Drew TaylorBen Wheatley’s ambitious all-killer, no-filler thriller “Free Fire,” is set in a Boston warehouse in 1970s where an arms deal goes disastrously wrong. The calm in the midst of the storm of testosterone and gunfire is Brie Larson’s Justine, an intermediary who tries desperately to keep the situation from spiraling out of control. He just does a thing that’s one take scripted, one take improvised. We’re bumbling and scrambling on the floor and making mistakes constantly and the blood and the violence isn’t glorified is what interested me in the film.You’ve spent a lot of time in the ’70s between this and “Kong: Skull Island.”Yeah!How did your character change throughout the filming of “Free Fire”?I think what I discovered is that, in order for Justine to get her agenda across, it just requires very little on her part. There’s something very calming about being on a bigger movie because you’re very protected. There’s a really big history, we’ve made that something that’s cool. I think this movie just really feels that way because it’s so put on the character, and there’s not a ton of setting. But the other part is the movie itself and in particular when the movie is over what are you left with and what are you thinking about? I’m excited to purely act in something.”Free Fire” is in theaters this Friday. It’s kind of like doing a bigger movie and then doing a smaller movie is sometimes I want to stay in a five-star hotel and other times I want to sleep in a tent under the stars. I always come up with some sort of back-story, especially because Justine doesn’t speak that much. It’s the same thing with “Kong” — it’s a certain period of time, there’s a certain point of view and there’s meaning behind the fact that there’s one woman. A bunch of dudes trying to get the one girl. I really liked how she was understated. But after being on both sides of it I feel even stronger about creating a positive team effort aspect of this really is. And I think that the idea of cinema as this place that has idolized and glorified action and violence and guns and ego. It’s fun because it loosens up the dialogue on the page and makes you feel free and that things are a little bit messy. Because you have to know who your character is to be able to improve off what the dialogue is that is already existing.That’s interesting, that you were able to improve given how tight, structurally, it seems.The whole structure of the film — and I’m pretty sure most of the dialogue that’s in the film — was scripted. You’re never worried about, if we don’t make this day we’re not going to get these scenes. I loved every second of it. There’s something about the ’70s that’s deeply iconic and interesting but at the same time we’re not that savvy. I’m editing right now.How was that experience?It was really great. Sigh.Moviefone: This movie has so much action that it doesn’t leave much time for us to get to know your character. She’s more observing and listening and trying to blend in, so you need to know where she’s coming from. My story is not over.Right now, you’re in “Kong” at the same time as “Free Fire,” and looking at what you have coming up there are really big movies and really small movies. Because, sometimes, what changes the course of a scene is you and not the other actor you’re playing off of. I hope it’s good and people like it and I get to do it again.You’ve worked with so many amazing directors. So learning how to position yourself to move scenes in a different direction and bring different colors out of actors was the first step in recognizing how directing is very subtle and interesting and like alchemy. So I don’t mean to say that it’s not good. I just like all of it a lot. You kind of become the center in a way that she’s still trying to understand.Well, was that part of the appeal, being the only women in this cast of men?I mean, it’s certainly flattering for a director to say, “You can express all of the female complexity in one person.” But it’s definitely not an appeal.Really?Yeah, that’s not why I did it.Well, I think it would be not a challenge but maybe a draw to be the feminine center in a movie where it’s a bunch of guys with guns.[Laughs] I guess! If there’s a beating heart at the center of the bloody mayhem, it’s her.So it was a huge thrill to jump on the phone and talk to Larson about what it was like being in “Free Fire,” her upcoming directorial project, and whether or not she came up with a back-story for her character. A lot of the film we would do improvised takes and that would make it trickier. (Spoiler alert: It still spirals out of control.)Larson, a recent Oscar-winner and current “Kong: Skull Island” star, channels her considerable charm into a character whose motivations remain murky and whose dialogue is minimal at best. At the end of the conversation, I tried to slip in a question about her role in “Captain Marvel” (which just secured its directors) and it didn’t go well. And I love being a part of that smaller knit group that’s working together to get that ball to the line. I’ve always loved how everyone is a specialist in their field, and we all come together to create this piece of art. I like the fact that this is the coolest uncool movie or the most uncool cool movie that you’ll ever see. So I feel like I’ve been leading up to my whole life. It felt like if I didn’t do it now then I’d never do it, I’d get too scared. I don’t know. The movie is never struggling. She gave me what can only be described as a Nelson-esque “ha ha” and said, “Oh, sorry, I’ve got to give the phone back.” And then we were done. But he’s interesting in that, when he casts you, he completely trusts you to just create it and bring it and do it. I don’t want to get too far in any one direction.Are you done with the movie you’ve directed? What is the appeal of oscillating between those worlds?It’s switching genres; it’s using different muscles. I liked that I got to play such a subtle character in a film where every other character is just very aggressive, they’re super caricatures. Have you called on any of them when you had questions making your own film?I’ve wanted to direct movies since I wanted to act in movies, so I’ve always been a little sponge and observing the different directors that I’ve worked with and asked a lot of questions and I think that part of being a really good actor in its own way is being a little bit of a director. I can do it while I’m still flexible.And it’s been everything you wanted it to be?Yeah, I feel like I’m a better actor after doing it, I have a better understanding of the team aspect of making movies. Because he wanted to show the reality of fumbling and not knowing what is going to happen next. It’s just not something I’ve been very boastful about talking about. The main thing with Justine was part of what she needs to do is keep everyone calm and that her main objective is to blend in and that it’s actually impossible for a women to do that when it’s eight men with huge egos. I’ve been very much involved in wanting to do this and the editor of “Room” emailed me and said, “I always knew you’d direct I just didn’t know you’d do it now.” It just felt like it was right. They both feed me in a different way, and I need different things at different times. But if you go through my IMDb I think you’ll be shocked to find that in almost every movie I’ve done I’m the only woman. So I love Ben and I know why. I think Ben’s secret agenda is to make every actor feel totally confused and uncomfortable, especially during a movie like this. But I also don’t want to say that this conversation ends there. Among the cast of very colorful characters are IRA operative Chris (Cillian Murphy), smooth-talking go-between Ord (Armie Hammer), and an off-the-rails South African gunrunner Vernon (Sharlto Copley).

Smith, of course, was a successful rapper and musician before his days as the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” He had previously been in talks to star in Tim Burton’s “Dumbo,” but that deal apparently fell apart.Smith will have big shoes to fill, as Williams stole scene after scene as the Genie. The movie follows the story of a street urchin named Aladdin who falls in love with Princess Jasmine and finds a magical lamp containing the Genie, who grants him three wishes.The live-action “Aladdin” will likely begin production this summer but has no release date scheduled yet. Posted April 19, 2017 by Kelly WooYour wish may soon be granted, courtesy of Will Smith.Deadline reports the actor is in talks to play the Genie in the live-action version of “Aladdin,” which is set to be directed by Guy Ritchie. The Genie was famously voiced by Robin Williams in the 1992 original.”Aladdin” is yet another Disney animated property in line to get a live-action update after “Alice in Wonderland,” “Cinderella,” and most recently, “Beauty and the Beast,” which was a behemoth of a blockbuster.Like the latter movie, the live-action “Aladdin” will be a musical.

Now of course with “La La Land,” that might do it. There’s a lot of learning involved. It’s good. If you sing I love you to someone, with a full orchestra behind you, it’s very powerful. In this instance, there was like 50 people in there, and I was standing, jet-lagged, alone, trying to sing in a French accent this big number.Every time I stopped they would go, “OK, Ewan. When I’m Ray, I act with an actor who’s playing Ray. Then I asked Bill, I said, “Look, when we’re working on the dialogue next time, can I have another shot at it?” So we went just privately, me and him and a few people in New York, and we recorded it a second time. I know and trust the writing and the creators, because Noah Hawley is an extraordinary man, an extraordinary writer and director. It started feeling weird, and my eyes were going a bit weird. My kids all speak French, only to their mother, and I find it very difficult to do. The only time I would have done that before I suppose is “Star Wars.” I had to think about that because I was trying to play Alec Guinness as a younger man. So there’s lots to play with here, which is great.”While the storyline was still top secret, McGregor revealed even more of the behind-the-scenes tidbits, including acting opposite himself, the difference between how he and another Obi-Wan actor tackle multiple characters, and the other tricky accent for a recent role that left him burning the candle at both ends.Are there a lot of occasions where you do act with yourself?Ewan McGregor: There will be scenes where Emmit and Ray are in the same scene. So I’d be totally up for it, yeah. It’s hard to get that feeling by just saying the words, although we try to. I was jet-lagged from LA. Then singing, I got a chance to sing of course “Be Our Guest,” the big musical number. It just didn’t sort of materialize. It’s great to be with this bunch of actors.The structure of “Fargo” is such that you won’t likely come back for a fourth season, or, if you do, it’s for a brief moment. Since then, I’ve been just keeping my eyes open as to what’s around.And it is interesting to come into something in its third season. So I jumped into a shop to let my face thaw.We finally saw you in a musical again with “Beauty and the Beast.” Why did you decide to return to the musical genre?Just because I was never offered one after “Moulin Rouge!” I went on stage doing “Guys and Dolls” in London in the West End for six months after “Moulin Rouge!” And then I was never offered another one!But there’s not many around to be honest. But anything up to there is fair play, I think … And singing in French, again, was fun. I made a pilot with HBO for Franzen’s novel “The Corrections,” which they decided not to make. Partly that was interesting because I had to do a French accent. I don’t know why. Hang on.” I became terribly scared that they were going, “What the f*ck are we going to do with him?” We did it, and it was fine. I got off a plane one day, and the next day, I was in the recording studio. I was in a recording studio in London when we recorded the song for the first time.That was an enormous amount of pressure I felt. I try to find the soul of the character. I’ve been married to a French woman for 22 years and my house is full of French every day. So do you want to pursue finding other TV projects in the future?I think now, you’re looking for the right work. It’s very nerve-wrecking recording because you’re in a quiet room and through the glass there’s people who are looking at you and they speak to each other and you can’t hear them. It’s really beautiful, the countryside up there. I’m either working, or I’m at home learning lines.Alec Guinness is one of the great masters of playing multiple characters, and you, of course, share a sort of an acting bond with him.Yes, I do!Did you look at his work and how he did it to get a sense?No, I think you have to look inward at the character. Or on stage playing Iago in “Othello” — of course that’s been done before. The flavor of it is exactly what I want to be doing. I think Alec always used to start with the shoes. In my experience in the other two projects, it can work very well.Is there double pay involved?I missed that one, actually! Then I’m acting with somebody, so when we cut back and forward, it should work. I’m a musical person. The work that you feel reflects you as an actor. I’d only just arrived. It’s quite tempting. As a film actor, that’s when I made my decision to go into television. It’s like a monster learning. Expressing yourself through song is a very effective way. By that time, I’d got a handle on my French accent. I did that twice, too, because I hadn’t been in a recording studio for a long time. So we’re able to use over his shoulder. So when I’m Ray, I’m looking at a guy who looks like Emmit, and when I’m Emmit, I’m looking at a guy who looks like Ray. They’ve made it as easy as it could be, in that we’ve cast an actor to be Ray, and another actor to be Emmit. It’s very much in my wheelhouse. You’re looking from the inside out. It’s a funny feeling when you come out of your trailer or out of your house in the morning, on your face. I’ve sort of danced between theater and film, and will absolutely now make that between feature film and television.I directed — there’s something about my experiencing of having directed a film, and then watch it go into the cinema, and disappear. In a way, that’s worse. It’s the hardest accent I’ve ever done — and I did Dutch once in something! Then we have another actor.This is actually really helpful. I don’t know why.Minus-20, when it’s blue skies and snow, it’s not too bad. How’d that hit you?I think below minus-40 is when things become inoperable. I had hoped, and I thought, after “Moulin Rouge!” came out, and then there was a great musical movie called “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” that came out around the same time. Also, because [of the way] “Fargo” is written, nobody finishes a sentence, it’s very broken up, and it’s very particular. Like, I walked a couple of blocks one day, and I thought maybe I was doing something permanently bad to my face, it was so cold. I really enjoyed watching them. Posted April 19, 2017 by Scott HuverEven an actor of Ewan McGregor’s caliber can find himself grasping to nail that notorious North Dakotan accent made famous by “Fargo.” But doing it in the voices of two distinct characters? It doesn’t really matter what it is anymore. So my focus is very much on who these two people are, and their interesting story with each other.What was it about Season 3 of “Fargo” that you said, “Yes, I’m going to commit to a full season of TV right now”?The writing is so very good. So we had two shots at it and we improved it. I don’t know.Would you be open to doing another one?I love it. You’re looking for the work that satisfies you. I think it’s not a coincidence I’m doing television right now, somehow, in the way the planets have lined up.You shot in Calgary during the winter. It doesn’t matter. I tell you what there is, there’s double the learning. But in a way, it’s because the first two seasons were so very good. But the last thing you do is think about is who did it, how they did it before. And if you don’t learn it exactly, it doesn’t sound right. They’ve cast it very well, and the makeup and hair department, and wardrobe department, make him look very like me. So we can shoot over his shoulder. Anyway, it’s a challenge, and then within that accent to try to find Ray’s voice and Emmit’s voice obviously not to be the same. That’s the legend, is he used to find the character’s shoes first, and work from there up. I felt a combination of “Moulin Rouge!” and “Hedwig” might be the start of a new musical cinema.Then the next thing that happened was “Chicago,” which was very much a film version of the stage play, which wasn’t pushing the musical into a new area, like “Hedwig” had done. I hope that that happens.What was the fun of bringing Lumiere — a character that’s iconic in animation — to life, and figuring out how you were going to personify that essence.I never think about whose done it before. That’s another kettle’a fish, donchaknow?Taking on his first major television role, McGregor headlines the third season of FX and creator Noah Hawley’s critically acclaimed Midwestern noir series spun out of the beloved 1996 Coen brothers film — and just to nudge the bar a notch higher, he’s playing two far-from-identical brothers: handsome, successful business Ray Stussy, who saved his company’s fortunes but found himself entangled in some not-so-legal paypack; and balding, scraping-by Emmit Stussy, whose desire to settle a lingering score with his brother leads him into a potboiler of a plot involving theft and murder.As he gathered with a small group of reporters, McGregor revealed that landing that distinctive regional dialect was job one, “The challenge is, first of all, to master that accent, which is really very, very difficult — it’s a very strange accent to lock into!” says McGregor. And they didn’t pick it up, so it didn’t happen. They’re good actors, so that’s really all I need. The temperature is extreme, but it’s not like standing in the rain in Glasgow for four hours. At this point, I don’t know how many … “Fargo’s” quite wordy. I thought I might be doing myself permanent damage. It’s not miserable. I just did it. “I sort of wish that I was coming at it from an American accent as opposed to from a Scottish one. I ventured into television before. Like I said, we’re going to be shooting an episode, an hour, in eight days. I thought that was quite hard, but this is worse!””Also it’s very familiar, it’s an accent that everybody we know from the movie and from Season 1 and 2, so our audience’s ear is attuned to it. I rather arrogantly thought I’d be able to do this French accent without doing very much work, and when I tried to do it, I didn’t do it very well.What I did was I came back to it afterwards and rerecorded the whole thing again with Bill Condon in a studio. I love music and I love singing and dancing. You’re trying to find your version of it.I was in very good hands with Bill Condon, the director, and I didn’t think very much about it. And I can look at his work and see that it’s really good.These two characters are very appealing to me, and the other cast members.

Richard Wayne Gary Wayne (Jon Hamm).Kimmy isn’t the only one with issues, as Titus (Tituss Burgess) goes “Lemonade” on boyfriend Michael and Lillian (Carol Kane) wants break up with Bobby. Plus, there’s the pesky matter of finalizing her divorce from Rev. Well, as landlady Lillian says, “Most white girls go to college.”University life introduces all sorts of new, wacky situations for Kimmy to deal with, including signing sexual consent forms with a fellow student. Now, she faces an entirely new, scary challenge: college.Netflix released the trailer for “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” Season 3 and the titular heroine (Ellie Kemper) is wondering what’s next now that she’s completed her GED. Posted April 19, 2017 by Kelly WooKimmy Schmidt broke out of a bunker and managed to navigate New York City. The only downside of the trailer is that there’s so little of Jacqueline (Jane Krakowski).”Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” Season 3 begins streaming May 19 on Netflix.

Instead, more reports filtered out that the two were being kept apart on the press tour and that Diesel had cut a fight scene featuring Johnson.TMZ’s sources said the conflict was about which actor got a bigger spotlight in the movie, but eventually Johnson acknowledged that Diesel is the true star of the movie.But both are major draws for the franchise and it can only benefit future movies for the two to appear together. Posted April 19, 2017 by Kelly WooVin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson have reportedly settled the feud that erupted on the set of “The Fate of the Furious.”Sources tell TMZ that the actors have met privately several times recently and are “good” and “1000% in” for the next movie in the franchise.The feud began when Johnson posted an Instagram criticizing some of his male-co-stars as being “candy asses.” The media speculated it could be a publicity stunt that culminated in the two meeting at Wrestlemania (since Johnson is a former wrestling star).

So when we got to sit down with the cast of the film (along with director and producer Denise Di Novi), we thought we’d play a little game of psychosexual thriller trivia (really rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?)Watch to find out who is absolutely killer and who just doesn’t make the cut (and go see “Unforgettable,” in theaters this Friday). Posted April 19, 2017 by Drew TaylorThis weekend’s “Unforgettable,” a rousing, surprisingly complex suspense movie that stars Katherine Heigl, Rosario Dawson, and Geoff Stults, is one of those “scream at the screen” tales of terribly hurt feelings and delicious revenge. (There was a happy hour before my screening so the yelling was particularly pointed.) The film also fits squarely into the mold of the psychosexual thriller, a genre defined largely by blood, boobs, and betrayal.

“If it’s something that’s thought of as goofy and pop, she likes it. I don’t even remember where ‘Surrender’ showed up (probably during a scene where a character surrenders?) but ‘Brandy’ by Looking Glass is heard repeatedly throughout the film, and actually becomes a fairly significant part of one character’s storyline.”James Gunn told Rolling Stone he had a bigger budget for this sequel, so he was able to include songs from George Harrison and Fleetwood Mac, plus ELO’s “Mr Blue Sky,” which opens the movie in what Gunn called “the most hugely insane shot I’ve ever done.” He added, “It’s the perfect song to start the movie, because it’s really joyous, but there’s a really dark underpinning to it.” Speaking of the start of the movie, “Brandy” is said to play “a key emotional role in the new movie,” appearing in the very first scene, and again later.Rolling Stone said the songs are a way to represent Peter Quill’s mom, Meredith. And falling in love with an alien is right up there in Meredith Quill’s alley. 2″ opens May 5 in theaters, but you can pick up the soundtrack this Friday, April 21.Want more stuff like this? 2″ soundtrack, with notes from director James Gunn on the retro song choices — plus the original closing song, “Guardians Inferno,” featuring David Hasselhoff.First, here’s Baby Groot to introduce the set list:”Guardians 2″ has already screened for the press, so ScreenCrush had some notes on how the songs appear in the movie:”As with Guardians Vol. Like us on Facebook. She’s a very quirky, young girl who fell in love with, you know, as it ends up, an alien. 1, some of the tracks appear in the film more prominently than others. She’s an oddball, like her son.” “Guardians 2″ will introduce Peter Quill to his father, Ego the Living Planet, played by Kurt Russell.”Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. If it’s cool or funk, she likes it. She just likes hooks and melodies. Posted April 19, 2017 by Gina Carbone”Guardians of the Galaxy” got you hooked on a feeling with “Awesome Mix Vol. 2” will keep that feeling going with 14 fresh tracks.Rolling Stone shared the full set list for the “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1,” and the sequel’s “Awesome Mix Vol. “She’s a music lover, but she’s completely not elitist,” Gunn said.

#deadpool2 #clostraphobiarocks #ryanreyondsismybitch #umguysA post shared by Josh Brolin (@joshbrolin) on Apr 18, 2017 at 12:53pm PDTOh, you thought the other one was gnarly. Posted April 19, 2017 by Gina CarboneJosh Brolin should be ready to join Blue Man Group right after he’s done as Cable in “Deadpool 2.”The guy who plays Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was recently revealed to be joining Ryan Reynolds’s “Deadpool” franchise for the sequel (and beyond). #discipline #billcorso #nomoreeffincookies #citoratsuperhero #breathingisforpussies @bcorsoA post shared by Josh Brolin (@joshbrolin) on Apr 18, 2017 at 4:47pm PDTYikes. Ha! Like us on Facebook. Gotta love the casual people in the background, not even paying attention as this superhero is painstakingly created — without the actor able to breathe or eat “more effin cookies.” Pain don’t hurt! Production was looking at a June 2017 start in Vancouver.Want more stuff like this? Besides, Brolin is used to this bizarre process from his prep to play Thanos.Here’s a look at Cable/Nathan Summers, from Marvel.com:When The Hollywood Reporter announced Brolin as the surprise pick as Cable (considering his current major-ish role in the MCU), they said his deal was for four films.”Deadpool 2″ is expected to arrive, with much NSFW-fanfare, in 2018. Cable is a Marvel character in the “X-Men” universe, and apparently it’s going to take a lot of work to get Brolin ready for the role.The actor shared a couple of photos of his face mold process, tagging “Deadpool” makeup artist Bill Corso:You know, just meditating.

In 2015, star Garret Dillahunt (Jack McCall/Francis Wolcott) tweeted out some hope when he wrote about “credible rumors about a #Deadwood movie.” At the time, an HBO spokesperson said there had only been “preliminary conversations.”But now Ian McShane (Al Swearengen) says a movie script is complete, and off to the network. If they don’t deliver [a finished product], blame them.”Will do!McShane further told TVLine he has talked to David Milch about some of the script, but he’ll be having lunch with the boss soon for more intel.Dillahunt promoted McShane’s story on Twitter, which suggests he’s in the loop as well:Toldja https://t.co/tRzVAw82hs
— Garret Dillahunt (@garretdillahunt) April 19, 2017Now we just need to wait and see what HBO does with the script, and which characters have been chosen to return. Like us on Facebook. Posted April 19, 2017 by Gina Carbone”Deadwood” is aliiiiiive and finally on its way back to us. The HBO show was canceled in 2006 after three seasons, but we haven’t shut up about it since. It’s ridiculous how this Golden Age of TV has yet to give the world the #Deadwood finale it deserves. Here’s what the always candid McShane recently told TVLine:Series creator David Milch’s “two-hour movie script has been delivered to HBO. #HBO#CableTV#Netflix@HBOpic.twitter.com/LhUxN9p3uB
— Roben Farzad (@robenfarzad) March 30, 2017Want more stuff like this?

I can’t do this anymore. We work hard to get you safely to your destination, and that’s why we — you know what? “Jimmy Kimmel Live” already made a fake United Airlines ad last week, but the host found a way to drag his nemesis Matt Damon into the act in a brilliant new bit on last night’s show.Jimmy Kimmel said United has been trying to stay out of the spotlight this week, after the dragging incident of April 9, but they started running a new ad today, and “I think they might also have to get rid of their celebrity spokesman.”Cue a United commercial with Matt Damon doing the voiceover:”We’re United Airlines. Trust me, I’ve been getting bumped from Jimmy’s show for the last eight years, and it takes a toll. It takes a toll, dammit! Like us on Facebook. No. We deserve to be treated with dignity, not told night after night, ‘Oh, there’s somebody more important, so take a hike.’ No! No. Posted April 19, 2017 by Gina CarboneBless this ridiculous fake feud, and it’s unexpected relevance in these strange times. Because I know what it’s like to get bumped. It’s time to stand up. Hey — what are you doing?”At that point, the narration adds a new voice (Kimmel’s) to say they need Damon’s seat, so the star is dragged away.It’s perfect:
Here’s the previous fake United ad:Want more stuff like this?

Allen said that his costume designer, Ruth Morley, disapproved of Keaton’s choices, but he recalled telling Morley, “She’s a genius. He didn’t trust it. Oh, and the man in the park that Alvy jokes is the winner of the Truman Capote lookalike contest? Future “Charlie’s Angels” star Shelley Hack was half of the cheerfully-shallow young couple Alvy stops on the sidewalk. A few future stars had blink-and-you’ll-miss-it roles. It was also a landmark film for Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. “Annie Hall” cost a reported $4 million to make. Even then, Allen didn’t have an ending for the film; there was an awkward and glum scene of Annie and Alvy after their break-up, and then nothing.20. Also, like her character, Keaton broke into showbiz via a nightclub singing act, and she was an accomplished amateur photographer.3. Let’s just leave her alone, let her wear what she wants.”17. Adjusted for inflation, that would be $148 million today, making it the biggest-grossing hit of Allen’s career.22. 5. “He had one line, and he kept blowing it,” Horton recalled.15. Much of the spontaneous clowning in the lobster-cooking scene (which was the first scene in the shoot) was truly spontaneous. It won all but Best Actor.23. Posted April 19, 2017 by Gary SusmanWhy do we still care about “Annie Hall,” 40 years after its release (on April 20, 1977)?Because it’s a cinema landmark, the romantic comedy that created the template for nearly all the rom-coms that followed. Allen was still unhappy with having transformed his ambitious, psychological screenplay into what he felt was a conventional romantic comedy. There’s no instrumental score in “Annie Hall.” All the music is pre-existing songs, overheard at parties, on car radios, or sung by Keaton as part of Annie’s cabaret act.16. Allen famously welcomes improvisation on his sets, and “Annie Hall” was no different. Well, let’s start with the fact that Keaton’s given last name is Hall. “I knew that it was fantastic. He thought it was going to be a ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ episode… (Imagine that on a marquee.) Brickman’s were no better: “It Had to Be Jew,” “Rollercoaster Named Desire,” and “Me and My Goy.”8. Their romance was over after a year or so, but they remained close friends; all eight of the movies they made together, including “Annie Hall,” came after their break-up.6. There’s no instrumental score in “Annie Hall.” All the music is pre-existing songs, overheard at parties, on car radios, or sung by Keaton as part of Annie’s cabaret act.18. How autobiographical is the film? Horton — whom you may know better as the voice of the Trix rabbit in the cereal commercials — recalls that Allen had originally wanted to make Federico Fellini or Luis Buñuel appear (Horton’s character was spouting nonsense about Fellini, too), but the European art-film directors both declined to be in Allen’s movie. Like his character Alvy Singer, Woody Allen grew up in Brooklyn (about four miles away from Alvy’s childhood home under the Coney Island rollercoaster), and he did become a successful stand-up comic and writer. “It’s so exaggerated that it’s virtually meaningless to the people upon whom these little nuances are based. Allen and Rosenblum rescued the sprawling film, whose rough cut ran nearly 2 1/2 hours, in the editing room, slashing most of the fantasy sequences and flashbacks and making the Annie-Alvy romance the backbone of the film. It earned $38 million in North American theaters, becoming the 11th biggest hit of 1977 and the fourth most lucrative of Allen’s nearly 50 films. Here’s how “Annie Hall” went from self-indulgent disaster to instant classic.1. Keaton met Allen when she auditioned for his 1969 Broadway comedy “Play It Again, Sam.” She won the female lead opposite Allen (roles they reprised in the 1972 film), and they quickly became a couple. There were many other fantasy sequences that didn’t make the cut, including time-hopping visits to the Garden of Eden and Nazi Germany, parody sequences inspired by such movies as “Angel on My Shoulder” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” a trip to hell guided by Richard Nixon (a sequence Allen rewrote for “Deconstructing Harry”), and a Monty Python-esque basketball game between the New York Knicks and some famous dead philosophers.10. Keaton had more faith in the script than even Allen did. “Annie Hall” was nominated for five Oscars: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, and Best Actress. So was the gag where Alvy sneezes away a fortune’s worth of cocaine (pictured). I couldn’t wait to do it,” she recalled in 2003. Allen wasn’t present to receive his two trophies; he chose not to attend the Academy Award ceremony because it conflicted with his long-standing Monday night gig playing Dixieland clarinet at Michael’s Pub in New York.24. Allen and editor Ralph Rosenblum had to lengthen the scene after test audiences laughed so long that they missed the next lines of dialogue.19. Part of it had Annie and Alvy investigating a murder, a plot strand that Allen eventually abandoned but rewrote 16 years later, when he and Keaton reunited to make “Manhattan Murder Mystery.”9. It was a real leap for him. The original screenplay, by Allen and writing partner Marshall Brickman, bore little resemblance to the finished film. People got it into their heads that ‘Annie Hall’ was autobiographical, and I couldn’t convince them it wasn’t.”7. Allen has insisted, however, that “Annie Hall” is not drawn from his and Keaton’s lives. It was a big moment for Woody and he had to be scared. There’s also a two-scene appearance by a pre-fame Christopher Walken, as Annie’s hilariously disturbed brother Duane. It made them both Oscar winners, and, even with its dated 1970s cultural references, it’s still one of the funniest, truest, most bittersweet movies ever made about why people fall in and out of love.That “Annie Hall” became so beloved was a miracle, considering its troubled production history. It wasn’t until Allen was riding in a taxi on the way to a test screening that he came up with an ending, jotting down some notes that evolved into the bittersweet, hopeful monologue that closes the film.21. The gag still worked with the Canadian media scholar, even though, after 17 or 18 takes, McLuhan still stumbled over his dialogue. Also, the plot was a lot more ambitious. But I wasn’t.”11. “The stuff that people insist is autobiographical is almost invariably not,” Allen said in 1987. That’s no lookalike; it really is the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” author.13. His name is misspelled “Wlaken” in the closing credits.14.Entertainment Weekly published a wonderful interview with Russell Horton, who played the annoying professor in line at the movie theater (above), the one whose pontifications about Marshall McLuhan Alvy shuts down when he pulls the real McLuhan out of nowhere. Annie’s costumes, consisting largely of oversized but elegant menswear from Keaton’s own wardrobe, spawned a fashion trend, yet they almost didn’t happen. And Sigourney Weaver made her screen debut as Alvy’s movie-theater date at the end of the film.12. For one thing, Allen’s suggested title was “Anhedonia,” a psychiatric term for the inability to feel pleasure. (She assumed her mother’s maiden name when she joined the Actor’s Equity union, where there was already a Diane Hall.) And Annie was one of Keaton’s nicknames.2. Shortly after its Oscar sweep, he referred to “Annie Hall” as “a very middle-class picture that appealed to people because it reinforced middle-class values.” He also had two failed marriages under his belt when he met Annie — er, Diane.4. Jeff Goldblum was a Los Angeles party guest who’s in a crisis because “I forgot my mantra.” Beverly D’Angelo played a TV actress in the sitcom for which Rob (Tony Roberts) is dubbing a laugh track. “Woody had a lot of worries about it.

But about a minute into the action, we see a brief but definitive shot of (former captain in her own right, never forget) Elizabeth Swann Turner.Our poppet still looks gorgeous. Elizabeth’s true love, Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), is also returning for this movie, and he was first seen in a recent TV spot. It’s possible this one shot of Elizabeth in the new trailer is about all we’ll get in “Pirates 5.” According to a TooFab report from December 2016, Knightley’s return is a “small cameo during the end credits” and “apparently hints to a potential larger role in the sixth ‘Pirates’ movie.””Dead Men Tell No Tales” will follow Elizabeth and Will’s now older son, Henry (Brenton Thwaites), who searches for answers about his father, with help from Carina (Kaya Scodelario) and Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp).”Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” arrives in theaters May 26.[via: EW]Want more stuff like this? Will became the captain of the Flying Dutchman, separating him from Elizabeth for a decade, but a post-credits scene showed Will sailing to an island to be reunited with Miss Swann and their son. Posted April 18, 2017 by Gina CarboneIt appears Keira Knightley is no longer disinclined to acquiesce to our request that she join the crew of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” A new international trailer for the fifth “Pirates” movie just came out, and most of it is recycled from what we’ve seen before. Elizabeth and Will sat out the fourth movie, “On Stranger Tides,” after ending “At World’s End” with the promise of a reunion. Like us on Facebook.