“Your job is real simple,” he says. Syverson, explaining a vital operation to a group of fellow American soldiers. In it, we see Henry Cavill, as Special Forces Capt. Posted April 12, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongA simple job is going to prove anything but.Netflix’s upcoming war flick “Sand Castle” starts streaming this month, and a new clip, released Tuesday by IGN, sets the stage. “You keep that water flowing, win the hearts and minds, and then the Iraqis start pointing fingers and giving me and the boys some targets to hit.”We’ll see that there’s much more to it then that — the troops will have to do their best to keep themselves and the village safe.”Sand Castle” debuts on Netflix on April 21.[via: IGN/YouTube] Among them is Private Matt Ocre (Nicholas Hoult), a green serviceman who will experience the realities of war firsthand as they tackle their challenging job.Syverson makes it seem easy in the clip, though.

That long-ish scene in the control center, where people celebrate another successful sacrifice to the Ancient Ones? 18. One of the more problematic notes the filmmakers received was in regard to the film’s opening scene. 21.Sigourney Weaver plays The Director, overseeing this night of deadly activity. 8. That thermal coffee mug/bong that stoner Marty (Fran Kranz) uses? 16. The speaker phone scene, involving The Harbinger calling in to the control center, was the first scene the duo wrote after Whedon pitched the overall idea for the film. According to the director, the scene that tested highest with audiences was the Merman sequence. The Japanese horror subplot. Shooting the scene where Hemsworth gives the group instructions (before crashing his motorcycle into a forcefield) marked the moment Goddard knew that Hemsworth was going to become a movie star. 9. (Judging by the laughter in theater when I saw it, audiences understood it just fine.)20. 2. The game would have one person each take a turn to lecture someone else in the group about something they didn’t like about them. Not bad for a film that they wrote a first draft of in three days.As the fifth anniversary of our favorite “death by Merman”nears, here are a few things you might know about this genre classic. The studio thought opening with Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins doing a walk and talk through their Los Alamos-like facility would have confused the audience. A scene cut early in the development process (due to time) would have featured our main characters playing a game of “Truth or Dare or Lecture” while they were in the cabin. 14. The line “I’m living in a womb of reefer” would have been a callback to this scene. But, according to Whedon, Goddard’s recollection can be filed under “wrong.” Whedon argues that he and his co-writer did not know while writing it who would direct. After MGM saw the dallies of that scene, they signed Hemsworth to their “Red Dawn” remake. 17. (And check out Film School Rejects for more trivia about the film.)1. But according to Goddard, Whedon decided halfway through writing the screenplay that he wanted to direct the movie instead. The first day of filming was at the gas station location where the group meets Mordecai, The Harbinger.10. “Opening the movie with this scene is one of my favorite things that we accomplished,” says Whedon on the disc’s commentary.5. When he showed up to set, it was covered in snow (that’s what he gets for shooting in Vancouver.) 11. So why was “Cabin” delayed? Whedon eventually convinced his writing partner to cut the scene. (She even mentioned to Goddard, according to the commentary, she was kind of bummed that — when lunch came — the actor in the werewolf costume was sitting alone.)22. Chris Hemsworth filmed the role of Curt about a year before “Thor” came out, according to Whedon on the film’s commentary. At the time, both had just come off feature film projects that didn’t materialize. During the time that “Cabin” sat on a shelf, both its creators started to doubt the quality of their work. 7. The way Goddard remembers it, he and Whedon always planned for him to direct and Whedon to serve as producer. They did a draft and then a polish later, before meeting with prospective companies and producers. The first question she had for her director once she arrived on set was “When will the werewolf be arriving?” The once and future Ripley was very eager to finally work with a werewolf. The studio (MGM) wanted Goddard and Whedon to cut out most of it from the final film — despite the scene perfectly setting up the third act. So what did Goddard do? 19. The film’s final scene, written by Whedon, is meant to be his version of the “You always were an a**hole, Gorman” scene from James Cameron’s “Aliens.” There were internal debates as to whether or not American audiences would understand the intent here. 6. Goddard came this close to not directing the movie. And then two days after that, the actor landed the role of Thor. After that, Whedon got on the phone with the studio and said they are not cutting the scene. Goddard and Whedon co-wrote the film to make “something for us,” according to the film’s Blu-ray commentary. Another memorable sequence that was on the chopping block? He broke down in front of him. Posted April 12, 2017 by Phil PirrelloAs genre films go, “The Cabin in the Woods” is an all-timer.Despite sitting on MGM’s shelf for awhile, before Lionsgate stepped in to release it, Drew Goodard’s directorial debut (which he co-wrote with Joss Whedon) paid homage to the horror movie genre while both satirizing and elevating the “final girl” tropes into one of the best, and most inventive, scary movies ever. The two holed up in a hotel room and spent the weekend writing the first draft of the screenplay. Goddard notes on the film’s commentary that The Harbinger (Tim De Zarn) was cast using a scene that had him fighting with a vending machine over a dollar while remarking on some pretty big, and kind of out there, existential ideas.12. The lecture cut from the script involved Marty getting the riot act about his excessive pot use. It was a fully functional mug and bong combo which cost $5000 to make.13. Actors had to audition using scene specifically written for each character. In fact, the two bounced around potential names for director — landing on Victor Salva of “Jeepers Creepers” fame.15. It was tangled up in MGM’s bankruptcy issues before Lionsgate rescued the film.3. Goddard’s first day filming was kind of a crappy one, logistics-wise. It came very close to being cut. Goddardthought it would be a creative way to open the film, by intentionally making the audience think they had walked into the wrong movie. But, Lionsgate was so behind the film that it re-convinced Goddard and Whedon that it was a good movie.4.

The streamer revealed Wednesday that we can expect the next season in 2018, along with a new character played by Lisa Kudrow. Production is underway now, so Netflix revealed a photo of the actress submerging herself into her guest role.In Season 4, Kudrow will play Sheree, Grace’s manicurist-turned-friend, according to Deadline. Sheree’s presence apparently leads to problems between the friends-slash-roommates.Ironically, Kudrow’s “Friends” character, Phoebe, seems like she’d get along great with Frankie. Posted April 12, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongThere’s no retiring “Grace and Frankie” yet.The Netflix comedy-drama series starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin is officially coming back for its fourth season. We don’t know much about Sheree yet, but we’re definitely curious to see why she gets along so well with Grace but not Frankie.The guest role reunites Kudrow with “Friends” co-creator Marta Kauffman, who is also one of the creative minds behind the recent Netflix hit.”Grace and Frankie” Season 4 is slated to premiere in 2018.[via: Grace and Frankie/Twitter; Deadline] With both being unconventional and free-spirited, we can picture them discussing the merits of yam lube or working on art together. As much as Grace likes her, though, she irritates Frankie.

We were talking about something called a writ of replevin the other day, and we were like “Replevin … So that’s always the number one important thing for me to get across.And then, on top of that, there are little nuances with the characters; we do know their personalities, and you’ll find out a little bit more about her and her feelings on, say, marriage and privacy with phones and things like that with more a modern — they would probably call it a millennial — perspective.Do you have any sort of role models among the many leading ladies of the Dick Wolf shows?Oh my gosh, yes! [gets tongue-tied] … replevin!” So there are some tongue-twisters, but other than that, it’s pretty good!Are you starting to dole out legal advice to your friends at this point? I can’t wait until the crossover happens when she comes and sees us!”That’s the one thing that I can really say: they write such wonderfully powerful, intelligent female characters, and it is such an honor to be put in that position as a young female actress, to be able to say intelligent things, and have a real point of view, and make a point in a scene that is a correct one, and maybe Stone is wrong, is something that did not used to happen, really, so that’s been a huge relief in my career.How are you handling all the legal jargon? Been called to jury duty?No, I haven’t! But I think the responsibility would probably be fairly daunting.I remember my mother told me about a situation with my grandmother being called to jury duty, and they made a decision and she didn’t really talk about it much, as you’re not supposed to, but you could tell she’d been affected, for a few weeks, and taken aback at what she’d experienced. I’m not a lawyer. I’ve grew up watching “Law & Order”; I love legal dramas, and I find it really fascinating. We’re so busy it’s hard to find classes, but I try to keep it fresh. So that’s always been so curious to me.Dick Wolf’s shows are usually pretty front-and-center with process and procedure, but what are the little character notes that you still want to bring across as you play her, around all the legalese?Anna Valdez is a real go-getter, she’s a real firecracker. Are you starting to think you know the system?No! She also wants to get her point across and has a lot of aspirations and passion for the law. It was such a great experience to do a chemistry read with Philip [Winchester], and I knew he would be the perfect person to act across from, because he’s so patient and wonderful and such a talented actor.On top of that, I knew for a fact that all of the scripts were going to be so fully fleshed out. I got a few summons in college but I was in new York and I’m from the Bay Area, the San Francisco area, and so I haven’t. Having been a fan of “Law & Order” I knew that they work around that gray area so beautifully, of right and wrong. For his latest series “Chicago Justice,” set in the world of Windy City state attorneys, he’s made yet another charismatic discovery in Monica Barbaro.Sharp-eyed TV viewers may recognize Barbaro from her stint on the second season of “UnREAL,” playing Yael, the sultrier nemesis to Shiri Appleby’s reality series producer, Rachel. She’s so amazing! We’ve been talking about, like, “Oh, maybe someday we’re going to meet her! Posted April 12, 2017 by Scott HuverWith a track record that includes Mariska Hargitay,Jill Hennessy and Elisabeth Rohm, no one has an eye for casting uber-competent legal eagle leading ladies like TV’s courtroom king Dick Wolf. I was waking up every day throughout this audition process, and I knew that it was like the most important thing that had happened to me in my career yet, because this matters! Just really complex and really beautiful scripts.In your actor’s skill set, what did you find that you had to really sharpen up and master for this particular role?First off, it was getting used to the fact that a lot of the scenes — I used to be a dancer, and on stage you have to act a lot without saying anything. My friend was saying the other day I Just, like, go up on relevé every once in a while, and people are like “Whoa, what was that?” I’m always told I walk like a dancer, so it’s a part of me, and now I guess it’s part of Valdez, too.Put it in the show!Yeah, a little stride!”Chicago Justice” airs Sundays on NBC. I just play one on TV.”What put you on this path and made you know that acting wasn’t just something you wanted to try, but something you wanted to do?Actually, when I was 12 I did “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in my middle school, and I was doing ballet very seriously at the time, and I also played a character in “The Nutcracker” named Fritz, who was the young girl’s little brother — and I was pissed off when I got the role, but it was such an acting experience to play this boy, and I got so feisty and mischievous.I think that year was when I realized, and then I did ballet very seriously for another however-many years through college, and then I finally gave it a shot. Even in the callback, I woke up that morning — I’m a really deep sleeper and I never wake up for anything at a weird early time. replevin … This matters to me, like physically, to get this opportunity.And then getting it, I was just completely floored. And yet in my fascination with the legal system, I’ve wanted to sit in a jury so badly because I just find that so interesting. And in the courtroom as second chair, I don’t speak in our court settings unless it’s a motion, pretrial something or other, so there was that challenge of being there and being present with every moment and listening fully; not being overwhelmed by the amazing performances in front of me, but staying in character and reacting fully in that moment without any words to help me along. My mother and I used to just like be in awe of all the assistant state’s attorneys, and of course Mariska Hargitay! It can be complicated. She’s not afraid to stand up and say how she feels, even to the State’s Attorney, Jeffries — as well as Stone: she’s interested in impressing him. That was interesting.Have you sat in many courtrooms in real life? So I kind of sink my teeth in — I think it’s a blast! I said ‘It’s now or never,’ and I’m so happy that I did.Is dance still part of your life?It is, now and again. Are you finding little tricks to make it easier?I love it. I’ve always wanted to! [Laughs] I would back away, like “Please, please, don’t ask me! Wolf’s legendary status?Monica Barbaro: Oh, 100 percent. Once a dedicated ballet dancer, now she’s making motions as Assistant State’s Attorney Anna Valdez.And, as she revealed to Moviefone, she’s been almost as excited to check out as real-life courtroom as she’s been to show up to the soundstage version every day.Moviefone: Were you nervous when the opportunity came your way, given Mr.

“The Magicians,” based on Lev Grossman’s bestselling novels, has proven to be a hit for the cable network — it’s up 15 percent year over year in the key 18-49 demographic. They get drawn into the enchanting but dangerous world of Fillory, and wind up battling dark forces with their budding skills.Syfy recently renewed two other dramas: “The Expanse” for Season 3 and “12 Monkeys” for a fourth and final season.Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook. Posted April 12, 2017 by Kelly Woo”The Magicians” will continue casting spells for a third season.Syfy has renewed the fantasy drama for Season 3, which will consist of 13 episodes and air in 2018. Syfy also said Season 2, which airs its finale on April 19, doubled the freshman run in social engagement across all platforms.”The Magicians” stars Jason Ralph, Stella Maeve, and Olivia Taylor Dudley as young people training in the art of magic.

Now, Brolin joins them as Cable, who is described as the opposite of Deadpool — “a man who is a leader and used to being obeyed, who is very controlled but with an aura of simmering violence.” In the comics, Cable is from the future and is the adult son of Scott Summers aka Cyclops.”Deadpool” is set to begin filming this summer and slated for release in 2018.Want more stuff like this? “Atlanta” star Zazie Beetz is getting on board as mercenary Domino. Like us on Facebook. Posted April 12, 2017 by Kelly WooJosh Brolin has been cast as Cable in “Deadpool 2.”According to the Hollywood Reporter, the actor signed a four-movie deal to play the mutant, who’s part of the “X-Men” universe. The role has been hotly contested, with names like Michael Shannon, David Harbour, Russell Crowe, and Brad Pitt in the mix.This is Brolin’s second Marvel-related role; he played the villain Thanos in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and will reprise the role in “The Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1” and “Part 2.””Deadpool 2” brings back Ryan Reynolds as the foul-mouthed, wisecracking mercenary.

It’s a huge milestone and, you know, it will be a big deal because there’s a lot of the crew and a few of the cast left that have trudged all of those hard and sweaty and bloody miles together. I like to think he’s that much of a boy scout: always prepared.”Lincoln added that it’s probably not breaking news for him to say “there’s a very strong chance that [Season 8 is] going to pick up where we left off” in the Season 7 finale.For once, the hype may be justified, since Season 7 ended with the declaration of All Out War. If the AMC show follows the “Walking Dead” comic book storyline even a little, Season 8 should be action-packed, exciting, and everything TWD fans actually want to see.”The Walking Dead” Season 8 will give us the 100th episode this October. Let alone, a hundred episodes, a hundred hours more because of the extended episodes. Like us on Facebook. “This is not hyperbole. And, I never thought that we would get to, you know – I was very happy with one season. I never thought when we started this thing seven years ago – eight years ago it will be when we air. I was very happy with the pilot. This is not a cynical act to try and amp up enthusiasm for the 100th episode in Season 8, but I am genuinely more excited about this next episode and the following 15 than I’ve ever been in my life. The exact date has yet to be revealed, but it’ll be a Sunday that month. Posted April 12, 2017 by Gina Carbone”The Walking Dead” will celebrate its 100th episode this October, with the premiere of Season 8, and Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) swears he’s not just saying it when he says all of these wonderful things:”I can’t wait,” he told Entertainment Weekly. I can’t wait to get back.”He shouldn’t have to wait long, since TWD typically starts shooting its 16 episodes in the first week of May. Want more stuff like this? So, it’s a huge achievement and I know I’m sure, Scott Gimple, four years ago, had it planned that we would be starting a full-scale war on the hundredth episode. Lincoln also talked-up Episode 100 to Comicbook.com, basically promising that it will be one of the greatest episode ever:”I know, you know, that we are going to have to come and bring one of the greatest episodes we’ve ever attempted, and we’re going to start the season with it. And, it will be the 100th episode, which is one of the greatest.

on CBS.Want more stuff like this? Nuku just voted out Queen Sandra Diaz-Twine, blindsiding the angry Jeff Varner.Host/producer Jeff Probst was very careful in his wording when promoting this episode to Entertainment Weekly:

The huge threats keep on falling. The message should be clear that hate will always lose.””Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. “I’m not ashamed of being trans, but I didn’t want that to be my story. Zeke said he told “Survivor” producers that he was transgender during his audition, but didn’t say anything on the island because “I didn’t want to be the ‘first transgender Survivor star,'” Zeke told People (via HollywoodLife). What was the purpose of the outing? I just wanted to go out on an adventure and play a great game.”He was “shell-shocked” to be outed by a fellow player in the April 12 episode. One of the best things about the Survivor format is that it allows the show to remain culturally relevant no matter how long it’s been on… and I think it’s a fair statement to say that’s the case next week.Culturally relevant.As it turns out, that relevance is “Millennials vs. Posted April 12, 2017 by Gina CarboneTonight’s episode of “Survivor: Game Changers” will get ugly, and very personal, with one castaway blindsiding another in a new way — outing him as transgender.At least the story has a happy ending for Zeke Smith, who told People the April 12 drama serves as a reminder that “hate will always lose.”Season 34, Episode 6, “What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile,” has this synopsis from CBS:”What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile” – Emotions run high when the game begins to take a toll on one tribe, and castaways try to pull their way to safety at a physical immunity challenge.”The promo for this episode suggests the castaways are hitting “a breaking point.” It’s possible the tribe taking the biggest toll is the newly created Nuku tribe, with Ozzy, Tai, Zeke, Jeff, Sarah, Andrea, and now Debbie. Like us on Facebook. Zeke speculated, “I think he hoped others would believe that trans people are fraudulent. Gen X” star Zeke Smith being outted as transgender, reportedly by Jeff Varner. What can you tease up for next week, sir! What’s great is that nobody bought it. It’s important people see he lost that fight.

Moore), Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson (Danielle Brooks),and Janae Watson (Vicky Jeudy).Dayanara “Daya” Diaz (Dascha Polanco).Lorna Morello (Yael Stone) and Nicky Nichols (Natasha Lyonne).Carrie “Big Boo” Black (Lea DeLaria) and Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett (Taryn Manning).Gloria Mendoza (Selenis Leyva).Galina “Red” Reznikov (Kate Mulgrew) and Frieda Berlin (Dale Soules).For the record, we’re siding with the theory that Daya shoots the ceiling to shut everyone up, as opposed to shooting Humphrey or anyone else.”Orange Is the New Black” Season 5 will be ready for streaming Friday, June 9 on Netflix.[via: EW]Want more stuff like this? There are 13 episodes to each season, but this one is special in that the drama is going to take place over just three days, directly picking up from the Litchfield prison riot after Poussey Washington’s (Samira Wiley) untimely death.The photo above shows Alex Vause (played by Laura Prepon) and Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) not quite escaping the drama, as they had hoped. Yesterday, Netflix released the first minute of “Orange Is the New Black” Season 5, and now we have eight photos to preview what comes next. Posted April 12, 2017 by Gina CarbonePiper’s panty problems seem so quaint now. Here are the other seven photos (gotta love Lorna’s and Boo’s casual expressions as everything goes down):Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren (Uzo Aduba)and Maureen Kukudio (Emily Althaus).Alison Abdullah (Amanda Stephen), Cindy “Black Cindy” Hayes (Adrienne C. Like us on Facebook.

Can you even fully appreciate “Rogue One” and “The Force Awakens” without seeing at least “A New Hope”?Anyway, to each his own. The next Star Wars movie, “The Last Jedi,” opens December 15.Want more stuff like this? Everyone’s like, ‘What? Holland was promoting his new movie “The Lost City of Z,” which opens April 14. Like us on Facebook. You liked those movies?!’ But I thought they were great.”Just kidding. And I’m even more embarrassed to say that I love those [prequel] movies when I was a kid. Posted April 12, 2017 by Gina CarboneTom Holland’s Spider-Man had a great quip in “Captain America: Civil War” about “that really old movie ‘The Empire Strikes Back,'” emphasizing the age gap between Spidey and the other Marvel heroes. “For some reason I skipped the original Star Wars, I don’t know why and I’m very embarrassed. Plenty of fans do like the prequels, although they usually also like the OGs, and it’s sad to think a hero in the Marvel/Lucasfilm family has seen everything but the originals. “Spider-Man: Homecoming” arrives in theaters July 7. I really am a fan of those, I thought they were great fun,” Holland said. He told Yahoo Movies he’s not a huge “Star Wars” fan, and he hasn’t seen the three original movies, Episodes IV-VI, including “Empire.” However, he did watch and like the three prequels, as well as the new films, “Rogue One” and (he needed help with the name of this one) “The Force Awakens.””I thought that was dope. That gap definitely extends to real life as well.Tom Holland is 20, and he came of age with the prequels.

Instead of just an entertaining, characteristically zippy horror movie, you realize you’re watching an investigation into why we, as an audience, so desperately crave an entertaining, characteristically zippy horror movie. After that, we’re introduced to our main characters, who look, at least from the outside, like the typical monster fodder from your favorite horror movie. The movie was produced in 2009 and was scheduled for release in February 2010 but was delayed because of an ill-fated 3D conversation and then financial trouble with the studio that produced it, MGM. (The films of Quentin Tarantino and Edgar Wright also come to mind.) It’s easy, especially in today’s hashtag-stuffed culture, to just sit back and watch a movie and count all of the Easter eggs and shout-outs to other, better films. And it can be enjoyed, for sure, as just a very clever horror movie that subverts classic tropes in new and fresh ways. It really has its cake and eats it too by delivering something deeply unexpected that is also touching and probing. And society at large?These are pretty heady questions, especially for a movie with so many rubber monsters. And to what end?Once the kids get to the cabin, they start inhabiting the clichés — the jock becomes more outwardly aggressive, the blonde gets more air-headed (and topless). It’s a rare movie that is as thrilling as it is subversive, as bloody as it is brilliant; a movie that dared to be something different and new while acknowledging everything that came before it. The relationship between audience and subject is blurred; are you rooting for these attractive young people to meet grisly ends? Except, even from the outset, they don’t follow their conventions. (If you haven’t seen the movie, I’m not giving it away here.)But what’s so fascinating about “Cabin in the Woods,” especially five years on, is how little it’s been imitated. Meanwhile, the drones react positively. What does this mean for movies? The movie blew my mind and, on its fifth anniversary (it was finally released nationwide on April 13, 2012), it remains just as mind-blowing.For those of you who haven’t seen “Cabin in the Woods” (and really — what’s your excuse?), it begins with humdrum banter between a couple of office drones played by Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford (who is currently starring in a similar genre-upending horror treat, “Get Out”). The ending, in particular, is satisfying in both an intellectual and emotional way that few genre films are. Posted April 12, 2017 by Drew TaylorI still remember it vividly: Lionsgate had invited me to a super early screening of “The Cabin in the Woods,” the ultra-secret horror project that found genre godhead Joss Whedon working with Drew Goddard, a gifted screenwriter who got his start on Whedon’s influential TV shows “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” (he wrote some of the very best episodes in the final seasons for both series). It doesn’t stop to point out how clever it is or to double-underline its points of reference. Instead it forges its own blood-soaked path.And that’s really the legacy of “Cabin in the Woods” a half-decade later — that nobody had ever seen anything like it before and nobody has seen anything like it since. There’s the handsome jock (a then-unknown Chris Hemsworth), the mousy nerd (Kristen Connolly), the perky blonde (Anna Hutchison), the lovable stoner (Fran Kranz), and the mysterious new guy (Jesse Williams). (Think about “Scream,” which similarly blew apart the horror genre, and how many weak tea rip-offs there were in its wake, for years to come.) The magic of “Cabin in the Woods,” in its delicate tonal balance, in its willingness to both antagonize and root for its audience, in its sardonic wit and irreverence, hit on something that was impossible to copy. It’s unclear if it’s predestined. Who exactly are these guys working for? For a while it looked like the movie would never see the light of day and a kind of growing mystique intensified around the movie, especially for fans of Whedon. When the kids mistakenly awaken a family of backwoods hillbilly zombies, Goddard (who also directed) cuts back to the office to see the pool that employees had placed on the kids’ method of destruction.Everything gets weirder but more incisive, until it’s clear that this is a simulacrum. The jock is actually brilliant, the mousy nerd coming out of a sexually advanced relationship with a professor, the blonde has hidden depth, and the stoner is funny — not because he’s stoned but because he’s actually funny.Occasionally, we cut back to the two white guys we were introduced earlier; they suggest that the kids are traveling to the spooky cabin is part of a plan. “Cabin in the Woods” paid homage while forging its own path. All of this leads to a movie that is still untouchable. The characters in the movie are trapped — but so is the audience. And why? Five years later, it’s a dazzling tour de force and unlike anything in the horror genre before or since.”Cabin in the Woods” is also one of the rare movies that wears its influences on its sleeve and interprets those references, reconstructing them into something new and thrilling, something wholly unique. And that’s amazing. There’s an ominous title card, hilariously abrasive in its “look how scary this is” outlandishness. It’s a Frankenstein’s monster of a horror film that still manages to be something that is totally its own thing. Eventually, MGM sold the film to Lionsgate, a mini major that had made a name for itself primarily through its horror output, establishing long-running franchises like “Saw” and “Hostel.” It would have its world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas, later that spring.When I sat down in the tiny screening room in midtown Manhattan, I was excited for what I was about to see and, at the same time, totally unprepared. That’s really a testament to its colossal power — it is so singular, so visionary, that nobody could even attempt to replicate its charms.

Watch the record-breaking first trailer again over here.Want more stuff like this? “Thor: Ragnarok” stole the title from “Beauty and the Beast,” which previously held Disney’s 24-hour record with 127.6 million views. Posted April 12, 2017 by Gina CarboneMillions of fans rushed to watch Thor reunite with “a friend from work” when the first “Thor: Ragnarok”trailer arrived on Monday, April 10.According to The Hollywood Reporter, that trailer earned more than 136 million views in 24 hours, making it the most-viewed Marvel trailer ever, and also the most-viewed across the studio’s parent and sibling brands — including Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars. We could see a new Marvel/Disney/Lucasfilm family favorite very soon.”Thor: Ragnarok” opens November 3. Like us on Facebook. Next in line is Lucasfilm’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” with 112 million views in 24 hours, then Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” with 94 million views.It may be tough for “Thor: Ragnarok” to hold on to this title for long, since the first trailer for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” will want to break it, and it’s said to debut at Star Wars Celebration, which is happening April 13-16.

“Grey’s Anatomy” actress Camilla Luddington just announced the birth of her first child with boyfriend Matthew Alan — a daughter named Hayden.Luddington shared an Instagram video and photo to introduce her baby girl:We have a new great love in our lives… maybe not?”Grey’s Anatomy” Season 13 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. The “Grey’s” wardrobe department has a great sense of humor. That whole set seems like a lot of fun — you must remember how Ellen Pompeo and Debbie Allen got Camilla Luddington to re-enact Beyonce’s famous pregnancy announcement.Speaking of Jo’s real name, though, we’re still expecting to see Jo’s estranged (and abusive) husband on the show pretty soon — although not this Thursday, April 13, since that’s the latest traumatizing plane episode. on ABC.Want more stuff like this? our sweet baby girl…Hayden πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰A post shared by Camilla Luddington (@camillaluddington) on Apr 11, 2017 at 10:07am PDTA post shared by Camilla Luddington (@camillaluddington) on Apr 11, 2017 at 10:08am PDTThe actress previewed her little one’s arrival by showing off a onesie “Grey’s” fans should appreciate:It’s…… πŸ™Š. And is Jo pregnant or not? *when the #greysanatomy wardrobe Dept give you a baby gift πŸ’˜A post shared by Camilla Luddington (@camillaluddington) on Mar 30, 2017 at 4:43pm PDTYes! Like us on Facebook. Fans were pretty sure at one point, but then the show went in a dozen different directions, so now … Posted April 11, 2017 by Gina CarboneMove over, Alex Karev, ’cause Jo Wilson has a new love in her life.