Each of them come up with different theories or beliefs about what’s going on. This new series was created by Christian Torpe, who told Entertainment Weekly he wants to be “respectful to the source material” without copying the “great adaptation” already out there on film.”The novella is 200 pages and one location, and we needed to change that to make an ongoing series. Like us on Facebook. on Spike TV.Want more stuff like this? Nature”:”The Mist” — starring Morgan Spector, Alyssa Sutherland, Gus Birney, Danica Curcic, Okezie Morro, Luke Cosgrove, Darren Pettie, Russell Posner, Dan Butler, Isiah Washington, Jr., and Frances Conroy. But we wanted to remain faithful to the heart of the story.” He said the TV series will be set at several locations, including a church and a mall. “We establish different little pressure cookers under the influence of whoever the leader would be in those locations. Posted April 11, 2017 by Gina CarboneStephen King’s novella, “The Mist,” is getting its own TV series on Spike, and the new trailer highlights how different it will be from the 2007 movie.Frank Darabont directed the movie, starring a bunch of people who then went with him to make “The Walking Dead” for AMC. Eventually, the story lines will dovetail and turn into conflicts.”Here’s Spike’s trailer, which includes the tagline “Fear. Human. — premieres Thursday, June 22 at 10 p.m.

He’s saved about four or five lives already and there should be more. You can also see him pose with Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet of the 2007 Movieguide Awards.Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook. […] That’s a good thing that came out of it. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Adler went on a shooting trip in the desert with friends last month. In the middle of firing, Adler is said to have turned the gun on himself, shooting himself in the head. You can see photos at TMZ. Posted April 11, 2017 by Gina CarboneClay Adler, who starred on two seasons of MTV’s “Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County,” and was friends with Jennifer Lawrence when they were both starting out in Hollywood, has died at age 27.According to TMZ — and confirmed by Adler’s own father to People — the young reality star took his own life. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this time.” Adler only had two other credits on IMDb, for the TV movie “The Fish Tank,” and the TV series “Make It or Break It.” The news of Adler’s death is only just now starting to spread, but on April 8, his friends and family honored him with a paddle out on Newport Beach. He died March 26 in the hospital.Adler’s father, Frank, told People “there were no signs” that his son was about to commit suicide, adding that Clay “had been clean for several years.” He said the family was able to spend some time with him at the hospital before he died, as the hospital kept him alive a bit longer so he could donate his organs.”Clay had requested that his organs — and he did this years ago when he applied for a driver’s license — that his organs be donated to people.” Frank added that his son had “done some amazing things. Clay would be thrilled that these people are now living because of him.”Clay Adler was one of the teen stars of MTV’s “Newport Harbor” reality series from 2007-2008; the network shared a brief statement on his death:”We are saddened by the news of Clay Adler’s passing.

You can promote it all you want. So people went to see ‘The Shawshank Redemption,’ and they came back and said, ‘Oh, man. Posted April 11, 2017 by Gina Carbone”The Shawshank Redemption” is probably the favorite movie of someone you know, but it was a flop at theaters, and star Morgan Freeman thinks he knows why.”Shawshank” had stiff competition at the box office in 1994 — especially from “Pulp Fiction” and “Forrest Gump” — and ended its run as a bomb, earning about $16 million after 10 weeks in wide release, off a production budget of about $25 million. Like us on Facebook. Watch the interview:”Going In Style” opens April 7th. To him, people just didn’t want to see a slow-paced (142-minute) prison movie in 1994. After it was nominated for seven Oscars, “Shawshank” got a rerelease and eventually made $28 million at the North American box office.Today “Shawshank” is regularly featured on lists of the best movies of all time, which Graham Norton brought up recently when Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine were on “The Graham Norton Show” to promote their new movie “Going In Style.” Norton added that, despite its critical acclaim, the movie didn’t do well in theaters.Here’s Freeman’s take on that:”Tanked at the box office. Want more stuff like this? And the reason for that, is of course, the only real marketing movies get, I think, is word of mouth. It’s called, um… And considering the high-profile competition at the time, maybe he was right.Morgan Freeman told Graham Norton “Shawshank” is when he really became known for narration, and he put those skills to use in narrating some insults about Norton himself. uh, Shank sham? Shim shock.’ One lady saw me in the elevator and she went, ‘Oh, I saw you in ‘The Hudsucker Production.’ So if you can’t get word across, then it just doesn’t do well, you know If you can’t say it…”At that point, Michael Caine quipped, “That’s why ‘Alfie’ did well.”The irony is that “The Shawshank Redemption” was a shorter version of the original title of Stephen King’s novella, “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption.” Maybe if they had included “Rita Hayworth” in the title, people would’ve had an easier time remembering it?CinemaBlend recalled “Shawshank” director Frank Darabont sharing a different theory on why the movie didn’t connect with audiences. But if the first few audiences come back and can’t say, ‘I really saw this great film,’ then you’re not going to go very far. I saw this really terrific movie.

Posted April 11, 2017 by Gina Carbone”Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” won over many fans and critics, but there’s no avoiding The Force of Screen Junkies and the brilliant sarcasm of their Honest Trailers.The new “Rogue One” video is a 6-minute dissection of “what has to be the most money anyone’s ever spent to fill in a plot hole,” featuring the same old incompetence from the Stormtroopers, various old dudes squabbling over who gets credit for the Death Star, and not-so-rebellious heroes like Jyn Erso — “the rebellious rebel who rebels so hard she does whatever her dad tells her, whatever her surrogate dad tells her, and whatever her new co-worker tells her.”The Honest Trailer did have some compliments, though, including praise for K-2SO as the only one with any personality, despite not being human. Like us on Facebook. They also honored the cool “Star Wars” Easter eggs packed into a movie that’s basically exists as “the world’s biggest budget fan film.” And they also took time to highlight various scenes that did not make the final cut but were showcased heavily in the marketing.Watch the trailer:Want more stuff like this?

Even though she had these dark layers, we saw her as being a bit of a beacon of light for Jim, and then by now, she’s obviously just completely the opposite, where she’s just on a mission to be the queen of the underworld, getting completely out of control, to be honest.That kind of progression in any of the other characters I think probably wouldn’t be possible, because it’s a little bit more binary, who the other ones are. I think that he’s like the light that is very, very deep in her heart, as sort of a potential get-out from this crazy. We’re getting to quite a dangerous place. To be honest, I’m a little bit bored of watching men’s stories. The films, for me. What’s been the fun for you of filling her in?Erin Richards: Yeah, I get to paint her in whatever colors I want. So I would probably want to find my own style, but I’m very happy to be able to try and emulate that style for “Gotham.”It’s such a great time for women.We’ve been waiting long enough. With Barbara, it’s a completely different experience. But with her, we’ve got this blank slate, like you say, for her to be anything – therefore, we have made her everything.How soon into playing the character did the ideas for her roll around, from first being Gordon’s “Fatal Attraction”-y ex to now, like, full-on crime boss? The initial auditions that I was doing for her had pieces that were written that involved the darkness of her, so it definitely didn’t come out of nowhere, but I think that the way that she evolved, and the speed which she evolved, was probably different to how they first imagined it.A testament to the writers, as always, just being able to create that incredible development, without really knowing that that was what it was in the beginning, and being able to make it so seamless, and being able to get something like the Ogre to come in and torture her in order to make that change, I think was really brilliant.Given the direction she’s gone so far, it seems the next step would be full supervillain. It’s about a woman who is an actress. We just filmed that, and that was great to play.With 75-plus years of Batman in the culture, what was your entry point with Batman, and how do you feel about that franchise and mythology now that you’ve been a part of it for three seasons?Quite early, actually. And actress Erin Richards wouldn’t have it any other way.Three seasons into the run of the Fox series — set in the era when a young Bruce Wayne finds his path to eventually becoming the Dark Knight and incorruptible cop Jim Gordon battles the city’s decline on his own — Richards has seen Barbara through what is likely the show’s most extreme evolution, going from Jim’s cheating but conflicted fiancée to a patricide-committing psychotic imprisoned in Arkham Asylum to a brazen nightclub owner and aspiring crime boss in a bisexual relationship with the whip-wielding Tabitha Galavan.When Barbara was last seen in the winter finale, she was on the brink of deposing the Penguin to become Gotham’s chief underworld leader, and for months the Internet has been filled with speculation that she’s going to transform into the show’s take on longstanding Batman villainess Harley Quinn.And while she stops short of of confirming that particular metamorphosis, in a chat with Moviefone the Welsh actress — who’s been doing some standout work alongside the series’ stellar cast of baddies — hints at yet another major and likely supervillainous change ahead for Barbara, as well her own evolution into a creative force behind the camera.Moviefone: Unlike some of the characters on “Gotham,” who have elaborate comic book mythology to draw from, Barbara’s more of a blank slate. But I think if anyone was ever going to save her, or if she could be saved — not in a kind of like man-saving-a-woman way, but just a soul being saved — it would be Jim, because he is the only thing in Gotham that is actually not dark, even though he has become darker, he’s still the beacon of light. Have you seen anyone dressed up as her?The hard thing about Barbara is she’s not a look. It’s the culmination of the last episode. So that would be interesting. We are trying to channel it a little bit so she has a look. There are a couple of great outfits that I’ve had. They always sort of apologize about it, or they think, “Am I weird for liking a crazy person?” It’s like, “No.”It’s kind of a release to watch someone be so crazy, because I think “crazy” is a really dangerous word, because it has so many bad connotations, that you could say “free,” or “true.” I think there’s a part of us that — I definitely do this: I hold back truth because I don’t want to hurt people, I don’t want to seem crazy sometimes.So I think if society was allowed to be truer, like if they were allowed to let rip a little bit more with what they really feel, again, this idea of holding everything in, not emoting, not being true to ourselves and our actual feelings, is again, dangerous to society. There’s one world where you could tell a very interesting story, because you don’t see a lot of pregnancy in superheroes. That’s the next step.There’s another Gotham Barbara that does exist pretty prominently in the comic books: Barbara’s daughter, who becomes Batgirl. Pure in a Gotham way, I guess, which is very different to like regular pure. I’m not sure if I would continue with that particular style for the rest of my career. The movies that we’re watching are becoming quite repetitive. What’s your favorite?There was the time that I beat up the guy with the underside of my shoe, like a stiletto. I know what it is, and it’s great.What I love about the character — and your performance, too — is through all of the nasty, mean, crazy stuff she may do, there are moments when we see her heart. We need to show that women have so many more layers. I don’t know how that works.” So maybe, like, if there is a baby, that’s kind of the end for Barbara. I also want to go on to direct and write a lot more things. So it’s like, we’re becoming a society of people who can’t release their emotions.So the only way we release our emotions is by going to the movies and watching a film. Obviously, it’s a style that’s been set up by Danny Cannon and the incredible directors that we have on the show. Were those early notions, like “We might go here…”? All have been great, but there’s a couple of ones that are quite easy to cosplay. You just had to have a load of money and a Batcave.You’ve got a little money now — have you built a Batcave yet?Not yet, no. But Tabitha she really needs, and I think needs on several levels, like emotionally and physically, she needs to be protected by Tabitha because Tabitha can fight, and she can’t fight.Yeah, I think that connection between them is something that she cherishes, even though she might not admit it. She has a very repetitive lifestyle, which is quite painful and depressing for her. Jim is a massive motivator for her. Then there’s a brilliant line coming up in Episode 16, when she answers the phone and she goes, “Barbara Queen,” which I think is great, because she’s become “The Queen of Gotham.” There’s so many. Do you hope that that becomes part of her story somewhere down the line in this? Or was it like, down the road, all of a sudden, “Let’s do this,” and you’re like, “Great”?A bit of a mix of both, actually. And as crazy as she gets, her heart does tell her what to do. I am so grateful for that, and I think that in some ways it can be scary. We did it over two days. Then the fights that she gets to have are fabulous, and there’s a great fight in the final episode. We don’t call our friends anymore because we know what they’ve done. They don’t get to show their feelings, or feel their feelings, because we’re so busy on our phones, or …Instagramming our images.Yeah. Don’t kill anyone, but let your crazy out a little bit.Have you seen Barbara cosplayers at one of these? Especially, you could tell lots of stories. It’s completely unconscious. It’s buried very, very deep down inside her. It’s like I just got to make her up with the writers and the creators, however we wanted.That, I think, has led to her being able to have a huge arc, and a big development, because she obviously started as this not quite pure, but at least removed character from Gotham. Tell me about finding that side of her, especially with Jim Gordon and with Tabitha, she does have emotional attachments to these characters that motivate her.Absolutely. You could tell a postnatal depression kind of story, which would be very interesting.Another part of me thinks like, “A baby in Gotham? So many. Now if those films aren’t showing you your story as a woman, or as a man, in all different kinds of people, then you can’t release those emotions that get trapped inside, and then we destroy the world, because we’re robots and we’re suppressed animals. I was always a fan of the Tim Burton films, and then I used to do little dress-up plays where I’d play Batman when I was a kid. What’s been nice about having a Barbara Gordon fan club that’s out there that loves her and what she’s up to, even when she’s a nasty woman?What I really like about that is that most people say to me, “I really hated your character in the first season, but when she went crazy, I loved her.” I just think that’s such a wonderful thing that people are able to feel. So if they get to watch Barbara be crazy and feel a little release in that, feel like, “Yeah, I’d love to be crazy myself,” it’s like, go for it. So I, yeah, put it together and filmed it at the end of January.So I put it together in about a month, which was really quite hard to get it done. Paint by numbers! So that’s why I want to be a director, that’s really intense.We’re also in a great time in genre entertainment in particular, embracing female characters — even if they’re batsh*t crazy. And, unfortunately, in this part of the season, we’re going to see that very strained because of what’s happening with them now.How does that split with Tabitha affect Barbara?Oh, quite a lot! It’s time for women storytellers behind the camera.In the big picture, what got you motivated and excited to make that a part of your creative wheelhouse?I would say that exact thing, in that I feel like women’s stories need to be told more often, and more diversely. So in order to change that, we have to get women up, all different kinds of women, from all different backgrounds, to tell their stories, so that we can see ourselves up there. I’ve just recently written and directed my own short film. Then, she discovers that she has superpowers. Yes. They’d sit with their whole family or their extended friends, and they would communicate by seeing each other, feeling each other, and emoting. So I think if she could ever be redeemed, it would be somehow through that.Then Tabitha, I would agree, yeah, that’s her only other person that she actually feels a connection with, because everybody else she sort of uses. Posted April 11, 2017 by Scott Huver”Gotham” may be filled with prototype takes on some of the most notorious criminals to one day face down Batman, but it’s the series original creation, Barbara Kean, that’s swiping a lion’s share of scenes. He was always my favorite superhero, because I felt like anybody could be Batman — he didn’t have any superpowers. Because in cultures past, people used to sit down in circles and talk about their day and problems. I just woke up one morning with the idea in my head, sort of fully formulated. We’re done.Hollywood is lacking in stories. And now, we think that just being on your phone is enough. I think that one of the most important jobs as an actor, or a director, or writer, or storyteller, is that people in this day and age don’t get to emote. That was pretty incredible. It leads to a big change in her.You’ve gotten away with so many great, crazy, over-the-top moments with this character. Yeah, it’s difficult for people. If you have, like, a prototype for your character, there’s something to sort of start with, and base yourself off, and relate back to. You sort of see that, and then she goes, maybe.One of the nice things about the show is that it’s an ensemble, so you’re not always in front of the camera. Is that something that sounds fun to play?Absolutely. I think it’s a great place to start learning, that style, obviously. I think it’s sort of the next natural progression for her. It’s such a stylized show. I don’t need to see a man make up with his father anymore. Is that the way you would want to go with your own personal directing style? When did those things get presented to you? We may or may not see something like that happening in the final episode [of the season].Do you hope it’s a classic?I know what you’re going for here. A pregnant crazy Barbara would be quite brilliant. Would that be fun to play?Wow, yeah. She doesn’t come with a lot of history. Then something happens at the end.Would you like to direct an episode of “Gotham”? It’s a very specific look and feel.Absolutely. But I feel people need just that one look that they can [identify]…Season 4.Season 4!”Gotham” Season 3 returns April 24th on FOX. I wrote it over Christmas. Have you gotten to do some fun side projects?Oh my gosh, yes.

But it was actually there to hint at the endgame.”The question was always, how do you basically visualize and dramatize the idea that the island itself is all that separates the world from hellfire and damnation? Eagle-eyed fans spotted drawings and a model of a volcano in a Dharma Initiative classroom, but it seemed it was just another random detail. Now, it turns out, that finale could’ve turned out very differently, if creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse had gotten their way. As Lindelof said, “We were going to have lots of seismic activity, and ultimately, there was going to be this big fight between the forces of good and the forces of evil, which ended up in the series manifesting as Jack and The Man in Black, in the midst of magma. Like us on Facebook. Shooting the volcanic scene would’ve been too expensive, and ABC nixed the idea.”The other thing that happened,” Lindelof added, “was that we remembered ‘Revenge of the Sith,’ and that big epic battle between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, in the midst of a volcanic planet. Magma spewing everywhere!”Unfortunately, the showrunners ran into a major obstacle: Money. And the answer was the volcano,” Lindelof explained.The volcano was meant to be introduced in the episode that detailed the relationship between Jacob and the Man in Black; Jacob would kill his brother on the slopes of the volcano.And then, in the final season, the island grew unstable. We knew whatever we did was going to look Mickey Mouse next to it.”Want more stuff like this? According to Entertainment Weekly, they originally intended to end the series with a big battle on top of a volcano between Jack (Matthew Fox) and Locke/Man in the Black (Terry O’Quinn). Posted April 11, 2017 by Kelly Woo”Lost” was one of the most ambitious and talked-about television series of all time, and its series finale is still debated even after seven years.

“The producers have asked me to see if I can come up with some ideas. And there’s definitely places you can go.”The TV show, which starred Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley, was intended as a limited series, and showrunner David E. “That’s the question that’s also a really interesting thing, when you’ve been through a relationship like that, how do you feel now? I wouldn’t write a new book but perhaps a new story and then we’ll see what happens. She’s still grieving for the end of a terrible relationship and I think that would be a really interesting thing to explore. Kelley and director Jean-Marc Vallée have said it was a “one-time deal.”But both Witherspoon and Kidman remain open to the possibility. I’m absolutely open to it because, once I started thinking, it was too much fun to see what I could do and to see these characters again. So there’s a whole lot of different storylines.”Want more stuff like this? HBO would likely be on board if the stars signed on for a second season.Something Moriarty would want to include in a second season is Bonnie’s (Zoe Kravitz) backstory from the book, which was not addressed in the first season. How would she feel? Like us on Facebook. She’s grieving. In the book, she had an abusive father growing up — which plays into her actions on the night of the school fundraiser.”And also what happens next [for Celeste],” Moriarty added. Posted April 11, 2017 by Kelly WooAre even bigger little lies to come?Liane Moriarty, the author of “Big Little Lies,” is working on ideas for a second season of the acclaimed HBO drama based on her novel.”I have started to think about ways this could continue,” she told The Sydney Morning Herald.

She’s become the leading action actress in Hollywood these days, with her work in “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Fate of the Furious.””Atomic Blonde” opens in theaters July 28.Want more stuff like this? Posted April 11, 2017 by Kelly WooCharlize Theron is going to Berlin, kicking ass, and taking all the names in the new “Atomic Blonde” trailer.Theron plays an MI-6 assassin who’s sent to Berlin during the Cold War to find whoever is responsible for killing their operatives. “Trust no one,” her boss warns, which Theron complies with by punching, kicking, and shooting her way through enemy after enemy in hotel rooms, cars, stairwells, and kitchens.”Atomic Blonde” looks slick and stylish, and boasts a cast including James McAvoy, John Goodman, Eddie Marsan, and Toby Jones. The trailer is filled with one action-packed set-piece after another, and Theron seems to really throw herself into the bone-crushing fights. Like us on Facebook.

“I need you to be quiet,” she says. Or did prison guards arrive to break up the riot? It’s an incredibly tense minute of footage, which seems fitting since the season will take place over the course of just three days. And then … there’s a bang!Meanwhile, Piper (Taylor Schilling) and Alex (Laura Prepon) are wandering the halls, with Piper vowing, “We are laying low and we are staying out of trouble.” And when they happen up on the riot, Alex pulls Piper away.Did Daya actually kill Humphrey? Like us on Facebook. “Orange Is the New Black” Season 5 begins streaming June 9 on Netflix.Want more stuff like this? The inmates are screaming for vengeance after Poussey’s tragic death, and Daya seems uncertain. Posted April 11, 2017 by Kelly Woo”Orange Is the New Black” Season 5 starts out with a bang.Netflix posted the first minute of the season premiere, which picks up where the Season 4 finale left off — with the inmates rioting and Daya (Dascha Polanco) pointing a gun at CO Humphrey’s (Michael Torpey). Did she shoot at someone else?

crew grabbed their broomsticks (and tequila) and dove headlong into the 1998 romantic comedy / drama / thriller / supernatural drama / romance / [insert sixth genre here] “Practical Magic,” a movie that struggles for an hour and forty-five minutes to figure out exactly what it is, then leaves you wondering what, exactly, you just watched. A Movie Lover’s Podcast Episode 19: ‘Practical Magic’Total runtime: 45:44Subscribe to the CAN’T WAIT! Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #CANTWAIT.CAN’T WAIT! A Movie Lover’s Podcast by Moviefone celebrates Hollywood’s guiltiest pleasures by taking a fresh look at critically ignored movies and giving them a second chance at life. Topics discussed include Bullock and Kidman unconvincingly playing teenagers, deadly curses with more patience than Mahatma Gandhi, Camilla Belle’s eyebrows, and a town where it’s OK for kids to yell profanity at other kids, as long as those kids are witches.Next week we’ll be watching and discussing Tony’s pick, the 1993 career suicide machine “Super Mario Bros.” No one is happy about — except Tony.Listen to CAN’T WAIT! Have a movie you really, really want us to watch and talk about? But hey, the movie isn’t without its redeeming qualities — they’re just few and far between. Join Moviefone editors Tim Hayne, Rachel Horner, Phil Pirrello, and Tony Maccio as they extol the virtues and expose the failings (with love!) of nostalgic movies. Posted April 11, 2017 by Moviefone StaffWitches (played by box office royalty Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman), romance, a family curse, and sisters with an immutable bond — on the outside, that’s everything one would need to cast a spell of cinematica perfectum. Unfortunately, that did not happen.Yes, the CAN’T WAIT! podcast:iTunesGoogle PlayStitcherHave thoughts/feelings/feedback about the podcast?

She’s kind of the antithesis of Leia’s new general look of a brown dress with her old ‘A New Hope’ blaster pistol. Admiral Holdo wears a long mauve regal gown with a short cape that hangs down in back with a concealed laser pistol. She has metallic braces around her wrists. Her look is being compared to the elaborate gowns worn by Natalie Portman in the prequels.The strangest part is she doesn’t look anything like an admiral in the classic sense. Admiral Holdo looks very much like a design from the prequel era of ‘Star Wars.’Also per the site, Admiral Holdo “appears to be Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac)’s nemesis in the film as he guides the remnants of the Resistance Fleet through the galaxy as they outrun The First Order fleet.”
We’ll see when “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” opens on December 15. Her pink hair is curled with a flapper vibe to it but it’s not incredibly short or anything. Posted April 11, 2017 by Sharon KnolleWe’ve got new details about the character Laura Dern is playing in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” thanks to Making Star Wars.(Potential spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.)According to Making Star Wars, Dern’s character is an Admiral in the resistance, but she doesn’t dress anything like no-nonsense General Leia (Carrie Fisher).

Julie Harris starred as the fragile Nell, for whom the house holds particular interest; alongside Claire Bloom as a stylish psychic; Richard Johnson as the doctor conducting the experiment; and Russ Tamblyn (“Twin Peaks”) as the skeptical heir who’s there to protect his inheritance.Flanagan — who’s demonstrated his skill with psychological horror — will write, direct and executive produce the series.Enjoy the shivery trailer for the original film. Posted April 11, 2017 by Sharon KnolleOne of the greatest classic horror films of all time, “The Haunting,” is becoming a 10-part Netflix series with Mike Flanagan, director of “Oculus,” “Hush” and “Ouija: Origin of Evil,” at the helm.As long as it’s not anything like the laughably awful 1999 remake, we’re on board!It’s being called a “modern re-imagining” of Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel, “The Haunting of Hill House,” per Deadline.Robert Wise directed the subtle 1963 black-and-white film, which documents a quartet investigating a notoriously haunted mansion.

That’s even bigger than “Batman v. Nobody.” F. Says Deadline, it’s “Universal’s most ambitious worldwide distribution release in the studio’s history.”This is the first film without original star Paul Walker who died in a tragic car accident in 2013. and Canada, the movie will be the widest pre-summer release ever at an estimated 4,304 venues. New to the franchise is Charlize Theron as villainous hacker Cipher; Helen Mirren; and Scott Eastwood as the junior agent to Kurt Russell’s “Mr. That gives it a good chance of beating “Furious 7,” which earned $397.7 million in 2015.In the U.S. Gary Gray (“Staight Outta Compton”) directs the movie, in which Cipher persuades Dom (Vin Diesel) to betray his close-knit group, including new bride Letty (Michelle Rodriguez).”Fate of the Furious” opens this Friday. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” which opened on 4,242 screens last year. Posted April 11, 2017 by Sharon KnolleThe eighth “Fast and Furious” film, “Fate of the Furious,” could make the monster opening of “Furious 7” look like chump change.According to Deadline, the action flick is expected to take in between $375 million and $440 million globally.

Posted April 11, 2017 by Sharon KnolleFor the 40th anniversary of “Star Wars,” Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley announced an amazing fan contest with some sweet prizes: A night at the Skywalker Ranch; a chance to visit the set of the Han Solo movie and even appear in the film; and a trip to the premiere of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” The Grand Prize — you win all three!The actors made the announcement this morning on “Good Morning America” ahead of kicking off Star Wars Celebration this weekend in Orlando.Celebrate 40 years of Star Wars by being a #ForceForChange. “We are so proud of their tireless dedication to positively impact the lives of children and others around the world, and hope this year’s Force For Change campaign will offer a few of those wonderful fans an experience they will never forget.” Each week, new prize will be awarded to a randomly-selected winner. And at the end of the campaign (May 11), one randomly-selected grand prize winner will be awarded all three! Smaller prizes include T-shirts and posters of the original trilogy.For four weeks, beginning April 11 (today!), fans can enter at Omaze.com/StarWars for a chance to win these brag-worthy Star Wars experiences. “In a year that we celebrate 40 years of the ‘Star Wars’ saga, I continue to be inspired by the incredible generosity and charitable efforts of our fans,” said Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy via a press release. pic.twitter.com/ZzOR25ulzw
— Star Wars (@starwars) April 11, 2017And it’s all for two great causes: Star Wars: Force For Change and Omaze are teaming up “Star Wars Past, Present and Future,”a fundraising campaign to benefit UNICEF and Starlight Children’s Foundation.You could also win a private screening of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in your hometown, which would be awesome, but it’ll set you back $50,000! Visit https://t.co/VSqPnmddxG to learn more.

Unless, you know, you watch it now.One of the greatest things about “Hap and Leonard” is how matter-of-fact it is when it comes to the series’ complex understanding of social and sexual politics of the south. There’s very little actual detecting going on; it’s not filled with snappy quick cuts of evidence or potential suspects. (The sad fate of “Terriers” is the most shining example of this, although more recent shows like CBS’s “BrainDead” come to mind, too.) Sundance’s “Hap and Leonard” is a clear example of this — it’s a show based on cult-y source material, airing on a smaller cable network that isn’t a part of everyone’s package, and features a logline that isn’t exactly “CSI on [fill in the blank].”And it’s for these reasons — and more — that “Hap and Leonard” (airing now on Sundance Channel) is the best TV show you’re not watching.To explain: “Hap and Leonard” is based on a series of novels by East Texas author Joe R. By 2017, the characters had been featured in 17 novels, short stories, and novellas; a series of comic books is on the way.In 2016, the first season of “Hap and Leonard” aired on the Sundance Channel. They were big on cliffhangers and blood splatter and the series is just the same.In the show, Michael K. Lansdale quasi-mystical mumbo jumbo.And while the show is, ostensibly, a detective series, it’s nothing like the shows that you probably associate with the phrase. Posted April 11, 2017 by Drew TaylorThe facts are these: There is so much good television on these days, between stellar line-ups on premium and basic cable, tried-and-true network favorites, and easily binge-able streaming series on various online services, that it’s easy for really-for-real classics to fall through the cracks. As she turns her back they burn down her church; she turns around and starts counting again. Instead, the show has a singular, ramshackle cadence, one in which Hap and Leonard do some detective work but kind of luck into misadventures instead of setting out to uncover some mystery. In 1990, he wrote “Savage Season,” the first novel featuring a white man Hap Collins and a black gay man named Leonard Pines (both served in Vietnam), who bumble around Texas, inadvertently solving mysteries. They’re deeply committed to their roles, even if Purefoy’s accent isn’t 100% (and this is coming from a Texan), and they consistently strike the right balance between pithy bickering and genuine camaraderie and understanding. Lansdale. “Hap and Leonard” is pretty pulpy, through-and-through, and it is pretty unabashed about it. Lansdale is one of the greatest (and least-adapted) contemporary writers, usually spinning tales of the bizarre and surreal that are given texture by his easily relatable working-class characters and his commitment to an almost granular level of details when it comes to location and setting. Even in the ’80s, Texas was not exactly a comfortable place for African Americans, let alone gay African Americans, and in the second season the racial element is played up exponentially. Leonard’s sexuality is dealt with throughout the show, but its his insistence that who he cares to love isn’t a big deal that makes the show that much more powerful. In Episode 3 of this season, in a striking flashback, a young black girl is playing hide and seek when the Ku Klux Klan show up. The first season was a delicious slice of Southern Gothic charm, and, now, in the second season, they’ve maintained all of the things that made the first season so great, added additional stakes, more social commentary and, most importantly, more of that Joe R. It’s not as immediately hooky as some of the recent television breakouts, but it’s even better than most of the shows that have entered the national zeitgeist.”Hap and Leonard” is challenging, beautifully filmed, funny, scary, and above all, weird. And it deserves to be watched. This is one of those shows that defies expectations and, because of that, makes it hard to recommend in a single sentence. But that isn’t as prominent an issue.)But this isn’t an “issue” show; instead it’s just one of the things that makes it so special. It was adapted and developed by Jim Mickle and Nick Damici, filmmakers who had already proven their prowess when lovingly adapting Lansdale with their 2014 film “Cold in July.” (Seriously, that movie is awesome.) The duo wrote all but one of the first season’s six-episode arc, maintaining everything that made the original stories so special — the banter between the characters, the dusty Texas panhandle-in-the-1980s setting, and the combination of earthy realism and cosmic strangeness (that strangeness is ramped up considerably with Season 2). That’s part of the fun of the series, too — how it has little interest in playing by the conventions of the genre. I mean, do you even like “Riverdale” anymore? Williams is Leonard and James Purefoy is Hap Collins and, like in the stories, a lot of the fun is watching them interact. Lansdale’s stories were always slim and cheap; you could quickly read them and get hungry for the next installment. (There is also some discussion about what it means to have been a war veteran following Vietnam. Lansdale often adds magic or some element of the otherworldly to his stories but they never come across as outlandish; that’s his greatest gift. There was enough of an audience that they brought it back for a second year, but it’s hard to imagine something this esoteric finding an audience.

The show, “Life of Kylie,” will follow the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings as she works on her many business projects as well as navigates her personal life. my docu-series #LifeOfKylie#Summer2017
— Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) April 10, 2017There’s never a lack of Jenners or Kardashians on E!, that’s for sure. [via: Deadline] has announced that Kylie Jenner is getting a “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” spinoff. Posted April 10, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongThe first family of reality TV’s sphere of influence is growing.E! Getting her own series is a big milestone, and she’s understandably excited. She tweeted the big news Monday, saying she “can’t wait to share” the docu-series.Can’t wait to share this with you guys.. The drama and developments will unfold over the course of eight half-hour episodes, premiering this summer.Jenner has built a personal brand of her own in recent years, going from being known as the youngest Kardashian half-sister to an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and social media standout. If you want to keep up, look for “Life of Kylie” on the network this summer.

“I’m just interested in telling a story that is dynamic and that I sort of relate to and can hook into.”So far, the actors haven’t been approached about continuing the Netflix revival, according to Graham. Both Lauren Graham (Lorelai) and Alexis Bledel (Rory) were candid about their reactions during Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys panel on Sunday.”It was a complete surprise to me — and that’s not an ending, that’s a cliffhanger!” Graham said of — spoilers ahead if you haven’t finished “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” — Rory’s surprise pregnancy.Bledel hadn’t seen it going that direction, either. We’ll have to wait to see what the future holds, but at least neither Graham nor Bledel has ruled out the possibility of another return to Stars Hollow entirely.[via: Deadline] “I would never want it to feel like we overstayed our welcome.”To return for more “Gilmore Girls,” she’d want it to be “the best thing” for the characters — a sentiment Bledel echoed.”I think for me it comes down to what story we’re telling,” Bledel said. to digest.”Yet, while both women imagined the revival wrapping up differently, they don’t necessarily feel like more “Gilmore Girls” is in order. Ultimately, they seem to respect creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s story and voice.”I don’t know if there is a need to do more,” Graham said. She told the audience that she had been hoping to see her character “end on a high note.” Apparently, the life she envisioned for the youngest Gilmore girl didn’t include so many setbacks or a pregnancy with one of three less-than-ideal options: an engaged ex, the world’s most boring boyfriend, or a one-night-stand Wookiee.”It certainly wasn’t the ending I was expecting,” she said, adding that it was “a hard thing … That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been plenty of speculation, though. Posted April 10, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongWe’re not still the only ones reeling over the final four words of the “Gilmore Girls” revival.”A Year in the Life” dropped a big bombshell in the final seconds of the four-part Netflix installment, and it blindsided even the show’s stars. They’ve explained as much in the past and they expounded on their thoughts during the panel.