Maybe he’ll try to make a move on her, since he still seems to have a crush.Episode 17 was directed by Kevin McKidd, who also directed the Japril standalone. Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) hash out their problems as they work a trauma case together, and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) tries to mend her relationship with Richard (James Pickens Jr.).”Poor Maggie is always the last to know everything, but she’ll probably find out about her mom’s cancer this week. In addition to LaTanya Richardson Jackson as Maggie’s mom, the episode guest stars June Squibb as Elsie Clatch, and Hal Holbrook as Lewis Clatch.”Grey’s Anatomy” Season 13 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. Posted March 7, 2017 by Gina CarboneThis one is already making us tense. It’s going to take a lot for Bailey and Richard to patch things up. There’s also a shot of Jo (Camilla Luddington), with DeLuca behind her. At this point, it’s not clear how the Eliza (Marika Dominczyk) situation is going to play out, but we have a couple of weeks ahead of this episode to see what happens.The promo photos ABC shared don’t show Maggie’s mom at all, but they do show Owen and Amelia, and also DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and Stephanie (Jerrrika Hinton), who appear to be working with Owen on the case. on ABC.Want more stuff like this? This Episode 17 with Owen and Amelia airs March 23.Here’s the synopsis from ABC:”Diane Pierce (LaTanya Richardson Jackson) returns to Grey Sloan, but Maggie (Kelly McCreary) is still in the dark as to why she’s really there. Like us on Facebook. In “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 13, Episode 17, “Till I Hear It From You,” Maggie’s mom will return, and Owen and Amelia will finally dig into whatever the heck is going on with them right now.This Thursday, March 9 gives us Episode 15, “Civil War” — with Meredith in an Alex/Riggs sandwich — and then we have the Japril standalone episode in Montana on March 16.

It first aired October 15, 2009, taking fans on a flashback to 1864 when the human brothers both fell for vampire Katherine (Nina Dobrev).”It was my favorite episode ever,” Somerhalder told Screener. Fast-forward from 2009 to 2017 and the series is only just now about to say goodbye, starting this Friday, March 10 with a retrospective at 8 p.m. This is going to be here for a while. Smolderhotter talking about both “Lost” and TVD on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”:[via: Screener TV]Want more stuff like this? Posted March 7, 2017 by Gina Carbone”The Vampire Diaries” is ending this Friday after eight seasons, and Ian Somerhalder (Damon) has a request for fans:”Go back and watch ‘Lost Girls.’ It’s a really phenomenally crafted episode of television. You should probably dig your heels in.'”That guy was right. “It was this episode called ‘Lost Girls.'””Lost Girls” was Season 1, Episode 6, written by show creators Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. Like us on Facebook. “My business manager was in town, and he’s like a big brother of mine, and we were sitting in Paul’s gorgeous apartment in Atlanta, and then the episode ended, and I saw him — this guy Michael — and he just said, ‘Wow,’ and he looked over at us and he goes, ‘This is going to go, guys. That one was special.”Leave it to a “Lost” alum to plug an episode with “Lost” in the title, but it’s Paul Wesley’s (Stefan) favorite, too.”I think that’s when we were like, ‘This sh*t is pretty good,'” Wesley told Screener TV. before the final episode begins at 9 p.m.Here’s Mr. It might be a teen vampire soap opera, but dammit it’s a great piece of television …

Like us on Facebook. The show joins other early renewals “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” “Supernatural,” “Jane the Virgin” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” “Riverdale’s” return means one less hole to fill for The CW, which is saying goodbye this year to “The Vampire Diaries” and “Reign.” Want more stuff like this? Posted March 7, 2017 by Kelly WooArchie, Betty, Veronica, and the gang are sticking around “Riverdale” for another season.The CW gave an early renewal to the new Archie comics-inspired mystery drama, which debuted in January to 1.4 million viewers. The network also said “Riverdale” is one of their most streamed shows, alongside veterans “The Flash,” “The Vampire Diaries,” and “Jane the Virgin.” It certainly has fared better than fellow freshman series “No Tomorrow” and “Frequency,” neither of which is expected to return.”Riverdale,” which airs Thursday nights, is a noir, edgy take on the wholesome Archie comic series, with the first season revolving around the mysterious death of a teen.

Even though he’s looking for that escape, that escape ultimately will come back and bite him in the ass.”Eek. It can’t be good for many reasons, and alcohol only messes up and further clouds judgment. So you got to believe that Jack’s judgment is going to be clouded in a time that he’s already really trying to hang onto his family structure. I think there are a lot of teasing elements that, of course, are going to be out there and questions that are going to get asked. But Milo Ventimiglia just talked about Jack’s drinking in interviews with Entertainment Weekly and TVLine, and he suggests the sauce leads Jack to make a bad decision. I constantly tell people, ‘Just wait. All answers will come, probably pretty quick.'”Ventimiglia also talked to EW about his character’s choice to end the Valentine’s Day episode by returning to alcohol. on NBC.Want more stuff like this? Randall, Kate and Kevin make big decisions about their futures.”Sounds like Jack makes it home OK, if he heads to Cleveland to “make things right with Rebecca.” However, Ventimiglia had this to say about the big finale: “It’ll stress you the f—k out.” Well, what else is new?”This Is Us” airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. If he doesn’t drive drunk, does he (gasp!) cheat on Rebecca (Mandy Moore)? “Jack has years later decided to take up a drink again. After “What Now?” we just have the season finale, called “Moonshadow,” which airs March 14 and has this synopsis from NBC: “Jack heads to Cleveland to make things right with Rebecca on the night of her first big gig with the band. Like us on Facebook. “There are a lot of different things in life that pull any couple apart, whether it’s work or career or a spark with someone else. Jack seems to share a look with Miguel’s assistant, Heather, in the photo above…”I think everybody wants to speculate and wonder what it is that could possibly pull Jack and Rebecca apart,” Ventimiglia told TVLine. Posted March 7, 2017 by Gina Carbone”This Is Us” fans, maybe you’re not that wrong about what happens to Jack Pearson? There are only two episodes left, including tonight’s (March 7) episode, “What Now?” The last time we saw Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia), he was drinking away his pain, which led many fans to think he might die in a drunk-driving related incident. But now we’re thinking alcohol is more related to ending his marriage than his life.The show’s stars have tried to tell fans Jack’s death is devastating and surprising, and we’ll never guess the details.

[Director] Chris [Columbus] would be like, ‘Cut, Emma. She was 9-years-old. So if young Emma Watson had only had a mustache, that would’ve solved everything.Watch that video, and a few more from her time on JKL:”Beauty and the Beast” is out in theaters next Friday, March 17.Want more stuff like this? I would ruin takes. which she would then ruin by mouthing her co-stars’s lines.Kimmel played a clip of the young star mouthing lines through a scene with Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry Potter and Rupert Grint’s Ron Weasley. It was like, I was such a loser. I feel so bad.’ But I couldn’t help myself. She was also very Hermione-ish in real life, as fans can see in an outtake from the first movie, shared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”Watson was on the late show to promote “Beauty and the Beast,” but she’ll never stop talking about Harry Potter. Like us on Facebook. You’re doing it again. Kimmel laughed, but Watson hid her face in embarrassment:”This is actually quite traumatic for me because I created issues because of this. I’m so sorry! So sorry! I really love those books. She was a huge fan of the books before the film franchise even started, and she ended up bringing her adorkable fan fawning into scenes … I really wanted to do my job well, and I kind of overdid it.”Jimmy said Guillermo does that to him all the time, but you can’t tell because of his mustache. Posted March 7, 2017 by Gina CarboneEmma Watson got the role of Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” films after her very first audition. You’re mouthing Dan’s lines.’ I’d be like ‘Ooh!

Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. I don’t know how much more people can take it.”Baldwin’s impression received scathing criticism from Trump himself, who once tweeted, “Watched Saturday Night Live hit job on me. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Posted March 7, 2017 by Kelly WooHail no to the Chief.Alec Baldwin has been impersonating Donald Trump on “Saturday Nice Live” since last October, to glowing reviews and improved ratings, but the actor seems ready to stop the bit.In an interview with Extra, Baldwin said, “His policies aside, which you can hate, I thought he would have just relaxed. Like us on Facebook. “He remains bitter and angry, and you just want to look at him and go, ‘You won!'”

Want more stuff like this? “Trump just overwhelmingly lacks any sportsmanship,” he said. The maliciousness of this White House has people worried, which is why I’m not going to do it much longer, the impersonation. Media rigging election!”But Trump’s less-than-gracious responses seem to be making the impersonation less fun for Baldwin.

I’m an old professor character,” he said. I did sort of one major scene in each episode.”While Broadbent did not reveal his character’s name, he did slip that he shares scenes with Samwell Tarly, who recently arrived at the Citadel to train as a maester. Well, guys, many of you were right: Broadbent confirmed to Screencrush that he’s playing a maester in the Citadel “I’m a maester, an archmaester. Like us on Facebook. Posted March 7, 2017 by Kelly WooMystery solved: the professor with the dragonglass in the Citadel.When Jim Broadbent joined the cast of “Game of Thrones” season 7, fans began speculating which character the veteran actor might play. Those clues indicate that Broadbent does, indeed, play Marwyn, as fans have guessed.In the books, after Archmaester Marwyn hears Sam’s story about what he’s seen beyond the Wall — the White Walkers — he leaves to find Daenerys Targaryen. In the show, she is on a ship bound for Westeros, so perhaps this meeting will take place sooner than we think.”Game of Thrones” season 7 premieres sometime this summer on HBO.Want more stuff like this? “I did five episodes.

One hundred percent!” Stewart replied to the “job offer.Xavier’s inclusion in “Legion” makes a lot of sense, since — comic book spoiler alert — he is the biological father of David Haller, aka Legion, the mutant at the heart of the story (and played by Stevens). Haller is an incredibly powerful telepath, much like Professor X, though his abilities have been mistaken for (or at least complicated by) mental illness.And hey, while we’re at it, why not add Stewart to that “X-Men” pilot that Bryan Singer is developing. “What about Professor X in ‘Legion’?””Absolutely! Then, fellow guest Dan Stevens, who stars in “Legion,” had an idea. Oh, and he’d totally do a spot on FX’s “Legion,” too!On “The Late Late Show With James Corden,” Stewart once again told the story of screening “Logan” with Hugh Jackman in Berlin and shedding a tear that it would be a perfect farewell to Professor X. Posted March 7, 2017 by Kelly WooPatrick Stewart is done playing Professor Charles Xavier after “Logan.”Well, except he’d play him again in “Deadpool 2,” if asked. But then, he hedged, as he has been in recent days, mentioning there’s been talk of including Xavier in the “Deadpool” sequel. Like us on Facebook. Professor X in everything!Want more stuff like this?

However the live-action remake of the 1991 animated classic is currently the fastest-selling family film of all time in the U.S. Posted March 7, 2017 by Sharon KnolleThanks to the inclusion of Disney’s first gay character, Russia has declared it will ban anyone under 16 from seeing “Beauty and the Beast.”Controversial Russian legislator Vitaly Milonov said Tuesday via Russian radio that he was pleased with the rating decision: “Only adults are capable of deciding whether they are interested in looking at some perverts,” THR quotes him as saying.Meanwhile, Josh Gad, who plays the character in question, defended the subtle “moment” in the film in which the audience realizes LeFou is gay as “important” and that the film is about “inclusiveness” and “has something to offer everyone.” A theater in Alabama earlier announced it wouldn’t show the film at all.It’s the first Disney movie to be slapped with such a restrictive rating in Russia. Previous ratings for Disney films such as the romance-free “Moana” have been “6+”. and expected to have an opening weekend of $120 million stateside.”Beauty and the Beast,” which is also rated PG, opens March 17. “Alice Through the Looking Glass” and “The Jungle Book,” which were both rated PG in the US, were released with a 12+ age restriction, according to THR.Banning all children under 16 will likely have a big dent on the Russian box office.

He stays on as an executive producer.CBS’s Les Moonves told investors that another reason for the later release date is the amount of post-production required. “It’s important to get it right, and ‘Star Trek’ is the family jewels,” Moonves said at a recent conference.”There are millions and millions of Trekkies out there,” Moonves said, ignoring the preferred fandom term of “Trekkers.” “We know for a fact that the other versions of ‘Star Trek’ — there were seven other series, some of them were great and some of them were terrible — they all did really well on Netflix. Posted March 7, 2017 by Sharon KnolleJason Isaacs has joined the “Star Trek: Discovery” series as its captain. That gave us great confidence that this was the right choice to put the full court press on ‘All Access.'” The “Harry Potter” alum will play Captain Lorca, who commands the Starship Discovery, according to THR.Already announced for the CBS All Access series are Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha on “The Walking Dead”) as lead lieutenant commander, James Frain as Spock’s father Sarek, Anthony Rapp (“Rent”) as a space fungus expert, and Michelle Yeoh as the captain of the Starship Shenzhou.Isaacs’ other sci-fi credits include “Event Horizon” and Netflix’s “The OA,” although he’s probably best known for playing villainous Lucius Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” films.The latest “Star Trek” series was originally set to launch the CBS streaming service in January, but will now debut late this summer or fall, THR reports.One of the reasons for the delay: “Hannibal” producer Bryan Fuller stepped down as showrunner.

that’s why I’m not going to do it much longer, the impersonation, I don’t know how much more people can take it.”The former “30 Rock” star also said it’s not likely he’ll be appearing as the President at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, which Trump has announced he’ll be skipping. I thought he would have just relaxed [once he took office]. I think they may have a whole other idea.”
The animated “The Boss Baby,” in which Baldwin voices a precocious, power-mad tot, opens on March 31. The dinner takes place April 29.”I don’t think it’s going to happen,” Baldwin told Extra. Posted March 7, 2017 by Sharon KnolleAlec Baldwin’s impression of President Trump has helped propel “Saturday Night Live” to the best ratings in years, but the Emmy winner might not be up for the gig much longer.Talking to Extra to promote his new movie, “The Boss Baby,” Baldwin said of Trump, “His policies aside… “I think a lot of people are thinking if Trump himself doesn’t come and face the music as it were… The maliciousness of this White House has people worried… If they wanted me to do it, I would probably do it, but I’m not quite sure [what] they’ll do.

Posted March 7, 2017 by Sharon KnolleAnna Faris will star in a remake of ’80s comedy “Overboard,” but she won’t be playing the Goldie Hawn role, The Wrap reports.As MGM announced yesterday, the roles in the new version will be switched: Faris will be playing a single, working class mom who convinces a rich amnesiac (Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez) that he’s her husband.Faris’s films include the “Scary Movie” franchise and “The House Bunny.” She currently stars on the CBS sitcom “Mom.” Derbez is known for the film “Instructions Not Included,” which he directed, co-wrote and starred in. Rob Greenberg (“How I Met Your Mother”) and Bob Fisher (“We’re the Millers”) will co-write and direct the remake.A previously announced remake starring Jennifer Lopez never happened.Another gender-swapped remake of another ’80s classic is already in the works: The update on “Splash” will star Channing Tatum as a merman and Jillan Bell (“Office Christmas Party’) as the human who falls for him. Kurt Russell was the handyman who got revenge on his impossible-to-please client by telling her he’s his husband and putting her to work caring for his four children.The original film was directed by Garry Marshall. It set US and global box office records as the most successful Spanish-language film ever.In the 1987 original, Goldie Hawn played a spoiled rich woman who falls off a boat and has no memory of who she is.

I saw that, in the early ’70s, NASA started launching satellites that were mapping the Earth. The fact that the original “Akira” reference lines up with this thing in John C. That broke open the door for the design of what these other creatures should be. I went through so many designs with so many artists and that creature was the design that really broke it open for us. It never leaves the island, never brings Kong back to the mainland. I wanted to completely flip that on its head. From the beginning, it was very important to me that if we were going to play around with the imagery of Vietnam, we had to have a message. Can you talk about getting away from the more primate look and embracing something more stylized? It’s all very cool.And it was all the brainchild of Jordan Vogt-Roberts, a young filmmaker best known for the Sundance sensation “Kings of Summer.” I got to chat with the director when he was in town promoting “Kong: Skull Island,” and we talked about John C. Was that on purpose?Yes, absolutely. Luckily, we have great producers on that. I immediately upon thinking about the ’70s started thinking about choppers and napalm and Hendrix playing and “Apocalypse Now” with King Kong. Reilly shows up as a pilot shot down on the island during World War II who has since learned to live with the natives. were really great because I said to them, “I feel like people are very cautious and weary of all of this franchise stuff.” So many of these movies have scenes in the middle of the movie that have nothing to do with the movie you’re watching and they only exist to set up some larger franchise. We had to have a comment on the war. Nailing the walking philosophies as these characters exist and nailing the feeling of tension and dread you get as you’re caught and every step you take you go further and further into the belly of the beast as you’re sneaking around. There’s not another franchise on this Earth that I would rather shepherd into existence because Kojima’s voice is so special and pure and it would be so easy for Hollywood to misinterpret what that property is. I loved that idea and I love Miyazaki and I think there’s a lot of “Princess Mononoke” in this movie.Is “Metal Gear Solid” still brewing, or have you moved on to other things?”Metal Gear Solid” is absolutely still brewing. Can you talk about what the project was when you got it and how it evolved?When I got it, they came to me and said they were going to do a new “King Kong” movie and my first response was, “That’s awesome, I love ‘King Kong.'” And then my second response was, “Why?” They had a script that took place in 1917 that was a very cool script by Max Bornstein, who’s a very talented writer. John C. I’m assuming that’s intentional?That is intentional. Were you surprised at how much you were able to squeeze into what is obviously a big tent pole movie?Well that was all a long process. I wanted to take him out of the biped that walks like a simian and more like one that is a god. was they said, “Let’s do that!”The movie is very political and it’s very stylized. Reilly’s jacket, but we should talk about other things, too. He is film history. We knew where we wanted to go with Kong, but we didn’t want to do dinosaurs on the island. Suddenly Miyazaki and “Princess Mononoke” and this sense of beauty and spirituality and this slightly heightened mythical feel was created. Because as soon as you give soft edges to this paint it just felt very traditionally tribal and like you’d seen it before. That’s how a mercenary (Tom Hiddleston), a war photographer (Brie Larson), and an embattled soldier (Samuel L. It also served as a form of camouflage. I was really obsessed with that as an incredible way of discovering something in a time when you believed things could still be discovered. My friends would watch the sh*t out of that movie. I wanted to make him more upright and this combination of a man and a beast and a god. There were so many thematic reasons that were bigger answers to that as to why it was the ’70s, too.So I went back to Legendary and pitched this Vietnam creature feature, and I thought I was going to get laughed out of the room. It was originally conceived as a “Jurassic Park” movie, and Kong is like the T. If Kong is the god of the island then these other creatures are the gods of their own domain. Reilly’s jacket, the design of the creatures (and natives), the Hayao Miyazaki influence on the film, and whether or not his big-screen version of beloved video game “Metal Gear Solid” is still coming.Right off the bat let’s talk about Easter eggs. Is that a reference to Steve Brule? It took a long time and we had thousands of drawings of creatures. (It is also nothing like the two films from the ’70s or the movies that teamed Kong with Godzilla. No!” And the cool thing about Legendary and Warner Bros. You shied away from the primal man we saw in the most recent “King Kong,” and I wanted to know where the face-paint came from. Because I wanted the villagers to feel more evolved than us. And I’m also a child of 8-bit video games and circuit boards and things like that. There needs to be a message here as well.”As far as style goes, I was very surprised, but I can sit here and say that my style and my voice is in this film and I’m super proud of that. Peter did such a good job with dinosaurs and the ’33 one did that and “Jurassic World” did that. So he would carry himself with a nobility and a pride and a sense of being regal but there’s a sadness because he’s the lonely protector of this place.Another fascinating design aspect is the natives of Skull Island. It’s not the metaphorically minded adventure of the 1933 version or the emotional rollercoaster of Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake. Jackson) end up facing down King Kong and a host of Skull Island’s nastiest monster inhabitants. One of the very first things I did when I got signed on was say that I wanted to make him a biped again, like the ’33 version. There’s a lot of things in the movie and a lot of people’s favorite moments that I think are people’s favorite moments because they’re left of center or subversive or off-kilter, and anytime you do something like that you’re stepping outside the box and there are a lot of people you have to make comfortable with that as you go. He deserves to be treated as his own standalone film. They called it the Landsat Program. There’s a lot of people who will go to this movie and have no idea it connects to “Godzilla.” And Kong is an icon. I’m super proud of the movie but it is what it is at times.And Legendary and Warner Bros. I remember when I showed the jacket to John he said, “You know that’s a Steve Brule thing, too?” And I said, “Yeah and it’s also an ‘Akira’ thing.” So he said, “All right, well people are going to go nutty for this.” I said, “All right.” In a normal world, my instinct would have been, Ah,that’s too close. Reilly’s life is too good to pass up.And the insignia on the front of his jacket looks like the monsters on the island. The less said about those, the better.) Instead, “Kong: Skull Island,” is an all-out war movie. It almost looks like a circuit board.It took a long, long, long time to nail the design of that stuff. I liked the idea of it feeling anachronistic and futuristic. And that’s a shame because you’re diluting your own movie. I loved the idea of the paint because for me it wasn’t just decorative but also served as a form of language. Rex. That is still on. I think the thing that’s missing from big popcorn movies is that they don’t have a soul and they don’t have a voice. I loved the idea that it served these multi-purposes.Some of the creatures on the island, like the giant ox, feel very Miyazaki-y. I wanted to make him a movie monster again, where he has exaggerated proportions and was not just a big ape or monkey or gorilla but had his own, almost cartoony proportions. But I thought, No, this is perfect. They were great about hearing that, saying, “Let’s tell the best version of this story so that when King Kong and Godzilla fight, you give a sh*t about him because you love that movie.”Let’s talk about the design of Kong for a second, because what’s so interesting is that he’s much more of a man-in-suit design. They had a better understanding of themselves and their symbiosis with the island. Luckily I had great producers who ultimately backed me on that, but it wasn’t an easy process necessarily. I thought they were going to say, “What? Max is amazing and that script is super cool; it just didn’t make sense for me to be like, “Oh, I can direct this movie.” So they said, “What movie would you direct? It was really important for me because a lot of the Kong films do have these racist stereotypes of what these villagers are. And it’s a reference also to “Taxi Driver.” If you look at the patch that Travis Bickle wears on his jacket in “Taxi Driver,” it says “King Kong Company.” If you side-by-side the two images you see the similarity.I would love to spend this entire interview talking about John C. Posted March 7, 2017 by Drew TaylorWhatever you think “Kong: Skull Island” will be, it’s not. Reilly has “for your health” written on the back of his jacket. We need to get the script right and we need to get the script right in a way that honors what the game is and honors Kojima’s voice and breaks the curse of video game movies.”Kong: Skull Island” is out everywhere this Friday. I think that’s the one way that films can truly separate themselves from TV and all the other noise and all the other content being created. Can you confirm?[Laughs] Ironically, it is a Steve Brule Easter egg but it was originally designed as a reference to “Akira” and the jacket they wear in “Akira.” It just happened to brilliantly coincide with the “For Your Health” Steve Brule reference. I felt like we’d seen it before. How would you make it relevant?”I went away for the weekend and thought about it and started doing research and looking into different time periods. And I loved that. And Kong was barely in the script. So it was not an easy, “Oh, yes, of course all this weird humor is going to be in here and all this style is going to be in here.” If I was ever going to do a Director’s Cut, there’d be 10% more style in the movie. But it just didn’t make sense why it should get made. It’s a Vietnam movie with monsters. Like, it’s not necessarily his movie. Oh, and John C. We’re working on the script and that is one of the most special, idiosyncratic properties on the planet for me. And I think audiences want a point of view. You’ve really got to run through the gauntlet and just stick to your guns.Was it hard maintaining that voice while also being a part of this larger ecosystem of movies that King Kong is a part of?Yes, it was difficult to maintain that, but, like I said, I ultimately had great people who backed me. And it is awesome.Part of what makes “Kong: Skull Island” so awesome is that it’s set immediately after the conclusion of the Vietnam war, when a shadowy government organization called Monarch (one of the things that connects this film to 2014’s “Godzilla” reboot) piggybacks on a Landsat expedition to map the island. It’s just a bunch of people, on Skull Island, having their asses handed to them. I thought, I would watch the sh*t out of that movie. You’re nailing the feelings that that game makes you feel and putting that in a movie is so exciting to me. Not everyone necessarily agreed with that, but I was like, “We cannot play with imagery that is this charged just to make a popcorn movie. It was your decision to set the film in 1973, right? That’s the one thing movies really have, that when they excel a movie with a voice that suddenly feels different, you think, Wow, that’s a revelation.So I’m really proud of how much of it is in there.

“Somebody that’s different. Posted March 7, 2017 by Sharon KnolleJosh Gad has responded to the backlash over the revelations that LeFou, whom he plays in “Beauty and the Beast,” is Disney’s first gay characterThe actor, who memorably voiced Olaf in “Frozen,” tells People, “The film is one of inclusiveness. It’s one that has something to offer everyone.”A theater in Alabama has refused to show the film and Russia just blocked anyone under 16 from seeing the movie because it includes a gay character.”There is so much fear out there of that which we don’t understand that which we don’t know,” the 36-year-old actor told People.LeFou is the sidekick to handsome villain Gaston (Luke Evans) who reluctantly goes along with his friend’s efforts to woo Belle (Emma Watson). digging a little deeper and understanding to not be fearful of things you don’t know or people who look a little different to you.”Gad told Variety at the film’s premiere that the film’s theme of not judging people on their appearance “is more resonant than it’s ever been.” He added, “I do think [the moment] is going to be effective and I do think it’s important.”Director Bill Condon, who first announced the movie had an “exclusively gay moment,” told Variety, “It’s part of a celebration of love.” He’s downplayed the “moment,” saying, “I don’t want people to think it’s more than it is and be disappointed.”Despite any potential boycotts, “Beauty and the Beast” is poised to clean up at the box office: Fandango reports it’s the “fastest selling family film ever.” The film opens Friday, March 17. Somebody that only represents a danger because [Gaston] says that he represents a danger.”Evans previously told People that the film is “about unity, it’s about never judging a book by its cover … As fans of the original will recall, once Gaston learns about Beast, he incites the villagers to hunt him down.”Gaston uses his charm offensive to whip other people into a frenzy to go and attack somebody they’ve never met,” says Gad.

I do think the idea of the show was, as Joel was saying, the show was, even look at your enemies. That means a lot. We always say, we try to say in a bubble because we don’t want anybody to ever feel the people doing this show were watching current events. But now, I can’t imagine, we can’t imagine any way of doing that that wouldn’t seem absurdly self-conscious.”The Americans” Season 5 premieres tonight (March 7) on FX. But we haven’t heard about Putin or Trump. Posted March 7, 2017 by Scott HuverAt long last, viewers can have their TVs tuned to startling and lurid tales of Russian espionage, intrigue, and attempts to destabilize democracy.Fictional tales, to clarify. Your enemies don’t have to be enemies. We’re not thrilled about that. We’ve never heard of him watching it. All the operations are being accused of running are operations we’ve been running on the show. He looks 20 years old. Or did you go back and review and say, “Oh yeah, we need to close that one? We get various reports about people who watch us in Russia, people watching in Russia. But that lives in a show as it is in the ’80s, as it did before any of this happened.Can you talk about the first episode, with the opening scene featuring “America the Beautiful”?Fields: That was with us from very early on.Weisberg: We went back and forth a lot about, we actually recorded it in English with those guys singing with Russian accents, and we recorded it in Russian. And we’re following those stories that we’ve broken out there and writing between us.We also, then, because we’re neurotic, go back and review everything and make sure we haven’t left anything on the table that we want to serve up.So, in that vein, are we going to get a Martha check-in, since we’re in the Soviet Union this season? We asked the lawyers.Joe, you must be inundated by people wanting to talk about current events now, given your real-life intelligence background. The themes are all in there automatically. He’s running that country. The viewers will kill us if we don’t.”Fields: I would say, sort of both, but more the former. We do know Obama’s been watching it. We want to stunt his growth a little bit.Fields: Turns out, it’s not legal. And not of the “fake news” variety.As “The Americans” debuts its fifth season this week, it’s certainly not lost on the producers of FX’s widely admired ’80s era Cold War drama that many of the themes and topics the show’s explored throughout its run are suddenly appearing in contemporary headlines at the top of every news cycle.But for creator Joe Weisberg — a former CIA officer himself prior to his Hollywood career — and executive producer Joel Fields it’s a development they with some bemusement and a healthy dose of wariness just as they’re embarking on creating the series’ sixth and final season, as they revealed in a chat with a small gathering of journalists during a recent press tour.”There’s something — in a twisted way — that’s kind of fun about seeing all this stuff in the headlines that we’re trafficking in all the time,” says Weisberg. By cast and crew these days?Weisberg: I get a lot of questions. Or did we want to switch off in the middle? Many people ask us this question. SAG does not let you do it.Weisberg: We researched it. It seems like what we were saying within the show, maybe more specifically relevant with regards to Russia, but that seems coincidental, because we felt we were saying it just with regards to the concept of a generic enemy, and how important it is to remember that our enemies are human, and that those cultures who we believe are out to get us somehow, that those are comprised of human beings who aren’t that different than we are, whether or not we agree with them.It’s surprising to find that that’s people from Russia again. If it were a current show, then we could let them all in, but in a period show, it has to feel totally separate.But the show being what the show is about, it’s in automatically. It was a hard choice.Was there a running mental list of things, like dangling plot threads, that you knew you wanted to get to? The two are going to go hand in hand.Do you think Putin has seen your show?Weisberg: We wonder about that all the time. After many years of being asked, “What about Henry? But they can feel free to let us know if they’re watching and enjoying, that would be super cool.Donald Trump was around in the ’80s. We watched them singing all in Russian, all in English with Russian accents, and then with the first half in English in Russian accents, turning Russian, and vice versa. I do. I’ll say that … By people on staff? “But, on the other hand, the initial idea of the show was really to say, “Hey, look. That’s through no effort or genius of ours: that’s just, if you do a show about Russian espionage and it’s in the news, it’s in your show.Has it influenced what you want to say within the show?Joel Fields: It’s funny. As I was saying to Joel earlier, “I don’t think the show worked!”Distinguishing between Russia and Vladamir Putin, do we need better relations with Putin, particularly, or the Russian people?Weisberg: I think better relations is a political question, so I don’t think you’re going to get there without better relations with Putin. Why isn’t anybody doing anything with Henry, you idiots?” And we always say, “We love Henry, but the problem is more about finding space,” and we found a little bit more space for Henry this year. We keep what we used to call the Master Document, which had all of our story beats in it, and in this past season, we changed it to what we call the Final Document, since we now know we’re coming to these last two seasons. Which is to say, we keep a running list. Or is her story pretty much finished?Weisberg: We’ve been asked many times; we have yet to answer. We loved it all those ways. We are among her fans.Fields: We love Martha.Weisberg: We will tell you about Henry, that we feel that we’ve got a good Henry story cooking. He’s very popular. I spend a lot of my time when I’m not working walking around in circles thinking about it. Did you ponder a cameo?Fields: We were just saying, ironically, if Donald Trump hadn’t become Donald Trump, and hadn’t become the [president], we might have been able to do that. We knew from the start we didn’t know how we wanted it, which of those two. You can’t do that with a period show. And we watched it in the cut always. That’s pretty cool. These people who we think of as enemies are really just like us,” and that was at a more peaceful time in U.S./Russian relations, and to see things have spiraled so out of control, frankly, just doesn’t feel so good.”When you look at the headlines today, are you thinking, “Maybe we can do one more season,’ and play with the themes that are percolating in the world right now…Joe Weisberg: We don’t have to do another season to do it, right? Is that something you’ve just been barraged with by people in the industry?

Posted March 7, 2017 by Moviefone StaffYou won’t see “Kong: Skull Island” stars Brie Larson and John Goodman one-on-one in the movie, so we gave them a chance to sit, chat, and go “Unscripted.” Among the topics discussed: Skull Island pets, eating rotisserie chicken like corn-on-the-cob, and winning over a very intimidating Samuel L. Jackson.”Kong: Skull Island” roars into theaters March 10th.

Here’s the skinny on how Collins’s starving warriors came to the big screen.1. Co-star Liam Hemsworth also made a point of slimming down. She notoriously injured herself on the last day of training by running full-speed into a wall, but the injury didn’t prove serious.4. It even banned the slogan “Let the games begin” from promotional use. But then, five years ago this week (on March 23, 2012), came the release of “The Hunger Games.”The adaptation of the first novel of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling trilogy made Lawrence an instant A-lister, launched one of the biggest film franchises of recent years, and spawned a slew of imitators in the young-adult-dystopian-future genre.For all its enormous impact, and for all the fan lore, there’s still a lot you may not know about “The Hunger Games,” from the real-life dangers the actors faced to the ideas behind the unforgettably flamboyant fashions of the film’s fascist future. “Hunger Games” scored a $155 million opening weekend, a March record and a record at the time for a franchise’s first film. By contrast, Gary Ross, working for the first time as a director-for-hire (his previous works, from “Big” to “Pleasantville,” had all been based on his own ideas), reportedly earned between $3 and $4 million.3. On the North Carolina woodland set, there were some real survival challenges, including 100-degree heat and bears — about 300 of them roaming the forest surrounding the set.5. It went on to earn $408 million in North America and a total of $694 million around the globe. For the first “Hunger Games,” Lawrence earned just $500,000. “It takes it high fashion, but also a little scary. But she spent three days mulling the offer, wary of becoming as famous — and as hounded — as Kristen Stewart was when she took on her “Twilight” role.2. Overall, the franchise has earned nearly $1.5 billion in North America and just shy of $3 billion worldwide. Even its marketing budget, at $45 million, was about half what such movies usually spend.9. Explaining the over-the-top fashions she created for the Capitol city-dwellers, costume designer Judianna Makovsky told Vogue, “I just thought it would be funny if these people, who have such a vicious streak in them, are sort of covered in flowers and ruffles.”She also came up with their signature make-up look — powdered faces with no eyebrows. The effect was to make fans wonder how the filmmakers would depict the bloody competition, a mystery that could be solved only by buying a ticket to the movie.10. Distributor Lionsgate managed the tricky feat of marketing a movie about kids killing other kids for the sake of entertainment by never actually showing combat footage from the games in its trailers. The initial budget for the film was $60 million, modest for a would-be blockbuster requiring elaborate set design and some 1,200 special effects shots. By the time the movie was finished, its cost had ballooned to $78 million — still a bargain, by action spectacle standards. Posted March 7, 2017 by Gary SusmanHard to believe, but there was a time before Jennifer Lawrence was everybody’s BFF. After proving her ability to survive a backwoods environment and skin squirrels in her Oscar-nominated performance in “Winter’s Bone” (2010), Lawrence nailed her audition to play Katniss Everdeen, beating some 50 other actresses for the part. (Among the also-rans: fellow teen stars Hailee Steinfeld, Shailene Woodley, Chloe Grace Moretz, Emma Roberts, Saoirse Ronan, and Abigail Breslin. For the city scenes, the filmmakers built sets on the grounds of an abandoned Philip Morris cigarette factory.7. To this day, it remains Lionsgate’s second highest-domestic grosser, topped only by “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”11. “It immediately takes the face somewhere else,” she said. And also beautiful, funnily enough.”8. Before filming, Lawrence was already in great shape, thanks to her fitness regime from “X-Men: First Class.” Still, she spent six weeks of training, including archery, parkour, yoga, and tree-climbing. Before Liam began shooting his role as Gale, his brother, “Thor” star Chris Hemsworth, sent him a text with the advice, “It’s called ‘The Hunger Games,’ not ‘The Eating Games.'”6.

Pretending to be a Daily Hive reporter, she showed up to interview them, and their reaction was pretty priceless. The actors opened up about the impact of the film, the rangers’ new powers, and more. Thanks to the video she shared, we get to see how it went down, plus watch the subsequent interview.After the trio recovered from their shock, they traded notes with Johnson, covering a lot in a short time. Apparently, we can expect to see a lot of cool changes, but sadly not acrobatics like Johnson’s.Watch the surprise and interview below.”Power Rangers” opens on March 24.[via: Amy Johnson/YouTube; h/t: EW] Posted March 6, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio Long”Power Rangers” may have gotten a reboot, but the OG rangers still live large in the hearts of fans, including the new cast.Original pink ranger Amy Jo Johnson, who starred in the ’90s Fox Kids series, brought the old and new together by surprising stars Naomi Scott, Ludi Lin, and Dacre Montgomery at a recent press junket in Toronto.