[…] That’s what we’re doing now, we’re walking across Mordor.”He said he was feeling better about the future than he had in a long time, referencing how Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any future investigations related to Trump’s presidential campaign. Posted March 3, 2017 by Gina CarboneSean Astin knows a powerful speech by his “Lord of the Rings” character, Samwise Gamgee, has been a rallying cry for the anti-President Trump crowd, but he’s also channeling Sam’s optimism about the future. you know, he’s been growing,” Astin continued. We’re on a long journey, just taking it day by day, so keep your spirits up and don’t lose hope.TMZ caught up with Astin at the airport, and they talked about “The Lord of the Rings” as a political metaphor. “And Trump has shown signs of willing to behave in a way that isn’t … Now we’re in March and things are happening. So I think it was more like Frodo and Sam walking across Mordor. It’s a low bar, but I’ve noted his growth.”Here’s Sam’s speech:[via TMZ]Want more stuff like this? “I’ve noted his growth. Like us on Facebook. As Astin put it, “I think ‘Lord of the Rings’ is about persevering in the face of overwhelming odds. […] It’s funny, right when Trump got elected, there’s a speech that Samwise delivers in ‘The Two Towers’ where he talks about there’s some good in this world that worth fighting for.”TMZ said that’s his quote, right?Astin responded, “Yeah but that was in November.

Like us on Facebook. I don’t need you to help me potty,” and to laugh hysterically for an awkward length of time, then stop suddenly and just stare.Watch it play out:The woman was such a good sport about it, and she could tell it was some kind of joke, especially when Watson kept cracking up and clearly looked like she was pausing each time for instructions.”Beauty and the Beast” will be released in theaters March 17.[via Us Weekly]Want more stuff like this? Posted March 3, 2017 by Gina Carbone”Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the best little girl of them all?” You are, Emma Watson. Watson told the woman she got the idea of having her own adult nanny from watching “The Bachelor.” The woman immediately understood the reference: “Oh my gosh, Corinne?” She said it was “so awesome.” Watson continued, “I started saying ‘vagine,’ too.”Ellen kept asking Watson to do the most ridiculous things, including to tell the interviewee, “I like to go potty alone. You are.The “Beauty and the Beast” star was on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday, and Ellen had her conduct a wonderfully absurd prank: Interview a stranger for the position of her own nanny, as inspired by “The Bachelor.” Watson even said the word “vagine,” which we cannot unhear.Ellen piped instructions on what to say into Watson’s earpiece, as the star sat down with an unsuspecting women.

Director Bill Condon recently confirmed that LeFou (Josh Gad) will be revealed as gay in the live-action version of the beloved animated musical. In a final scene, he’s shown dancing with a man. “If we can not take our 11-year-old granddaughter and 8-year-old grandson to see a movie we have no business watching it. Gad himself tweeted his pride in the choice to be open about LeFou’s orientation:Beyond proud of this https://t.co/5wG1KfKqVZ
— Josh Gad (@joshgad) March 1, 2017Want more stuff like this? I know there will be some that do not agree with this decision. Posted March 3, 2017 by Kelly WooAn Alabama drive-in movie theater is canceling screenings of “Beauty and Beast” to protest the inclusion of a gay character. And now the owners of the Henagar Drive-In theater are alerting customers on its Facebook page that planned screenings have been canceled. We will continue to show family oriented films so you can feel free to come watch wholesome movies without worrying about sex, nudity, homosexuality and foul language.”LeFou is sidekick to villain Gaston (Luke Evans), and sings to and flirts with his crush. If I can’t sit through a movie with God or Jesus sitting by me then we have no business showing it. That’s fine … Like us on Facebook. “When companies continually force their views on us we need to take a stand,” they wrote in the post.

In a recent interview with Empire, Schwarzenegger complained that Trump’s association with the show was driving down ratings. Like us on Facebook. Posted March 3, 2017 by Kelly WooArnold Schwarzenegger has a message for “The New Celebrity Apprentice”: “You’re terminated.”Schwarzenegger released a statement quitting the reality series: “I loved every second of working with NBC and [executive producer] Mark Burnett. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 3, 2017NBC did not comment on Schwarzenegger’s statement, and the network has not confirmed if the show will be picked up for another season.Want more stuff like this? Everyone — from the celebrities to the crew to the marketing department — was a straight 10, and I would absolutely work with all of them again on a show that doesn’t have this baggage.”That “baggage” has the name of Donald Trump. With Trump being involved in the show people have a bad taste and don’t want to participate as a spectator or as a sponsor or in any other way support the show,” he said.Trump himself has badmouthed Schwarzenegger’s appearance on “Celebrity Apprentice,” even though he still has a financial stake in the show as an executive producer:Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger did a really bad job as Governor of California and even worse on the Apprentice…but at least he tried hard! “Even if asked [to do it again] I would decline. — Donald J.

“‘Horror Story’ is always about allegory, so the election is allegory. It starts on election night is all I’ll say … We’re halfway through the writing and not yet,” he said. It’s our jumping off point. It is about the election we just went through and what happened on that night and the fallout of that night, which to many people, from all sides of the camps is a horror story.”Emmy winner Paulson and Evan Peters play the leads of the season, but Murphy has yet to cast the roles of Clinton and Trump.”No, not yet. It’s very scary that night for many people. News that they will both show up — just not as the main characters. “I think people literally think Sarah Paulson is playing Hillary Clinton, and I wanted to clarify that that is not true,” he said. Posted March 3, 2017 by Kelly WooDonald Trump and Hillary Clinton will make an appearance, as characters, on the next season of “American Horror Story,” which is inspired by the 2016 election.Creator Ryan Murphy previously said that neither would be portrayed on season 7, but told E! “But it’s really, really fun. Like us on Facebook. It’s fun, you will like it.”Hopefully more than the real one!Want more stuff like this?

With the new film spanning a whopping three hours, though, expect original elements as well. It’s not the iconic lift, but it commemorates another special moment from the film’s final dance number.We’re ready for @yoabbaabba in the new @DirtyDancingMov on @ABCNetwork 💃🏻 pic.twitter.com/1gyQRmWRuJ
— Rogers & Cowan (@rogersandcowan) March 2, 2017Like the 1987 classic, the remake follows the sheltered Baby (Breslin) as she falls in love with dance instructor Johnny (Prattes) one summer. Posted March 2, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongABC is bringing us a new version of “Dirty Dancing,” and if the first poster is any indication, it pays homage to its predecessor.The poster, which was first revealed by EW, shows stars Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes in a pose that any fan of the original will recognize. ET/PT on ABC.[via: EW; Twitter] “Instead, I tried to see Baby as how she related to me, and hopefully I do the character justice.”The result of the movie, she said, is “dope,” which isn’t surprising considering the beloved story and stellar cast. The film also stars Debra Messing, Nicole Scherzinger, and Sarah Hyland, among others.”Dirty Dancing” airs Wednesday, May 24 at 8 p.m. On top of songs from its predecessor, ABC’s “Dirty Dancing” will include even more musical numbers.Breslin opened up about some of the differences during a recent interview with Out magazine, making it clear that “it’s a reimagining, not a reenactment.””I’m not doing an imitation of Jennifer Grey’s iconic performance in the original,” she said.

Yes, please.NBC has ordered six episodes of a new game show from the funny “Ellen DeGeneres Show” host, Variety reports. She promised that she’s “pulling out all the stops,” and then joked that the show will be like “a combination of ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ and a water park.”Whatever DeGeneres has up her sleeve, it’s bound to be good, and the network guaranteed as much.”She is among the very best at engaging with her devoted audience and we are all in for a treat when her antics hit primetime,” said Paul Telegdy, NBC alternative and reality group president, according to Variety.A premiere date has yet to be announced, but we’re already excited.[via: Variety] Called “Ellen’s Game of Games,” it’s based on the crazy activities she likes to do with guests. Apparently, we can expect to see her bring out favorite games like “What’s in the Box?” and “Know or Go?”DeGeneres has been hosting her daytime talk show on the network since 2003, plus starring in hit films like “Finding Dory.” The new hour-long, primetime series will be a new challenge for her, but it sounds like one she’s excited about. Posted March 2, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongMore of Ellen DeGeneres on TV?

This is clearly not a princess sitting around waiting for a white knight.It turns out the casting of Watson, a high-profile gender equality activist, was very intentional. As the actress, some of her castmates, and director Bill Condon share, they’ve made Belle a true 21st century heroine — one who is fearless, industrious, curious, and creative.The featurette provides proof. Condon and fellow “Beauty and the Beast” stars acknowledged how ideal she was for the empowering part.”Belle is a great role model because she stands up for who and what she believes in,” Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Plumette) says in the featurette.Watson, who grew up admiring Belle, took that responsibility seriously.”I know what she meant to me as a young girl,” she says. Star Emma Watson previously explained that they’d given Belle a new backstory, and a new featurette from Disney offers further insight into the revamped version of her beloved character. Posted March 2, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio Long”Beauty and the Beast” will have more than a live-action update when the film hits theaters this month.This time around, Belle will be three-dimensional in more ways than one. “When you love something that much, you really want to do it justice.”If you weren’t already dying to see the film, watch the video below and be inspired.”Beauty and the Beast” opens in theaters on March 17.[via: Disney] At different points in the video, Belle takes matters into her own hands, whether that be lowering a makeshift rope out of a window, helping the Beast (Dan Stevens) problem-solve, or teaching a little girl to read.

The first scene shows them failing to secure a 10-year loan.Beyond their business woes, it looks like their friendship will face some trouble as well. Posted March 2, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongNetflix’s “Grace and Frankie” is back with a buzz-worthy Season 3 trailer.The preview, released Thursday, shows TV’s best retiree odd couple, Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin), going through with their plan to start selling vibrators. Frankie tells Grace that she’s sick of her, and Grace later pulverizes a piece of meat when asked where Frankie is. Uh-oh!On top of all that, the show will continue to make light of common aging woes. From what we can see, though, it’s not going to be easy. It looks like another fun ride.Watch the hilarious preview below.”Grace and Frankie” Season 3 premieres March 24 on Netflix. (Never mind that all of the show’s senior citizen stars have aged absurdly well.) The trailer teases back injuries, forgetfulness, and the dreaded R-word — retirement. The two women have come a long way since the show began, but we see them regress.