Like us on Facebook. Kimmel did say his biggest anxiety is that Matt Damon might not lose.Want more stuff like this? Posted February 7, 2017 by Gina CarboneMatt Damon: “I want to thank God, because He hates Jimmy so much that He just made all this happen.”After 14 years of being blown off in the dressing room, Matt Damon finally beat Jimmy Kimmel at his own game. I won the Super Bowl. But first, Guillermo wanted to get Brady’s autograph, even though Kimmel kept trying to tell him that was not the real Tom Brady. Didn’t matter. Patent it.”Touchdown! It does not get old. And this is the real fake feud we just can’t seem to get sick of. 26, and Damon is nominated as one of the producers of “Manchester by the Sea.” That film is not expected to win Best Picture but, if it does, Damon is going to have to rub it in the host’s face. Ever. Last night, a day after Damon’s beloved Patriots won yet another Super Bowl, Kimmel had MVP quarterback “Tom Brady” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” But, of course, “Tom Brady” was really none other than Kimmel’s longtime rival Matt Damon, dressed in Brady’s uniform.Once Kimmel realized he had been punked, he was (mock) furious and rushed to have Damon removed. The best part of the whole thing was Rich Eisen’s post-appearance interview with Damon backstage:Damon has broken onto the show before, to take Kimmel hostage and — in a personal favorite — when Ben Affleck snuck him in under his own “fat” suit:Heaven.Kimmel is hosting the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. Is that the standard? And I won your stupid show!”Kimmel insisted Damon was not technically a guest on the show because he didn’t sit on the couch. It was the real Matt Damon.
— Jenna Fischer (@jennafischer) February 7, 2017We definitely feel like raising a second drink to this delightful news, too. Luckily, though, the character can now breathe a sigh of relief, thanks to a well-timed tweet from her offscreen alter ego, and a hilariously perfect response from the restaurant itself.Actress Jenna Fischer, who played Pam for nine seasons on the NBC sitcom, took to Twitter this week to share a photo of herself outside of a Chili’s, asking her followers, “Should I go in?” The actress was obviously referring to Pam’s dicey history with the chain, but whoever was running the Chili’s Twitter account was definitely in favor of the actress taking a chance, replying, “we hope you felt God tonight,” a nod to Pam’s Dundies acceptance speech.Should I try to go in? Second drink!!!,” a nod to what Pam affectionately dubbed the melted ice in her glass.OMG! “Pam is an inspiration to many and we welcome her with open arms.”Fischer followed up that announcement with yet another reference to that fateful night at Chili’s, tweeting, “OMG! On Tuesday, the chain tweeted out a press release announcing that it had officially lifted its ban on Pam, and “welcomes her back to any #Chilis restaurant.”BREAKING: Chili’s lifts permanent ban on Pam (@JennaFischer), welcomes her back to any #Chilis restaurant:
— Chili’s Grill & Bar (@Chilis) February 7, 2017Here’s the full release, featuring a statement from the Chili’s president herself:Effective immediately, Chili’s® Grill & Bar has removed the longstanding ban on a Scranton, Pennsylvania woman who allegedly caused a disturbance during a company awards party held at a Chili’s near the Pennsylvania town of Scranton.The woman, Pam Beesly Halpert, received a prestigious award for having the whitest sneakers in the company.After thanking her shoes and coworkers, the woman declared, “I feel God in this Chili’s tonight.””After reviewing the good conduct of Pam, I have decided to lift the now 11-year ban,” said Kelli Valade, President of Chili’s. — Chili’s Grill & Bar (@Chilis) February 7, 2017But the fun didn’t stop there. Second drink!!! Cheers to Pam, Chili’s, and Fischer for making social media a little more joyful this week.[via: Jenna Fischer, Chili’s, h/t Entertainment Weekly] Posted February 7, 2017 by Katie RobertsDuring the season two premiere of “The Office,” Pam Beesly had a little too much to drink while attending the annual Dundies celebration at Chili’s, and was permanently banned from the chain.
— Jenna Fischer (@jennafischer) February 6, 2017@jennafischer we hope you felt God tonight.

I think Gareth [Edwards] was a great choice as a director, because he brought something different to the “Star Wars” kind of universe. They were always trying to solve character problems, and that was like, “Don’t forget that. I watched the shows, and I check in. Stay open.” It makes your life as a performer more fulfilling. I like what he brings to the table as an executive producer. It’s got to really be on the page there.Down the line, to be able to work on “West Wing,” and to have characters that are kind of substantive, those are gratifying for actors in a lot of different ways — I just try to keep doing different things. Because of that, my stuff is a little bit chopped up. I think when you’re doing a film, the script, there’s a certain magic that can happen sometimes when you can elevate something. Were you a regular viewer? Law” as attorney Victor Sifuentes, effectively stepping into a leading role in the second season of “NYPD Blue” as Det. [Laughs] Just in terms of what comes, because you always have to put it into perspective in terms of what comes to your desk. They’ll tell you if they don’t like it. That’s been fun. This is a genre piece in the way it lives and breathes. And then, since I’ve been around the block a couple of times, I can make a choice — like supporting that Netflix project that I did because of the thematic thing that interested me, or a particular writer that I want to work with.But here, the genre to me interested me; what they had done with the show visually; the fact that Stephen Hopkins, who directed the original pilot episode, did this. Did you discover it at some point in its run?Jimmy Smits: I’m a fan of the show. Are you going to get some action? I think it has to do with the fact that I am a “Homeland” fan. My kids, nephews and nieces, extended family, they were all really huge, huge, huge fans of the show. It helps nuance it. I got calls from them that they were totally with this. And they were just there to work — they were, like, unjaded. Yeah, it looks like it’s taking that turn. The fact that she has a theater background I think helps a whole lot in terms of the way the two actors broke the ice with each other.We kind of talk the same language about how important to establish a good relationship to be the springboard, since you’re dealing with one day. I wish I had the pick of [shows] — there are very few and far between that people have that luxury.I just want to keep being versatile in terms of my work as a performer, as an actor, and keep mixing that up. Yeah, that’s the main difference.Tell me about finding the rhythm with Miranda Otto, to play the chemistry that you guys need to have for the show. Because of that, I got to work with some really great writers. Don’t forget that. Posted February 7, 2017 by Scott HuverFew actors have enjoyed a television legacy like that of Jimmy Smits.For more than 40 years, Smits has played an integral role in the TV landscape, beginning with his breakout role on “L.A. Absolutely.Tell me what you feel about your television legacy at this point. Something where you’re like, “That’s stuck with me this whole time.”To always keep yourself available and open to new possibilities with characters. Smits joined Moviefone for a look at the new series, his perspective on how his television career has unfolded and, oh yes, playing Princess Leia’s dad one more time — but maybe not the last? You’ve been part of ensembles; you’ve headlined your own shows; you’ve worked in a lot of different genres. And it’s all about it being on the page, especially in this genre. I’m nitpick-y, because that’s what I do. — in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”Moviefone: Where did the original “24” fall on your radar? Makes me feel old. I checked in with “Homeland” a lot, and I love what she did on that show. When you work on television now, what are your benchmarks that you look for? They were doing all kind of different incarnations of it. I’m not a binge watcher of any particular show, but definitely a fan. It was great to hear them actually be won over, and to love the fact that Anna Diop’s character is like a badass and picks up a gun in the first five minutes, to give themselves over to these characters, and to the story, and then realizing what the engine is of the template.In this action-orientated show, you’re the statesman. It’s good when you’re able to do something like that, in fulfillment of this other thing that you want to do in terms of performing.What haven’t you done that you’re still dying to get a shot at? Howard [Gordon] is somebody that I’ve known, because I’ve been on the Fox lot for a number of different shows. One of the great things about working on the Netflix project that I did with those kids was there was a lot of adversity because of the music and the scripts not coming in on time. I just marveled at the character detail that [creator David] Milch was able to achieve, so that you knew that all these kind of characters that all had ghosts in their closets, you knew that they were dysfunctional, but you wanted to see how they would react in that particular situation. I’m happy with the film.Would you play that character again?Absolutely!We don’t know what what happens in that little window of time between “Rogue One” and “A New Hope,” before Alderaan goes…Absolutely. I’m a fan of what that television show did, I think, for TV. They were just there to do the work. Miguel Prado (and a serial killer’s unlikely bestie) on “Dexter,” more recently, he enjoyed a late-series run as self-described “companionator” Nero Padilla on “Sons of Anarchy,” and appeared in Baz Luhrmann’s historical hip-hop series “The Get Down” as a Bronx politico on Netflix.And did we mention that among his trips to the big screen he played Princess Leia’s adoptive dad in the “Star Wars” prequels?Now, Smits is taking on a literal bit of dynastic television as he jumps onboard Fox’s hotly anticipated reboot series “24: Legacy,” and he’s looking presidential all over again, playing John Donovan, a Senator aspiring to occupy the White House who also happens to be married to the current head of the Counter Terrorist Unit. You’re scaring me! So there’s a big, big, big difference there. Is there a type of genre or a type of role you’re looking for that would be one more box you could check off?That’s interesting. So I’m OK. That was unfortunate the way that went down.I actually had to make sure that we stepped in with George’s camp to know that they were behind this. Bobby Simone, joining the final seasons of “The West Wing” as presidential candidate Matt Santos, an Emmy-nominated turn as D.A. You’re the politician. So that’s good.What does it mean to you to be playing a man eyeing the presidency in this world that we live in right this minute?Right. I’ve said this before: just as a young person watching people that I’ve admired, it gives those young people permission to aspire. It wasn’t just like a Disney thing that’s happening. How easy was that to get there with her?Really, very, very easy. I love what Felicity [Jones] and Diego [Luna] and all of them did. When I look at it, I feel a little artistically unfulfilled. It seemed like there was a continuity, but there was going to be a big difference, a shift in terms of the way the engine of the show was going to move.When we went to that second Comic-Con in New York, that group who was very kind of vociferous if they’re not with a kind of genre piece. They didn’t know. I’m OK in this lane.You yourself have kicked in a lot of doors when it comes to diversity as well. I’m so happy that it did so well. It’s a producer’s medium in a lot of ways, a writer’s kind of medium. Much respect for what they did.When I heard that they were kind of doing this reinvigorating of it and making a choice, like with Corey’s character. Tell me about that aspect of your career, to have been able to lead the charge in a change in the way we see our TV characters and how representation is altered.It’s just about finding ways to give audiences characters, so that you can open the door a little bit for the audience to realize what’s really out there. Right now, this is the kind of genre piece, and I’m liking the vibe between this cast and the work that Corey [Hawkins] is doing. So he changed the bar in terms of the way you watch quote-unquote, a “procedural,” a cop show.I just feel really fortunate to have stumbled upon Mr. He used the cinematographer who did, like, “Zero Dark Thirty.” So that little jerky-ish, in certain scenes, there was almost a documentarian kind of feel — it added to the edge, so that when you had those stately kind of “Star Wars” grand space scenes, it energized it in a way.So I’m happy — because I was concerned about, now that George [Lucas] is not as involved, how Disney is going to monetize it — that it actually will be good for the franchise in terms of the standalone films.So having said all that, what disappointed me was I wasn’t able to like go back to finish the work that we had to do — because there were some changes. TV’s really so quick. Are you hoping for some?I actually had to take a couple of Aleves this morning, because last night, in Atlanta, we were doing a little bit of running around. I just wish there was a little bit more clarity. I wasn’t a great student, but when I related it to acting, I could spend hours in the library researching why ruffles were used, or why a wardrobe thing, how it related to the social.So for me to be able to find that was really important. Bochco and company during the first round, and maybe spoiled me in a lot of ways, but he kept the bar high. Yeah. Maybe schedule-wise, if I was able to go back, we could have done that. So to have that backstory between us, we were really on the same page because we like to talk about character stuff. I was flipping through channels the other night, and there was an episode of “[NYPD] Blue” that aired, and it was about Sipowicz’s character, and he kind of falls off the wagon. I’m glad it was in there. That’s been really fun.What did it mean to you to be in “Rogue One,” to have that opportunity to reprise the character of Bail Organa and venture back into the “Star Wars” universe?Thanks for asking that. So it felt good.You’ve been part of not just one classic show, but a few classic shows. Surprisingly, very, very easy. The difference between what I’m doing here and what I did on “West Wing” was that the nature of that particular show was very kind of political in the way it lived and breathed. But that doesn’t have anything to do with the way I feel about the importance of the film. I think I wouldn’t mind testing out the waters in a period piece, just because it was one of the things that one of the handles that made me realize that this is what I wanted to do. So I would like to do something that would require, I think I want to check that box and do something that’s very like a period piece that would require a lot of going back to that research thing.What’s a lesson you learned as a young actor — either something you discovered on your own, or something another actor set as sort of an example for you — that you have kept to your entire career? I talked about that a couple of times in interviews: I really think that the visual template of that show changed the way people watched TV.So yeah, I love what Kief did with the show. Because you’ve got such a tremendous legacy yourself on television.There’s that element of commitment-phobia from the Smits Department there. So I’m happy for them.I thought it was just such a lovely note, using your character to bridge the sagas. Once you think that you have it down, that’s when you start relying on tricks. Of course, the Simone character, they were partners on so many different levels.

And “Brooklyn” bringing in an actor who’s played an amateur detective to play an actor who’s played a detective is a brilliant, self-aware bit of casting.As for how Fillion’s character will fare the “Nine-Nine,” we have a feeling that Mark and Jake will definitely butt heads. Posted February 7, 2017 by Katie RobertsAn upcoming episode of Fox cop comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” will be taking a cue from longrunning procedural “Castle” — and also bringing in that series’s star for a meta guest role.Entertainment Weekly has the scoop that former “Castle” star Nathan Fillion is set to appear on the show as Mark Devereaux, described as the “star of a ‘Law & Order’-y show titled ‘Serve & Protect’ … “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” returns from its winter hiatus sometime this spring.[via: Entertainment Weekly] who thinks he’s got the skills to be a detective simply because he played one on TV.” Here’s the episode synopsis, per EW:When Jake (Andy Samberg) and Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) investigate a crime that occurred on the ‘Serve & Protect’ set, Mark wants to assist the detectives by drawing on his decade of experience playing a detective.For fans of “Castle,” that plotline may sound a bit familiar, since the ABC series — which was cancelled last year after eight seasons — revolved around the titular crime novelist, Rick Castle, who became a sleuth himself after teaming with NYPD detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) to help solve a recurring series of copycat crimes based on his books. Detective Peralta may not take himself too seriously, but he certainly takes his work seriously, and we can’t imagine he’ll be too impressed with Mark playing policeman.No word yet on when Fillion’s episode may air.

#DontBeADrag#JustBeAQueen 👑
— xoxo, Joanne (@ladygaga) February 7, 2017#DragRace is so ready to go #Gaga! “Wish finally granted Mother Monster!” the show tweeted in response on Tuesday.Wish finally granted Mother Monster!
— RuPaul’s Drag Race (@RuPaulsDragRace) February 7, 2017In a Twitter post sharing her excitement, Gaga referenced her hit 2011 single “Born This Way,” hashtagging the lyrics “Don’t be a drag, just be a queen.” The official “Drag Race” account also tweeted out a series of ecstatic messages, writing, “#DragRace is so ready to go #Gaga!”The show also dug up an old tweet from Gaga, who asked the account back in 2013 if she could be a judge. 👑
— RuPaul’s Drag Race (@RuPaulsDragRace) February 7, 2017There’s no official premiere date yet for “RuPaul’s Drag Race” season nine, but it’s slated to debut on Logo sometime this spring.[via: Lady Gaga/Twitter] Posted February 7, 2017 by Katie Roberts”RuPaul’s Drag Race” is about to get a lot more fabulous, with Lady Gaga set to appear on the reality competition show’s upcoming ninth season premiere.The singer and the series announced the news on Twitter, revealing that Gaga would appear as a judge on the season opener. In a promo clip, the superstar appears in front of the 13 contestants — who are freaking out over the presence of Mother Monster — and declares, “May the best woman win.” Whatever the competition is, we have no doubt the queens will be pulling out all the stops to impress superstar.The time has come! I’m joining the girls on the season premiere of @RuPaulsDragRace!

The young Danny, who was also on board the aircraft, survives, and begins training in martial arts, spending 15 years learning how to fight.He eventually decides to return to New York City to reclaim his rightful stake in his parents’ company, Rand Enterprises, only to find it’s been taken over by some seriously shady figures. A scene between Danny and Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson, reprising her role from “Daredevil” and “Luke Cage”) features Danny declaring, “I am the Iron Fist.” “What the hell does that mean?” an exasperated Claire replies.Fans will find out for themselves when “Iron Fist” debuts on Netflix on March 17. Posted February 7, 2017 by Katie RobertsThe first trailer for Marvel’s last “Defenders” tie-in series, “Iron Fist,” is finally here, and aims to shed some light on the mysterious hero.The clip introduces audiences to Danny Rand (“Game of Thrones” star Finn Jones), whose parents were killed in a plane crash when he was a boy. And in the midst of all that drama, he also has to take down a group of villains called The Hand.Since “Iron Fist” is the last of Netflix’s four “Defenders” series to debut before the team-up show premieres on the streaming service later this year, its hero is still a bit of an enigma, and the trailer has some fun with that notion.

“It feels like the beautiful closure we all needed, myself included, and I couldn’t have been happier to come home to be with my TVD set family and friends.”The actress noted that fans should be satisfied with the series finale, and thanked viewers for standing by the show throughout its run. @thegivingkeys is an amazing company that sells products to provide jobs. Thank you for all your hard work, friendship and love. You have touched my heart in ways you will never know.The season 8 finale — and series finale — of “The Vampire Diaries” will air on March 10 on The CW.[via: Nina Dobrev] This is my true final goodbye, as today I shot my last scene of the Vampire Diaries forever. You have touched my heart in ways you will never know. She also shared her love for the “TVD” cast and crew:From the bottom of my heart, I send you my biggest thanks for the countless years of implicit dedication, passion, support, and undying love from all the fans that have stuck with us on this truly amazing and beautiful journey. It feels like the beautiful closure we all needed, myself included, and I couldn’t have been happier to come home to be with my TVD set family and friends. Coming back for the series finale has been a whirlwind of emotion, nostalgia, love, tears of joy and bittersweet endings. I grew up on this show and am eternally grateful for all the opportunities it has given me, and so thankful for each and every person who worked on The Vampire Diaries over the last 8 years. Posted February 7, 2017 by Katie RobertsIt was an emotional time for fans of CW series “The Vampire Diaries” when original star Nina Dobrev decided to leave the series at the end of season six. I grew up on this show and am eternally grateful for all the opportunities it has given me, and so thankful for each and every person who worked on The Vampire Diaries over the last 8 years. We are all pieces of a big puzzle and without every truly amazing cast and crew member, this magical puzzle would not be complete. #TVDforever #FangsForTheMemories ❤ Ps. From the bottom of my heart, I send you my biggest thanks for the countless years of implicit dedication, passion, support, and undying love from all the fans that have stuck with us on this truly amazing and beautiful journey. And with Dobrev’s return for the show’s upcoming series finale, the actress is once again bidding a heartfelt farewell to the series and its fans — this time, for good.In an Instagram post shared with followers earlier this week, Dobrev announced that this would be her “true final goodbye” to “TVD,” after officially wrapping work on the show’s final episode. Every product you purchase supports job creation for individuals transitioning out of homelessness, impacting lives through the power of a Pay It Forward community.A photo posted by Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) on Feb 6, 2017 at 2:50pm PST”Coming back for the series finale has been a whirlwind of emotion, nostalgia, love, tears of joy and bittersweet endings,” Dobrev wrote. Though Dobrev left the series two years ago, the actress noted that her recent return to the show made it seem as if no time had passed — and it wasn’t any easier saying farewell this time around, either.Dearest TVD family, It feels like it was just yesterday that I was saying goodbye. I feel the fans family will also be happy with the show’s conclusion when they tune in to watch the last episode air in a few short weeks. We are all pieces of a big puzzle and without every truly amazing cast and crew member, this magical puzzle would not be complete. Thank you for all your hard work, friendship and love. … As this last chapter ends, we welcome and look forward to going on to the next adventure and hope that you continue to follow us as our new journeys begin. Sending looch smooches, Love, Katherine, Amara, Tatia, and of course, Elena Gilbert. I had these custom engraved TVD #Forever keys made as crew gifts for my beloved TVD a family. And yet two years have passed and here we are again.

Right now, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Paramount has tentatively rescheduled “World War Z 2” for sometime in either 2018 or 2019. Despite that drama, the flick nevertheless went on to become a box office hit, raking in $540 million worldwide, and clearing the way for a sequel.We’ll see if that follow-up actually happens, though. Posted February 7, 2017 by Katie RobertsThe production of 2013 zombie drama “World War Z” was notoriously plagued by problems, and now, it appears that the film’s sequel could be in trouble, too: Studio Paramount has taken the flick off of its 2017 release schedule, with no firm replacement date in place.”World War Z 2″ was to have featured the return of original star Brad Pitt, and was initially slated for release this year on June 9. Stay tuned.[via: The Hollywood Reporter] But production never got off the ground in time to meet that deadline, after director J.A. It’s unclear why this sequel is taking so long to come together, though perhaps it has something to do with all of the behind the scenes headaches while filming the original flick.The “World War Z” shoot was famously beset by problems from the beginning, with extensive rewrites and reshoots, a six-month production delay, a budget that ballooned to $200 million, a complete reworking of the ending, and reported clashes between Pitt and director Marc Forster. Bayona left the project last year to helm “Jurassic World 2.” A replacement director was never selected, and thus, Paramount was forced to remove the flick from its schedule entirely.While there were rumblings last summer that Pitt wanted to recruit his frequent collaborator David Fincher for the gig, a deal has yet to materialize and no other candidates have come forward.

Jane and Michael got married. And we are only at our midpoint.You’ll recall, back in the pilot, Jane was on a path. @jaimecamil @hereisgina @ivonnecollofficial @andreanavedo @yaelgrobglas @justinbaldoni @azietesfai @yaritafrita @meganketch @bridgetregan @bradsilberling @melaniemayron Michael. And I’m so glad we did that and I’m so glad all those firsts for Jane were with Michael. So grateful.A photo posted by Brett Dier (@brettdier) on Feb 6, 2017 at 11:50pm PSTAnd thank you AGAIN to all the fans for supporting me. It was one of the biggest moments of my life. Well now, everything is changing again. — Rogelio De La Vega (@RogelioDeLaVega) February 7, 2017Who feels personally victimized by tonight’s episode of #JaneTheVirgin? But what the three-year jump does that I’m most excited about is that every single character is in a different place and has had a lot of experiences that are surprising and a lot of different tensions and relationships. And I’m so glad I got to meet you, grow with you and have you all in my life. But I get it. We did two plus seasons together and I will never have the words to express how you changed my life. Team Michael:
— Sabrina Scopellite (@s_scopellite) February 7, 2017Jane the Virgin writers must be taking tips from Shonda Rhimes b/c that was some straight up Shonda shit and I’m hurt. You felt like a part of me, and I always thought it was nuts when actors said that. I appreciate all my fans support, and all the beautiful tweets and comments about my characters journey. Thank you @brettdier #teamMichaelForever #janethevirgin #DreamComeTrueActingPartnerA photo posted by Gina Rodriguez (@hereisgina) on Feb 6, 2017 at 10:13pm PST#TeamMichaelForever this show, my journey is absolutely nothing without @Brettdier I love you dude. But Brett is such an incredible actor – he gave us such great comedy and drama and first-rate exposition delivery (!), often all in one scene. But this is a telenovela, as we so frequently remind you. 🙂 it means the world to me. They moved into their first home. You guys are truly incredible people. And then she was accidentally artificially inseminated and everything changed. HOLD ME. It gives us a refresher and allows us to move the show forward with a lot of surprises and excitement and fun.Here’s hoping fans can start to heal, too. me: there was a death in the family. Playing Michael has been a life changing experience, and I’m so thankful for it.
— lovrgirl ✰ (@saamanthaavila) February 7, 2017WHAT. Truly. So, we changed some things in the writers’ room. Lots of love everybody.❤️ and thank you for this experience Jennie Urman. #janethevirgin
— Regine (@xoxoraae) February 7, 2017teacher: why didn’t you do your homework? They had sex. Lots and lots of love! The showrunner told TVLine that she thought the storyline brought the series to its midway point, and added that the time jump would allow the show to explore some exciting new material.Three years has allowed Jane to grow and heal, and the pain of Michael’s death is not going to subsume our narrative or our comedy. We can’t live in just how dark that was. @JennieUrman 😘👊🏽
— Gina Rodriguez (@HereIsGina) February 7, 2017We adore you @brettdier ❤️ You are everything #JaneTheVirginA photo posted by Jaime Camil (@jaimecamil) on Feb 6, 2017 at 10:09pm
— JaneTheVirginWriters (@JaneWriters) February 7, 2017″Jane” creator Jennie Snyder Urmanwrote a letter to fans explaining the decision to kill off the character, noting that it was something she’d planned since the beginning of the series. JUST. This cast and crew, writers and directors, I will never forget. We made this together! But we can visit it a lot, and we do flash back to what happened right after he died, and a month after he died. Things were mapped out. The show had been hinting at Michael’s demise since way back in season one, when the narrator teased that the character would love Jane (Gina Rodriguez) “until he drew his very last breath.” But even with more recent hints about a dark fate for Michael, the events that unfolded last night — particularly in an episode that seemed so mundane, and featured lots of PDA between Jane and Michael — were still a complete shock to viewers.Reaction on social media ranged from disbelief to anger to utter devastation.I don’t want to talk about it. #ripmichael
— brett dier (@Brettdier) February 7, 2017You are my partner in artistic crime. It was a difficult choice, Urman wrote, but ultimately one she felt was best for both the show and for its titular heroine’s journey.Originally, I thought Michael would die earlier. Posted February 7, 2017 by Katie RobertsWARNING: This post contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Monday night’s episode of “Jane the Virgin.” Do not read ahead if you don’t want to be spoiled.Fans of CW series “Jane the Virgin” are officially in mourning, after the show killed off one of its main characters on Monday night in a shocking, out-of-nowhere twist.Yes, Michael (Brett Dier) is really dead, the result of an undiagnosed heart condition that sprung up after he was shot in the season two finale. I will love you all forever. And he and Gina… We’ll be filling in holes about how she recovered, and how she started to push herself forward, as well as everyone else. HAPPENED. SOMEBODY. well, there’s that word again – magic. 😭
— Fotini (@23ophelia) February 7, 2017Re:
— Eline Prado (@ellenbopellen) February 7, 2017Dier, as well as his fellow cast members, also shared their reactions to the shocking storyline, with Dier thanking fans for their support.I have had such an incredible time on this show. This episode… How does our romance-loving hero move on, how does she get back the light and the hope…?In a series of interviews following the episode, Urman also said that the three-year time jump that was tacked on to the end of the hour — featuring Jane getting ready for a mysterious wedding, and a 4-year-old Matteo — would be a permanent one, though there would be many flashbacks (including ones featuring Michael) over the coming episodes that deal directly with Jane’s grief and the immediate aftermath of Michael’s death. Most giving, generous group I’ve ever encountered. You will always be in my heart.

He’s not even there and all of the time Chris is like “Godd*mmit he’s gonna steal the f*cking movie.”Can you tell us about the big villain, Ayesha?She’s a member of this race called The Sovereign, and they’re all genetically created. We get to see Kurt Russell in his full glory, expressing himself.What is the relationship between Mantis and Ego?She works for him, basically. So working with Snake Plissken has been quite an experience. He wants to take you on a journey you never knew you wanted to go on, as we learned when we visited the “Guardians Vol. It’s not something we reveal at the end of the film.How has the script changed as you’ve worked on the movie?There was one major thing that happened during the treatment phase, not even during the script phase. Posted February 7, 2017 by Rachel Horner”Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. So it’s slightly more complex songs. Absolutely. We’re probably all going to know by the time the movie comes out, it happens pretty close to the beginning of the film. They’re created by themselves as sort of a self-sustaining race that who are created as perfect beings, and they think of themselves as perfect.What was it like going from a fan of Kurt Russell to directing him?Pretty crazy, because, honestly, “Escape From New York,” to me, was one of those Bible movies as a kid. to have the equal amount of weaknesses and strengths. 2″ writer/director James Gunn is not here to give you the same old, same old. That’s just [the name] we’re using for now, but he isn’t named J’son in the movie. 2″ set in Atlanta last year.Gunn sat down with Moviefone and a small group of reporters to talk about picking the music for the new mix tape, directing the legendary Kurt Russell, and Chris Pratt’s true feelings about Baby Groot.You tweeted that there wasn’t a J’son in the MCU, so when this movie comes out, how do you explain that?James Gunn: There is no J’son in the MCU. I knew exactly where the characters needed to go, and I felt extremely freed by not having to set-up so many major characters in 20 minutes like I did in the first movie, which was by far the biggest pain in the *ss.Would you say this a departure from the first film?Yeah, I think one of the things that worked about the first movie is that people went into the movie expecting one thing and they got something they liked more than what they expected. He’s a unique little fellow and he’s pretty great in the movie. It was one of those core experience films. I don’t think it’s going to be what anyone expects.Did you draw inspiration for Mantis from the comics, or is she your take on Mantis?Both. Do I think my writing as a whole has always done that? I think it’s very interesting to watch the relationship between Mantis and the other characters, because, like them, she’s an outcast. I think the first movie was made for a child that was a couple years younger than the child that this was made for. Yeah, completely. During the treatment phase there was another character that was a major character, and although it kind of worked generally in the story, I got to the place where there were too many characters.Since Nebula and Gamora’s issues stem so much from Thanos, why isn’t he in the movie?It’s about two sisters, and what were the sisters’ problems with each other. I just kind of go with my gut on these things, and it just wasn’t what I wanted to do. He’s been the most down-to-earth, and he’s funny as sh*t.Can you tell us a little bit about Kurt Russell’s character, Ego?He’s a lot like Kurt Russell. He’s a very interesting guy, and I think he’s a very thoughtful guy and a very gregarious guy. I think the relationship between her and Drax is interesting because they’re both complete oddballs.Can you talk about your portrayal of women and having them standalone and have their own storylines?For me, it just strictly comes down to one thing, which is trying to make all the characters be equally characters … But, he’s great. And I think this second movie is the same thing. We really don’t have to stick with that, it really could be Baby Groot.” He’s very different. We have a couple of songs that are enormous songs, which we didn’t have in the first movie, and we also have a couple of songs that are almost completely unknown.Was it always going to be Baby Groot, or did you throw around the idea of a grown-up Groot?I started out thinking of him as full-grown and all of a sudden I thought, “That’s what you would think you would do. Frankly, some of these characters that do have the various pasts and the various different origins are a little bit easier in “Guardians” movies, because they don’t come as with as much expectations.What inspired your choices for this soundtrack?I think the soundtrack is an evolution from the soundtrack of the first movie. It’s not about their relationship with Thanos, it’s about their relationship to each other. And yes, some of those have been caused by being raised by the ultimate abusive father, but it really isn’t about Thanos, and frankly, I just wasn’t inspired to put him in the movie. It wasn’t the most fun part of the movie last time for me, and I just didn’t want to do it this time. Do I think that having four primary female characters is a cool thing? It’s my version, but there are elements of the comic as well. It’s not about the big reveal of who the father is; it really is about the story between the different characters. And that was interesting to me, and I thought that was important to our story and important to our characters.What story did you want to tell with this second movie?Well, I think the first film is about becoming a family and this second film is about being a family. I also think we had a wider variety of songs.

Link in bio! #season2 #spoileralert? Posted February 6, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongNo one, not even Patriots fans, was more excited than the “Stranger Things” kids during Super Bowl LI.The big game is always known for its standout ads, and this year, the Netflix series’ Season 2 teaser was a huge highlight, both on social media and for its stars. The only things missing were Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) and Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), but hopefully they got to share in the love somehow, too.”Stranger Things” Season 2 premieres this Halloween.[via: Noah Schnapp/Instagram; h/t: EW] Go check it out! #strangerthingsA video posted by 🌍Noah Schnapp🎥 (@noahschnapp) on Feb 5, 2017 at 6:47pm PSTAs you can see, TV is serious business, even when it’s just a 30-second TV spot, not the game-winning drive in the NFL’s biggest game of the year. The group’s shouts, shushes, and jumps were surprisingly reminiscent of the stadium’s fans. Actors Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Noah Schnapp (Will), and Finn Wolfhard (Mike) gathered together to watch their show’s ad, and their enthusiastic reaction was priceless. Fortunately, Schnapp was kind enough to share a video of Sunday’s special moment.Fun video of us seeing the S2 teaser!!!

Sheeran already knew them all individually, and they decided to stop by together one night after a “Game of Thrones” wrap party. Apparently unfazed, Sheeran let them in to play some late-night games of pool. While visiting the “Em Rusciano Radio Show with Harley Breen” on Australia’s 104.1 2DAY FM on Monday, he opened up about a fun visit from several of the HBO series’ stars, including Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), and Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy).No, the actors didn’t get lost on their way to Winterfell. Posted February 6, 2017 by Stephanie Topacio LongSome people only dream of meeting the stars of “Game of Thrones,” and some people have the cast unexpectedly drop by their house late at night.Singer Ed Sheeran is one of the lucky ones. No big deal.Interestingly, although Sheeran is clearly close to the cast, his “Game of Thrones” knowledge seems to need some work. The singer had been at the party himself, he shared, but he left almost as soon as he walked in because the huge crowd made him anxious.”I just kind of walked in and was like, ‘ooh, no, no, don’t like this,'” Sheeran told the radio show hosts.He went home and started getting ready for bed, but then the group sent him a text letting him know they were at his house. He and the hosts weren’t very good at naming the character each actor plays; they initially confused Arya and Sansa, and described Theon only as the one who “lost his penis.” Next time, maybe they should review some “Thrones” basics with him.Listen to Sheeran talk about the night below, starting around 7:26.[via: Radioinfo]